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The Moon

The Moon Tarot card Meaning

The Moon

Meaning of The Moon Upright: Insecure, Illusion, Deception, Hidden, Fear, Mental disturbance, Emotional, Stress, Delusion, Doubt, Uncomfortable.

Meaning of The Moon Reversed: Transformational, Unaveiling, Intuition, Higher energy, Honesty, Clarity, Unveiling, Mysteries, Dreams, Stability.

The Moon

The Moon tarot card from the Major Arcana is at its fullest. Its pictorial depiction is a full Moon that can be seen during the night. This Major Arcana tarot card is a representation of intuition, visions and unconsciousness. The path that takes people to find higher consciousness Winds between two major towers that have been illuminated dimly by the light. This is a subtle comparison made with the sun. Its picture also includes a little puddle in the foreground, which is a representation of the subconscious and ethereal mind. It also includes a small crayfish that you will find emerging from the water, which is a depiction of a new beginning in consciousness. The untamed and domesticated aspect of human brains has been depicted by a dog along with a wolf who is found to roar under the Moon with green surroundings.

In the picture of the Moon tarot card, you can find a path that is going to a distance when they are coming across the moon. The presence of a dog and a wolf on the picture of the tarot cards has been represented on either side, which serves as a symbol of the animalistic nature. It shows that we have different aspects. One is wild, and another is domesticated. The pond that you can find from where the root originates has the crawfish that is trying to come out of it. The card is also an illusion, which is a different representation when seen from a distant side. You will find two different hours that are bordering its Middle Road. The tarot card is a reference to two different alternatives, as everything seems to be in tandem with one another. As we keep walking on the road, the difference in the thin line between consciousness and consciousness is represented.

The occurrence of this card in the tarot card prediction is more like a typical interpretation. It is a card that is related to intuition and gives an alert regarding the individual or circumstances in your life. In order to understand the illusion, it is important for you to believe in your intuition and what your senses tell you. You have to connect with your inner self. The Moon tarot card is a suggestion that you need to pay close attention to your unconscious mind as it is able to provide much information that you were missing. It is also a representation that you are letting worry or fear have control over you, which can have a negative effect on the way you view the world. It can result in making you feel insecure, unstable and depressed. 

The Meaning of The Moon Upright

When you look at the future, along with the present condition, as per the prior experiences, it can have different repercussions. The Moon tarot card from Major Arcana, frequently appearing in the tarot reading, is a representation of paranoia and being constantly worried. For example, there are chances that you might experience emotional distress due to a traumatising memory. But, when you start getting into it, rather than dealing with the emotion, it can be harmful for you. You might experience getting strongly impacted by these emotions, even on conscious and subconscious levels, as they keep returning back. 

For instance, if you have survived a major accident while you were young, you will not be able to cope with the feelings and fear. To let go of the worries which stop you from. Moving forward, you have to develop a connection with the subconscious mind. The Moon tarot card is also a depiction that the current period is of delusion and doubt. You will not be able to find the truth appearing. Whenever the Moon tarot card occurs, it is more like a caution card that constantly informs you that you need to be cautious while deciding. You might realise later that you are not fully informed while making the decision. Therefore, you must listen to your internal voice and believe in the intuition you get in order to find out things beyond what you can see with your eyes. You must consider sealing the things that are happening instead of going deeper into the situation.

The Moon tarot card is also an encouragement to you that you read of the mental blockages or thoughts of criticising yourself. Instead, you need to understand the intuition and let them guide you. Your psychic abilities, dreams, and intuition would help you to go deeper into the awareness levels when you try to concentrate. You can also use your ability to judge in order to understand the direction suggested by your subconscious self. It is important that you pay attention to the lunar cycle and try to walk according to the divine power of the moon. The appearance of the Moon tarot card in the reading is a representation that you need to acknowledge success and allow fresh intentions and perspective in your life.

Love and Relationships (Upright)

The occurrence of the Moon tarot card upright from Major Arcana in terms of love and relationship reading is a suggestion that you might be feeling a little bit uncomfortable and uneasy in your relationship. This is especially true for people who are in a marriage or a committed relationship. The Moon tarot card is an indication that even when the relationship looks like it is working fantastically to others, in reality, it is just the opposite. The couple might experience certain issues with communication. 

There will be problems, disagreements and insecurities in the relationship. However, it does not mean that you should immediately draw a Conclusion that your relationship is not working. The occurrence of this tarot card is a suggestion that it can be a reason for this honesty. So you have to make sure that you keep your composure and find out in detail about the situation before taking any decision. However, for singers, it is a suggestion that you might be tricked by people or someone can lie about you.

If you have just started dating someone, you need to keep in mind that the person whom you have trusted might not have the best intentions. So, it is important for you to know in detail about them before you start dating. It suggests that there can be much knowledge present in the public that you need to check. In terms of relationship reading, the Moon tarot card is an indication that you might be feeling confused in the recent situation. There can be misconceptions, and You must not trust everyone as they Are not what you see. In order to understand what is actually going on, you have to put effort into understanding the intentions. Outdated convictions, concepts and attitudes in yourself can be detrimental. So, it is time to let go of these beliefs.

Career (Upright)

The Moon tarot card upright, when appearing in terms of career reading, is a depiction that you might be feeling insecure or concerned regarding the workplace. Your professional life might not be the way you have anticipated. You and your colleagues, along with the superior, might suffer from miscommunication, which will lead to misunderstandings and conflicts. Alternatively, the appearance of this card also means that you might not have all the knowledge that you think you have. There are chances that someone is withholding all the essential information and not letting you understand.

The current professional condition that you might be experiencing can lead to uncertainty. There are possibilities that you might not exactly know what your goals and objectives are or where you would like to see yourself in the next five years. Alternatively, there can be a very hostile environment in your workplace in the current situation. This can be due to uncertainty and ambiguity with project objectives or the employees who are associated with it. So, it is important that you make clear communication. It is better if you keep repeating at times in order to stay away from misunderstandings and conflicts.

On the contrary, you will be able to discover that you do not have all the information that you need and the time in order to make a wise decision. As you are not able to pay complete attention to education and work, the chances of success seem to be very fragile. Your foundation is weak because of the situation. However, if you're fantasising about achieving the goals, you will not get the inspiration to put the effort you require. This can result in irrational expectations for success.

Health (Upright)

In terms of health reading, the Moon tarot card upright from Major Arcana is a representation of improper mental health. It is directly associated with your health and well-being. There are signs of anxiety and depression. The Moon card is also like advice that you need to follow your instinct when it comes to understanding your health issues. So, you must seek professional help if you suspect any symptoms. In case of underlying health issues, faster medical help would be beneficial. Getting all the tests done within the initial time would be beneficial to understand the issue and resolve it from the root.

In terms of women, the Moon tarot card depicts an imbalance in hormones and certain health issues that are associated with their menstrual cycle. This card is a sign that your constant effort to lead a healthy and active life will be enough. However, you need to make sure that you do not delay it. Do not follow any unreasonable or improper exercise routine, as it will become the opposite for you. So, make sure that you set goals that are doable and have low-key performance. You have to be very gradual in your effort.

If you're trying to become pregnant, the occurrence of the Moon card upright from Major Arcana is a depiction of complications and is inconsistent with pregnancy. It is a warning to people that they must reduce the use of alcohol or drugs if they're willing to get pregnant. As intuition is a major aspect, you have to make sure that you pay attention to your intuition and make sure to choose the right path. Having modest and manageable goals will help you to move ahead slowly without facing any issues. Do not try to overjump, as it will only lead to making it impossible.

Finance (Upright)

The Moon tarot card from the Major Arcana is also a caution that you are taking huge risks or making investments that are not required. The reason is that you do not have complete data, and you're not able to make wise decisions. The Moon tarot card from Major Arcana also indicates that there will be people who will try to scam you to take away your money. So, it is equally important for you to pay attention to your instinct. If you find something that looks very nice and lustful, make sure that you do not Jump to conclusions. Make ample research work and then take the right steps.

The appearance of the Moon card from the Major Arcana is a suggestion that you don't have to have knowledge about everything. Apart from this, it also says that it is not the right time to make a substantial financial decision. If you are about to take any financial decision or a big step, make sure that you pay your full attention to enquiring and investigating more about the institution. He will be able to make the right decision this way. Misunderstanding and uncertainty can create problems in our financial world. So, in order to make an informed decision, you require much investigation before taking any steps.

Apart from this, the Moon card from the Major Arcana also means that you don't have the proper knowledge of handling money. This can result in making careless decisions. Even when it can be unsettling, it is important that you understand and have knowledge of everything about your savings account. So, make sure that you keep an eye on the cash coming in or going out. Spend money properly and make sure that you are not wasting it. Make proper savings for the future. Apart from this, as there are chances of people who will try to fraud you financially, it is important to have a complete look and then decide.

Spirituality (Upright)

In terms of spiritual reading, the Moon tarot card upright is known as an outstanding card, as in terms of spiritual sense, you need to pay attention to your intuition. The appearance of this card upright is an indication that you will find everything easily only when you are open to receiving it. The same goes for the spiritual realm. It asks you to constantly listen to your inner thoughts, gut feelings and vision. These are the most important things that will lead you to a better self. Your spiritual guidance will teach you what is important in the current time.

The Moon

The Meaning of The Moon Reversed: 

The Moon tarot card from Major Arcana is a representation that you're trying to cope with your stress, fears and elation. As these are having unpleasant effects on your energies, you will find it finally vanishing. You will get the ability to overcome your anxieties and worries that can have a negative impact on yourself. However, it will provide you with a transformational experience and liberate you. Even when you try to hide the emotions inside the thoughts, it might have some repercussions. However, it is a great choice to get rid of gloomy days.

Even when you are not ready to face the roller coaster's emotions, there are chances that you will ignore and carry on as you normally do. For the short term, this strategy might seem to be working, but eventually, you need to deal with the emotions in order to get rid of them. The Moon card reversed from Major Arcana is also a suggestion that you are facing trouble finding meaning while receiving psychic signals and intuition. You might not be able to have a clear understanding of the message, or you are misinterpreting it from others. The Moon tarot card reversed is an urge that you need to pay attention to your inner self rather than receiving speech for someone else.

The occurrence of the Moon card reverse is a suggestion that you need to pay attention to your internal voice rather than seeking help from other people whom you don't know. You have to have faith in your inner voice, as you already have the solution you need. All you need is to listen to your higher energy to find the solution. Most of the subconscious messages will be provided to you in your dream, so you have to use a journal and pay attention to them. You will be able to get the messages inside you if you pay attention to your psychic abilities.

Love and Relationships (Reversed)

If you receive the Moon card reversed, in terms of a romantic relationship, it is an indication of dishonesty and betrayal. You will be able to understand if someone is betraying you. It can also be the beginning of a new affair. The reverse card also means you will be able to find out the truth about your relationship. It is more likely that you have been lying to yourself about the way the relationship is continuing, or you're not able to pay complete attention to the honesty continued by your spouse. However, the reverse card means that you will be able to find everything clearly.

The Moon tarot card reversed is also a reflection that you will be able to get the knowledge about your relationship with your partner. The reality will come to light. It can also indicate that you will be able to regain your composure and get self-assurance if you are single. On the other side, the reversed Moon card from Major Arcana, in terms of love prediction, signifies that you might be ignoring the signals or inner instincts about the partner.

For instance, if you are getting warning signs about the person that you are interested in or involved with, but you're not paying attention to it, it will only result in making you feel depressed. You have to regard them in order to accept them. According to the prophecies of this card, there can be deception and misunderstanding in the future. It signifies that you need to pay attention to your gut feelings in order to understand the truth. You possess extreme knowledge in yourself, but you have to channelise to understand them.

Career (Reversed)

If you are working in a creative or artistic industry, the Moon tarot card rewards from Major Arcana show that you're facing a creative block. If you are a writer in your professional field, you might be facing writer's block. This means that instability is uncertain, and the depression that you are feeling inside you is hampering your professional life. However, it also means that you will be able to start stabilising them with time. This card from Major Arcana is also an indication that the things surrounding you will become transparent, and you will be able to get more knowledge about the route that you need to pursue in terms of your career. 

To be extreme, the Moon card reversed indicates confusion in your employment place or office that is starting to disappear. The situation is getting clearer, and you will be able to move on the right path.

Your fears about your job will start becoming true as everyone has become defensive, protective and suspicious. In such a time, you have to keep a balance in yourself. Do not rush into taking an action or judging, as it will reduce job efficiency.

Health (Reversed)

The Moon tarot card reversed can be a favourable card when it comes to health reading. It is a depiction that the psychological disorders that you have been facing for a long time might start decreasing. If you are suffering from anxiety or depression, you will slowly start regaining your abilities. If you had major problems where you were unable to understand the difference between reality and fiction, like paranoia or delusion, it might come to an end. The reverse card shows that you will be able to regain stability when it comes to general health.

Whether you have been waiting for medical reports or evaluation, you will be able to understand the reasons that are triggering health issues. By harmonising these things, you will be able to boost your health and well-being. It guarantees that you will feel secure if you are constantly worrying about your medical care. It is a suggestion that you start regaining your capability of looking at the bigger picture, even in the materialistic world.

Finance (Reversed)

According to the financial reading, the reversed tarot card means that the things that you have been unclear about and you're not able to understand the way to handle. It will start making sense. If you feel that your gut feelings or internal instinct is asking you not to invest in certain things or go for financial commitment, you must pay attention to them. Allow yourself to understand the knowledge that is present inside you in order to make things clear. The reversed tarot card also says that there are chances of fraudulent activities, but you will be able to uncover it. It is an ideal situation to gain a complete understanding of the financial status and objectives. You will get all the data that you need to make a better decision.

In the worst case, the reversed Moon is also a depiction that you're not sure about your wealth. You have to keep your worries away from the information. Make sure that you understand your instincts. Apart from this, it is also a representation of taking proper action for a secure financial future. You will soon receive some happy news in terms of finances. The reverse card says that you will get a favourable outcome for the plans you have made for your future.

Spirituality (Reversed)

The Moon card reversed is an indication that you might be ignoring, misinterpreting or suppressing the spiritual teachings that you Are being sent by your own spirit. You have to make time to connect with yourself spiritually and sort out the issues. Currently, the intuitions might be crowded, or you are not able to make contact with the spiritual abilities. The appearance of the Moon tarot card means that you must use your intuitive and psychic powers.

The Moon One Card Reading: Yes / No 

If you have chosen the “One-Card Pull” reading for yourself in order to get a clear answer to your question, you will be properly guided. 

The Upright Moon tarot card signifies No, whereas the Reverse card from Major Arcana represents Yes.


The Moon tarot card represents the number 18. It is also denoted as 9, which means completion. The Moon card urges you to reflect, heal and take a pause after a challenging voyage. It will help you to recollect your strengths and abilities.


The Moon Tarot card from Major Arcana signifies that you have to use your inner instincts and feelings to fulfil your dreams. You might experience a new incident in the next few weeks or days.

So, this is everything that you need to know about the Moon tarot card from Major Arcana. However, make sure that you choose a great tarot card reader who can correlate with your life context.

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