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The Fool

The Fool Tarot card Meaning

The Fool

Meaning of The Fool Upright: New start, Genuine, Innocence, Commitment issues, Freedom, Touring, Casual, Impulsive, Dignity, Irrationality

Meaning of  The Fool Reversed: Irrational, Negligence, Casual, Ignorant, Less fun, Inattentive, Strong Belief, Loyalty,  Insensitivity, Amateur, Diversion 

The Fool

The Fool is a representation of unlimited possibilities. When someone chooses this card, it is an indication that you are about to experience something unexpected and thrilling in the journey. It is the very first tarot card of the Major Arcana, which strongly depicts a fresh start and is also known to be a good card. As this tarot card is number 0, it represents endless possibilities. There is no certain position or place for this card. Therefore, this tarot card can be used at the beginning or at the end of the deck. It does not need any certain number as it is mostly a depiction of an adventurous journey.

When you take a look at this specific tarot card in the Major Arcana, you will find a man going to start an adventurous journey from the very top. He has his head up towards the heavens, and he seems to be unaware of the huge fall in front of him. He also has a backpack that includes everything he needs. On the left hand, he's holding a white flower that is a reflection of purity and innocence. There is also a small white dog in the picture who is barking at him. The Dog represents protection and loyalty.

In the background of the man, there are huge mountain ranges that show the potential difficulties waiting in the journey. Even when the mountain ranges standstill, the man on this card is focused mostly on starting the new journey. This card is a great card that you find in the tarot card deck, and it generally advises the person to think rationally and act carefully.

The Meaning of The Fool Upright

The Fool tarot card is a representation of new chances, potentials and beginnings. Just the way you find a young man present in the card shows you are about to start a new adventure by standing carelessly at the cliff and having no idea what is in front of you. The card is a source of encouragement that you must devote yourself and start believing in yourself, irrespective of where the road will lead you to. You must have faith in the path that the universe shows you.

This tarot card works as a piece of advice to every person to start the adventure with an open mind and motivated soul. It is important to let go of all the fears and worries, think about the future and be completely ready to face the future. However, it is important to have proper protection that might be coming, and it is crucial to embrace the coming unknown. It means to grow as a person, experience new things and learn from them.

Despite not having knowledge or proper preparation for the unknown, it is important to have faith. This card advises you to start your adventure, and it is important for you. You need not ask for permission and make sure to take action with the proper tools, resources and information.

It is a reflection of new opportunities and possibilities that the world is opening for you. So, it is important that you take advantage of this opportunity and start the journey. You also equally require relaxing, enjoying and having fun, which is also the meaning of this card. You have to live in every moment like an adventure and accept what destiny has for you. The card is an invitation to embrace the carefree nature, connect with positivity and a captivating self of you.

In order to get the complete potential, you might enter an atmosphere that will keep you stimulated, fascinated and interested. You must live every moment when you are a kid. Start using your feelings of laughter and happiness, let your emotions be free, dance more and have fun. This is an excellent card, especially for people who are scared, as it inspires them to confront the fear and face them. Just like the man in the card, there are times when you have to take a leap of trust without having any knowledge of the future. Trust the process and trust the universe.

Love and Relationships (Upright)

When it is about love tarot card reading, and you choose The Fool, you're about to set for a new adventure. When it is about commitment, this card is a reflection that there might be a lack of dedication and you're not yet ready to go ahead in the relationship. Being in love, this card is a representation of being completely in love and happy and overjoyed with a partner.

For singles, The Fool in Major Arcana is the significance of a carefree and impulsive romance with several enjoyable moments. Apart from this, it is also an indication that true love will soon come into your life. There can be huge chances that you might find your partner, but if you don't give time or value to your partner's feelings, the relationship might not last for a long time. Even if you're in a toxic relationship, this card signifies freedom and the start of a new beginning.

Career (Upright)

When it is about a career, this tarot card represents a fresh start. As this card depicts the starting of a new journey, if you are hoping to change your professional track or get promoted or switch jobs or maybe launch a new business, this card is a motivation for you. It gives you the inspiration to go ahead.

It gives the energy to act on creative and new ideas in a proper way. Being someone who is in search of a new job or wants to change their current job, it is time that you must start looking for opportunities and have the self-confidence to go for them. The upright position of this card also indicates that you're about to get promoted in your workplace or get yourself established. This will help to maintain sanity and feel motivated. This tarot card points towards self-dependence and growth in your life.

Health (Upright)

The Fool is the definition that signifies good vibes and vitality. On the other hand, it can also show that there can be chances of accidents and misfortune. Hence, when this card appears, it will most commonly be advisable to focus on your well-being and never to compromise on your health. It can also reflect pregnancy if it is a female. It signifies the gratification and greeting of starting a new life. If you are taking therapy, it is important to take care of yourself and keep in mind the precautions.

This card also advises you to take all the proper measures if you have a careless attitude. As there will be ups and downs for your health, safety measures are important. Moreover, over-performing daily chores can harm one's health. Therefore, it is important to leave doing something that is prone to injure you.

Finance (Upright)

If you are going through a phase where you might be impulsive when it comes to taking financial decisions, you must wait. We all need to pay our bills, and this is not something new, but if You Are making irrelevant expenses, you must think about it.

The Fool in Major Arcana represents the best time to increase your finances. As new possibilities are about to knock on the doors, it is time to appreciate the value and maximize the potential. Apart from this, it also depicts that there will soon be a time when you will be free from financial issues or challenges and can breathe release. So, to be simple, this card points to a prosperous journey in terms of finance.

Spirituality (Upright)

This tarot card works as a sign of going to experience a new spiritual adventure that will enlighten a new aspect of your life. You have to allow yourself to start this adventure and go for several strategies. You have to follow your heart and take the right steps that you think are valuable for you. Even if no one is in favour of you if your heart says you must do it.

The Fool

The Meaning of The Fool Reversed: 

Even when you have a great plan for the upcoming project, the reversed card will suggest to you that you might not be ready to make the first step. If you are worried that you don't have the right expertise, equipment or resources that are required to successfully complete the project, or there can be possibilities that you might not be able to do it physically, or maybe the moment is not the right time. Since something is stopping you, you are constantly stopping yourself. It is better to put a pause on the opportunity for some time, or it is better to wait until the arrival of a better opportunity.

If you are not sure about taking some action because of not having proper knowledge of the impact, it requires total control. But even when you don't have exact knowledge about the coming unknown, you might think that the universe will protect you and move ahead to it. The Fool tarot card will suggest that you might be taking several chances foolishly. In order to live in the moment, you might act irresponsibly and carelessly, unaware of these decisions and might put yourself at risk. It is important to have knowledge of the bigger approach.

The reversed tarot card signifies having a very dull nature, who is not interested in positive things and easily gets distracted by finding something in the path and leaving things behind. This means a lack of focus and behaving detached from others surrounding you. Socially, it means that you are an unsocial and lonely person who would love to be alone rather than going to the crowd. The reverse card also shows that you might act gullible.

Love and Relationships (Reversed)

The Fool card, when reversed, typically means boundaries in love and relationships. These boundaries are constantly preventing you from showing yourself and being you in the relationship. Receiving the reverse card signifies a barrier that stops you from acknowledging the type of love you are looking for. For example, if you are someone in a relationship, this card is a representation that you are not able to commit to the partner because you are feeling uneasy. This can result in making the relationship unstable and weak as your partner would constantly be able to find the insecurity in you.

For people who are single and seeking a relationship, the reverse card signifies difficulties that are coming your way when you're about to make a relationship. Even if you get into a new relationship and you're not able to make proper interaction, your spouse will think you're this interested. Therefore, this tarot card would advise all single people to stop initiating relationships on their own.

Career (Reversed)

When it comes to the professional and career sector, the reversed Fool tarot card denotes wealth of energy. It shows unlimited positive energy to use in daily life. The reverse card actually gives an alert regarding the upcoming consequences when you're not considering or stopping the ideas and plans in the professional journey. In fact, if you're experiencing monotony in the current world and you're unhappy with it, a change will be necessary.

It is also a depiction that you might be experiencing mental issues which can hurt you. This card denotes the delusional aspect of your occupation. It predicts people who are in search of new opportunities or change that wish to get over all the past issues. You will not be able to get what they want. In order to get a proper outcome, it is important to finish the task you have undertaken and focus on it first. Leaving the task midway and looking for new change Will take you nowhere.

Health (Reversed)

When it comes to health, The Fool tarot card in reverse means being vulnerable to accidents and misfortune. The card recommends people switch from the current treatment to looking for a better alternative. This card also alerts you about health problems that might enter your life. Moreover, in terms of health reading, this reversed card means that there will be a face of both ups and downs.

The place where you live can have a potential impact on your health, so it is important that you make a proper effort to live in peace. This card also advises you to keep an eye on everything you are eating. It predicts that you might experience a relaxed phase as everything will drop in the right place. But, if you are careless and negligent, it might lead to failure and difficulties and includes health issues like brain and lower body. Therefore, you must take good care of your health.

Finance (Reversed)

When reversed, The Fool card is a representation of getting a huge number of opportunities. You might want to accumulate wealth, but even after several challenges, you will succeed. Therefore, if you have decided to invest, this card will advise you to do some research work and do the homework. On the contrary, you might start making purchases without thinking for the second time, irrespective of the utility.

When the card appears, it will ask you to reconsider your wealth carefully and realistically by understanding your potential outcome after making poor decisions. This reading will show that you will make a rational decision when it comes to finances. If you choose the right approach in the correct state of mind, you will be able to get wonderful results. Therefore, The Fool reversed depicts the expansion and growth of finance and a prosperous future.

Spirituality (Reversed)

Coming to the spiritual aspect, The Fool Reversed is an indication that you are ready to get rid of your old thoughts and habits, and you are in search of new encounters. However, this will lead to making all the people around you confused about the new interest that you have taken. Therefore, it is important that you have a proper weight about the option. Before deciding the spiritual path that you feel is appropriate, it is important to have knowledge and not to immediately jump into it.

The Fool One Card Reading: Yes / No 

When you are looking for a direct or proper answer to a question regarding a situation in your life, the one-card pull can be beneficial as you will be able to get the simple answers in yes or no.

The Upright position means Yes, and the Reverse position means No.


The Fool denotes the number 0, which means circular, round and representation of fulfilment. However, on the other side, it is also a representation of being empty, nothingness and openness. It is true that everything starts with a 0, and therefore, it will showcase purity and innocence.


For timing, this card depicts that something new is going to happen in your life. The appearance of The Fool tarot card helps to determine the general timing of the incident. When it shows up, it helps to make things become clear. Receiving this card means that if you have wished for something, it will come true at the most unexpected time.

So, this was everything regarding The Fool card in the Major Arcana. However, we hope you get an expert tarot card reader to help you understand the meaning in the context of the happening in your life. 

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