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The Devil

The Devil Tarot card Meaning

The Devil

Meaning of The Devil Upright: Secrets, Mental issues, Obsessive disorder, Feeling restricted, Pleasure, Passion, Duality, Transformative, Unpleasant, Feeling burdened.

Meaning of The Devil Reversed: Boring, Unhealthy, Obsessive, Worried, Dark thoughts, Unfair, Conflicts, Pressure, Distracted, Irresponsible decisions.

The Devil

The Devil tarot card from the Major Arcana is one of the most powerful and common cards that people are very scared about. The pictorial representation of this tarot card includes a half-man or half-goat kind of creature, which is also commonly known as Baphomet. It is generally referred to as the Devil card, which is also popularly called the Mendes horned goat. It originally referred to the harmony of good and evil, human and animal and male and female. However, in recent times, the character is most commonly related to occult practices and is popularly known to be a Devil energy. It gives the impression of a devil.

The card also includes bat-like wings generally present on vampires. The Devil has vampire wings that are a representation that you require to surrender primal impulses within you. The monster here lives on blood. He generally has great attraction and captivates people with his looks and tries to get them under their control. The presence of the inverted pentagram in the picture above is a symbol of occultism and perverse magic. The extension of the right arm in the form of a Vulcan salute is more like the Jewish benediction. In his left hand, he holds a bright torch.

The picture also includes a lady and a man standing on the feet of the devil. They are bound to the platform and are fully naked in front of the devil. If you carefully notice the picture, you will be able to find that even when the man and woman are looking as if they have been kept captive unwillingly, the chains present around their neck have been loosely kept, which can be easily removed. On their skulls, they have small horns that are the same as the devil. It is a resemblance that when you spend more time with the devil, you will start resembling him. Both of them have tales, which are a representation of animalistic instinct, along with grapes and flames present on each of their tails, which are a representation of pleasure and passion.

The Meaning of The Devil Upright

The Devil tarot card from Major Arcana Upright can be an indication of addiction and sadness in general. However, it can also represent entrapment and confinement. The appearance of this Major Arcana tarot card in the reading is more like an encouragement of being constrained by certain circumstances or external forces that are beyond your control. These are probably some of the most common reasons why you are currently feeling victimised and helpless. However, the Devil creates an illusion of such. You always need to understand that you will be the sole person who is responsible for the actions you take and or constrained by behaviours and attitudes that you want to display. So, it is important that you have control over yourself and resolve issues. You must not get entangled in criticism, mistreatment, negativity, or trickery.

The Upright Devil card stands for the darker side, along with the factors and restrictions that are preventing you from making the best self. Dependencies, negative behaviours, addiction, and cognitive patterns are some of the most important things that can have a negative impact on you. The kind of temporary pleasure you're experiencing and the sufferings you keep enduring for a long time has been making you feel imprisoned. The Devil card from the Major Arcana Means choices and quality, which is more like the Lover card. However, the Devil tarot card has more of a short-term meaning, even if the sacrifices you're making are for a long time.

Taking into consideration the occurrence of this tarot card in the reading is more like bringing destructive forces. You will be getting aware of it, so it needs you to take the right step or break free from it. The bad habits that you have been doing for a long time will eventually be lost, and you will be getting better. Despite the fact that you won't be free from the dependencies or addiction in a night, making considerable strength and effort will help you to get rid of it from controlling you. Looking at the brighter side, the Upright Devil tarot card is also a depiction of having great bonds between individuals. It is a representation of sensuality and your wild side. You're more like into bondage, investing the fetishes and your dark dreams. If you can find a safe place, it will be an enlightening experience.

Love and Relationships (Upright)

The Devil tarot card, in terms of love and relationship reading Upright, is an indication that it might feel that you and your partner are trapped in the relationship. It is also a depiction of losing your independence as you have gotten very involved in a romantic situation with your loved one. There will be unhealthy codependency, according to the demonstration of the Devil. So, it is better if you take a step back and focus more on rekindling interests that are associated with a relationship. It also means that either you or your partner is experiencing certain mental health issues at the current time. If it is so, it is important that you get assistance from a mental health counsellor in order to get through this difficult time. This card is a representation of negative emotions like deceit, abuse, jealousy and dominance.

The Devil tarot card is also a representation of loss and temptation in terms of love reading. The occurrence of this card also means that there might be some indulging feelings, and you are looking forward to finding fulfilment. However, this card is an engagement in which you must enjoy your physical pleasures in any situation. It is an interpretation of codependency and addiction. However, as there will be issues of feeling stagnant or entrapped in the relationship, it is important for you to take a step back and try to find better hobbies that will reignite the charm of the relationship.

There is nothing bad about trying to find fun in the relationship. As long as you're not damaging or misleading your partner, it will help you to enjoy your relationship. This tarot card from Major Arcana can also signify that there might be some issues between you and your spouse. So, seeking help from professionals would be much better to get a quick solution and feel better in the relationship.

Career (Upright)

When it comes to career reading, and you find the Devil card from the Major Arcana, it might be a representation that the time is hectic compared to usual times. There might be a need for managing several duties if there is an occurrence of this card in the reading. As you have to manage different tasks one-handedly, you will remain much busier compared to usual times. The reason is that you might experience a lot of work being assigned to you at the last minute. However, it was not your duty, or you are not supposed to work on it. The reason why you will be taking up the job is you would like to improve your status. Your ability to handle the pressure, along with your capabilities and being resourceful, will be impressive to your co-workers. It will be a transformative state. However, you have to ensure that you're not taking up too much job on your shoulders then you can actually handle it. Taking too much work or responsibilities will lead to assigning more work from your managers.

However, if you're able to manage the situation and you keep getting extra work, you have to make sure that you are properly rewarded according to your work. The Devil card also means that you have to strike a proper balance between your professional and personal lifestyle. You must create objectives and attend to them separately. The Devil card is a representation that you are required to make the right business decision with the occurrence of this card. For example, if you have decided to start a new business or you are leaving your current designation, your current state shows that you're not sure if you are making the right decision for your life. You have to keep in mind that in order to reach somewhere, you need to face and overcome challenges. It is worth taking risks.

Health (Upright)

The Devil tarot card up right from the Major Arcana in terms of health reading is a suggestion that you must combine professional and personal obligations with the health demands in order to remain healthy and enjoy your life. Balancing the health desires with the commitment you have for family, work, and friends will maintain a healthy lifestyle. Make sure that you do not forget to create time for both exercising and eating habits. Making sure that you create a proper schedule for every activity will be beneficial to maintain better health.

The Devil card from the Major Arcana is a representation that you are making positive efforts to maintain the balance between different spheres of your life. This will help you to flourish and also improve the spiritual aspect. When you understand the need for your mind, body and soul, you will start attaining fulfilment in every form. You will realise that the true meaning of life is more than accomplishing materialistic wealth. It is more about understanding oneself, and your health is one of the most important things that you should worship. 

Additionally, the occurrence of this tarot card from the Major Arcana also informs that there is a need to pay attention to people. It is important that you understand that you cannot keep stressing about everything around you. In order to make all the things around you right, you have to be on a proper track and keep yourself safe. The Upright Devil tarot card also represents that you have to be a little bit more alert while you're on the roads. There is a chance of experiencing difficulties and facing accidents. Additionally, sharp objects need to be kept aside as it is not a great time. It might hurt you. If you are a fitness freak, the occurrence of this card also means that you might feel distracted currently. However, make sure that you always keep understanding yourself and try to maintain a balance.

Finance (Upright)

The Devil tarot card up right from Major Arcana, in terms of finance reading, means that you are making a diligent effort so that you can pay your bills. Things might not be the way you have anticipated, and it seems a little bit tough. Therefore, there are times when you have to juggle things in order to make the right decision. This card is also an indication and interpretation that you have to make the correct financial decision to ensure the right future. Currently, you might experience the ground is a little bit shaky, and things might look unpredictable. However, since things have suddenly changed, it will make you feel scared of the decision you have taken. You have to make sure that you properly handle issues and remain flexible in the choices you're making. Make sure to determine the correct expenses. According to your income, keep a major balance and understand the situation.

The occurrence of the Devil tarot card Upright in the tarot reading from Major Arcana is also a representation that you might feel like a fund diversion for paying the bills. However, you have to keep in mind the things that are going on, especially on your account. The issue seems overwhelming in the current situation. But people who are resourceful will easily get adapted to it. It is more like an uplifting card that encourages you to adjust and adapt according to the surroundings. Remember that despite the situation seems daunting, if you are smart, you will get over it.

Spirituality (Upright)

The Devil card Upright, in terms of spiritual context, is a representation of your overindulgence in the materialistic world. You have to make sure that you keep away from materialistic pleasures and focus more on the non-materialistic life. You have to spend more time on the things that help you to explore and enjoy. Start exploring the spiritual aspect as he will be able to get light and answers from it. Since opposite poles generally attract, this tarot card also encourages you to make the right effort to spread light and love. As you have the ability to attract such things, even in tough times, you have to make sure that you help people when they are in dark times. Make sure to cut off things that spread negativity around you and consider the vibes to remain happy.

The Devil

The Meaning of The Devil Reversed: 

The Devil card from Major Arcana reversed is an indication that you have got more responsibilities in your life than you have started juggling. In order to release the stress, there is a need for you to take a break. You require building a goodbye to restrictive ideas and unhealthy associations, which are constantly preventing or restricting you from reaching your potential. In order to get upgraded in the best form of yourself, you have to deal with your own shadows. Some of the most common issues that you might face include a boring job, and healthy relationships and obsession. So, it is time that you must give a breathing room to yourself. The reversed card, in terms of business, says that it is an auspicious time. However, if you take on overwhelming responsibilities, it can become a problem. The upside-down card is a warning that you have taken over-commitment, and it is becoming challenging to pay your daily expenses or maintain relationships within busy schedules.

The Devil tarot card reversed is also like an encouragement that you need to face your fears and anxiety in order to get above them. As you're confined due to the fears, it will keep you restricted. So, you have to make sure that you get above your confining ideas. Get rid of every bad association or thoughts from your inner self. Make sure that you start getting involved in healthier habits like watching less television, creating a healthy lifestyle, giving up drinking, smoking and spending more time with the person you love. Such things in your life will bring positive change and will help you achieve the goals that you have long set.

Whether you have been prepared or not, when you enter the darkest inner space, there are many things to unveil. In reverse card, this is what it means. You have to be self-assured and brave. However, there can be times when you will feel disappointed and upset if you do things against your intention. This will help you to understand how you have changed. The reversed Devil tarot card also means that you're going through disturbances, dark thoughts, sadness and worry. It reveals that hiding the darkest secret inside you. As you feel ashamed or humiliated, the fantasies, addictions and thoughts you feel are better kept inside you. However, it is recommended to get help for mental health.

Love and Relationships (Reversed)

The occurrence of the Devil tarot card reversed in the tarot reading means that you might find it hard to maintain balance. The expectations and conflicts in the relationship between you and your partner might result in making these conflicts. As either of the partners will feel neglected, it will create issues. In case you are single, the appearance of the tarot card. Reverse is a suggestion that you have to make sure that you make the right decision between the two lovers, and you have to prioritise your personal life. There will be times when you have to go back and re-schedule your things For the best result.

The Devil tarot card Reverse from Major Arcana also means that you have been juggling things a lot, which is becoming a problem. You are unable to make time for the relationship is causing a huge issue. You might experience a diversion of your focus from the relationship due to family, money and work. There can be a time when your relationship will be on the verge of adversity.

Career (Reversed)

The Devil card reversed in terms of career reading is a suggestion that you might be over-extending yourself. It shows that you're taking too much pressure. Remember that failure is a must if you generalise things at once. Therefore, you have to make sure that you properly set priorities and choose the workload diligently. You need to start looking for the possibilities in order to reduce workload along with organising it properly. If you are facing that, the workload is affecting you a lot, you have to choose accordingly.

You have to re-focus once again and start from the beginning. This time, you have to be wise and systematic. There can be constant pressure and deadlines. You have to work under stress because of the job role. It can be the right time when you start looking for assistance and prioritise your work accordingly. In case you are not careful, it might result in causing additional issues. You have to work sensibly and systematically.

Health (Reversed)

The Devil tarot card reversed in terms of health reading is more like a suggestion that you have been pushing yourself way harder in different aspects of your life. This is potentially one of the major reasons why you are facing health issues. For example, you have taken too much of responsibilities, which results in you spending more time on your work. It is causing physical damage and mental degradation. Therefore, you can also face extreme anxiety and go into depression. So it is important that you unwind yourself and rethink. You have to pay attention to your health if you want to reap the benefits.

If you are in the best health, you will be able to pay more attention to your health. The Devil tarot card reversed also means to relax. You have stressed a lot. If you do not watch out, things will go even worse. So start exercising, pay attention to your lifestyle, check your eating habits and make sure that you do not get distracted or stressed due to any other external factors.

Finance (Reversed)

The Devil tarot card reversed is also a meaning that you have restricted financial resources. Irrespective of what you do, you will not be able to understand how to manage your living and pay the bills. You will find it hard to manage your lifestyle after spending on the main utilities. However, this kind of circumstance is very common. You have to find out and make the right decision about your Finances. You have to cut out the areas where you don't need to pay. You have to lead a minimum lifestyle.

This can happen if you are paying too much of attention or you're trying to do it all by yourself. It reveals that you might have stressed too far, and now it is becoming impossible. So make sure that you create the right way and exercise it. Do not react immediately and have the correct mindset to improve. Don't get distracted, irrespective of the path you are choosing.

Spirituality (Reversed)

The Devil tarot card reversed is a representation that you can easily get rid of dangerous circumstances. In terms of spiritual reading, this tarot card is an indication that the universe has been putting a lot upon you without having any serious consequences. The reversed card can also mean that you Are slowly coming out towards enlightenment and going from the dark aspect. If you are depressed or sad, can also mean that you might be looking forward to getting higher energy by building inner awareness.

The Devil One-Card Reading: Yes / No 

If you have selected the “One-Card Pull” reading to get a clear answer to your question, then you will be able to get the correct answer immediately. 

Unlike other cards, the Upright Devil tarot card from the Major Arcana denotes “Maybe” rather than telling you an exact yes or no. Hence, careful assessment is a necessity. However, when it comes to Reverse, it is denoted as a No.


The Devil tarot card from Major Arcana denotes the number 15. It also represents 6 (1+5), which is similar to the card. The lovers. The appearance of the Devil card is a symbol of mystical traditions. It also means harmony and balance.


In terms of timing, the occurrence of the Devil tarot card from Major Arcana means that it will take some time to grant the wishes. It is a suggestion that you need to move slowly and understand every aspect in detail.

So, this is everything about the Devil tarot card from the Major Arcana deck of cards. However, make sure that you get hold of a great tarot card reader who is knowledgeable to help you understand the meaning from the perspective of this tarot card.

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