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Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune Tarot card Meaning

Wheel of Fortune

Meaning of Wheel of Fortune Upright: Transformation, Progress, Change, Fortune, Good Luck, Prosperity, Stable, Fresh experience, Happiness, Security, Enthusiasm.

Meaning of Wheel of Fortune Reversed: Disappointments, Obstacles, Delays, Turbulence, Resisting changes, Bad luck, Lack of control, Unsettling, Stagnation, Challenges.

Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune from the Major Arcana deck of cards is a symbol of understanding the real meaning of life and being in the centre. The appearance of the tarot card in the reading is a depiction that there is a constant change in your life. You need to understand the cycles of life, and everything is temporary. It is an encouragement to people that when you're facing a bad time, the time will end too. Additionally, Wheel of Fortune tarot card is a representation of four different elements of life. It symbolises progress, growth and change. In life, everything is temporary, and change is the only constant thing. Therefore, it is crucial for you to embrace the changes in life and accept them wholeheartedly.

The pictorial depiction of  Wheel of Fortune card includes a huge wheel that has three different characters surrounding it. On its face, it displays the name of God, which is written as YHVH. It is written in four different Hebrew letters. The tarot is a Latin word that includes a similar letter. TORA represents a form of Torah, which means law. The middle wheel represents the productive force that has four elements, which are the four different constituents of our life water, sulphur, salt and mercury.

Typhon, which is the Egyptian deity, is a snake. He will find it present on the outer circle on its left side. The representation of the snake is the life force that enters into the physical world. On the right side, Anubis, who is the God of the dead, is also the one to receive souls is present on the right. It has a Sphinx, which means knowledge and strength is present on the top of its wheel. You will also find a four-wing creature present on the corner of the card, which is a representation of four different zodiac signs. 

The angel in the card is a symbol of Aquarius, the eagle is a depiction of Scorpio, the lion means Leo, and the bull signifies Taurus. Each of them holds a Torah, which symbolises wisdom and has wings that mean acceptable change and motion. Wheel of Fortune tarot card from the Major Arcana is a representation that everything will happen the way it is supposed to, and you cannot control destiny.

The Meaning of Wheel of Fortune Upright

Wheel of Fortune from Major Arcana is a tarot card that constantly reminds us that life is subject to changes. If you are going through a tough time, you can remain assured that there are better times ahead. Your fortune or luck will show up. Similarly, if things are going well, you need to keep in mind that there will be changes, and things will again get back to normal. This is a common cycle of life that helps us to understand the need to cherish when you're happy in your life while being a little bit scared and respectful as things could easily vanish.

Wheel of Fortune upright card from the Major Arcana is an indication that when you're kind and respectful to others around you, the people around you will provide similar reactions. When you're rude or mean to people, certain traits will get back to you in time. Therefore, it is always beneficial if you use your positive energy in order to get prosperity and joy in return. You will receive back everything that you give to the universe. Wheel of Fortune upright is advice that you have to maintain a proper outlook and trust that everything will work for the best in certain situations. You can consider meditation and visualisation as it will stand and intention, which helps to create success, fortune and prosperity. You will feel more satisfied and will be able to expand.

Wheel of Fortune tarot card from Major Arcana is also an indication that miracles will take place, and you must be thankful for fate and destiny. Since you are receiving all the support from the spiritual and materialistic world, you must help others. You need to enjoy the support and help others who want to succeed. Wheel of Fortune tarot card also reveals that you will feel more controlled and stable. Time will start when you can synchronise with the cycles and changes of life. You will become flexible to the opportunities and be prepared for everything that comes in your way. It is a direct message that you will get better and have the prosperity and success that you deserve.

The occurrence of Wheel of Fortune tarot card in the tarot reading is more like a direct message given to you by the universe. It signifies that whatever you give into the universe, you will find that coming back to you in time. So, always keep in mind that you have to be understanding, peaceful and kind towards people around you. It is important to have harmony and balance in relationships and lives with other people around.

Love and Relationships (Upright)

For love reading, Wheel of Fortune tarot card from Major Arcana is a suggestion that changes are constant. There can be unexpected changes in your life, and hence, your love life is also not an exception. For love, this tarot card is an indication that there can be significant changes in the relationship, which will be much different than the way you have always anticipated. Even when the changes are not bad, there will be certain alterations in your relationship. If you are committed to your partner, and it is being tested now, you both might work hard to maintain the relationship.

For love prediction, Wheel of Fortune card from Major Arcana depicts that if you have to make any choice, it will only help you to strengthen the relationship and will give you the potential to handle challenges together. The tarot card upright is an indication that the universe is constantly working to give you the care and love you deserve.  Even when there are many of us who are introverts regarding love and might stop ourselves from approaching others, it does not necessarily mean that we will not be in contact with people.

It is now the moment that you must put yourself out as you might be getting the love of your life. As the card is an indication of a fresh experience and a great transformation, it also represents that you might get a soulmate. Hence, if You Are single, you can expect someone to come into your life. It will bring you balance, security, stability, happiness, and joy. You're going in the right direction, and it is the best period to manifest your desires. Therefore, Wheel of Fortune upright card for love reading is a symbol of luck, happiness and prosperity.

Career (Upright)

Wheel of Fortune card from the Major Arcana is a symbol of new possibilities. This tarot card in career reading means that opportunities are waiting for you. It is a message conveyed by the universe that it is working to create significant changes in your life. Therefore, this is the right moment for you to start looking for opportunities if you are looking forward to launching your own business. It means that everything will be in your favour, and it is the right time to leverage the potential. The upright Wheel of Fortune tarot card says that possibilities and good things are on your way, and you will succeed in your professional endeavour. Apart from this, you will also get all kinds of help and support from colleagues.

It is necessary that you pay attention carefully in terms of new employment. It is true that most of us are delighted and comfortable in the professional situation we are in. If Wheel of Fortune tarot card happens to occur with such people, it means that there will be changes. The changes will either come for you, or you will be the one yourself to bring the changes in your life. You will get different opportunities and great news like promotions, salary hikes and a lot more. The prime message of Wheel of Fortune tarot card Upright is to grab opportunities and be headstrong.

You have to make sure that you have the courage to accept the changes around you. It is true that modification will not be easy. However, your capability to accept the changes makes you different from others. You also have to keep in mind that the wheel will continuously keep turning, and everything that you get now is changing. So embrace the progress and don’t be rigid. The change can also be terrifying when you can even anticipate it.

Health (Upright)

When it is about health and well-being, Wheel of Fortune upright tarot card is a reflection of happiness and positivity in your physical health. In case you are going through a certain illness, you can remain sure that it will go away. The appearance of Wheel of Fortune card in health. Reading means that you will start recovering in the best possible manner. Everything that you were worried about will take a backseat, and you will soon start feeling better. No more you will suffer. This fortune card is more like a blessing given from the universe that you are soon going to face better times. All you have to do is give your positive energy and keep faith in the universe.

In case you are overly occupied on an emotional, physical or mental level, you might encounter some health issues. Wheel of Fortune upright card indicates that you need to listen to yourself. Make sure that you set time for yourself if you don't want bad things to happen to your health. Spend money on proper health activities, create a healthy diet and make sure that you choose a healthy lifestyle for your well-being.

You will also start to notice some positive changes will soon start happening to you. The new-found enthusiasm, vitality and energy will be beneficial for you. As bad times are not far due to the wheels keep changing, you should not take any risk to your health. Make sure that you engage and prioritise work by keeping it on the mental and physical requirements. 

Finance (Upright)

Wheel of Fortune tarot card upright in terms of finance reading is a symbol that soon your financial condition will improve, and your desires will be fulfilled. You are at a certain face where everything that you have planned is going accordingly, and you are in a happy state. Wheel of Fortune tarot card from the Major Arcana, in terms of money, is an indication that you require working hard in order to get the financial security That you want. However, there are often chances that you might make improper financial decisions, which will lead to problems.

In case you spend too much and you are not able to find ways to save money, there can be issues. Wheel of Fortune tarot card is also a warning tarot card that there will soon be certain changes in your financial condition. You can also make unexpected expenses that will have possible reciprocation on you. So, you have to make sure that you reduce spending on unnecessary things and pay more attention to creating future investments.

Even when improving the monetary condition is one of the major messages of Wheel of Fortune upright tarot card, it is advisable to choose the right path and make proper monetary decisions. There will be times when you have to stick the hard way and not spoil yourself. If you save money and be more practical, you will have a stable condition in terms of your finances.

Spirituality (Upright)

Wheel of Fortune upright tarot card from Major Arcana means that destiny is on your side currently. Therefore, it is the right time that you take complete advantage and make spiritual development. The universe will guide you through the spiritual journey, but you have to make sure that you participate in order to leverage the possibilities. There can be chances that circumstances will come together in order to support and pave the path. All you have to do is make sure that you keep an eye around you as there will be symbols and signs guided to you by the universe.

Wheel of Fortune

The Meaning of Wheel of Fortune Reversed: 

Wheel of Fortune tarot card from the Major Arcana reversed means that good fortune might dramatically change. There could be unexpected occurrences or some destructive forces that will make you feel powerless. All you can do is remain silent or make the right decision in the situation to feel better. It is an opportunity for you to get complete control of your life all over again, along with destiny. The reverse card means that nothing is going according to the way you have planned, and everything seems to be falling apart.

You might have thought of a lot of things, but you are not able to materialise your dreams. You will be stuck in sadness and disappointment. It is also an interpretation which says that you might be facing obstacles and delays in life. You can experience chaos and turbulence, and it results in making you stressed and anxious. Additionally, this tablet card reversed also means you are assisting yourself with growth and changes.

You have to make sure that you take complete accountability for the current stage you are in in order to reshape your destiny. This tarot card is an indication that your past choices are the reason for your current situation. The reverse Wheel of Fortune tarot card, particularly, means that you are not accepting the changes. The transition is becoming the reason for stress in you. Therefore, it is important that you acknowledge the occurrence of the changes, make better changes in yourself and adapt to them. The universe is advising you to face adversity with strength and bravery in order to overcome the challenges.

While Wheel of Fortune tarot card reversed means misfortune and bad luck, it also means lack of control. It is a constant reminder that you will not be able to resist fate, but you have to keep working to change it. Nobody can run away from destiny, and this is the cycle of life.

Love and Relationships (Reversed)

The occurrence of Wheel of Fortune tarot card reversed from Major Arcana is an indication that the relationship with the love of your life might not seem to be in good condition. It might start going out of your control. However, you must not make any wrong decision to end the relationship. Even if you have a date, you must not refrain yourself. Wheel of Fortune tarot card means that every relationship goes through different phases of decline and growth, and in the case of the downswing, you must work to improve it.

There are many people who experience problems with their love life, but transition is the only constant thing. Things might seem a little bit unsettling, but make sure to make the right decision. It is also a better choice. If you take a vacation with the love of your life for some days and spend some quality time there. For single people, Wheel of Fortune reversed tarot card is an indication that you might find it troubling to make choices about your love life as you are stuck in your past choices. You have lost the love prospects.

Even when Wheel of Fortune reversed tarot card appears in the reading, you should always find people whom you think are suitable. Just because you are choosing someone because of their good looks, it is not the right decision. Analysing and identifying more about your partner and its compatibility is also much required to ensure a great relationship.

Career (Reversed)

When it comes to the professional career, the reversed Wheel of Fortune tarot card from the Major Arcana signifies challenges and stagnation. There are chances that you will not find growth opportunities, and this will result in causing stress and anxiety. Additionally, the reverse tarot card in terms of career reading is an indication that you are not receiving the ample support from your colleagues that you are supposed to. Even when you cannot avoid this period, it is important for you to realise that time will soon change.

The reverse Wheel of Fortune tarot card conveys that you are not able to come out of your comfort zone. Your constant ignoring of the possibilities and prospects is preventing you from accepting progress and change. According to the reversed Wheel of Fortune, you need to accept life and the changes. Instead of being stuck in a specific time, make sure that you create new limits and embrace the change.

Health (Reversed)

Wheel of Fortune tarot card, reverse in terms of health, is an indication that you might be ignoring your health for quite a long time. You are now at a point where you might be experiencing health issues that can be a big problem for your mental and physical well-being. Additionally, since the period is very unstable, you might be feeling depressed and lonely.

Wheel of Fortune reversed means that you have to pay attention to your health. If you are not feeling good, it is better to seek medical help and heal yourself immediately. Try channelling your energy in a positive way in order to improve your health. Make sure that you're not repeating the mistakes and learn from your past in order to improve your health.

Finance (Reversed)

Wheel of Fortune Reversed from Major Arcana, when appears in your reading, it means that you have to think a lot before making any financial decisions. Make sure that you're not making abrupt decisions that you will regret later, like overspending or gambling. You have to make sure that you avoid certain things that your mother would not prefer, and you must take care of your finances. Do not take any risks.

Wheel of Fortune tarot card from Major Arcana also means that you might feel like you're financially stuck. You have to make sure that you do not compare yourself with others and start making the right choices. It is advisable not to make any new ventures and to pay attention to saving resources. You can consult experts who can provide the right guidance regarding financial management.

Spirituality (Reversed)

Wheel of Fortune reversed in terms of spirituality might look like the universe is not on your side. You might feel that nothing is going according to your plans. It might test your faith, but there is a purpose for having such an experience. You have to keep faith even in the darkest hours. Make sure to strengthen your bond with your inner self and not fight the changes you get. It is important to embrace the changes and improve spiritual growth.

Wheel of Fortune One Card Reading: Yes / No 

If you have chosen the “One-card Pull”, you will be able to get a precise answer to your question. This can be helpful in making decisions. 

The Upright Wheel of Fortune tarot card represents Yes, while the Reversed Wheel of Fortune indicates a No. 


Wheel of Fortune stands for the number 10. It has 1 and 0. Number 1 stands for creation and making a fresh start. It is a representation of the beginning and end of the rotation. 


Wheel of Fortune tarot card from the Major Arcana deck means that luck is by your side. If you have a plan, there will not be any problems. However, there is no indication of something major occurring in between. 

So, make sure that you get in touch with an expert tarot card reader who can help you in understanding the meaning of Wheel of Fortune according to your life.

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