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Death Tarot card Meaning


Meaning of Death Upright: Strength, Power, Purity, Transformation, New beginning, Opportunities, Potentials, Release, Change, Wisdom, Major transitions. 

Meaning of Death Reversed: Resisting changes, Fear, Afraid of being alone, Negativity, Sinking, Sadness, Stagnant, Stuck to the past, Unable to let go. 


Death card from the Major Arcana features a skeleton on a white horse with black armour, similar to the envoy of death. The presence of armour on this character is a representation of wisdom and invincibility that comes with life. It means that death is inevitable irrespective of who you are. The skeleton is the significance of the body element that will survive after the end of life. The horse present in the card is a symbol of purity, power and strength. But the dark colour of the images reflects the enigma and sadness.

The image of the tarot card has a black flag of death that has a white rose with petals, which represents immortality, purification and beauty. The presence of five patterns is in a presentation of change. The picture is a representation that death is way more the end of your life. Death card is all about transformation, ends, new starts, alteration, and all the natural aspects that come with its own in different aspects of life. 

The representation of a skeletal figure that is lying down dead as a child, a Bishop and a girl are found begging for mercy. As we all know, death does not really spare any human. The background of this tarot card includes a ship that can be spotted along the riverside, sailing with legendary chariots that will take the deceased into a new eternal life. Death tarot card from Major Arcana is a representation that there will be new horizons to achieve. This card is a Messenger of new change and endings. It is a chord that talks about transformation.

The Meaning of Death Upright

Of all the tarot cards present in the deck of cards, the Death tarot card from Major Arcana is something that people mostly misunderstand. Most people start panicking even with the name of this card as they feel that they are about to expire or pass out. However, the most amazing benefit of this card is that it is a representation of the end of an element of a significant phase that is no longer functioning. Death card is all about transformation. However, in order to transform, you have to leave your past behind and look for fresh opportunities and chances.

When you read the Hanged Man tarot card from the major arcana, you will understand that there will be some phase in your life where you need to be stagnant, but it comes to an end after a certain time. It helps to create space for much better things which are more meaningful in your life. While the Hanged Man tarot card means stagnant, Death card is a symbol that there will soon be a great transformation in your life. It is a message that you will evolve and re-generate your power. It can be possible that you're experiencing physical or mental discomfort and you're trying to reach a certain conclusion. Irrespective of your vision, when this card occurs on the tarot reading, is the meaning that you will get proper answers.

Death tarot card from Major Arcana is a representation of significant change, transition and modification in your life. It can represent an anticipated transformation in your life. Death is a representation of substantial transformation irrespective of your identity. Hence, this can also mean that the feelings that you thought were incapable of will be able to escape eventually. Even when it will be unwanted and painful initially, it will come with unexpected opportunities and benefits. This card also wants to show you that you must learn the way to say goodbye to the attachments that are unnecessary in your life. It will encourage you to give up on the outdated practices and proceed to choosing a better one. It also means breaking up from negative habits or behavioural patterns.

Love and Relationships (Upright)

Death card from Major Arcana Upright can sometimes refer to the fact that you are feeling claustrophobic in an emotional relationship. As it is no longer functional, it is becoming a burden for you. When it is about love and relationships, it is important for you to accept the changes. It will only last when you are flexible. If you have been choosing old habits and preventing them from progressing, you might feel a little bit strangled. It is an indication that either your spouse or you are not working in the relationship, as you are linked to the old habits that are stopping you from progressing.

Death card from Major Arcana in Love and Relationship reading is a message that even if you like it or not, there will be changes around you. You have to accept those changes, or you can continue fighting with them. This card can act as a suggestion that either your spouse or you require making significant adjustments and giving up on the old concerns and habits. If you find a relationship is not working out. If nothing works, it would be great to seek advice from a relationship counsellor so that you can work on it. 

Sometimes, when you experience that nothing is working according to the way you anticipated, the occurrence of Death tarot card means that you might need to call it quits. It is important to pay attention that when you find all the doors are closing, the appearance of this card is a meaning that a different door will open for you. It might be difficult to handle the transformation, but it will have significant benefits and opportunities. Even when it can be unsettling initially, it will be advantageous in the relationship. To be precise, it is a symbol of a new phase, like getting engaged. If you are unmarried, this card shows that you have to give up on your old behaviours, problems and ideas in order to get new opportunities. Accept the change, as it will help you to lead a new life.

Career (Upright)

In terms of career perspective, Death card from Major Arcana is more like a caution that you must not grow progressively dependent on certain things that are not working for you. The only certain thing about your life is change. Everything is subject to change. This card is more like a piece of advice to you that it is great If you start your business, despite you being reluctant to quit the current work due to the stability it provides you. If you have considered changing the occupation, the occurrence of  Death tarot card from Major Arcana is a depiction that you must proceed as it is the right time. As it is about transformation, such transformation can bring even better prospects and potential.

The upright Death card from Major Arcana is the meaning that if you have decided to move on with your plans and change careers, you can do it. You have to take the risks in order to get better opportunities. In case you refrain from taking prompt actions, there are certain life circumstances that will compel you to leave the current job. You might also experience dissatisfaction, this interest and indifference with time. So, if you have decided to start your own business, the Death card upright from Major Arcana means that it is the right time to work on your passion.

In case you continue with the current job, you can find that more will be at stake compared to your comfort. You will be unsatisfied in several ways. As you get stability, regularity and security, you might be clinging onto your job, but you need to embrace the changes that the universe provides to you. Remember that if it is the right opportunity, you must go for it, keeping certain things at stake.

Health (Upright)

Death tarot card upright in terms of health has a different meaning. If this card appears in your health reading, keep yourself, relax and don't panic. Remember that the card only means the death of the physical body in certain situations. In case you believe that you are in a phase where your health will not recover in the future, the appearance of this death card in the tarot reading can indicate a major transformation that is going to happen. However, the result will depend on the way you respond to the adjustment according to the prediction of Death tarot card.

So, it is important for you to embrace the changes in your life and alter your mindset if you want to feel better. If you are pessimistic about your sickness and poor health, it will never be possible for you to get up. Even if you feel bad in the weather, when you find the light every day, you will feel refreshed. There are chances that you might experience fresh strategies that you have not tried previously, like energy, healing, holistic treatment and setting a new diet that would work. When you recognise that the situation is not permanent and it is going to change, there will be better times.

After our physical death, our soul leaves the body behind and gets converted into spiritual beings, which we all are. This is a kind of transformation. Therefore, the Death tarot card signifies that there will be a change in your heart. Additionally, it also shows the Opportunity to make a strong connection with your higher self. You might not be aware of the power you possess until now. You might have gone through heartbreak, loss or sadness, which will prompt a spiritual metamorphosis.

Finance (Upright)

If you are experiencing a massive drop in terms of earnings or there is a monetary loss, the upright Death card from Major Arcana, when it comes to the Finance reading, make sure that you are not upset about it. If this card occurs, the transformation that you will get in your life will only benefit you. You are going to learn a lot from it. On the contrary, if you face financial difficulties, make sure that you are not hiding your face. Rather than that, try to make necessary adjustments and changes and keep moving on. Always know that when you abide by the changes and adjust accordingly, it will eventually resolve the monetary issues.

The appearance of Death tarot card from the Major Arcana is also a representation of laws. Therefore, there can be chances that you experience a decline in the cash. This timeframe also means revolutionising the principles and management. Death card is more like an encouragement to conduct yourself according to financial stability. You have to make sure that you are fair and honest, irrespective of your condition. Make sure to balance between the needs and wants, and do the needful. You will be able to recover from the financial issues if you maintain the balance.

Spirituality (Upright)

After our physical death, our soul detached from our body and became a divine being, which we all are essentially. It is a transmutation. Death tarot card from Major Arcana Upright is an indication of transformation in your heart. Therefore, it is the time when you must start establishing a bond with your inner self and establish the spiritual degree that you possess. Suffering, loss, and grief that you have endured will help you in the spiritual shift. You must remember that no matter how challenging the shift is, when you accept it, you will be in a higher position.


The Meaning of Death Reversed: 

Death tarot card up right from the Major Arcana is a representation of transformation, and it also indicates to start afresh by keeping your past behind. However, when you get the reversed Death card on the tarot reading, it signifies that you are ready to endure substantial changes, but there are certain obstacles that you are facing. You will face challenges when it comes to giving up on certain things and will feel confused about the right way to make the essential adjustment. Your limiting beliefs, especially from the earlier days, are one of the primary reasons that are preventing you from acquiring fresh opportunities. Your unwillingness has resulted in keeping you stagnant and making you feel uncertain.

Instead of resisting certain things, it is better if you embrace the changes, especially when you receive the reversed Death tarot card. You will be able to witness the wonderful opportunities when you choose transformation. Once you get to know the way to give up your past beliefs and only stay in the present, you will find the present time much more promising and full of opportunities. The reverse Death card can also imply that you might be dealing with personal growth. If you want to get new rooms for new things, You have to give up on the things that are not important. 

Except in the changes will provide you beautiful opportunities. The future is bright, and you have to surrender yourself to the present. You can do this by altering behaviours, giving up on limited ideas and fears or making use of other spiritual healing methods to improve yourself.

Love and Relationships (Reversed)

Death tarot card from the Major Arcana deck, in terms of Romance reading, is an indication that you might not be ready to go into a committed relationship from your present phase. You find it impossible to stay alone, or you feel reliant on your spouse, and you might be hanging on a connection for a long time in order to reach a conclusion. You can simply get out of the responsibility as you no longer love the relationship. It can also portray a long-forgotten relationship suddenly appearing and rekindling. If You Are Single, Death Tarot card reversed is a powerful depiction that you have to give up on unhealthy mechanisms of coping to create great changes in your personal life.

In order to bring your mate, who will approach you with love, when you choose an undesirable relationship due to your low self-confidence, it will potentially be harmful. So, you need to have boosted self-confidence and give up on self-sabotaging mechanisms. The reverse Death tarot card denotes Altering the way you know relationships and dating. It can be in the shape that you are holding on to a marriage that is not getting any personal development. Relationship dependency can also be a reason why you are together simply because you feel responsible and convenient, and you are not able to stay on your own.

Career (Reversed)

Similar to Death tarot card Upright, the reverse suggests that it is the right time to make a significant career change or choose a new path. Since you are not ready to give up on the stability that you get from the job, you might be resisting the change. Even when your job seems to be unfulfilling and unsatisfactory, the stability and regularity in getting is the reason you stay behind. It is time that you consider the need for change and move up the ladder of your career. So, this tarot card from Major Arcana is an indication that you must take the necessary steps to improve your career. It is more like pressuring you to make significant changes in order to improve your professional journey.

On the contrary, you might be trying hard to change. Even when the world culture is not pleasant, you get a very low salary, and the projects are extremely boring, you still decide to remain in the job. Change is the only constant in our professional and personal lives. You need to have the ability to let go of things and embrace the changes. When you keep holding on to a certain pattern, it will only result in making you drained and deteriorate you.

Health (Reversed)

Death tarot card reversed can be a sign that you might be constantly delaying a treatment. You need to be proactive when it is about your health issues. Perhaps you're not ready to get deeper into the issue and understand the reason for health problems. You need to get it out of your head now and feel energised about yourself. Similar to the upright Death tarot card, the reverse in terms of health suggests changes. There will be a serious translation in your life.

You might have lost all your hold and think that nothing good is going to happen in your life, but you have to let go of such feelings. Help yourself to experience better. If you stick to your sadness and keep sinking, it will only make things bad.

Finance (Reversed)

Despite being impossible to stop from running out of finances, you will find it extremely hard to make necessary changes. In order to survive at this certain time, the occurrence of Death card reversed means that you need to adapt. If you are experiencing difficulties, if you are resisting the changes, you might not be able to learn the lesson.

Death reversed tarot card suggests that there can be a financial slump, and so you have to rethink the way to manage your finances. Make sure that you properly assess the expense habit and fix the areas that need to be changed. If you have the habit of overspending, it is important that you give up on making bad financial decisions and spending patterns.

Spirituality (Reversed)

In terms of spiritual context, Death tarot card reversed signifies a significant spiritual transformation due to loss, challenging circumstances and sadness. It is almost similar to the upright death carat card. However, it also suggests that you are resisting transformation and refusing to progress. This is also the reason why you're being upset. The meaning of Death tarot card suggests that you need to embrace the emotions. It is important for you to make a proper effort in order to believe in your inner self.

Death One Card Reading: Yes / No 

If you want a clear answer in Yes or No and you have chosen the “One-Card Pull”, you will be acquiring simple yet effective answers. 

The Upright Death tarot card from Major Arcana means Yes, while the Reversed Death tarot card means a clear No. 


It represents the number 13. 13 can also be indicated as 4 ( 3+1), which indicates the Emperor. It is a representation of being unusual from the rest. 


Death tarot card from Major Arcana is more like a warning that you must be careful about people and giving a role in your life. You might receive news within 30 days if this card appears in the tarot reading. 

So, you must get in touch with a recognised tarot reading expert to understand the real meaning of Death tarot card as oper your life context. 

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