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Eight of Cups

Eight of Cups Tarot card Meaning

Eight of Cups

Meaning of Eight of Cups Upright: Surrender, Departure, Abandoning,  Seeking the truth, Self-examination, Traveling, Detaching, Disengaging, Exhaustion, Discouragement.

Meaning of Eight of Cups Reversed: Inactivity, Pretended joy, Self-doubt,  Lack of self-knowledge, Self-distrust, Anxiety about the unfamiliar, Dependent.

Eight of Cups

The occurrence of the Eight of Cups tarot card from Minor Arcana is an urge to you that you need to pay attention to yourself and give up things that are not pushing you to go ahead in your life. Additionally, it is also a constant reminder that tells you to become strong and mature. The reason is that you have a personality that has a lot of energy, strength and power to handle and manage different situations. Hence, it requires you to remain strong and courageous at every time. More than that, when you use your brain in the right way rather than your heart, it helps to solve half of the problems with better logic.

Additionally, there is a need for you to face similar things that will compel you to become mature and behave like a grown-up. Apart from this, it will also lead you to find yourself getting a position in your life where you have to take responsibility for a lot of things by yourself. Simultaneously, such events can sometimes feel overwhelming, but there is also a positive side to it. You will find yourself being more secure, stable and mature in different situations. You will become a better human with maturity who is able to clearly understand and differentiate between humans. Most importantly, it will also help you to understand the reasons for happenings of these things.

Taking a look at the tutorial depiction, it can be easily depicted by the tarot card as it shows that the man is facing in the opposite direction. His back is towards us, and he is using a stick or a wand to get support. This wand showcases the backbone, and it seems like he is moving towards the future. Eight of Cups tarot card is a symbol that means that the man is trying to get away from the carbs as all the carbs that you can see are no longer able to serve the purposes or help him to get any good. Hence, it showcases that the man in the card is not scared to go to a new venture and take the unknown possibilities. Therefore, the occurrence of this card equally screens you to become strong and brave.

It is also a necessity that you need to prepare yourself when you take a new route for unknown things. As life doesn't happen the way you anticipate, it is important that you keep your head held high. Therefore, it requires strength, and power encourages to handle such a situation. Even when there are a lot of challenges, the card tells you to constantly be brave and put a step ahead to get the things ahead of you.

The Meaning of Eight of Cups Upright:

If you have received the Eight of Cups tarot card upright in the tarot reading, it is an indication that you are someone who will constantly try to go beyond difficult circumstances or situations. As you understand that these situations are constantly testing you, you are someone to constantly try and escape. The position of this tarot card upright highlights that you are someone who does not like to get stuck in a stagnant position where you are unable to find any solution or you do not have knowledge about the way to handle matters. Additionally, the Eight of Cups tarot card is a depiction that you will face some immense changes in your life, which might not always be positive. However, it is important that you keep an optimistic mind and try to find out all the positives from the changes happening. You will learn different things from the situation. You are someone who wants to escape from the chaos as you cannot stay in it for long without finding a solution.

You are constantly giving your best, and you're not someone to feel scared about all the changes that are happening in your life or will happen in the future. When you face the unknown, which is not a comfortable circumstance, you might feel a little bit scared and claustrophobic. However, you can remain assured that the spirits and universe will constantly be there for you to help you Know that you have the courage and strength to go ahead. You must not lose your strength due to the situation. Rather than that, it is important for you to battle, be strong and accept everything that comes in your path. 

The occurrence of this card is also a constant suggestion that tells you to stay away from certain things which are not associated with you. You need to understand and find things that will be valuable for you. Remember that remaining stuck in one place where you're no longer appreciated Will make everything wrong. You will feel even worse. Therefore, it is vital that you understand the situation and evaluate the differences between what is right and wrong in order to choose the right direction. So rather than feeling stuck and being stuck in the wrong things and situations, it is important to walk away and look for the better, which will help you to improve.

Love and Relationships (Upright)

Eight of Cups tarot card from Minor Arcana, when received upright, in terms of love and relationship. It means that it is time when you need to re-evaluate all the options surrounding you. You need to find out the things or people who genuinely care and love you. Additionally, you also have to make sure that you choose people surrounding you whom you really love. For people who are in a relationship, the upright Eight of Cups tarot card is more like a question that asks you if you're happy in your relationship. It is a constant reminder that keeps asking you whether you feel fulfilled and happy in the relationship the way you felt earlier.

The appearance of this card is more like a hint to you that you must not compromise the relationship at any cost. Just because you are not in a state and you don't feel like keeping going with the relationship or restarting it, it does not mean you have to end it. It is important for you to understand that irrespective of the things if you avoid things right now, it will result in becoming a bigger pain in later times. So, it is the right time when you must focus on the vital thing, which is the partner in the relationship. The appearance of this card in love and relationship matters also tells you to constantly ask yourself if the current relationship is valuable in your life and helps you to get the mental peace that you need.

Do you constantly feel like thanking God about your relationship and partner? Or you are in a relationship that does not do any good. You are required to think about where and how you would like to see yourself with your partner in the coming years. If you constantly feel that your partner is not treating you the way you actually deserve, it is important that you start reconsidering the options. Your relationship must add excitement to your life. Otherwise, it has no sense of being into this. Your partner needs to be inspiring and constantly doing good in your life. That will help you to make and feel better.

Career (Upright)

The Appearance of Eight of Cups tarot card upright in the career reading can have a lot of interpretation. This Minor Arcana card is a general suggestion that constantly suggests you leave behind or move away from the things that are not giving any value to your life. If you find that you are in a situation or in our workplace that is not allowing you to expand or becoming a restriction to grow, it is important that you leave it behind and go ahead. In terms of career reading, an upright Eight of Cups tarot card from Minor Arcana can mean a lot of things, and it is not restricted to a particularly negative or bad thing.

As it is a card that constantly tells you to go ahead and move away, it can also mean that you need to go ahead and look for another place where you can spend time, like a vacation or a trip or moving to a new place different from the current location. This can be a different country or a different state where you can experience a different lifestyle altogether. The appearance of this card is also an indication that the working space that you're currently in might not serve you the best, and you feel it is unsuitable for you. This can be because you're not receiving good compensation or acknowledgement or appreciation that you feel you deserve from the kind of work you put into the job role.

If you're constantly feeling that you're missing out on the opportunities that you might get, if you have detached from this job, it is important for you to look ahead. If you feel that you're no longer attached to this job, it is better that you start getting detached from yourself. You might also feel that something is holding you back from the job, and you're not able to let go of it. The stressful work environment is also one of the most common Reasons why you're not being able to explore the options. This tarot card is an indication that you must take ample breaks and not take too much stress as it will result in hampering your performance.

Health (Upright)

Receiving an upright Eight of Cups tarot card from Minor Arcana, in terms of health reading, is an indication that there are negative aspects around you. The negative environment and the surroundings that you're dwelling in might be hampering your mental and physical health. Therefore, it is important that you take the necessary steps to reduce the damage And take better actions. There are also chances that you might be taking a lot of stress over things that are beyond your control. It is important for you to realise that certain things will not be able to change. 

Additionally, there are certain issues with friends and families that might be making you feel bothered. To be practical, it seems that you are totally submerged in war and stress. The occurrence of this card is an urge to you that you must stop focusing on the things that are beyond your control. Stressing on the negative things will not make it right, and hence, you need to have a positive outlook on your life. The card is an indication that you might be moving to a different place where you can feel rejuvenated. Going for a vacation and choosing to relax your mind can improve your overall health as you will feel more peaceful and less stressed. 

Finance (Upright)

It is important to understand that every time, we do not do the right thing for ourselves. There will be times when we start realising that all the things that we were fighting for might not be the right thing for us. Therefore, the occurrence of the Eight of Cups tarot card from Minor Arcana upright is exactly what it is trying to say. In terms of tarot reading, this Minor Arcanacard showcases that you might have been fighting a lot in your life in order to become socially and financially stable. However, now that you have already made a stable bank balance, You realise that people around you have started respecting the way you have always wanted.

However, this will also help you to understand all the success and money that you have been running behind. All these years are not able to give you the satisfaction and fulfilment that you thought you could once you got into such a position. In recent times, you constantly feel that you're leaving the life of someone else and trying to portray that you feel satisfied and happy with all the things that you have gathered in the course of years. However, inside, you feel sad and not able to feel the fulfilment and content that you anticipated.

Upright, Eight of Cup tarot card from Minor Arcana is also a card that might help you to realise that this is not the ending. If you think that your achievements or adventures are about to be over, it is not so. Therefore, you decide to move on And look for another adventure that you feel is suitable for you. Even when you constantly feel that you are in a comfortable position, you should always pursue your dreams and not go back to start again. Remember that this will help you to feel satisfied and content that even a stable financial position couldn't provide.

Spirituality (Upright)

In terms of spirituality, the upright Eight of Cups tarot card from Minor Arcana says that it is a time of self-discovery. If you're willing to go on a journey and discover yourself, it is the right time. You can use your energy for soul-searching and introspection. The card also tells that there are chances that you might feel like leaving all your old beliefs or journey that you were pursuing and going for a new journey as it would help you to connect with the higher self. 

Eight of Cups

The Meaning of Eight of Cups Reversed: 

If you have received the reversed Eight of Cups tarot card from Minor Arcana, it indicates that you're on the right path. It tells that you're constantly putting in a lot of hard work and doing your best in order to get all the good things in your life. Additionally, you are someone who is constantly trying to make new changes in your life in order to get the best from those. However, like every human, there are parts in you that will feel scared in order to trust a new path to the unknown. You will face certain situations which will lead you to grow up quickly. 

The card also says that you're not someone to believe other people easily. You find it literally challenging to have faith in anyone except for yourself. You constantly feel that people around you with whom you share your secrets might betray you at any point in time. Additionally, the reversed Eight of Cups tarot card also showcases that you're constantly trying to resolve things. Meanwhile, while you are trying to solve all the matters, you're also learning a lot about yourself. As you're constantly putting in immense effort, it is helping you to create a successful and strong life with a courageous version of yourself.

Moreover, as you're getting more mature every day, it is becoming beneficial for you to go ahead in the journey. However, it is equally important that you work on the habit of staying in a situation that is not doing any good to you. It is important for you to let go even when it is hard. If you find a situation is not serving any good to you, it is time that you move ahead. This will help you to Succeed in your life as you choose things and situations that will help to bring a better version of yourself to the world.

Love and Relationships (Reversed)

Similar to all the other things in your life, in terms of love and relationship reading, the reversed Eight of Cups tarot card is an indication that you mind being in a relationship with a partner, which makes you feel that the right thing would always be to get separated from your partner and end this situation. If things are not happening in the right way, and it is becoming hard for you to handle and cope with the situation, it is important that you try to move ahead.

However, irrespective of the situation and your understanding of the right course to leave it, you will still feel that something is constantly holding you back, and you're not able to get separated. The something that you're feeling is similar for both you and your partner, even when you both know that you're going to suffer more in association. The card is a constant suggestion that tells you to look beyond your fears and evaluate every situation. You need to evaluate all the things and question the things that are constantly keeping you in one position.

You need to ask yourself a few questions about the things that you're scared about, and you're not able to let go of things. You need to ask yourself if the situation is really worth bearing all the pain that you are currently going through. It is true that being a human, there will be a fear of loss of the things that you have built after putting your energy and love into the relationship. You might feel lonely. However, you will also understand that things will start getting normal after a few times. Therefore, it is important to keep a few things in mind and that is, everything is temporary, and whatever seems hard right now will get back to normal after a while.

Career (Reversed)

Similar to every other thing, reverse Eight of Cups tarot card from Minor Arcana in terms of career, reading that you might be scared of leaving your professional designation or your job. Even when your job is not making you feel fulfilled, you still feel scared and unable to look for a better opportunity. Currently, it showcases that you are struggling with your professional life and job as it is not in the right place. All the excitement that you had in the initial time of getting the job or starting your business seems to have been lost now. You feel like your current professional life is making you feel sad and miserable.

You seem to remain busy always, yet you're not getting the right compensation for the effort and energy you're putting into the job. As you're putting a lot of energy into your job, your family is left behind, and you're not able to find time for everything. This is damaging your physical and mental health. But, after you realise all of these things, you're not able to let go of your current job, as you constantly keep thinking about all the energy and time you have invested into making the company grow and come into the position. You constantly think that the things that you have already done for the organisation will go in vain if you leave it.

Therefore, you keep doubting your capabilities as you feel that you're not in the right state of mind or do not have the physical strength to grow from scratch. You're very much scared of starting a new thing as you fear the unknown. However, it is important for you to realise that in order to get Something better, you have to leave the things that are making you feel unfulfilled. You need to look for a place where you can put your creativity and skills. Even though it might seem hard initially, it is going to reap the best fruit in the future.

Health (Reversed)

The Reversed Eight of Cups tarot card from Minor Arcana, when it appears in your health reading, is more like a warning to your health. It is an indication that you're unknowingly doing things that are resulting in risking your health. You're putting yourself into situations that are draining your energy both physically and mentally. Therefore, it is important that you go ahead and move on from this situation. If you are constantly stuck as you are scared about the unknown that you will not be able to control, you're doing the wrong thing for your health.

As you have started losing your health, the reversed Eight of Cups tarot card from Minor Arcana is the meaning that you need to pay attention to the actions and decisions you're taking. It is the right time and also high time when you need to give up all the negative things from your life which has resulted in changing your lifestyle. The changes in terms of your health can include proper exercising, creating a healthy diet plan, meditating, taking ample breaks between work, taking vacation at frequent intervals and doing all the things that will help you to keep your physical and mental health stable.

Finance (Reversed)

The reversed Eight of Cups tarot card from Minor Arcana. In terms of finances, it showcases being scared or feeling insecure that you might not be able to find something worthy to stabilise your financial condition. You're currently in a financial state where it might seem that you're not able to earn the proper amount of effort that you need. As you're putting all the time and energy into earning or your current job but unable to get the best return, you're not being able to afford the lifestyle that you want to lead.

Hence, the right option would be to leave your job and look for better opportunities. However, the appearance of the tarot card from Minor Arcana is reversed, showcasing that you're too scared of the unknown. As you're not aware if you're doing the right things, You're constantly thinking about the negatives. You're finding it difficult to let go of your current designation and job role because of the financial stability. Something is constantly holding you back and restricting you from growing.

Therefore, it is important that you start securing yourself first before starting to look for something better. If you're scared of the unknown and you're not able to take risks or bold actions, it is important to stabilize your current situation initially. Remember that no matter how much you're scared about leaving the workplace behind, it is the right time and the best option to improve your financial stability.

Spirituality (Reversed)

In terms of spirituality, the reversed Eight of Cups tarot card from Minor Arcana indicates that you are experiencing obstruction in your growth and you're not able to find self-awareness. You're constantly trying to increase the connection between your high spirits to encourage the life path. The occurrence of this card is a suggestion that you should perform soul-searching activities in order to get the strength encouragement. However, you need to let go of the things that are blocking you.

Eight of Cups One Card Reading: Yes / No 

If you have chosen “One card pull”, you can easily get the answer yes or no. If you have any confusion or dilemma, this reading methodology can be really helpful.

The Upright Eight of Cups tarot card from Minor Arcana denotes Yes, whereas the Reversed Eight of Cups tarot card from Minor Arcana is an interpretation of No.


The number Eight of Cups is associated with the number eight. This number relates to Saturn, which means impulses that lead to self-destruction. It is important for you to ask yourself if you're moving ahead from your old situations, patterns and behaviour in order to create a better future.


The card constantly tells you to be patient as you will be able to get what you desire if you constantly work on it.

This is everything that you need to know about the Eight of Cups tarot card from Minor Arcana. Choose the right tarot card reader to get assistance and proper reading.

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