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King of Wands

King of Wands Tarot card Meaning

King of Wands

Meaning of King of Wands Upright: Positive, Self-confident, Original, Inventive, Uplifting, Protective, Charming, Skilled, Robust, Dynamic, Leader, Manipulative, Resolver, Bold, Fearless, Passionate, Truthful.

Meaning of King of Wands Reversed: Strong, Extremist, Reckless, Disrespectful, Quick, Unreliable, Cruel, Unfair, Malicious, Incompetent, Worthless, Harsh, Inconsistent.

King of Wands

King of Wands tarot card from Minor Arcana is one of the prominent cards. The appearance of this Minor Arcana card might happen when you have been provided with a leading position or you have taken charge of something new. As the king is known to have a very protective and proactive nature, the picture illustration helps you to understand that a similar character is shown in the picture. It seems that the king is constantly keeping an eye on the empire. 

Similarly, it can be you or someone from your known group might also act as a shield. However, there are many other interpretations where the card can also be an indication of loneliness and a constant need to find the thrill. This Minor Arcana card can also depict stress isolation. It also means that you will bring people close to you who might not be friendly. This is because when you're obsessed, you do not consider understanding the possibilities of failure.

The picture showcases the king in the card, seated on his throne with a cloth wrapped around him. He has a long cape that blends easily with the roof and has been properly fixed on the backdrop of his throne. The picture includes the king wearing yellow fabric, which has lion-like images throughout the fabric. Additionally, just beside his right foot, there is a little lizard who has taken the spotlight. The king wearing the golden crown has a flame-like structure, which indicates the king's energy. He is found grabbing a wand that is made of wood, which looks like a tree branch on his hand, which shows the immense creativity of a king and courage.

In the picture, the king seems like he is looking at a distance, and his head has been slightly turned. It means that he's not looking straight. He is looking far ahead, which is a depiction that he is trying to understand the future as he has immense strength and courage. It is a final card and one of the strongest cards in the suit of wants, which symbolises wisdom and power. The overflowing intelligence and creativity of the king match the Queen, and he clearly understands what he desires and how to obtain it. The king is someone who expresses his desires in an open platform and has a very focused mind, which helps to attain and accomplish the goals. The King of Wands is an indication that our brain is one of the most important aspects to give an understanding of this world. This is known as the lizard brain. The presence of wands means intuition to meet particular requirements, and this card means to have immense strength.

The Meaning of King of Wands Upright

King of Wands tarot card from Minor Arcana symbolises male energy, which showcases more of being fiery. It is a representation of masculine energy. A king is someone who is always in his true nature and is someone who does not get bothered while manifesting or creating something new by himself. He is someone who works hard even when there is no help in order to bring and transform imagination into action. One thing that makes kings different from the common man is that a king is mostly interested in achieving the goals that he has created by properly implementing and executing ideas. He is someone who creates and orders his members to initiate ideas in order to achieve the objectives. The upright King of Wands tarot card, when appearing in the reading, indicates that you are already in one such aspect of your life where you have become the ultimate person. Your position is authoritative, and you have the power to make decisions. You are the one to dictate the way to use the power in a very ethical way to achieve objectives and make better things for the people around you.

You are someone who is very aware of your goals and desires that you want to accomplish, and by properly directing these goals in mind, you will be able to lead the path. You have leadership qualities which will constantly help you to achieve the objectives in respect of all the challenges. A leader would always attract everyone towards them because of the immense confidence, power and strength they have in them. According to people, you have great leadership qualities, which will be beneficial for them to choose the right track. Because of your great confidence and strength, people around you would constantly like to be a part of the journey, and you will constantly receive support from them. Similar to our true king, you have the knowledge about the way to make better use of people around you for their and your benefit without hurting them. The upright King of Wands tarot card, when it appears, is more like a piece of information to tell you that you are a confident person who has proper vision and knowledge on purpose.

A king is someone who is never impulsive or irrational and has the perfect knowledge of the way to take actions that are required to achieve the goals. Compared to the Knight of Wands tarot card from Minor Arcana, which showcases irrational and impulsive decisions due to being impatient, the King of Wands tarot card showcases the mental abilities of a king. You have great mental ability and can evaluate everything before taking action. Your maturity and personality are something that gives you the credit for becoming a true leader. You don't have the tendency to keep changing your mind or someone who is easily distracted by the fascinating, shiny thing. Rather, you are someone to stay on your ground and seek your objective. No matter the distractions and restrictions. Your honesty and hard work to accomplish your dreams makes you a true king.

Love and Relationships (Upright)

The appearance of the upright King of Wands tarot card from Minor Arcana in the reading is more of a positive sign, especially when it is about your relationship. As King is known for being an enthusiastic and energetic person with a stagnant mind, there are chances of someone similar coming into your life or you have certain characteristics. With one such personality, you can remain assured that there will be no dull moment in your relationship. In terms of love prediction, the upright King of Wands tarot card tells that someone with such a charismatic personality and strength will soon enter your life or has already been there. This person who is expected to be coming soon will be very caring loving and have a strong personality in your life.

As a king is known for being fierce like a lion, the King of Wands tarot card tells that the person who might enter your life will have a similar temper. So, you need to handle a temperament similar to a king. However, you can remain assured that it will not have any impact on the relationship as temperament is present in every human being. Therefore, in terms of love prediction, this Minor Arcana card upright means that as a king has a great personality, people around them might feel a little bit insecure. However, having one such person in your life will only add to the excitement.

Additionally, the card is also a representation of tenacity and vibrancy in the relationship. It is a suggestion that when you put a long and in the right way in your love life, it can have a significant impact. To be simple, the King of Wands tarot card, upright in terms of love and relationship, showcases contentment and happiness. There might be certain obstacles or ups and downs in the relationship, but it is the same for everyone. Having one such person in your life with such personality and temperament will only keep the relationship better and more exciting.

Career (Upright)

The occurrence of the King of Wands tarot card in a career reading upright is a depiction that there will be success in your career or profession. As a card indicates a king, it means that your hard work and abilities will help you to get respect from colleagues and seniors around you. As you are someone who has a great vision and works hard to fulfil and pursue your objectives, you will also realise that you can get professional support and help from people in your profession. As you are someone who appreciates every single move of a person in order to achieve a certain goal, it helps him to understand your feelings. There will be people working under you who would appreciate all the single moves that you take in order to improve your profession. Giving them credit for the support they have been providing you makes you an admiring personality.

Upright King of Wands tarot card from Minor Arcana, in terms of career, is also an indication that you have become a central authoritative person. There are many representatives of subordinates who are working under you, and you are the person to guide and supervise them. You are not someone who will command work or have a dictating personality, but your charismatic persona will encourage people to work under you. Additionally, most of the people around you consider you as a great person as you're someone who always abides by the principles, ethics and morals.

Upright King of Wands tarot card upright is also a depiction of a business boom. If you have a business and you have recently started up, it showcases that there are chances of getting flourished in the recent time. Remember that it is not a passing element, but Your success will remain for a long time. The reason is probably because of your capacity to take and handle opportunities and exercise the right moves with caution.

Health (Upright)

In terms of health reading, the upright King of Wands tarot card showcases courage, strength and energy. You will constantly feel the growing energy in your body, and you would like to use it in a positive manner. Additionally, your mental condition is also in the right way, Which makes it easy to invest this energy properly to sustain any relationship. Therefore, you can remain sure that you will be able to secure your future when you have the right health condition. However, if you are still feeling perplexed, the upright King of Wands tarot card will constantly nudge you to make use of your energy, enthusiasm and strength in order to improve your business. 

But, it is important to keep in mind that you must not exert a lot of pressure or strength on yourself in order to take care of others under you. This can have a negative impact on your mental and physical well-being. Being a king, you have this ability to maintain your composure and come, irrespective of the situation. Therefore, instead of complaining about things and thinking why it is not the way you have anticipated, it is better to create strategies and work accordingly to maintain your physical and mental well-being. The best way is to meditate on a daily basis, as it will help you to make the most of it.

Upright King of Wands tarot card is also a big suggestion that you need to take frequent breaks if the work is getting too overwhelming. Therefore, this card constantly tells you to pay the utmost attention to your health. You can receive success in different aspects of your life only when You keep your body and mind in a comfortable and right state of mind.

Finance (Upright)

The upright King of Wands tarot card from Minor Arcana is a clear suggestion that you need to pay attention to your finances. Since you are getting mature, you have to handle your money properly in order to get rid of any unfavourable situation. The reason is that you have worked genuinely hard in order to reach this financial stability. Your present finances are comfortable and let you enjoy a luxurious life. You are someone who is able to overcome the challenges that are thrown at you. So, it is now time that you relax and enjoy the financial stability that you have created by keeping track of your finances and managing it well.

Upright King of Wands tarot card is a clear reminder that even when you are in a comfortable and balanced situation in recent times, it is important that in order to maintain this condition, you have to pay attention to everything. However, if you are spending money on others, it is a great sign as it is a way to appreciate their effort. Even when saving money is a great choice, it can be unnecessary at times. The upright Minor Arcana card suggests that it is important to maintain a balance. You need to be confident in your investments and all the purchase decisions that you are making. 

Spirituality (Upright)

The King of Wands tarot card is an indication of the progress that you have made in the spiritual journey. As you're someone to explore new horizons, it will help you to align your inner self and achieve success in your endeavour. You will be able to understand the universe's information. However, there are chances that you might be rushing into getting the objective, but you need to come down. King of wants means to be rational and understand all the consequences before taking any step. So rather than hiring or rushing, you must slow yourself down and keep patience and perseverance to discover and align the inner energy.

King of Wands

The Meaning of King of Wands Reversed: 

The reversed King of Wands tarot card is a clear depiction of insecurity in a leadership position. If you are someone who has been recently given the role of a team lead or you are the responsible person at your home, you might think that you are not ready to take this responsibility at the current time. It means that you are not trusting yourself, or you feel that you do not have the ability to maintain a team. Even when your nature as a visionary person will let you use your intelligence and creativity, which is why people around you will always try to give you a leadership position, however, it seems that you are not confident enough regarding the skills that you have to lead the people who are under you. 

So, it would be great if you initially paid attention to improving your leadership skills. As you are someone who has natural skills built in you, it can be helpful to steer others in your team. With common goals and other team members, you will easily learn to work in a team. And it is also possible that you're not properly sharing the visions and ideas with your team, which is making you feel isolated. This will create a barrier between the team, which will result in getting less work from your members. As they're unable to understand the vision, they will not be trying hard to find the right way to accomplish it. Communicating your ideas to others in the team. It will eventually be helpful as you have people working with the same passion to help You, which will help them as well. 

Reversed  King of Wands tarot card from Minor Arcana is a satin dictation that you might be too confident about yourself. There are chances of becoming arrogant because of the success you have received. In order to reach the goals and overcome the obstacles, you are not showing gratitude or regard for the efforts made by your co-workers and colleagues. However, in order to feel fulfilled and content after receiving the objectives, it is important that you regard and appreciate everyone who has helped you. Do not get overpowered or overconfident due to success. 

Love and Relationships (Reversed)

The reversed Minor Arcana card is a strong indication that you might be in a tricky position in terms of your love life. It is a suggestion that you might be in a relationship with a person who has severe trust issues. The person is not giving you enough space to understand. In terms of love prediction, reversed King of Wands can also imply that you might be in a toxic relationship which is making you unhappy. To be precise, reversed, king of one's showcases, dominating, arrogant, aggressive, adamant partner who does not understand your requirements. 

However, if you are a single person and there is no one in your life who can create such issues, it is important that you pay attention to your actions. Evaluate the words before you speak, as it can be a major issue for someone else. You can be dominating for others in the relationship. So, it is important that you notice the reaction properly in your partner and understand if your words are offending or bothering them. Your partner's actions or your behaviour can be the reason for having problems in your love life. If you are someone who is not evaluating your actions, it is time that you should.

Even when you might feel that your actions are all right as you love the person and you're constantly helping them to get the best potential, it might not be in reality. It might showcase the dominating and manipulative aspect which can be bothering your partner. This will ultimately create a massive distance between the relationship. Implementing the answers and ideas that you have forcefully can result in ultimately making it a big problem for your relationship.

Career (Reversed)

Reversed King of Wands tarot card from Minor Arcana in terms of career. Reading is a major hint that everything is going opposite to the upright position of this card. The card majorly depicts that you have been provided an authoritative role, but you do not have the leadership qualities to guide other members of the team. The reason is that either you lack handling team or you do not have proper knowledge on communicating the goals and ideas to your team members. Since you're not acting as a leader, it is becoming a problem also for your team members to work on any project and get the right Result. There are chances that you might be waiting for others to show up and help in the project rather than taking the responsibilities on your own.

There are chances that you might be waiting to get validated that you really deserve the role. You are someone who constantly seeks validation that you are fit for the position, but you're not ready to take on the responsibilities that come with the role. Therefore, it will hamper your reputation and the chances of losing your project are much higher. You need to understand that your co-workers require what is of a similar kind of treatment, and not this regarding their help. Even if you are someone who is working alone, it is important that you understand the right opportunities. Waiting for opportunities to come to. This is definitely not the right step, but you need to work harder and be ambitious to reach the goals.

Health (Reversed)

The reversed King of Wands card from Minor Arcana is a strong depiction that as you are provided with constant responsibilities, it can be the reason for being exhausted and additional stress. If you are following the routine for a long time, it can have a massive effect on both mental and physical well-being. Therefore, the occurrence of the King of Wands tarot card can be taken as an alarming chord where you need to focus on your health. The reverse card signifies that there can be issues with your lifestyle. Even small issues can seem significant and cause serious health issues. Therefore, it is time that you should pay attention to yourself and take the right steps to reduce the chances of health issues.

Additionally, the reversed King of Wands tarot card from Minor Arcana can say that there is irreversible health damage. Even when monetary issues and relationships can be handled, nothing seems to be on the right track when your health is compromised. Therefore, the King of Wands tarot card, when shows up in the reading, suggests that you need to immediately pay attention to your health and try distributing responsibilities. If the responsibilities have been becoming a burden to you, try to figure out the right ways so that you are able to pay attention to your health and fitness routine. Additionally, practising meditation and other mental health procedures would be beneficial to get rid of stress-related issues.

Finance (Reversed)

The reversed King of Wands tarot card from Minor Arcana, in terms of finances, is a depiction that you might not be in the best situation and there will be issues with your finances in the future. You need to take immediate action in order to handle the situation. If you are waiting for the universe to send some kind of help or may see, it is definitely not the right step. You are the one who needs to take the right initiative in order to handle the situation. No matter how hard this might seem, it won't change if you don't take charge of it.

So, it is important to handle the finances and take the entire responsibility to get rid of making mistakes. Rather than waiting for external help or great fortune to come, make sure that you handle your finances or seek professional help. Cutting unnecessary expenses is also one of the most important things that you can do in order to handle the struggle with finances.

Spirituality (Reversed)

Reversed King of Wands tarot card from Minor Arcana, in terms of spiritual reading, is a suggestion that you are being very rigid and strict with yourself. While you're working on improving your spiritual inclination, you're being hard on yourself. However, it is important to always keep in mind that there is no such hard and fast rule in the spiritual journey but to have fun and gain enlightenment.

King of Wands One Card Reading: Yes / No 

If you have chosen the “One-Card Pull” Reading in order to get a straight answer for your dilemmas or confusion, it will help you to get a straight answer in yes or no.

The Upright King of Wands tarot card from Minor Arcana depicts Yes, whereas the Reversed card can be interpreted as both No and Yes.


The King of Wands tarot card from Minor Arcana depicts the number 14, which means that you are someone to live your dreams and independent life. 14 can also be formulated as 5, which means making bold decisions and an unpredictable life.


When you receive a King of Wands tarot card from Minor Arcana, it says that you are soon going to live your dreams. The tarot card is a suggestion that everything that you have hoped will soon get fulfilled, but you have to be patient.

So, this is everything about the King of Wands tarot card from Minor Arcana. However, to understand what it depicts in terms of your life context, you must get in touch with a great tarot reader.

The Suit of Wands Tarot Card Meanings