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The Lovers

The Lovers Tarot card Meaning

The Lovers

Meaning of The Lovers Upright: Unity, Harmony, Peace, Love, Compassion, Deep connection, Emotional attachment, Divine attraction, Intimacy, Fertility, Togetherness, Understanding 

Meaning of The Lovers Reversed: Improper communication, Disconnected,  Delusional, Reluctant, Unhealthy attachments, Misunderstanding, Disbalance, Conflicts, Bad choices, Impulsive decisions, Detachment.

The Lovers

As the name goes, the Lovers tarot card from the Major Arcana is a card of harmony, peace, unity, and love. This card is a representation of decisions, choices, divine unities, undivided emotional connection, and trust. The card has the image that has Angel Raphael, who is the sign of well-being where he is seen showering blessings upon the individuals. These individuals are popularly known as Adam and Eve. His name depicts “God heals”, which means both physical and mental healing. The blessing given to the individual also shows the connection with the Almighty.

The picture in the tarot card of the Lovers also includes other imagery like flowers, scenic background and greenery. It is a representation that the relationship of people is more like a garden. It requires everyone to maintain it in order to keep it beautiful throughout. The relationships should be as pure as flowers. The individuals are seen to be almost naked as it is a representation of authenticity and showing their inner self. Additionally, the blessings showered by the Almighty are a symbol of fertility, togetherness, harmony, and intimacy.

The couple has been positioned in the productive setting of Eden Garden. It includes a huge Apple tree standing behind the lady, which has the snake climbing through its trunk. The serpent and Apple Tree are a representation of physical pleasure which can act as an obstruction from divine attention. Similarly, the tree of flames seen behind the man standing is a representation of desire.

The inclusion of 12 flames depicts 12 zodiac signs, which means time and eternity. Therefore, the Lovers tarot card from the Major Arcana mostly highlights the choices we make in the relationship, how we generally handle things surrounding us, our ideas or principles and how we encourage our hearts. Moreover, this card also suggests believing in the purity of love, understanding and accepting divine guidance given by the universe and valuing relationships.

The Meaning of The Lovers Upright

The Lovers tarot card Upright from the Major Arcana is a representation of love, unity and compatibility. The tarot card reveals that human beings are surrounded by constant sacred energy and the aura of the universe, which is beyond any physical connection. The aura of the universe is pure, strong and beyond any physical relationships. Make sure to maintain the authenticity of relationships no matter where you go. Additionally, it is also associated with the communication and connection that strengthens lovers and their relationships.

When you find the tarot card appearing in the card reading, it is a depiction that you have a great relationship with your lover. Both of you might be sexually driven, which is beyond simple desire and fulfilment. It is incredibly spiritual, which will make you believe that you have got your life partner. The Lovers card signifies open communication and honesty between all sorts of relationships. 

The Lovers tarot card represents a satisfying and peaceful mutual relationship with respect. Being honest and open with the person or people builds a sense of trust. It is also about decision-making. The Upright Lovers tarot card interprets the ideas and values. It will allow you to improve your relationship. However, there will be times when your values will be tested, and you might choose the wrong route, so make sure not to take any decision out of shame, guilt, fear or anxiety.

Therefore, the main message of the Lovers Tarot card from Major Arcana is that you need to be authentic, balanced, and honest in every sort of relationship with a person. The bond will help you to grow. Making the right decision will have equal drawbacks and benefits. Therefore, when you embrace the opposite, you can create a great union.

Love and Relationships (Upright)

The Lovers tarot card Upright, when appears in the love reading, it is a representation of diffusion and inspiration of all sorts of different forces that combines into forming one. Therefore, if you are a person who is already in a committed relationship, it is better to interact and work together with one another. Even when it might seem that nothing is working as it should be, the unique and powerful bond between both souls will make it possible. Apart from this, their affection and kindness toward each other is something that differentiates them from any other.

It also means that you are highly compatible with your partner, and things will remain good between both of you. Additionally, there will be love and happiness surrounding you when you stay with your partner. The upright card, in terms of love reading, is considered a good sign and a prosperous one. It symbolises peace, stability, deep connections and happiness in your relationship.

If you have already been in love or in a relationship, this card says that you might expect something new. You will not be able to understand the way your relationship will get stronger with your partner. This card is a representation of sharing a spiritual, emotional, mental and physical connection with each other. This is something that couples would dream of, and you can accomplish with your partner. Commitment is just an initial step, as you both will be working with each other in every form. Additionally, both partners will share a spiritual and divine connection that will be respected in all forms. You and your lover are more like a symbol of divinity, peace and love.

Career (Upright)

When the Lovers card upright appears in the tarot reading, it depicts the decision you're taking for your career. Whether it is about growing in the same industry or you are thinking of switching it, it will represent your decision. Prior to making any decision, it is important for you to get the facts right. Even when things would not look to be in your favour currently, it will eventually be advantageous for you. It can also represent that there could be a major shift or significant change in your job.

This tarot card from the Major Arcana says that you are at a certain point of time in your life where you require focusing your energy and time on the choices you're making regarding academics or career. In terms of career reading, the Upright tarot card also means that the universe and your loved one will always support you, and therefore you must not have any questions in your mind when you choose to change. Everyone knows that change is the only constant, and in order to get a prosperous life, it is important to go hand-in-hand with the changes.

This tarot card indicates that you require working hard in order to find a profession that will work according to your values and passion. Additionally, you also require channelling the effort and energy into jobs that will make you satisfied and happy. The Lovers card indicates that you can also build a great relationship in your workplace, as you will find colleagues are supportive even in your tough times. As a tarot card is a depiction of balance and harmony, it will lead you to have a great professional career.

Health (Upright)

When it comes to your health, and you choose the Lovers tarot card Upright, it signifies that you are getting the right assistance and you will easily overcome any type of health issues that you might be experiencing. This can be a healthcare professional or a friend, or maybe your partner who can give you encouragement and assistance to recover faster. The Lovers tarot card upright suggests that you have chosen the correct path to improve your health through therapy. It also reveals that you must take proper care of your heart as there can be issues with it.

You will constantly require proper support, medical assistance, and love in order to overcome health, hardships or other sickness. Besides, there is a need to harvest a positive attitude within you in order to fight health issues. For example, when a person believes that they will be oval to overcome the sickness, they will achieve their goals, and nothing can stop them. Additionally, even when a person is fine, and they constantly feel sick, it will ultimately have an issue with their system.

The Lovers tarot card upright in health reveals that since it is associated with cardiac, you must take good care of your heart health. Practising healthy living and adopting a proper lifestyle is necessary for individuals in order to maintain better mental and physical well-being. So, the Lovers card signifies that you have made the right choices for your living, and you will constantly have to take the right step.

Finance (Upright)

In terms of finance, the Lovers Upright tarot card from the Major Arcana is a suggestion that it is important to take the right financial decisions when it is about money. Where money is involved, you need to be a little bit mindful about it. This tarot card depicts the relationship between two groups or people, even in a professional setting. As it is an indication of collaboration, there will be a successful and amazing alliance. 

This card also says that you will require taking some of the hardest yet great decisions in your life, which will have a good building in the future. Moreover, the upright tarot card in terms of finance reveals that you have to choose the right things and make the right decisions keeping in mind your ideas and values. It is important that you prioritise peace and harmony in your life over anything else.

So, the Lovers card from the Major Arcana, in terms of money, means that you need to prioritise and properly maintain a balance when it comes to dealing with your finances. You require choosing the right financial approach to make the right decision and choices with honesty, integrity and love. Make sure to keep the peace and balance in your life. You will not be able to have happiness if you are this honest or choose the wrong things. So, make sure that you make an appropriate decision.

Spirituality (Upright)

In the spiritual context, the Lovers upright tarot card means that you will feel peaceful within yourself. You will be able to get this due to you. Understand the kind of a person you are, and you value your ethics. The spiritual aspect within you will be more connected due to having knowledge of yourself. In terms of spiritual reading, the Lovers card upright from the Major Arcana depicts that you will be enjoying the benefit of having faith in spirituality.

The Lovers

The Meaning of The Lovers Reversed: 

When it is about the Lovers tarot card, it symbolises love and Pure harmony. However, in terms of reversed tarot cards, there is a chance that you might feel out of touch with people surrounding you, especially your dear ones. There can be times when you will feel it is difficult to communicate and you are not able to enjoy your connections. If you genuinely love the people around you, you will have to realise that this phase shall pass, and you have to be compassionate and kind towards your people. In other situations, some people would also come to the conclusion that the relationship has no strings attached and it is better to get separated from your partner.

The reversed Lovers tarot card represents that you might be stuck in a loop. You might be feeling uneasy and delusional. This can result in one person who is emotionally engaged more than another. You might feel reluctant to open up in the relationship as you constantly worry about the potential consequences. You might struggle due to unhealthy attachments and unfavourable conditions.

The reversed Lovers tarot card from the Major Arcana also shows love and respect for yourself. You need to be more careful as when you find people; you might wish to look like them. However, you require an understanding that you have to be in your own self rather than thinking of other people. When the Lovers Reverse card appears in the tarot reading, it also could mean that you might make a tough decision which might have significant repercussions. You might believe that you can get away with it, but you require consideration.

The Lovers tarot card, in reverse position from the Major Arcana, depicts internal struggles and you are constantly juggling with yourself. It shows the battle and conflict to maintain your own ethics and harmony within your partnership. You are required to concentrate more on expressing your values and beliefs within yourself in every situation. When this tarot card comes in the reading, you need to understand that it is a sign given by the universe that you require taking charge of your things.

Love and Relationships (Reversed)

In terms of the love reading, when you find the reversed Lovers tarot card, it might indicate that you and your partner are going through certain times, which can be tough. The time is testing the harmony and love between your connection. As there will be conflicts, disbalance, miscommunication, and misunderstanding, you might not be on the same page as your partner. Additionally, you might find it really troubling to agree with your partners, ideas and concepts. While you have your own way of believing in things, your partner might have a completely opposite way. It can result in causing severe damage to your relationship.

However, it also means that the sexual component in their relationship is still great. One of the partners is completely devoted, but the other seems to have lost. Due to some trust issues, you might not be completely dedicated towards your partner. However, you are required to be honest with your partner and vice versa.

The Lovers Reversed tarot card is a sign from the universe that you must prioritise your love life and not welcome anything that is becoming a problem in between. Additionally, you have to make sure that there are no external factors that can damage the relationship. There will be people who will share opinions or suggestions that might sound good, but it rolls down to you and your partner to decide how to deal with them. So, it is better to be mindful and not believe everyone.

Career (Reversed)

In terms of career, the Lovers reversed tarot card suggests that it is time when you should address the difficulties and challenges you're facing in your workplace. It is time that you must take the right actions. You must not always take the burden and keep letting people do whatever they wish. You do your job diligently, and you are a great professional, so you must not listen to negative aspects from your colleagues. The position of this tarot card indicates that the comments will be mostly passed on by people who are not directly associated with your professional life but your personal life.

In terms of professional reading, the reversed Lovers tarot card from the Major Arcana depicts that there will be difficulties in your partnership. This card will constantly urge you to navigate the challenges that you're facing. Additionally, there can be chances where you are required to compromise your integrity and values at the workplace, but you have to take steps. However, you will be getting several opportunities to change things and make sure that you keep the values in mind while changing. So make sure that you keep your mind calm and have a positive attitude with your workplace conflicts.

Health (Reversed)

The Lovers tarot card in Reverse position in terms of health reading directly means that there is a health concern. It clearly suggests that you need to restore your health, tranquillity and harmony. You have to understand and pay attention to how your body is feeling and come across all of these things that are becoming a burden for your health. You have amazing capabilities to do things, but there will be times when you need to take rest in order to heal and recover. 

The Reversed Lovers tarot card Will encourage you to consider and choose a consistent Road. There will be difficulties, but you need to take the best step for your health. If you feel irritated or angry with your body as you're not able to fulfil your wishes, you need to give a break and pamper your body. You have to be in tune with your body and accept and appreciate yourself. Apart from this, make sure to avoid circumstances that can affect health. You need to pay attention to your well-being.

Finance (Reversed)

When it comes to making financial choices, the reversed Lovers tarot from the Major Arcana is a suggestion for financial security. When it comes to money, it represents being irrational and responsible with money matters. Taking quick decisions might result in making irresponsible decisions.

You need to avoid people who are more interested in your money, as they can result in affecting your thoughts and choices of yours. If you want to improve your financial aspect at the current time, you have to let go of unwise decisions. The Reverse Lovers tarot card advises that you have to save your money and choose to create a budget.

Spirituality (Reversed)

The Lovers reversed tarot card in terms of spiritual context is a suggestion that you have been more focused on the worldly pursuit for satisfaction. This will be able to provide you peace for a while, but you will not get the piece that you constantly seek. So instead, you require being focused on the spiritual aspect to find your inner self as you will be able to reap more advantages from it.

The Lovers One Card Reading: Yes / No 

If you want a clear answer for certain responses and you choose the “One-card pull” reading, it will be helpful to make decisions in different situations.

The Upright Lovers tarot card from the Major Arcana reveals Yes, whereas the Reversed tarot card means a No.


When it is about numerology, the Lovers tarot card from the Major Arcana depicts the number six, which means communication and harmony. 6 is also a mysterious number that is known to have the balance that solves issues. 


In terms of timing, when you pick the Lovers tarot card, it shows that some occasions will happen in the Gemini period. So, if you are expecting something to happen, it will happen very soon. 

This is everything about the Lovers tarot card from Major Aracana. However, to get the best reading, make sure you choose a reliable and expert reader to depict according to your life happenings. 

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