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Temperance Tarot card Meaning


Meaning of Temperance Upright: Stability, Balance, Harmony, Serenity, Moderation, Patience, Calm, Composure, Tranquility, Goal accomplishment. 

Meaning of Temperance Reversed: Imbalance, Reckless, Extremes, Obstacles, Disrupted equilibrium, Wrong, Conflict, Difficulties. 


Temperance tarot card from the Major Arcana deck has a pictorial representation of a massive angel with huge wings. The pictorial representation is both female and male. You will find the image wearing a light blue coloured cloak with a triangle featured within a square on the front position. It shows how the laws of the earth are connected to human beings. It is a representation of striking a proper balance by placing one of the legs on rocks, which means stability and the other on the river, which represents that you need to sometimes go with the flow.

The picture represents dividing two glasses of water, which is a representation of the flow in our life. The presence of a road that leads to the mountain range in her backdrop is a representation of a long journey throughout life. The golden crown that has a shining light present over the Mountain depicts choosing and sticking to the right approach to maintain and reach the higher energies. This tarot card from Major Arcana is a representation of moderation, patience, harmony and serenity. This card is more like a suggestion to humans that you can have a clear understanding of any situation when you attain your inner peace. It requires having and maintaining healthy relationships with life.

This card is also a depiction that you will learn the way to avoid getting entangled with irritation or disputes of other people that can harm the balance in your life. Rather, your extreme ability to maintain composure and remain composed along with adjusting to the situation. Makes you a better person. The Temperance Card from Major Arcana is also a depiction that you can discover tranquillity and get happiness in your life when you maintain your calmness. It shows that you have a great sense of your values, moralities, and who you belong to from the inside. Therefore, when you learn the objectives and create goals accordingly, you can attain higher highs.

The Meaning of Temperance Upright

Temperance card from the Major Arcana Upright can be a guide that will help you find balance, peace and harmony in your life. The tarot card is more like an encouragement to people that they need to maintain vitality and life and keep moving through it. Irrespective of the force or resistance you face, it is important to maintain the vitality to enjoy a great life. The appearance of this card in the tarot Reading also means that it can be an accurate time to understand the rhythm and bring back balance and peace in your life. It means that you have already mastered the ability to maintain your come under pressurised conditions. Little things do not stir anything, but your endless patience will be beneficial in situations.

You will be able to feel and get the fulfilment as you have always respected the peace and harmony within you. In order to become temperate, it requires you to choose the middle ground and take a look at all the viewpoints. It is not appropriate to be outspoken in all situations. Being someone who is a guardian of peace and choosing a harmonious strategy with good balance can avoid excess chaos in their life. To encourage cooperation and harmony in your life, it is always better to have others with similar mentality and unite with them. Being an association, you will be able to get a great combination of abilities, competencies, expertise and talents. It also means that you will constantly succeed and feel fulfilment as you have always prioritised peace and harmony in your life.

This tarot card from Major Arcana also includes alchemy elements. The idea of this tarot card is merging, blending and fusing several components in order to create something innovative and significantly precious compared to any other elements. According to the tarot card, it also means that you have a very clear goal in your mind that you want to attain. Therefore, You work accordingly and make sure that you're able to fulfil your assignment in order to reach the highest standards. You have a clear understanding that it requires a proper strategy to accomplish goals. You are much aware of the right strategy that is required to reach your goals.

Love and Relationships (Upright)

Temperance tarot card Upright from the Major Arcana is considered one of the best cards in the deck. When it comes to love tarot reading, this is definitely a great card, especially if you are in a committed relationship. If you and your partner are willing to achieve commitment, respect, and love, you can remain assured that the relationship will remain happy. It is also a representation of finding soulmates. Temperance tarot card includes a sign that you will experience challenges in your relationship but with both your objectives, you will be able to overcome obstacles and be together in every form. If you are single, this card means that you will be able to find balance in other relationships. When you know how to maintain relationships, people will get drawn to you.

Temperance upright card in the love and relationship reading is also a representation of equilibrium, tolerance, compassion, and selecting a middle ground. It means that you are someone who cautiously makes a decision by giving it proper thought and avoiding any reckless actions. You will always spend time before you consider taking action or instances. In regards to love, you will always be very cautious. However, if you are not, this card is more like an encouragement that you must exercise caution before taking any action. Do not take extreme actions, even at the worst. A little patience is a must to cultivate great relationships in future and synchronise yourself.

Career (Upright)

In terms of career reading, Temperance tarot card Upright from the Major Arcana is a suggestion to you that you need to remain focused and committed to your task immediately as you have great perseverance and abilities that are required for success. This card is more like an encouragement that you must emphasise the effort and that you have the endurance that you require to stand. This card also means that you have to be cautious and not jump to conclusions just after getting the initial opportunity. There can be possibilities that something better is waiting for you down the line. Especially if you are someone who is waiting for an advance or promotion in your job role, this card occurrence in the tarot reading can be great news. To make sure that you accomplish your career objectives, it is important that you create strategies with patience and moderation.

According to the tarot card, it means that there is an opportunity for you to get what you have long desired in your profession. However, you have to constantly make an effort for it. The good news will silently and gradually come to you. Your capabilities and commitment towards maintaining the composer are related to your work. Stress will allow you to get great co-workers and friends. When it comes to changing your career, the Temperance card from the Major Arcana deck is a reminder that you need to be committed, stable and patient. After all, good things come slowly, and hence, patience is the only key. This tarot card is also a suggestion that you are not only running for financial success or creating a career, but you will be able to balance different other aspects of your life.

Health (Upright)

When it comes to health, the occurrence of Temperance tarot card Upritght from the Major Arcana deck is a suggestion that the way you maintain the balance in your life is the reason for good health. This is the reason why we will be able to discover some of the most amazing times ahead. Since you can control the harmful behaviour, your health will be able to bring great opportunities. You need to pay attention to wellness or life where you are doing too little or too much if you are unable to understand the reason for health problems. This will help you to get the knowledge. You can also choose a therapeutic boost if you want to restore the equilibrium. You will feel secure if you have been receiving medical treatment from a renowned professional. It also implies that by focusing on the work for years, you will finally get the space and room to find something better.

The upright Temperance tarot card, in terms of health reading, is an encouragement that you must have knowledge about different aspects of your life and the way to balance it. There will be times when you have to understand all the areas, especially where you have lost patience and rethink again. This will help you to improve the quality of your life in different ways, especially in the areas that cannot be purchased with money. The Temperance card is also a spiritual message that you need to pay attention to yourself. You have to plan on controlling the areas and expanding the boundaries in order to enjoy healthy living. Adopting different treatments will help to find the underlying issues. This card is a major indication that the sole mind and body are in harmony.

Finance (Upright)

Temperance upright tarot card, in terms of finance reading, is the, meaning that you must not make any risky investments. It says that it is time that you must increase your funding steadily and keep a balance. You have to be careful and practice refraining from monetary transactions. This tarot card from Major Arcana Upright will constantly remind you that you need to manage finances reasonably and rationally. It is a sign that you are diligently saving your funds, and you will occasionally treat within limits. This will result in increasing your resources with time as you carefully and consistently keep saving them.

Temperance tarot card up right from Major Arcana also indicates that you're in the world of creating a romantic relationship with your colleague. Combining pleasure and work is common, but you have to make sure that you are aware of the risks associated with managing the relationship and working separately. Make sure that you keep in mind the ethical significance, as it will yield better results. Making an appropriate choice is extremely important. In order to maintain business relationships or great relationships with your colleagues, you must make the right decisions. So make sure to keep the inner peace alive and be patient. The upright Temperance tarot card can also predict a brief number of tough times. However, you will be able to successfully overcome challenges with your knowledge and patience.

Spirituality (Upright)

Temperance card up right from Major Arcana is more like advice that you need to follow your inner intuition. Remember that your divine mentors are situated inside you. So, you will be able to come close to it when you connect with it spiritually. Temperance tarot card also means that the heart, soul and mind will be in harmony with each other. So, if You Are patient enough to travel on the spiritual journey, you will be able to unfold different opportunities and enjoy a great life.

The Meaning of Temperance Reversed: 

Temperance tarot card reversed from Major Arcana is a representation of opportunity. It says that you can quickly regain your equilibrium and adjust yourself if you have passed through a major period. If you have been frequently drinking or eating badly, fighting with your loved ones, thinking negatively or making bad expenses, it can be the right time to re-establish equilibrium. If you have gone to a major extent from who You Are and you are performing the tasks differently, it is time that you stop. Remember that everything needs to be taught in moderation. If not, it will result in being distracted. So restoring the balance of your life is one of the major encouragement given by Temperance tarot card.

Another major indication given by Temperance tarot Card reversed is that there is something wrong going on in your life, which is resulting in making you depressed and stressed. Your life is not going the way you have anticipated, or there is a voice inside you that is constantly stopping you. You are not feeling great about it. However, if you're being able to understand the inner voice, it is important for you to realise its potential. You have to make sure that you listen to your voice in the correct way and make the changes in order to get back the flow of life. Make sure that you properly coordinate your routines for every day and pay complete attention.

Temperance tarot card reversed is also a representation of self-reflection. This is when you have to re-evaluate the major priorities in your life. You will be able to sense a calling from your inside, but you will not be able to line up the activities accordingly. So, it is important that you pay attention to the inner calling and take it as an opportunity to harmonise the inner and exterior vibrations. You have to maintain greater significance and balance with the new objective that you are setting. There might be a need for changing connections, living situations or daily routines. When you start maintaining the balance between the external and inner world, you will be able to overcome some obstacles or get into conflicts. However, it will soon bring positive change and make your life smooth.

Love and Relationships (Reversed)

Temperance tarot card reversed in terms of love reading is a representation of disagreement and friction between both parties. This will result in causing harmony and instability in the relationship. The reason for such instability can be because you are very much into your partner or you are over concerned, while your partner does not respect or provide similar in return. As there is a distance in connection, he will mostly witness fights and conflicts between both. Even when you try to find a solution for the problems by cooperating, you will discover that it is becoming a little bit of trouble for both.

Temperance tarot card reversed in terms of love context is an encouragement that you need to be yourself when it comes to finding solutions, maintaining inner balance and settling certain circumstances in order to cope with the situations. For people who are single, it is an indication that You are giving too much to your partner too quickly. This is a symptom of being utterly desperate, or you're trying to impress your partner. It is always important that you maintain your composure when you're in love. Discard in terms of love, reading reversed encourages you to be patient and refrain from making bones faster. You have to get your inner tranquillity, feel relaxed and find new romantic interests.

Career (Reversed)

When you get the Temperance tarot card reversed from Major Arcana, in terms of career and professional reading, it can depict imbalance and difficulty in the workplace. There are chances that you might be working too little or too much on your workspace or have fights with co-workers or managers or something like that. The reversed Temperance tarot card from Major Arcana also implies that you might be ignoring constructive criticism. Irrespective of the problem you're facing, it is necessary to pay attention to it and reset the strength to get out of the situation.

If you are feeling that anything that is disrupting the equilibrium between your work and life in the current moment, you should take the right action immediately. Even when you might have had achievements in the past, it will work against you. So, you have to make sure that you are not rushing to make decisions, as it can reduce the work effectiveness. If you are not working properly or doing your fair share, it can be harmful for you and your co-workers. Temperance tarot card, in terms of career reading, is the significance of being a problem in your career. There can be unexpected situations if you don't take the right action immediately.

Health (Reversed)

In terms of health reading, when you get the Temperance card reversed, it is pretty easy to understand that when you are not able to balance every other aspect of your life, it will have a severe impact on your health. This tarot card reversed means that you are making risky extreme decisions, which will put your body into several damages. So, it is important that you go slow and pay attention to your health. Taking unwise excesses will let you experience issues. So, it is important to regain equilibrium and connect to identify the issues. You have to make sure to give up unhealthy mechanisms. As your body is capable of attaining amazing things, you have to give time to recover.

Remember that when you're internally out of Balance, it will affect different aspects of your life, from relationships to work to other things. So, the reverse card indicates that you're currently psychologically out of harmony. It can also be a sign of imbalance between spiritual, physical and mental health.

Finance (Reversed)

If you are someone who continuously gets the urge to treat yourself with great luxury, you might be spending a lot of money. If you have a tight financial condition, but you want to treat yourself with great rewards, it can be a little bit of stress. You have to modify your mindset because These are unsustainable. You have to understand not prioritising comfort over future sustainability. Make sure to consider financial objectives and work accordingly.

If there are some financial issues, you must take immediate action. Spending too much will not give you inner peace, but it will result in bringing you into debt. So, make sure that you avoid great luxury and do the needful. This will make sure to reduce the chances of having a worse financial condition in future.

Spirituality (Reversed)

Temperance tarot card reversed from Major Arcana is a representation that you are currently out of harmony. You are not able to feel your inner counsellors. The reason is because of an imbalance between spiritual, physical and mental health. You might be willing to do medication and other work in order to rebalance yourself. Making self-assessment will also be beneficial for you.

Temperance One Card Reading: Yes / No 

If you're in search of a simple answer, in a simple yes or no, for certain situations, the One-Card Pull can be really beneficial.

The Upright Temperance tarot card from Major Arcana means No, whereas the Reversed Temperance tarot card means Yes.


This tarot card has the number 14, which is also denoted as 5. Five is a representation of creativity and happiness. Your ability to maintain balance is something that will bring happiness in your life.


When it is about timing, Temperance tarot card from Major Arcana states that there will be certain things or fortunate events in your life that will likely make you feel welcome, cherished, feeling appreciated and make you feel on cloud nine.

So, this is everything that you need to know about Temperance tarot card from Major Arcana. However, you have to make sure that you choose to get specialist advice from expert carrot readers to understand the meaning in your life context.

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