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The Hierophant

The Hierophant Tarot card Meaning

The Hierophant

Meaning of The Hierophant Upright: Spiritual belief, Conventional thoughts, Stable, Prosperity, Happiness, Growth, Teamwork, Committed, Great Values, Hard work, Honest, Compassion

Meaning of The Hierophant Reversed: Ignorant, Rebellious nature, Personal belief, Free, Unconventional choices, Restricted, New approaches, Peer pressure, reversed Attitude, Ingenuity.

The Hierophant

The Hierophant is a tarot card that belongs to the Major Arcana deck. Watching the image of this card will help you to understand and decode the meaning of it. It is known as the male equivalent of the tarot card - High Priestess. This card is ruled by the planet Taurus and is also known as the pope or teacher in a different deck of card cards. The Hierophant is a depiction of a spiritual figure whom you will find sitting between two pillars. It is a sacred temple where you will find a figure sitting. It is a lot different from the image that you have found in the High Priestess tarot card.

This tarot card signifies prosperity, happiness, stability and growth. Therefore, you need to consider yourself a major part of the group when it comes to achieving great goals. In the image, you will find the figure wearing three different robes in white, red and blue colours. It is a depiction of three different worlds that he has taken under his charge. The image will also have the figure wearing a three-tiered crown that signifies subconsciousness, superconsciousness and consciousness. 

The holding of a cross on the left hand depicts that the person is a great religious leader. The right hand of the figure has been extended in the way of blessing, where you will find him pointing two fingers downwards and two fingers upward. You will find two followers in the card image kneeling behind the figure. To help the two followers understand their responsibilities, the Hierophant requires transforming his wisdom. 

This image signifies the ritual process and collective identity. The presence of crossed keys on the feet is also a signification of creating a balance between conscious and subconscious brains, which helps to uncover different secrets. This tarot card reveals that the person must improve the quality of their life and work hard to become a better person by maintaining honesty, wisdom, security, spirituality, kindness, stability and compassion.

The Meaning of The Hierophant Upright

The Hierophant Upright card, when appearing from the Major Arcana deck, is generally related to formal teachings and theology. It reveals deep-rooted systems in the spiritual ideals and principles. The appearance of this card is a guidance that you must learn the basic concepts from someone who is reliable before you start looking for your beliefs and start making decisions for yourself. This tarot card reveals that you require learning regarding spiritual ideas and principles in a systematic way. It can work only when you choose the right guide, teacher or mentor.

The tarot card is a guide or works as the authority figure who gives a mentorship. It will be helpful when it is about connecting with the divine power by understanding the basic ideas and customs. The meaning of the Hierophant Upright is advice that you are the one who needs to work as a teacher or a mentor for others. If you have, they have expertise in a particular field, Working as a mentor will help you to acknowledge and recognise the need for you to share the learning in an ideal way with the learners.

The upright Hierophant tarot card indicates that it could be the best choice when you stick to traditional society, and conventional terms. It reveals that anyone can learn things when they properly follow the roots of others and taking the right decisions for themselves. This card also sheds light on the religious and spiritual role in our life and how it can be beneficial when it comes to living a conscious life with higher knowledge.

Therefore, Hierophant Upright tarot card from the Major Arcana deck is about following and respecting beliefs and rules, making the best decisions for ourselves and the community and using spiritual and religious knowledge in our lives. When you choose this card while tarot card reading, it interprets that you must start giving membership or gaining knowledge from people who have in-depth knowledge and would help you to choose the right path.

Love and Relationships (Upright)

The Hierophant upright tarot card, in terms of love and relationship reading portrays the marriage and commitment of a couple. It is a depiction of a great sign for people who are already in a relationship or would like to take the relationship to the next level. The appearance of this card in the love reading means that your relationship will keep improving, and some of you might enjoy fresh beginnings with your couple. This card would also reveal that you need to be stable in terms of relationship and respect for each other. There is a need to prioritise each other and share the same ideas and beliefs to live happily.

Moreover, this tarot card from the Major Arcana Upright also depicts that you will think. Similarly, you would agree to most of the aspects like that of your spouse. This is a great understanding for both of you in terms of living and enjoying a great relationship. This card on your love reading reminds you that you need to be compassionate and respectful towards your partner.

However, if you don't have a partner or you are single, the Hierophant tarot card depicts that you will soon find someone special in your life. It is a great time for you. You will experience undivided attention, a sense of security and support, which will encourage you to improve the relationship and have a minimal number of misunderstandings between both. This card for single people is also a representation that you will be strongly attracted to a person who has great conventional ethical values.

Career (Upright)

The Hierophant tarot card from the Major Arcana Upright in terms of career represents that you will have professional success in groups or teams. You have to work with great teams if you want to achieve your objectives. Therefore, it indicates that you require encouraging teamwork and making sure that you are not working alone. There are chances that you will definitely succeed when you work alone, but according to the tarot card, it is a suggestion that you will be more willing to work with the flow. You will slowly and gradually get accustomed to the method of teamwork and will eventually find it a big issue to break out from it. However, it is always better to play safe and have a balanced boat.

It highlights that you will be able to maintain your stability and peace in your professional life. Apart from this, you will also experience that the skills that you are using will be acknowledged in the professional journey. Your addition will be valuable to others' life along with helping you to go ahead to fulfilling your requirements. Make sure that you seek guidance from people who have more knowledge of you, as it will be beneficial in your professional journey.

Additionally, the Hierophant tarot card Upright depicts that natives and professionals who are working under the supervision of other professionals, like students and interns, will be able to get good guidance and assistance from their seniors. You will get great support from your team. Their guidance will be valuable in professional and personal development. As the tarot card symbolises the pope, it also means education. It ensures that people succeed in their path and be able to reach educational endeavours.

Health (Upright)

In terms of health, the Hierophant Upright tarot card depicts that you are someone who might be dealing with several health problems. It is an indication that choosing conventional and traditional remedies and therapies might be most effective in terms of your health. Therefore, rather than choosing the modern healing process, choosing conventional methods of healing would be valuable to manage your health condition. 

Hustling or rushing to find the conclusion might not help, especially if it is more about external problems. Apart from this, this upright tarot card from the Major Arcana depicts that you need to comply properly with the recommendations provided by your health care professional. It is possible that your health is not fine for the last few months, and hence, you have to look for proper remedies to change for the better. According to this card, it symbolises that you should always prioritise health as it is the source of wealth.

The upright Hierophant tarot card encourages you to choose the proper lifestyle and make sure that you meditate and exercise on a regular basis, as it would be beneficial in your case. It also means that you should make a fresh start and live a fit life in order to be in good health. Choosing proper dietary routines and focusing on your well-being can be valuable. Additionally, it is advised to the kids to pay attention to the activity level as this will prevent them from getting tired and doing their work properly.

Finance (Upright)

In terms of finances, when you receive the Hierophant upright tarot card, it is a depiction that you are earning a good amount of money from conventional practises and work. Hence, it would make you feel more secure in your work when you are choosing a traditional institution over the modern one. Apart from this, according to you, making money is the only way or method of enjoying life. There is no shortcut or fraud to it. Hence, in terms of finances, you will certainly make a good amount of money by working harder.

This card also depicts that he will not enjoy over-spending money. You are someone who would save more amount rather than spend them. This is why you have a sense of value within you and have knowledge of the way to generate wealth that could be beneficial for you. In terms of finances and money, you need to maintain financial plans and budget for stability, security, abundance, prosperity and success.

On the contrary, it can be really difficult to properly adjust the finances. You might not be able to find it reliable to accept the latest strategy for increasing wealth. Some of them are side hustles, stock market investments or purchasing future assets. You will not be able to understand the strategies of the modern world, which might be one of the reasons why the income will remain below average. Even when you feel pleased or satisfied with your current financial state, you will have the desire to grow in the future. Choosing professionals to handle your financial decisions would be helpful in the financial journey.

Spirituality (Upright)

The Hierophant Upright tarot card, in terms of spiritual reading, is a sign that you will serve as a person who would bridge the gap between higher power and humanity. You can become a spiritual mentor as you have the spiritual power. It is also possible that someone who has spiritual power might enter directly into your life and will help you to bridge the gap. If you have not started following conventional processes, the appearance of this card indicates that you will have improved benefits from spiritual ceremonies and rituals while doing spiritual practice.

The Hierophant

The Meaning of The Hierophant Reversed: 

The Hierophant Reversed tarot card from the Major Arcana is a depiction as a great reminder. It reminds you that you will be your own and the best teacher. The knowledge that comes from your inner self and not from any other outside sources will be the most beneficial. This card suggests that you would not require following other people blindly, but you have to choose your own path and have faith in your spiritual beliefs. The position of this tarot card encourages you to believe more in individuality instead of togetherness.

You might initially feel a little bit uneasy while creating your route, but eventually, you will start getting confidence in yourself and be able to understand your wisdom. You will start using it and find success when you choose yourself over others. There will be people who will doubt your abilities, but it is you who require having belief in yourself and paying attention to your heart. The reversed  The Hierophant Reversed tarot card from the Major Arcana reveals that you will get prosperity without getting approval from other people.

As you're all set to take initiative, you will be able to handle things on your own, even when something goes beyond expectations. All you need is to have faith in your intuition is an internal guidance system when it comes to taking action. Another subject is status. You will be much more open to exploring the views of others and will be ready to challenge your education and beliefs. Instead of easily accepting the religious doctrine, customs and structure, you would have a rebellious nature to create your authorisation. You will make your own rules, and this card will encourage you to think about new beginnings.

Love and Relationships (Reversed)

In terms of love and relationship, the reversed Hierophant tarot card means that you might not be any more attracted to your person or your spouse. Therefore, there is an uninteresting, unsatisfactory and dull relationship between both of you. It says that both your partner and you have started moving away due to unhappiness and internal conflicts. In terms of romance and love, the reversed tarot card means that you're already bored with your partner and have lost the spark. It also means that you have considered separating from each other.

You might feel that you are dragging your partner through the relationship even when there is nothing left in it. Since there is no enthusiasm or excitement left in your relationship and, over time, it has disappeared, you might feel a little bit dull. Apart from this, this card also serves as a caution for people, especially couples who have different viewpoints and need to require and maintain proper communication constantly. This will help to prevent both of you from separating while leading a desirable life.

For singles, this tarot card is a warning sign that you might go against your own set rules. You might enter into a relationship by making compromises. There can be chances of rising conflicts which might feel that things are going uncontrollable. The best thing about both of you that you can do is consult and talk to your partner.

Career (Reversed)

The Hierophant Reversed tarot card from the Major Arcana means that you might be feeling that you are trapped in your work. Due to the restrictions that you might be facing, you could be feeling like this. This hurdle might be encouraging as you will start looking for something different from the standard working process. The reverse card showcases a restriction in your career. It will be a time when you will feel that there is zero chance of growth when things are about work. Therefore, it is an indication that you require looking for a fresh start and acting creatively.

Professionals who are already in a position are required to add new ideas in an alternate way. However, you need to know one thing: this tarot card would never depict inflating or overbearing abilities. You will require expressing compelling views through your authentic personality. When you're experiencing issues while finding work, it is time that you start looking for something different. You can change your CV and choose a completely different field. The major concept of the reversed tarot card is a willingness to change rules, occasional ingenuity and self-assurance.

Health (Reversed)

When it is about health, the Hierophant reversed tarot card from the Major Arcana depicts that it is time that you must switch and look for an alternative treatment to get the best results. It is time to try something holistic and innovative, and you will learn from it. If you don't follow properly, you're going to suffer a lot. Therefore, it is important for you to create a proper balance with your personal life if you want to enjoy it.

Drawing this card while tarot reading also means that you need to look forward to finding different other ways of exercising and maintaining proper health by following the best practices possible by you.  In the reverse form, this tarot card encourages you to mix things up if you get this card. In terms of health reading, it means that choosing outdated information will only make it sad for you. Ensure making a fresh start in order to lead a proper lifestyle.

Finance (Reversed)

The reversed Hierophant tarot card from the Major Arcana, in terms of finance reading, means restlessness. It means that You Are very restless in your thoughts. Therefore, you will constantly make raised investments and other financial decisions. This can result in casualties and significant losses. Making use of new strategies might seem fascinating. But there can be a huge chance of losing your valuable resource.

You might get ideas for side hustles. When you get the Reverse Hierophant tarot card, you need to understand that rather than copying people who are gaining money by choosing the strategy, you have to be realistic in your strategy. Moreover, you have the ability to manage your finances with responsibilities. However, you can turn with success. Therefore, you will mostly choose traditional processes to make money. However, indulging in reckless spending can also be seen at times.

Spirituality (Reversed)

In terms of spirituality, the Reversed Hierophant tarot card advises that you must give up in the beliefs that you have about spiritual aspects. It is time for you to explore new religious beliefs and get over the conventional ones. 

The Hierophant One Card Reading: Yes / No 

If you have chosen the “One-card pull” reading to get a brief answer to your queries, then here are the things that the Hierophant card denotes.

The Upright Hierophant tarot card means Yes, while the Reversed Hierophant tarot card denotes No. 


In terms of numerology, the Hierophant tarot card from Major Arcana represents the number 5. It means contained and innovation. The negatives of 5 are irresponsibility, instability, and carelessness, and great sides are flexible, versatile and adaptable. 


The timing for the Hierophant tarot card is a depiction of quick opportunities. Therefore, if you have been waiting for something to happen in your life, the appearance of the Hierophant tarot card from Major Arcana means that it can happen within the next 15 days. 

So, this is everything about what the Hierophant tarot card in Major Arcana depicts. In order to get the right depiction of the tarot reading, get hold of an expert who can tell the meaning in the context of your life. 

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