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Four of Wands

Four of Wands Tarot card Meaning

Four of Wands

Meaning of Four of Wands Upright: Gathering, Enjoyment, Event, Celebrations, Fulfillment, Stable, Teamwork, Togetherness, Prosper, Succeed, Community, and Security. 

Meaning of Four of Wands Reversed: Postponing, Cancellation, Unwelcoming, Unhappy, Neglect, Lonely, Instable, Challenges, Conflicts, Insecure, Lack of team spirit

Four of Wands

The Four of Wands tarot card from Minor Arcana has a clear depiction of many people dancing around and having fun. They are all found to hold different flowers. The inclusion of a stunning red that has grapes and flowers swinging around is present on this tarot card. The grapes and flowers are swinging on the two ones present in front. These are a depiction of fulfilment and being happy while reaching a milestone or objective. Its background has a massive castle, which is a representation of security and pleasure while being home to many people. It seems like the family living in the castle is enjoying and having fun in the tarot card.

This Minor Arcana tarot card also features a floral canopy. It is a differentiating element which is associated with a Jewish ceremony. The tarot card appears to welcome a committee or a gathering of people. A couple is also shown in the picture raising their hand with flowers, which looks like celebrating a certain victory that they have achieved together. From the imagery, it is easy to depict that the card is about fulfilment and happiness brought into the lives after achieving certain goals that have been set by the people.

The imagery in this card is directly connected with humans and has a sense of it. So, the Four of Wands tarot card from Minor Arcana depicts a celebration, accomplishment, happiness, joy, and enjoying a comfortable and pleasurable life in a castle-like home. It means that the time is to celebrate the success that you have achieved.

The Meaning of Four of Wands Upright

The Four of Wands tarot card from Minor Arcana Upright is a representation of harmonious and tranquil dynamics with the family. It indicates the celebration of joyful moments and success that you have received after putting in a lot of hard work. According to the numbers, four is a great sign of reliability and a robust foundation. It can be for oneself or everyone surrounding you. The appearance of the Four of Wands tarot card upright in the reading clearly depicts that it is a great time to make different plans with your family. The Minor Arcana tarot card represents a reunion of a family. It also means that you might be going home if you Are staying away from your family for a long time or someone close is recently going to visit. The entire ambience would be filled with happiness and joyful moments. This card is a major sign of unwinding all the stressful moments.

Returning to your family is a major emphasis meant by this Minor Arcana tarot card. When you know that you are surrounded by people who support you and love you, you will constantly make you feel comfortable. Additionally, this card is also related to the domestic sphere. This tarot card also works as a piece of advice that this is a time when you will experience expansion and growth. Therefore, it is also the right time to celebrate all the achievements that you have made and take a break. It is equally important to relax and enjoy the effort. Cherish the result that you have got from your hard work.

Do not forget to acknowledge yourself as you have made great progress. Be easy on yourself and try to breathe. Rejoice in the energy and appreciate the constant effort that has helped you to live the life that you want. If you have already invested in some business proposal or are working hard on a project, the occurrence of this card upright is an encouragement that soon you're going to be very successful and get the result of your hard work. The card will constantly advise you that a celebration is certainly coming.

Love and Relationships (Upright)

The occurrence of the Four of Wand's tarot card from Minor Arcana upright is considered a great omen. When this card appears in your love reading, it means that you're going to have a great time with the love of your life. The fourth is a sign of a happy family, which means that either you will start making a family or you are ready to expand. You will be able to witness the growing bond between you and your partner along with the family members. The occurrence of this card also means that there will be trust and stability in the relationship, which are the major values to ensure a fruitful journey in your love life.

This card is a symbol of happiness and safety and also shows that everything that you have desired is on your way. You will be able to enjoy a romantic relationship with your partner. Additionally, if there were certain disagreements between you and your love, it is a great time to solve the issues and get the relationship back on track. You must take advantage of this time and strengthen your relationship with your partner. It is time that you should come close to each other and understand the bond that you have.

Even more, the occurrence of this Minor Arcana tarot card, upright, in terms of love, is an indication of engagement, gathering, or certain ceremony. Therefore, if you have been in a relationship with the love of your life for a long time, the occurrence of this card is a symbol that it is the right time to take the next big step. You can go for an engagement or plan a wedding if you want to take a step ahead. For married couples, it is the right time to expand your family or plan a baby. This card also indicates strengthening family and reunion, singles are more likely to enjoy great times by coming together or celebrating with the family and loved ones.

Career (Upright)

As you already know by now, the Four of Wands tarot card from Minor Arcana is a great card, the upright card occurring on the tarot reading is a depiction of stability. It is an indication of success and amazing team spirit. The appearance of this card in terms of career means that you are going to face great times in your professional approach. You're likely to receive encouragement and support from your team, colleagues and also from your seniors. If it is about switching to a new office, starting a project, or maybe your first step in your venture, you are likely to witness a great workplace with enthusiasm throughout.

The encouragement and togetherness that you are looking for on the professional floor will be present with you during this time. If you have always wanted to start your business, this is the right time. The upright Four of Wands tarot cards is a clear depiction that speaks of stability and socialisation. It is not only about being successful in your projects, but you will also meet some great friends at your professional place.

Additionally, just as the pictorial depiction shows gatherings and ceremonies, there are chances of fun gatherings with the appearance of this card. It means that you might be facing office parties, which will improve the bond between you and your co-workers, along with the seniors. This will have a major boost in energy and productivity. You will be able to show your expertise with the association of your co-workers.

Health (Upright)

The occurrence of the Four of Wands tarot card from Minor Arcana upright in terms of health reading is a prediction that you will be excellent in your health. As you are taking good care of yourself and you are aware of the right things to do, this card is a great signal that shows you are soon going to get relief or treatment.

If you were going through a prolonged period of health issues, the appearance of the tarot card in terms of health reading clearly showcases that relief is on your way. You are soon going to get a cure and leave life the way you always wanted. You will get rid of the health issues and live a healthy lifestyle the way you desire.

The Four of Wands tarot card from Minor Arcana is a depiction of a family. This card means that good fortune is on your way. As you have put in a lot of hard work and chosen a healthy lifestyle, you will be able to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. If you are a woman and you are expecting, there are chances that you are soon going to deliver a healthy child. Even if you're trying to get pregnant, it is the right time. You will be able to cherish the good news, Which is a major depiction of this card. A happy and healthy pregnancy with celebration is on your way.

Finance (Upright)

In terms of finances, the Four of Wands tarot card from Minor Arcana is a depiction that your son is going to enjoy a great financial life. You will feel stable and secure in your financial aspect. The upright Four of Wands tarot card is a clear depiction that you will slowly find the major reasons to spend on relatives and family. Since you are not secure and feel stable on the finances, you will be able to fulfil the responsibilities like never before.

The best part is that you can now voluntarily make expenses without the need to stress or feel pressured. As you feel secure in your financial condition, you will be able to do the things that you never planned before. There are chances that you might plan a celebration or a party with your friends and families where you will be gifting amazing presents to them. As you are financially stable and active, it will also bring your loved one close to you and you will constantly feel secure and surrounded with your loved people.

Four of Wands standard card upright is a depiction that when you start spending on your family, it will not cause any financial downfall. Rather, when you make such expenses that bring a happy smile to your friends and family, you will get socially active. We will be able to spend even more quality time with the people whom we love and will help you to get a sense of fulfilment and pride. You will feel rejuvenated, which will ultimately help you to be productive. However, make sure that you're always within your limit. Even when you are in a major stable condition, always have a proper set of mind before spending. Do not overspend, as it is not at all the right habit.

Spirituality (Upright)

When you get the Four of Wands tarot card from Minor Arcana, in terms of spirituality, the upright tarot card is a representation of community, reunion and celebration. There are chances that you will soon get many invitations from spiritual events and get-togethers. If you are a spiritual person, it is a great time to Improve this spiritual inclination, as you will be able to get better results. Spending more time with like-minded people will help you to improve. You will feel more welcoming when you start attending community events and participating in the spiritual self. This will bring happiness and a feeling of fulfilment in yourself.

Four of Wands

The Meaning of Four of Wands Reversed: 

The reversed Four of Wands tarot card from Minor Arcana can also mean that you are enjoying the accomplishment. You have got after receiving the personal milestone. Like you have given up smoking or you have been working out yourself for a month. Rather than sharing the achievement with other people around you, you're more of a person who would like to enjoy the secret rewards for the efforts you made with yourself. Even when you might not have completed your journey, and you're halfway to go, you are someone to enjoy a private mini milestone celebration with yourself. It is even worth celebrating the milestone. You have gone with the loved one in your life.

Four of Wands tarot card reversed does not always mean to be negative information. It also depicts the stability and inner harmony that you want during tough times. If you have previously suffered from a lack of empathy, self-acceptance, and self-doubt, the reversed card that occurs on the tarot reading is an indication that you will start getting a better sense of yourself. You will be able to balance you. The purpose and identity of you have been uncovered, and you have been able to get the inner harmony within yourself.

The reversed Four of Wands tarot card might also have a dark side to it. It can also represent that you're not able to communicate or there is a miscommunication with your home or family. There might be conflict among close friends, family members or close people. This is also the reason why you might be finding yourself into being lonely and experiencing issues with relationships. You might also feel doubtful regarding the relationship as you feel you're not able to rely on the person anymore. In case of family issues, there can be the feeling of uncomfortable and adjustment issues.

As the Four of Wands tarot card from Minor Arcana is a major representation of stability, the reversed card appearing in the reading can mean the opposite. Therefore, it is a representation that there can be a period when you will not be able to find the security and stability in your life. The constant changes in your life, like ending relationships, changing jobs or moving home, are keeping you on your knees. Even when you know that the change is crucial to make, there will be upsetting times.

Love and Relationships (Reversed)

In terms of love and relationships reading, the reversed tarot card might not be the best option. It signifies that you might be facing a lot of issues in your love life and several other relationships that are important to you. This is the major reason why you are facing a lack of confidence and instability in several other aspects. You will witness Being distant with the loved ones in your family. The appearance of this card means that there might be an end to your relationship with your significant partner. It is a major depiction of miscommunication, incompatibility and issues with understanding, which is the major reason for problems in your relationship.

Four of Wands tarot card from Minor Arcana reversed for love reading is directly associated with feeling insecure. The occurrence of this card is advice that you need to be careful regarding some of the most life-changing events as these will be unpredictable. Additionally, the reversed card is an indication that there can be a major cancellation of a huge programme. Due to disagreement and conflict, you are likely to cancel an event. If you are planning to get engaged, the chances are that your parents will not approve, or there will be certain issues with your partner, which will result in getting into a problematic stage.

For people who are single, if you are planning to step into a romantic relationship or might be willing to go on a date with someone whom you find ideal, the reversed Four of Wands tarot card says that it might not be the right choice. It can be the worst decision if you are looking back into your past. Therefore, it is better to take things slowly if you find the reverse Minor Arcana tarot card.

Career (Reversed)

Four of Wands tarot card reversed from Minor Arcana in terms of career, reading is an indication that you're not able to find a balance between your work and personal life. Like the card, when it is upright, you will be able to gain harmony and balance. You will find it difficult to create connections and relationships with the people around you in your working space. This will result in making you suffer. Your seniors might not be providing you the help that you require, which can be a major reason for not being able to flourish.

This is a general example of the work atmosphere that can cause tremendous stress in workers. If someone else or you are organising any function, this reversed card signifies that there are chances that it might get postponed or it will not proceed the way you have anticipated. Even when you are giving your hundred percent in order to make great positive ones, with your colleagues, you are not able to get things the way they should turn out. This is badly destroying you from the inside and is affecting you. It might also imply that mental health is important and which can have a negative impact. Being unwelcoming and harsh can have a bad return on you.

Health (Reversed)

If you receive the reversed Four of Wands tarot card from Minor Arcana, in terms of health reading, you need to be very careful. It is more of a caution card. The card might not be able to bring great news when appearing reversed. There are chances that you might fall sick or suffer from mental disbalance. It might also happen that you will be too busy to fulfil the desires of your loved ones, which can have a negative impact. You might also neglect your health and well-being.

You are so much indulged in work that you have forgotten the activities that keep you alive and joyful. Therefore, it is time to realise the physical requirements and opt for certain activities like yoga and dancing that make you feel alive. There are certain cases where the reversed Minor Arcana card is an indication of Serious illness which will require the support and care of your family.

Finance (Reversed)

When it comes to finances, the appearance of the reversed Four of Wands tarot card means that the financial situation might not be in your favour. There can be situations where you will become a victim of bad economic conditions. It will have a serious effect on the relationship. Additionally, there might be additional family responsibilities that you have to handle, which is the reason why you are facing an economic drop. There can be times when you will spend too much money, which will make a dent in the bank account for the sake of your family. This might make all the things around you a little bit of a challenge.

Therefore, it is important that you understand the unforeseen events and make the expenses properly. Do not spend on unnecessary things. It is always important to properly examine the situation along with the financial condition before you spend. Make sure that you only help the people who require help and do not spend away the hard-earned money For everyone else.

Spirituality (Reversed)

When it comes to spiritual growth, the occurrence of the reversed Four of Wands tarot card is a symbol that you might experience the cancellation of certain events related to spiritual growth. Poor spirit is a major indication of this card, as per the spiritual reading. There will be ceremonies that will get cancelled, unnecessary circumstances, And you will not be able to participate in the spiritual events. The reverse card is an implication that even you will get invited, but not the warmth and welcoming acceptance from the community.

Four of Wands One Card Reading: Yes / No 

If you have chosen the “One-Card Pull” to get a direct answer to your question, it will help you to get the answer to a dilemma. He will get an answer in a simple yes or no, which will help you to proceed.

Four of Wands tarot card from Minor Arcana Upright means Yes, but it requires tremendous dedication and effort to enjoy the outcome. The Reversed Four of Wands also means Yes, but again, you need to overcome challenges.


When it comes to numerology, it means the number four. Number four is a depiction of stability and security.


The occurrence of Four of Wands tarot card from Minor Arcana in the tarot reading. Says that you're soon going to find that all your desires are getting fulfilled. You will be able to get good news soon in the coming few days or months on the 24th, 16th and 4th.

That's all about Four of Wands tarot card from Minor Arcana. If you want to know more about how it is related to the life context, it is better to get hold of a professional Tarrant reader.

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