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The Chariot

The Chariot Tarot card Meaning

The Chariot

Meaning of The Chariot Upright: Ability, Strength, Determination, Focused, Willpower, Simplicity, Control, Ambition, Action, Success, principles. 

Meaning of The Chariot Reversed: Difficulties, Losing control, Disruptive, Negligence, Obstructions, Lack of motivation, Insecurity, Instability, Imbalance, Self-destructive. 

The Chariot

The Chariot tarot card from the Major Arcana is a depiction of a Warrior sitting on a chariot. This tarot card, when appearing in the tarot reading, means that the person will win and even succeed at any cost. It means the ability to fight against all obstacles and determine to grow with balance. The appearance of the tarot card in the reading implies that the person should take complete charge of their life and stop being a passenger in the back seat. It means that you must be optimistic and stand tall with all your willpower.

Even the picture in the Chariot tarot card from Major Arcana is an indication of similar things. The illustration of this card has been made with a charioteer on the chariot. The determination of the imagery and its willpower can be found in the picture. It is a representation of power and strength. Therefore, you need to fight the battles, and nobody can stop you from winning. The charioteer that you find in the card is the one who handles the vehicle and has a wand like a magician. This means that the person has complete control to fulfil all their wishes.

The charioteer refers to moving forward and keeps proceeding. Therefore, you will find him standing straight and won't sit down. In the cart, the person is surrounded by a dome that has six-pointed stars. It is the depiction of the great connection with divine power. The black and white Sphinx is a symbol of opposing forces, duality and both positive and negative sides. Therefore, it means that you require to maintain your confidence, determination and focus throughout the entire phase. It suggests you have a clear plan and a methodological and disciplined way to proceed. Determination and bravery will help to achieve goals in the best possible manner.

If you are in a phase of life where you are waiting for good news, this card means success and prosperity. The chances are high that you will get what you desire if you have faith in yourself. It is a card of victory and strength. 

The Meaning of The Chariot Upright

The meaning of the Chariot Upright tarot card from Major Arcana is strength, dedication and courage. It is a symbol of your immense internal strength, which will help you to achieve the goals in your life. You have learned the way to make the right decision, keeping the values and principles intact in your life. You are now implementing those principles and will make the right decision. Therefore, the occurrence of this tarot card in the reading is a source of inspiration for people. It depicts that hope is the best companion, and you will succeed if you keep hoping for the best.

Additionally, the Upright Chariot tarot card enterprise is also associated with the ability to handle tough situations and inner power. It is more like a charioteer who is the only person on the talent card. Similarly, you are the main driver of your life who require finding new opportunities, possibilities and opening new doors. You have to use your senses as those are the gift that you get from your life.

All the goals that you have set and the effort that you're putting into fulfilling your goals with your inner strength will be beneficial to achieve them. Keeping your willpower, tenacity and discipline while achieving your desires, you will be successful when you keep your ethics and principles in mind while working on your goals. Never sit back and wait that things will happen on your own, but just like the Chariot tarot card from the Major Arcana, you need to take the steering of your life and overcome the roadblocks to move forward and achieve your goals.

There might be conflicts which will be a test of your power. There can be destruction that will prevent them from achieving their goals. However, as you can exercise your willpower, which is a major aspect of a charioteer, you will learn to proceed against obstacles. If you keep the faith in focus, this tarot card from the Major Arcana indicates that you will get success, and failure can only be a result of making wrong choices and choosing routes that are different from your principles.

The Chariot tarot card encourages you to display bravery and use your leadership quality. If you have confidence, you can set away boundaries and tell your demands. Apart from this, have faith in yourself and understand your principles and ethics. Your inner self will be the major companion that will give you strength and willpower during tough times.

Love and Relationships (Upright)

The Chariot Upright tarot card for love reading means that you and your partner require prioritizing a relationship and need to act accordingly. You have to take charge of your relationship and do whatever you feel is good for the moment. Once you establish the goal, this card will push you to take the right action. The chances of succeeding or much higher when you take complete control of your life. On the other hand, in terms of love reading, the Chariot tarot card Upright from the Major Arcana suggests that you need to handle two drives while pursuing the goal. There are chances that it can take you in another direction, but you have to keep the principles in mind and tackle yourself.

Taking charge of your love relationship does not necessarily mean that you will hurt or manipulate your partner. Rather, you have to find time for both of you and analyse the dreams and goals that you have set. You require to understand the aspiration and expectations of your partner and take healthy decisions to create a healthy relationship with security.

Both you and your partner are known to have strong minds who know exactly what they want from the relationship and life. You also know how to do it. So, the appearance of the Chariot tarot card Upright is a message sent by the universe that you both have the potential to take your relationship to the next level. Since you both have similar values, ideals and goals, you can have a great relationship with each other. The meaning of the Chariot tarot card is more like an inspiration to take control of your life. 

Career (Upright)

In terms of career, the Chariot tarot card from the Major Arcana is a depiction that you are ambitious. You can easily achieve your goals if you are focused and you have a clear knowledge about what and where you want to go. The occurrence of this tarot card is an encouragement that you must develop commitment, passion and self-control if you want to be successful in your career opportunities. Even when there are things which might seem unstable and chaotic, you will never face a shortage of possibilities and opportunities.

As you already know by now that the meaning of the Chariot tarot card is navigating challenges and winning the struggles. You have the ability to handle things in your life, and everything that seems chaotic will eventually fall into place. When you get the Upright Chariot tarot card, in terms of career, it says that he will be able to overcome unfavourable and unfortunate situations with strength, simplicity and willpower.

The Chariot tarot card also reveals that if you are willing to switch your career, you should not think but go for it. You can also expect progress from the existing designation. This tarot card provides a message regarding educational progress to the students. So, it is important that students must take advantage of internships, interviews and workshops. Lastly, the tarot card is a constant reminder that you should never lose hope and self-confidence, as these are the best assets.

Health (Upright)

The Chariot Upright tarot card, in terms of health reading, is a highlight that you will overcome all kinds of health issues. However, it needs you to have the right and positive mindset along with choosing a healthy lifestyle. If you are someone who has been suffering from health issues, and there are mental issues as well, the occurrence of this tarot card upright is an indication that the time will soon change, and you will get back your lost vitality and strength. The meaning of the Chariot tarot card is you have to take care of yourself and take charge of your life.

You will feel energetic and motivated, which will give you the power to handle the difficulties that made you feel exhausted previously. There will be challenges on your way to recovery, but you will be able to get through them. The Chariot Upright tarot card from Major Arcana also depicts issues with digestion. Therefore, you need to pay attention to creating a new exercise routine. You have to make sure to properly handle spiritual and mental wellness. Irrespective of the situation you're facing, it is essential to always make yourself motivated and encouraged.

If you take a look at the ancient charioteers, you will find their courageous warriors. The one who led the chariots into the battleground. You require adopting the same personality when it comes to physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. The Chariot upright tarot card in the tarot reading shows that You Are a great winner who can handle the vehicle of your life. If there is a toxic relationship or harsh condition, this is a good time to get rid of all sorts of negativity and take full charge of yourself.

Finance (Upright)

When it is about money matters, the Chariot upright means that you need to focus on the challenges and roadblocks which is restricting you from accomplishing the goals. According to the Upright Chariot tarot card, in terms of finance reading, it says that you have great skills that will allow you to achieve success and victory. This card is an indication that you need to take better financial decisions and take calculated risks. Keeping a clear goal in advance and having dreams accordingly will help you to go ahead in your fashion.

The Chariot Upright tarot card is an inspiration, focus, and courage that you need while you're going through tough times. It advises the people that you have to face difficulties in order to get success. This card denotes that you will have a great time when you make valuable investments and purchases. The card is also a symbol that you have the tendency to create fixed assets.

It reveals real estate properties, especially individual residences. Apart from this, you will make sensible investments and have sufficient funds that will give positive results. It is known to be the best tarot card in Major Arcana regarding financial advantages.

Spirituality (Upright)

If you want to know the meaning of the Chariot tarot card upright in terms of spiritual context, then it means the beginning of the spiritual journey. There will be challenges on the road, but you will have the mindset and willpower to take on the challenges and take further steps. All you need is to keep the focus and attention on yourself and not take a step back or get scared. In order to attempt new things or experiences, there will be challenges, but eventually, you will gain a lot from it.

The Chariot

The Meaning of Chariot Reversed: 

The Chariot Upright Tarot Card works as advice to people that you have to face struggles and overcome them. If you make significant effort, you will be able to get what you want to achieve. However, if you receive the Reversed Chariot card, it works like advice that you need to return to the truck. It can result in failure if you are trying to go ahead with the project. You must change the direction or back off immediately if you don't want to be a victim of a bad result.

Another reason can be that you have lost the inspiration which you once had for work. You don't feel committed to getting the result the way you initially started. This is the result of why you are not able to get things as it was planned. Therefore, it requires you to pay attention to it once again or change the direction. The Chariot Reverse card would occasionally act as a warning card, which says that you might be letting the barriers and obstacles come in the way of your goals. You lack the motivation to keep working, and hence everything is getting difficult. If this is something you're facing, You must hold your priorities and consider your motivations.

Before taking any action, there is a need to understand the energies and thoughts on your internal process. You have to pay attention to your personal determination, self-control, and your resolution, which is the meaning of the Chariot reversed tarot card from the Major Arcana. On the contrary, it also suggests that you can meditate in order to visualise your energy and put it back on track to your goals. You have to pay attention to your inner self in order to get the right response in the moment.

Make sure that you are disciplined if you want to be in charge of your destiny. Make sure that you focus on the energies rather than things that you can control. Only it will help to improve the situation. The reversed Chariot tarot card means that you are constantly trying to manage different areas of your life, but it will result in making you detached from reality. The appearance of this tarot card from the Major Arcana is the significance that you need to cut all sorts of external distractions and pay attention to your future and present. You need to be careful about the choices you make.

Love and Relationships (Reversed)

The Chariot reversed tarot card from the Major Arcana when appears in a love reading; it implies that you desire to be in a love relationship for a long time if you are single. However, it also talks about the imbalance and cues around you. In love reading, this tarot card implies that you're losing control of the relationship and yourself. Your desires are adversely affecting the relationship. Additionally, you might be taking control of the relationship or in an abusive relationship which will result in failure.

However, it is a need for you to understand that there is nothing beyond your control. Irrespective of how much you do, you will never be perceived as a flawless person. Hence, it is a need for you to be enthusiastic and optimistic. The reversed Chariot tarot card in love reading indicates the possibility of imbalance that you need to work on in order to fix them. If you want to reduce the suffering between your connections, relationships, family, or work, you have to pay attention to them and not overdo or over-engage yourself in other aspects.

In love prediction, the Chariot means that there can be a disruptive relationship. There can be several reasons that will disrupt the relationship between you and your partner. Hence, it is important to stay away from all those aspects. It also works as a warning sign or a negative thing that tells you that you are not able to manage things the way you desire. Therefore, you have to make wise choices and good decisions and be kind to the love of your life.

Career (Reversed)

The Chariot tarot card from the Major Arcana reversed in terms of career reading reveals that you might be stuck into a certain phase and you're not experiencing progress. With this tarot card, it is a message sent to you by the Universe that things might be going downhill. The reason is that you are not your best self. Therefore, it is important that you understand that you have to work on things and not just exist. In terms of work environment, profession, and career, the Reversed Chariot card means a lack of determination and motivation.

It also means that your business or career can be in danger. Therefore, negligence can result in severe consequences. Hence, you have to have your focus on finding out the issues, opportunities, advantages and disadvantages. This tarot card is a strong warning sign when you get it in reversed form. Therefore, you require careful examination before taking any action and making decisions associated with your career.

Health (Reversed)

In terms of health reading, the Chariot Reversed tarot card is almost similar to that of the upright. However, it reveals that you need to be immediate in your actions. You have to take proper care of yourself and seek professional assistance when you require it immediately. In case the minor issues are not properly resolved, they can take the form of bigger forms. Even when you might not feel very bad at this time, the chances of deterioration are much higher. Lack of vision and improper framework result in deteriorating health.

It shows that you might have lost all control of the elements and life like eating habits, sleeping factors, work and all sorts of other aspects. Due to the instability and imbalance, it has been resulting in creating a bad effect on your health. Therefore, the occurrence of the tarot card reverse means that you require prioritising your health and regain control to make wiser and better decisions.

Finance (Reversed)

For the Finance reading, the Chariot in reverse position from the Major Arcana signifies that you might be taking reckless decisions in terms of finances. You're not sure how to properly manage your money. The occurrence of this tarot card in the reading is a suggestion that you require examining the choices and taking complete control over the habits of spending. Currently, you don't have the proper knowledge in the growth and progress journey. So, in order to move ahead in your finances and take the best decisions, you require changing some of your bad habits.

The appearance of the Chariot reversed tarot card suggests that you need to pay complete attention to your financial condition. You need to practise making better purchases and reduce expenses. It motivates us to conserve rather than spend. The reverse card suggests that you need to regard monetary considerations for staff negligence that can damage it. It reveals that if you're not careful and if you don't make a wise decision, it can be harmful to your finances.

Spirituality (Reversed)

The Chariot tarot card from the Major Arcana reversed means in terms of spiritual reading that you might be prepared or eager to take the spiritual trip. On the contrary, it will constantly give a warning that you need to be careful about unseen problems. You must be attentive to experiencing everything that comes on the road.

The Chariot One Card Reading: Yes / No 

If you have chosen the “One-card Pull” reading, it is helpful as you will be able to get the best reactions. It can advise you in one word whether the decision or time is the best for you. 

The Upright Chariot tarot card from Major Arcana means Yes, while the Reversed means No. 


The Chariot from Major Arcana represents the number 7, which means craving. This number will give will the encouragement to work for your goals and seek more. However, there will be a lot of stagnation. 


There will be difficulties while working. Even when this card is known for its power, it is likely to be challenging. You will come across great difficulties but will gain a lot of confidence from your experience. 

This is everything you need to know about The Chariot Tarot card from Major Arcana. Make sure that you choose an expert tarot reader to help you get knowledge about the card according to your life happenings. 

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