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The Hermit

The Hermit Tarot card Meaning

The Hermit

Meaning of The Hermit Upright: Solitude, Inner growth, Introspection, Wisdom, Knowledge, Calm, Composure, Strength, Rejuvenation, Self-Care, Healing, 

Meaning of The Hermit Reversed: Lonely, Isolated, Antisocial, Withdrawal, Lack of self-confidence, Restricted, Stressed, Unclear, Secluded.

The Hermit

The Hermit tarot card from Major Arcana symbolism introspection, learning, inner realisation, self-growth, and solitude. When you take a look at the pictorial representation of the card, you will find a Hermit standing alone on the pick of the mountain. He is seen holding a lantern in his right hand. The mountains or a depiction of spiritual growth and success, while the lantern represents knowledge and wisdom. Therefore, the pictorial representation of the Hermit tarot card is that people should keep moving forward in order to achieve great things and take challenges to overcome them.

There is no one present on this earth who can tell the things that are going to happen in their future, but when they choose to have a proper light in front of them while they keep moving, it will help them to get enlightened. As a lantern is a representation of trusting your inner intuition and gut feelings, The stick that the Hermit is holding is a representation of the strength and power that every human being has in them. This tarrot card is an indication that you have to be composed, calm and patient when it comes to dealing with the challenges present in your life. Therefore, the star card would ask people to always put their heads up and keep walking. 

There is no place to give up, as you will be able to get enlightened when you face your worst fear and obstacles. Its Victorian reference shows that the lantern constantly keeps lightening the pathway of the Hermit throughout the entire route. He keeps moving away, even when he understands that not all decisions that he's making will be right. The tarot card is also a representation of rejuvenation, healing and self-care. As a Hermit is about being alone, you might feel better in isolation when you are able to discover more about yourself. It will become a tool to get inner strength and knowledge.

The Meaning of The Hermit Upright

The Hermit tarot card in the Major Arcana deck is a demonstration of how we will be able to find the perfect solution when we pay attention to our souls. You require taking a break from your regular lifestyle and paying attention more to inner energy and motivation. You will be able to experience that the outside world that you are living in is not the real world of wisdom and honesty. This can lead to setting a new endeavour of self-discovery and finding what You Are.

The Hermit tarot card Upright signifies that it can be the ideal time to choose a Holy pilgrimage or weekend gateway. It is important that you pay attention to your principles, values and motives and try to seek more knowledge to find your truest self. The tarot card encourages you to engage more in introspection and intense solitude to find more about yourself. This is a path that you need to choose and go alone or with other people who have the same spiritual knowledge. This card also implies that you will get the answers to the questions when you start connecting and finding your inner answers. You have to find the spark in your spirit which will help you to get a special path. It reveals that you will get the ability to find what is coming in your future. You will understand where you should go next and what to do. Therefore, you can take cautious action.

The occurrence of the Hermit tarot card from Major Arcana is also information that you're going to set for a new course. When you properly meditate, self assess and reflect on your inner soul, it will help you to reassess your goals and alter directions according to your needs. Therefore, this will result in getting proper spiritual knowledge and choosing the right perspective on life. It is also an urge that you must come out of the materialistic culture and pay attention to the inner self. In order to feel the vibration and have better consciousness, you have to let go of the materialistic world.

Love and Relationships (Upright)

For love reading, the Hermit tarot card from Major Arcana tells you that you must focus on serious relationships when it is about your love life. You should engage in soul-searching. Both of you have to improve yourself, grow and change things that you both don't require in each other. It is important to understand the boundaries and expectations of each other in a better way. The Hermit tarot card also encourages that you require proper enlightenment and personal growth before anything else. This will help you and your partner to understand a lot of things about each other.

The occurrence of the Hermit tarot card in love reading also denotes that you have to pay attention to the relationship and connect with it on a spiritual level. You require finding other ways of understanding each other and loving yourself differently. The Hermit Upright tarot card in love reading denotes spiritual stability and growth, which are extremely effective and important aspects of maintaining your relationship status.

If you are single, this tarot card represents that you have recovered from isolation and loneliness. You are also prepared for the new beginning. This tarot card signifies that both partners do not spend quality time, which is why there can be worries, insecurities and less understanding of the requirements. This tarot card depicts that you require engaging to soul seeking experience, even when initially it might seem unpleasant.

Career (Upright)

The Hermit Upright tarot card from the Major Arcana when appears for career reading, it encourages you to pay attention to professional goals. You have to believe that the path you have chosen currently might not be the best one for your career. You have to understand the work that gives happiness to you. The Hermit tarot card discloses that will no longer find the requirements appropriate to stick in the profession just because of job stability and financial aspect. 

The Upright tarot card also depicts that there might be a need to detach yourself from the outside, realistic and materialistic world. You need to focus more on happiness. As you are focusing more on the improper things, it results in draining off. You have to pay attention to your frequency and vibe. In terms of career reading, it means that the profession that you are currently in might not be giving you the mental peace that you are looking forward to.

Even if you have the proper amount of skills and attitude for success, you are not being able to find the correct profession where you can stick. Therefore, the Hermit tarot card advises you to take a temporary break and realign your aspirations, requirements and goals properly. Having clarity about what you want in your life is required to get inner peace. You might also be searching for a destination that you should take. So spending some time assessing the occupation that gives you the satisfaction level is much required.

Health (Upright)

In terms of health, the Hermit Upright tarot card from Major Arcana is a representation that you will pass through the face of healing and rejuvenation. You might not appreciate staying away from your work, but at the current time, it is a must that you focus on your well-being and health. Since you are already overburdened and overworking, you are actually pushing beyond the limits. This can drain your physical and mental health. Additionally, the Upright Hermit tarot card in the health reading encourages you that you should stay away from practices that can be harmful to you in the future.

The Hermit Upright tarot card also claims that you have chosen an unhealthy lifestyle. This tarot card works like a caution that you might suffer from physical illness. If you don't choose to rejuvenate or rewind yourself. Since you're constantly moving and you're working without taking proper breaks, it might be detrimental to your health. So taking a break from your work for your health and mental well-being is much required.

The occurrence of the Hermit Upright card warns that you have to prioritize mental and physical well-being. In case your health deteriorates, there is major suffering in the future. Therefore, prioritizing breaks, relaxation and taking proper rest will help you to get the best version of yourself. It is also an indication that you are a victim of health problems, but seeking medical help would be better. Apart from this, choosing holistic and spiritual approaches might be suitable for your mind and body.

Finance (Upright)

The Hermit Upright tarot card, in terms of finance reading, urges you to take careful steps when it comes to taking a proper financial decision. You have to think twice before taking any sort of action. In terms of finance, the Hermit tarot card Upright tells you that even when the time seems favourable to learn and earn more and provide economic stability, you need to be cautious while taking or making decisions. Even when you are smart, doing all your responsibilities properly and working hard to get what you want, you must not always run behind in money but also take care of every other aspect of life.

Even when the tarot card solely represents a career, it also tells that you are concentrating more on the physical world's ambitions and money. Instead of paying all your attention to satisfying worldly ambitions, you also have to take care of yourself. Additionally, you must be cautious and take steps properly while spending. Saving will always be a great idea.

This card also means that you will slowly understand one single fact that money is not the sole thing that can buy happiness. You have to focus more on every aspect rather than the materialistic things. Make sure that you spend time understanding the actual satisfaction. When you grow old, you will find money is not everything to satisfy you. So, take a break and figure out things that make you happy.

Spirituality (Upright)

As you have to pay attention to spiritual growth, which is the major recommendation of the Hermit card, it says that you are at the right time when you can practice spirituality. You have entered the time to make spiritual development. Whether it is through communication, psychic development or meditation, you will be your own healer. You will be able to discover spiritual ability when you are isolated from the materialistic world. Therefore, the Upright, Hermit tarot card asks you to pay attention to the divine side in you.

The Hermit

The Meaning of The Hermit Reversed: 

The Hermit tarot card from Major Arcana Reversed means that you might be taking a lot of time on self-reflection. However, you are doing very little. In case you're not able to connect to your higher self, the reverse Hermit tarot card signifies that you have to meditate more and pay attention to it. The more you delve deeply into meditation, the higher you will be able to understand your inner self. It also shows that there are chances that you have unheard of your inner peace due to daily concerns. In order to realign, you need to concentrate spiritually on a task. The Hermit tarot card advises you to choose soul-searching.

The Hermit Reversed tarot card also signifies a lack of reflection, isolation and withdrawal. It also tells that you are currently spiritually unstable. It also means that you have been compelled to isolate yourself, which is not doing you any good. You might be stuck in your past, and you're not able to let go of the disappointment and betrayers. To be precise, you might have stopped the different growth channels, and you are not experiencing challenges and severe mental difficulties.

You feel it is impossible to learn something new or grow and find it difficult to expand your horizons. The Hermit tarot card Reversed also means that you might feel that you have lost the sense and purpose of life and you are unable to do any good in the journey. Additionally, the occurrence of Reversed Hermit card indicates that There is no special person in your life who would help you and guide you at this time to point the correct direction. So, it is mostly suggested that you must not undermine the advantages of social connection that you have.

As the Hermit tarot card represents a learned person or a knowledgeable expert who will guide you, the reverse position also indicates that the support system might be lacking at the current time. So, you are not able to understand what is right and wrong.

Love and Relationships (Reversed)

The Hermit tarot card Reversed in terms of love and relationship reading means that the relationship is unstable and there is a lack of awareness. There are chances that both of you are not properly paying attention to the problems and which is resulting in conflicts. Therefore, new issues will arise in your love life. In terms of love reading, the Hermit tarot card Reversed also means that you feel lonely in your life. There might not be any connection with the partner as the underlying issues are constantly getting ignored.

In terms of love reading, the Hermit tarot card Reversed refers to the fact that you might be forced to stay alone. You need to concentrate on the goals and find out what you want in your company. This will be beneficial as it will make the relationship long-term and solid. If you are already together with your spouse, there are chances that you will find that one of you is growing apart. Even when the best effort is made by one partner, another one will still feel isolated.

However, if you are single, it is an indication that you might feel a lack of self-confidence. It can result in stopping you from getting into a romantic relationship. Therefore, you need to pay attention to building your self-confidence and choose to improve your relationship for the better.

Career (Reversed)

In terms of career, The Hermit Reversed tarot card from Major Arcana is a suggestion that it is the right time to socialise and take the right step for a professional journey. It is true that it can be challenging to work alone, so it will be better that you start being a part of a team or serve as the advisor. Such opportunities will constantly motivate you to remain connected with other people who are also from the same profession. This will have a great impact on your career.

You have to find more details of the priorities. If you are looking forward to improving your professional career, start looking forward to socialising in order to find colleagues and mentors and look for new designations or be a part of social activities. This tarot card will suggest you spend quality time alone and find out how to work as a leader in a team. It is also a metaphor for working isolated. Hence, you might stand out from the rest of the employees. The Reversed Hermit tarot card means a time of introspection. This is the time when You're assertive about your professional goals and you are prepared to be a part of the community.

Health (Reversed)

The Hermit Reversed tarot card for health reading is an identification that you require to create a new order and structure. It also shows that it's been a long time since you are not prioritising your health and well-being, which has resulted in creating different health problems. Additionally, you do not understand the needs of your mind and body. The Hermit Reversed tarot card from Major Arcana is an indication that there will be mental health issues like stress, panic attack, anxiety, and fear. You will be struggling with these mental disorders, which will have a direct impact on different other aspects of your life.

So, it is high time that you work on activities that help you to reduce your pressure and stress. You have to re-establish the connection. Make sure that you start investing in a proper workout regimen and revive the body and mind. It also shows that you depend on silence, routine walks and meditation in order to maintain your mental health condition. It suggests that there will be certain changes in your routines. The Hermit card suggests that small establishments and adjustments would be beneficial to increase and improve your health in the long run.

Finance (Reversed)

The Hermit Reversed tarot card, in terms of finance reading, depicts that you require taking wise decisions and paying attention to financial stability. You should not abruptly take financial decisions. A wise man is someone who has knowledge on the way to manage expenses and make the right investment and use of their money. Additionally, you have to work really hard to learn on the right path. While the Upright, Hermit tarot card from Major Arcana depicts that you're over-pressurising to make money, the reverse card shows that you need to do more.

Getting in touch with someone who has knowledge and experience will be helpful as you can get guidance about the right path. Seeking help would be valuable to get the knowledge. This will help to find the right direction and get clarity. You must analyse the finances and make sure to realign the desires and every other aspect accordingly.

Spirituality (Reversed)

In terms of spiritual reading, the Hermit Reversed tarot card from Major Arcana suggests that there are chances that you are spending too much time isolated. Rather than participating in social activities can be valuable for spiritual growth. It is the best time for meditation, yoga class, or even being a part of the tarot reading. Spiritual growth is wonderful when you walk alone, but it also requires interacting with other people.

The Hermit One Card Reading: Yes / No 

If you want the One-Card pull tarot reading to get a crisp answer to your queries, you will be able to get the right guidance.

 The Upright Hermit tarot card indicates Yes, while the Reversed Hermit tarot from Major Arcana means No. 


The Hermit is the ninth card of the Major Arcana. The representation of number nine comes at last. People who belong to number nine generally provide their services to others. It is a depiction that the person has sacrificed their personal needs, wants and objectives as they care a lot about others surrounding them.


The Hermit card from Major Arcana is a depiction that you have to consider all the choices you make in your life precisely. It is the time that you should request everyone around you to stay away and not disturb you.

The Hermit tarot card from the Major Arcana depicts this information. However, it requires you to get hold of a specialist tarot card reader who has the knowledge to disperse the correct information according to the context of your life.

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