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Three of Wands

Three of Wands Tarot card Meaning

Three of Wands

Meaning of Three of Wands Upright: Overseas, Travel, Foresight, Progression, Improvements, Confident, Going abroad, Opportunities, Success, Optimistic, Stability. 

Meaning of Three of Wands Reversed: Self-doubt, Obstruction, Low self-confidence, Wrong decision, Disappointments, Hesitant, Inexpressible, Improper planning, Failure, Stuck in the past. 

Three of Wands

Three of Wands tarot card belongs to the deck of Minor Arcana. The pictorial depiction of this tarot card is a representation where you can see a person standing on his back and wearing a green and Crimson-coloured robe. The man is found to stand on the rock and turn towards the sea. You will find that three different wands have been rooted deeply into the ground, which is a reference to commitment toward goals. In the previous tarot card of Minor Arcana, which is the Two of Wands, you can find the guy who is trying to escape the castle wall and has finally been able to reach a large open space. He is now able to find the beauty of the mountain and sea from a distance. The picture also includes three ships that are sailing. With a great viewpoint of the person, he will be able to find the opportunity and obstacles from a distance. This will help him to go ahead in his life by overcoming the challenges.

This Minor Arcana tarot card depicts the number three, which is a representation of inner harmony. This also means that you're all set to make new commitments in order to pursue them. The presence of a figure looking towards the sea shows that the person might be daydreaming about success. However, he will only be able to enjoy the amazing aspects of success when he takes the right step ahead. This means that you will remain optimistic about your journey.

The Mercury Wand - The Caduceus is the feature that you will find sometimes showing up in the occult tarot cards. This want has wings along with two snakes around it. It is a showcase or a typical image of a healer who can easily travel between different dimensions and deliver souls from death or possession. The Three of Wands tarot car from Minor Arcana is more of an empowerment that can work as a clue to the innate capacity of your body for repairing itself. Additionally, it also points out the courage needed in order to become a business person.

The Meaning of Three of Wands Upright

The upright Three of Wands tarot card, when appears on the tarot reading from Minor Arcana, is a representation that you have a clear plan regarding your future. Or, you have been constantly planning about the future with conviction and belief. The card is an indication that you feel fulfilled regarding the way things are proceeding now, and you are able to experience success as a plan, turning the way you have anticipated. It also depicts that you can take the right action and move ahead with the plans that you have created for your future. This will help you to create stability in your coming time.

Three of Wands tarot card from Minor Arcana is a representation of opportunities. These opportunities will be thoroughly appreciated as they will broaden or widen the life experience. The card is an encouragement that it is time to come out of your comfort zone and let go of all the prejudices you have. It is important that you accept all the unknown things around you. Remember that the unknown happenings are the opportunities that you are looking for. It will create a better future. When you keep moving, according to your plans, you will be able to get more opportunities that will help you to enjoy a fruitful feature. However, you have to make sure that you step out and learn beyond. Coming out of your comfort zone and trying things differently will help you to find a world and the major opportunities.

The unknown opportunities and the world will compel you to meet the boundaries and stay away from your comfort zone. You will be compelled to think out of the box, and you will realise that you have much potential. You need to embrace the changes in order to receive great success long-term. The representation of this Minor Arcana card is that you will be the one to control your future and present life. Just the way you can find the man in the card, the person in the card is standing and looks towards the mountain and sea with his head held high. Even when you're about to go to the unknown, you have to believe in your capabilities and walk with confidence, as the world has much bigger and better things to offer. You need to understand that you have a great position.

This Minor Arcana card represents vision and foresight. It depicts a journey and travels out. The upright card is a major hint that there will be chances of travelling overseas in order to pursue the dreams that you have long set. Whatever you want to achieve is not present where you are currently living. Therefore, you have to embrace the unknown in order to take new opportunities and go out of your shell to explore and unveil the better.

Love and Relationships (Upright)

The occurrence of this Minor Arcana tarot card on the tarot reading in terms of love and relationship is a great omen. The upright Three of Wands tarot card is a representation of successful, happier progression and growth in the love life. Therefore, if you are in a relationship, you will experience great companionship with your partner. It is also an indication that it is the right time that you might think of beginning the next big chapter for your relationship. Suppose you and your partner have been dating for a long time, it might be the right time to start settling down and getting married.

The occurrence of Three of Wands tarot cards is also an indication that you need to be expressive in the relationship. If you are a married couple or you have got into our relationship very recently, it is important that you talk your heart out. However, if it is a serious relationship, it is a great time when you can start creating long-term plans. You need to create versions with your partner about spending a future together with each other.

You must keep in mind that you need to be open and transparent with your partner. Make sure to communicate and talk about everything with each other. However, always keep in mind the focus and goals when you're planning to step into the next level in the relationship. If it is about getting married or an engagement, you must make proper preparations for it. Manifesting is a great way to have a great and fulfilling future. However, you need to be very expressive to your loved ones so that they can understand the kind of emotions and feelings you have. So start sharing even the tiniest bit of details in order to get rid of arguments and lead a better love life with each other.

Career (Upright)

The occurrence of the Three of Wands tarot card upright from Minor Arcana means that there are chances that you will encounter something great and amazing in your career that you have been waiting for a long time. It is not only about your career, but you are going to get new opportunities in different aspects of your life. Hence, the same thing applies to your career. The new adventures and experiences will thrill you. Three of Wands tarot card is an indication of expedition and exploration. You will come across different opportunities and chances, but you have to make sure that you choose correctly in order to fulfil them.

As there are new opportunities and you don't have much knowledge about them, there are chances that you have to push your limits. You have to go beyond your comfort level in order to attain success. You will try new things which normally you wouldn't have chosen unless the universe brought to you.

All of these new adventures and opportunities will shape you as a person along with your professional career. This card signifies being daring, fearless, confident and bold. Therefore, you will be able to accept the challenges even when it might feel intimidating in the initial times. For example, if you have been provided with an overseas job, even when there is no one known to you, and it feels very intimidating, it will be successful. Therefore, you must explore and look for opportunities, as going beyond your fears will only open new horizons in your career.

Health (Upright)

The occurrence of the Three of Wands tarot card from Minor Arcana in terms of health is a positive sign. Whether it is your love or you who have been suffering from a certain health issue for a long time, the appearance of Three of Wands tarot cards from Minor Arcana is a great sign. In terms of health tarot reading is a depiction of relief and cure. Therefore, if you have received this card in the tarot reading upright, it clearly means that it is the time when you will witness and start getting recovered.

If you want to get an operation or surgery done due to your health problem, this is the right time. Receiving this Minor Arcana card is a depiction of clear success and progress. Therefore, you must take the right steps for your health and make sure that you do your best. This card also signifies travelling, which means that there are chances that you can travel abroad in case of a recovery or treatment. If you require travelling abroad for treatment, you should definitely go ahead as you are going to get a successful result. 

Finance (Upright)

In terms of finance reading, the appearance of the upright Three of Wands tarot card means that it is the time when you should fulfil all your materialistic wishes. It is an indication of living a comfortable and luxurious life. As you have been working hard to create a successful career and you have saved quite a lot on your bank, it is time to sit back and relax for some time. Yes, this is a great time when you will find all your hard work eventually starts paying off.

It is the time when you must relax, sit back and enjoy the results of your hard work. This card is an indication that you must take some time out and take breaks in your leisure time. There is no harm in spending money on vacation when it comes to feeling relaxed. If you are constantly thinking about investing money or travelling due to work in order to expand business, make sure that you take this opportunity as it is a great time. So, it is very much worth spending time on a vacation, whether it is due to your professional reasons or business.

Spirituality (Upright)

When it comes to spiritual reading, the occurrence of the Three of Wands tarot card from Minor Arcana upright is a depiction that you will feel satisfied in terms of spiritual context. You will feel fulfilled about the progress that you are making in order to understand the higher self. You will find the progress is aligned with the divine power. This card is also a depiction of great fortune in terms of spiritual path. It is a signal that you will be able to experience an adventure in a different aspect of your life. It is a depiction of great prediction and positive psychic progress.

Three of Wands

The Meaning of Three of Wands Reversed: 

The occurrence of the Three of Wands tarot card from Minor Arcana reversed means that you might be giving your best and working hard in order to create a stable future. You have been trying to expand the experience of your life, but not all things are going according to the way you have anticipated. Everything that you would like to achieve is not been able to come to you. You're facing a lot of obstacles and restrictions which might be becoming a hindrance in order to get the desired outcome. However, this card teaches you that even if it is hard, you will be able to get the best if you work on it. Everything is not useless, as all you need is to be strong in order to build endurance.

The reverse Three of Wands tarot card means that it is the right time for you to think and make positive changes in your future. So, you have to make the right plans in order to find out the real purpose or place of your life. If you have been constantly trying to judge your life by watching others, it is time that you need to focus on yourself. As you were too busy comparing yourself and watching others, you have taken yourself in the backseat. This means that you are not sure what you are looking forward to in your life, and the lifestyle that you are leading might be stressful to you. So, in order to make positive changes, you need to take the right steps.

It is high time to create plans for your future and set long-term goals in order to face the right consequences. The most important lesson that the reversed Three of Wands card teaches you is that you have to constantly keep working in order to get better things in your life. If you have always desired to get something, you have to work for it. If things are not going the way you have anticipated, make sure that you change the route and action. Start experimenting until you get the desired result. This card also means that you need to think out of the box in order to find new opportunities.

Love and Relationships (Reversed)

The reverse Three of Wands tarot card means lack of communication. Even if you believe it or not, there is a need for proper communication in a relationship. Additionally, you are equally responsible for the weak relationship. Your lack of effort has brought you and your partner to the situation. You are someone who does not express your feelings or share them with your partner, which is why he or she might not feel secure. However, you need to understand a simple thing that is reversed or conservative in a relationship will only harm the situation. Misunderstanding is also very common in the relationship. If you receive the reversed Three of Wands tarot card, it indicates that it is time that you should start fixing the issues and clearing up the mess.

If you have recently committed to someone else, give up on the insecure feelings that you have. Have faith in your significant partner. Lack of confidence is a sign of the tarot card, which can result in making the relationship weak. So you have to keep your patience and stay calm in the relationship. Rather, try to make your significant partner feel comfortable around you. Remember that being insecure and dominating will only harm the relationship and make it imperfect. So start expressing your feelings and tell everything you feel to your partner.

Career (Reversed)

When you receive the reversed Three of Wands tarot card from Minor Arcana, in a career context, it is an indication that you might not feel great in your profession. You might be frustrated in the current situation, and you are constantly regretting the decisions that you have earlier taken. As you are not able to make significant progress and watch others going ahead, it is creating frustration in you. Apart from this, the Three of Wands tarot card also means that you have received job proposals before, but in order to become a part of the current company, you have rejected all of them. The reason is being engaged or busy with other responsibilities which you Are now regretting.

You are someone who wanted to try new opportunities, and you were interested in new jobs or exploring a completely new career where you had the chance to go abroad, but you couldn't, which compelled you to give up on the opportunity. This is the reason why you are not regretting it as your current job is becoming frustrating and stagnant. However, if this is not the case, the frustration can be due to working very hard in order to get a significant hike in the profession, but there are reasons that are becoming an obstruction in order to reach the career objectives.

Health (Reversed)

When it comes to health reading, the occurrence of the reversed Three of Wands tarot card can mean several things. Remember that travel is the most common thing depicted by this tarot card. So, there are chances that you might travel overseas and face certain health issues. There are chances that you can be affected due to stress around yourself and with foreign ailments. Hence, it is important that you take the necessary precautions before you choose to go overseas and take preventive measures.

Get proper vaccinations before travelling to a different nation. So get yourself vaccinated and choose the right health insurance to ensure that you get the right future treatments. If you're suffering from certain health issues, there are chances that you might feel tired and unhappy due to the current situation. The frustration you're feeling is due to the continuous suffering. However, if you take good care of your body and remain patient, there are chances that you will feel happy and healthy once again. But make sure that you're taking the right actions to ensure the best health condition.

Finance (Reversed)

When it comes to finances, the occurrence of the reversed Three of Wands tarot card from Minor Arcana is the definition that you might be currently facing issues in managing your finances. The appearance of the reversed tarot card is an indication that your monetary condition is in a haywire situation. The reverse meaning does not indicate that you will feel broke, but it is about the inability to manage the condition. Whatever you're planning is constantly failing.

Even when you're working hard, you will experience that the goals are not achievable. You are not able to experience the way you are supposed to, or you have anticipated. The card is a sign of caution that you're unable to manage funds. So, precise planning would be important to handle tough times. If you are not able to make the right plans, you can also get help from experts and make sure you manage the situation.

Spirituality (Reversed)

The occurrence of the reversed Three of Wands tarot card from Minor Arcana is a depiction that you might feel annoyed as you are not able to reach the spiritual objectives that you set long ago. It is an indication of restrictions and distractions in spiritual progression. It can also mean that you are unable to let go of your past, and you are stuck with the negative thought process. Your being pessimistic is restricting you from making psychic progress. So, it is important that you stay positive and plan your future properly.

Three of Wands One Card Reading: Yes / No 

If you have decided to choose the “One-card pull” reading, it can be the best choice if you are willing to get a simple answer of yes or no. It is a great choice for people who are looking forward to getting the right answer for a given scenario.

The Upright Three of Wands tarot card from Minor Arcana is Yes, but it requires dedication and approach. The Reversed tarot card from Minor Arcana also means Yes, but you have to consistently work and manifest the desires.


The Three of Wands tarot card from Minor Arcana represents the number 3. It is associated with Jupiter, which means you will receive success. It means devotion and enthusiasm. 


The Three of Wands is considered a positive sign. The appearance of this card means that something good is going to happen. You are likely to receive great news on the 21st, 6th and 3rd in the coming month. 

So, this is everything that you need to know about the Three of Wands tarot card. This Minor Arcana card has to depict great things in both upright and reversed forms. Make sure that you get hold of an experienced, professional tarot reader to understand the original depiction of this card in terms of life contexts.

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