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The World

The World Tarot card Meaning

The World

Meaning of The World Upright: Fulfillment, Contented, Achieving Goals, Accomplishment, Fresh Beginnings, Opportunities, Possibilities, Success, Fruitful, Travel. 

Meaning of The World Reversed: Stagnation, Shortcuts, Failure, Unfilled Goals, Losing motivation, Dead end, Lack of opportunities, Ignoring advice,  Lost Capacity. 

The World

The World is a Major Arcana tarot card with a pictorial depiction of a bare lady dancing inside the wreath. In the picture, which depicts a lady, you will find that her body is represented in a way to move ahead in the future while she is staring back at her past. The presence of two wands, which are the same as the Magician carries on the hand, is a sign that what started to materialise from the very first has eventually been completed by the World tarot card. As it showcases a woman, it means that she has successfully completed one of the most vital phases and is preparing to begin her other phase immediately from the wreath. The circular shape of the wreath is a representation of the cycle of fresh beginnings and lives.

The pictorial depiction of this card also includes four different images. You will find an Eagle, a bull, a lion and a cherub. This is a representation also made on the Wheel of Fortune card, which you will find surrounded on the wreath. The cycle of nature of existence and the way it keeps going through the cycles have been addressed in the Wheel of Fortune and the World tarot card. The four figures present in this card resemble the zodiac signs Scorpio, Aquarius, Taurus and Leo. They are also a representation of four different seasons, four suits of tarot cards, four corners in the universe, four elements of earth and a lot more. This card is a depiction of helping you to make the transition from one stage to another by maintaining balance and harmony.

This Major Arcana card is a depiction that if you work correctly, you will have the entire World with you. However, this Major Arcana tarot card is more of a travel card. It signifies that life is bringing new horizons, and it will open up to you. You will meet different people while you travel who will be kind to you. This tarot card can also be a suggestion that you will have the World with you. This means that you will get limitless opportunities, and your strong sense of working diligently will help you succeed. As you have already faced challenging phases and you have seasoned the challenges, now you will reap the ultimate advantages of the hardships and begin a new journey towards a fruitful life.

The Meaning of The World Upright

The occurrence of the World tarot card in the reading is a depiction of feeling, contended, wholeness, fulfilled, accomplished and completed. You are currently in a stage where you will enjoy the sense of satisfaction and accomplishing your objectives that you have been working hard for a long time. Whether it is about education, personal relationships, projects or any other form of professional Journey, this is a period that will make you feel fulfilled. This tarot card also represents that you will successfully finish your education, get engaged to a desirable partner, become a successful parent and achieve all sorts of other long-term goals that you have long set. You will finally find all your objectives getting fulfilled. The reason is that you have been correctly working on things, which resulted in providing you with the desired outcome. Everything that you have anticipated has finally come together, which makes you feel complete and fulfilled.

The appearance of the World tarot card is more like an urge to you that you must reflect on the accomplishment path and acknowledge your journey. You need to focus on the religious teachings that you get. Enjoy the fulfilment and satisfaction that you are currently facing while accomplishing your personal objectives. You Are a wise person with strong knowledge, which is the reason why you are able to overcome challenges and accomplish the long-set objective. You must thank God for all that you have accomplished to date. The meaning of the World tarot card is also an indication that you must take care and not jump on the endeavours quickly. You will be able to enjoy the progress and succeed in the new goal with your ability to tackle it. If a project that you are working on has not yet been completed, the appearance of the tarot card means that you are going to complete it successfully very soon.

The World tarot card also means that in order to go to the higher stage and receive the true success that you are meant for, you need more knowledge. Taking the earlier experience and being proud of how far you have come and achieved so much, you will be able to take on a new journey. You will be surprised how many challenges you have faced in the course of your growth. You might be required to do this reflection if you want to complete the project successfully. This tarot card from Major Arcana also means challenges. This Major Arcana card depicts the challenges you have to overcome. When you learn from your challenges, you will be able to make a fresh start. This card also means global travel. You will be fortunate enough to go on travel throughout the World in the course of learning, working or permanently residing abroad. This will help you to have a better understanding of the customers and people.

Love and Relationships (Upright)

If you have received the World tarot card from Major Arcana and you are looking for love, tarot reading is a representation of achieving the dreams that you set long ago. Whether your dreams are about getting married to the person whom you have loved for a long time, being in a relationship, or having kids, if you want to feel contended and fulfilled, the occurrence of this tarot card upright will make you feel better. It means that you are currently in a state where you will feel loved and in a safe place. Your partner and you have worked really hard to make such a connection, and it is now a great opportunity to leverage its potential.

In case you are single, there are great possibilities. If you have been trying hard to overcome the challenges about you feeling fulfilled about who you are and where you are currently, the World tarot card occurrence is a great indication. As positive has the ability to attract positives, You will be able to attract people towards you for a romantic relationship. Your personality will be able to attract your partner who is coming into your life, which would be an incredible inclusion. This will help you to feel content and fulfilled and enjoy your life to the fullest. It can also be an indication that you might be finding somebody who is New while you are on vacation.

As you require travelling to different destinations, due to your work purpose, it might happen that you meet the love of your life. People around you will find you very attractive, which is why you will always be in the eyes. As you currently feel fulfilled in terms of romantic relationships, the World tarot card upright is a representation of joy and satisfaction. It also occasionally means that you can take your level to the next positive level and enjoy a significant new phase in your life.

Career (Upright)

The World tarot card upright can represent that you will be able to fulfil the professional objectives that were set by your company. After all the hours you have invested worrying about the phase, you were not sure whether you would be able to succeed in your endeavour, but the appearance of this tarot card is a representation that you are in a stage where you will receive great relief and fulfilment. You need to appreciate and acknowledge the hard work that you have put into earning the rewards. It is always recommended to share the success with the people who have been with you and assisted you on the journey. Sharing your success with them is a simple gesture and acknowledgement of appreciation.

The World tarot card upright also indicates that you will get the job that you have been trying for if you are working for somebody else or have been engaged in a company. It also means you will successfully complete a project that was assigned to you at your workplace. This card also depicts travelling in your career. As you will be able to achieve your career goals, it will make you proud of yourself. There will be numerous reasons why you can enjoy yourself at this time. You will feel fulfilled both spiritually and materialistic way. So make sure that you take some time out and enjoy the achievement that you have earned. Make sure to appreciate this moment.

Health (Upright)

The World Tarot card is known to be a great and positive card. When you receive the upright tarot card of the Major Arcana deck in terms of health reading, it symbolises that you will be able to overcome all the health-related challenges that you are currently facing. This card promises to heal properly. The occurrence of the World tarot card in terms of health reading is a clear depiction that you will start improving. If you have been waiting for a long to lead a normal life without any health issues, this Major Arcana card is a sign that your hopes will come true. Additionally, there are chances that your companion might get pregnant if it's been a long time since you were trying to have a kid.

This tarot card symbolises a great time to start your family. All you are and fulfilling desires will eventually fall into place, and you will find puzzles getting resolved. If you Are a woman, it signifies high fertility time, and hence, you will be able to give birth to a baby. However, if you are not planning to have a baby, make sure to safeguard yourself to prevent unexpected pregnancy.

Finance (Upright)

In terms of finances, the World tarot card from Major Arcana is a representation that you will receive great wealth. It is in your way. However, make sure that you are not choosing any unethical way or making improper investments. It is just assurance that you will receive the rewards for all the hard work and effort that you have put into your work. There can be unexpected bonuses that you will earn. The tarot card upright also means signing a great contract that will work as a financial security, or you will reach a point where you can make great savings to make you financially secure for the future. Whatever the case is, the upright World tarot card means that you will be able to secure your financial condition.

The reason for such success is because you have already worked hard to meet your monetary goals. Therefore, it is now the time that the universe has showered all the rewards to you. The occurrence of the World tarot card from Major Arcana showcases that it is an ideal time to receive all the rewards. You will be able to make savings and secure your financial structure or even make a huge purchase through the savings that you have already made. Make sure to appreciate yourself and take time to enjoy this accomplishment. If you have set goals for a long time, it is the right time to fulfil them. The World Tarot card means fulfilment and accomplishment.

Spirituality (Upright)

If you are willing to know what the World tarot card upright means from Major Arcana in terms of spiritual sense, then it indicates that you have successfully completed the karmic journey and you have got enough knowledge about it. After taking ample learning and experience, you have reached a state where you have the knowledge about your position, purpose, and identity you serve as per the universe. Therefore, you will also start enjoying the sense of satisfaction that you were looking for. You will be in tune with your physical, mental and spiritual realm.

The World

The Meaning of The World Reversed: 

As you know by now, the World Tarot card from Major Arcana is a great card. However, if you have received the World tarot card reversed, it suggests your extreme desire to settle any affair. It means that even if you're consistently trying hard to move on in your professional and personal relationship, you're unable to do it because of being concerned and looking back to the past experience. There is also a possibility when you receive the tarot card from the Major Arcana deck. The reversed card says that you're constantly trying to picture yourself in your old pants that you used to wear 10 years before. It is important for you to realise that you have aged, your physic have changed and so has your metabolism. You have to accept and appreciate the changes in yourself in order to move ahead in the journey. Until you let go of the past experience, you will not be able to proceed.

The reversed World tarot card is also a representation that you have been constantly trying to achieve a huge undertaking. However, you are not able to complete the procedures. If you're constantly trying to look for shortcuts in order to accomplish the objectives, you will not be able to get the results that you want. Even when you will be able to see the same thing from the top, choosing a helicopter instead of trekking to the top is never the same experience. Moving from bottom to top will help you face challenges and learn the way to overcome them. The experience you learn on the route will make you appreciate the beauty from the top even more.

The World tarot card from Major Arcana says that he will be able to experience a great sense of accomplishment. However, you need to achieve the goals for it. So, even when you face difficult challenges, you will have to keep going in order to receive sweet rewards. So whenever you feel like you Are losing your objectives or motivation, you need to take some time and recharge yourself by thinking about the challenges you have gone so far and have successfully passed. You have to constantly remind yourself about how and what life has given you once you achieve your objective.

Love and Relationships (Reversed)

Receiving the reversed World card from Major Arcana in terms of love and relationship reading represents that you have reached the end. It is time for you and your loved one to spend time on the relationship and need to have an open conversation. Being honest about the relationship might work. However, if you have been constantly working to make the relationship better, but it seems like nothing is working, you are probably thinking whether it is the right step for you. For single people, there are no such prospects for a romantic relationship, but you can meet individuals to make an effort. Remember that your prince or princess would not wait for you, but you have to look for them, so you need to start socialising.

If your ex has ended things abruptly without giving you any warnings, it might have resulted in getting you into a traumatising situation. As you have never had the chance to find closure, it can be really tough to handle the situation. So it is important that you do not waste your life and wait for them to come back. It is important that you try to accept and keep walking. Make sure to give yourself chances to heal, and the universe will assist you.

Career (Reversed)

In terms of career reading, if you have received the World tarot card from Major Arcana reversed, it depicts that you have almost reached the final goal, but somewhere, you are not happy because you still have some missing elements. As the values have gone low, you have chosen a narrow path to receive success, you might reach success quite easily. However, it is time that you must make a proper assessment of your objectives and modify it if required.

In terms of career reading, the reversed card from Major Arcana also means that you might not have been able to accomplish the goals. It can also suggest that you are not using the ultimate potential that you have in you. You should always keep in mind that the future is in your control. It is Right to make mistakes, but if you learn from them, you will be able to become better. Choose an out-of-the-box approach so that you can achieve your objectives.

Health (Reversed)

If you have received the World tarot card from Major Arcana reversed, it is an interpretation of a warning. In terms of medical sciences, it is important for you to reconsider your therapy as you have not been able to make much recovery. Apart from this, it is also advice that you might require attempting to do something new. If you Are constantly trying the same thing and it is not showing any positive signs. However, this does not mean that you must not follow the recommendation given by your present doctor, but it means that it is better to combine different therapies and strategies in order to maintain your health and well-being.

This card reversed is an encouragement that you must not take shortcuts in order to reach your health goals. You are required to follow the complete course of treatment in order to become better. Stick to the exercise or complete the medication sessions that have been provided to you in order to get rid of your health problems.

Finance (Reversed)

Receiving the World Tarot card, reversed in terms of financial reading, is an indication that there is a period of stagnation. However, you should always keep in mind that you need to take the right steps to manage certain situations. Do not take unnecessary steps as a measure to boost your condition by choosing risky investments, shortcuts or looking for quick schemes. These might look appealing, but they will eventually put you even in a worse financial condition.

However, if you are financially secure and you feel happy in your current position, you might stay inactive for a long time. The reverse card means that you need to reassess your position. Even when you're in a proper financial situation, there might be constant concern regarding the cash, or you are thinking that you might run out of it. You constantly feel traumatised and do not have financial confidence. To handle such a situation, you need to take a count of your current situation and reassess to keep yourself calm.

Spirituality (Reversed)

In terms of spiritual reading, the World tarot card from Major Arcana depicts that you are currently feeling stagnant. You're unable to connect with the spiritual side because you do not have the motivation and capacity. The reason is that you're not choosing the right strategy, and you're looking for shortcuts. In order to reignite the motivation, You need to counsel yourself and choose a truthful part. Remember, in terms of spiritual journey, there is no shortcut.

The World One Card Reading: Yes / No 

If you have chosen the “One-card pull” reading in order to get direct answers for your question in yes or no, you will be able to get answer to some of your most difficult questions.

If you receive the Upright World card from Major Arcana, it means Yes, whereas the Reversed World tarot card means a No.


When it comes to numerology, this tarot card denotes the number 21. It can also be expressed as the number three which stands for the Empress, the Hanged Man and for divinity.


When it comes to timing, the World Tarot card from Major Arcana is a prediction of the fulfilment and timing of an event. You can expect a major thing to happen somewhere in between 20th October to 21st January.

So, that is every thing about the World tarot card from Major Arcana. If you want to know the meaning and depiction of this card in terms of your life context, you need to make sure that you choose the best tarot card reader who can predict and read according to your Situation.

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