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Judgement Tarot card Meaning


Meaning of Judgement Upright: Charity, Composure, Calm, Spiritual progress, Intelligence, Intuition, Logical, Awakening, Optimistic, Karmic lessons, Transition. 

Meaning of Judgement Reversed: Guilt, Regret, Self-criticism, Self-doubt, Stagnant, Reluctant, Low self-esteem, Critic, Disappointment, Unhearing Cosmos Calls. 


Judgement is a major tarot card from the deck of Major Arcana. The pictorial depiction includes bare-chested adults, children and adolescents. It includes these people emerging out from the graves. Their arms are extended and have been kept upward. The god's messenger, Gabriel, is found on top of the card. The appearance has resulted in making the population respond and understand if it is possible to enter Paradise and is waiting to be examined. The presence of a mighty mountain range found in the distance is a representation of extreme difficulties and challenges. 

The card is a representation of the different kinds of Last Judgment and can change the different myths. The pictorial depiction of people rising from their graves is a call from Gabriel as a response seen on this card. The extended arm is a depiction of facing the entire Judgement of the universe. It means that the souls are now ready to face the creator, get the consequences assessed and understand if they are going to spend eternity in hell or heaven.

Judgement is a Major Arcana card that suggests that somebody whom you care about is not getting a fair Judgement. This can also mean that you have been making severe judgments on yourself or others. Additionally, Judgement tarot card from Major Arcana can also be a sign that you might have acquired calmness, composure and clarity, which helps you to examine yourself and the options. This will help you to make wise decisions. The self-awareness is due to the Past karmic lessons, which will help you to recover and advance in a very constructive manner. The occurrence of this Major Arcana tarot card means that the past karmic lessons will be a guide in your life when it comes to making the right decisions and steps.

The Meaning of Judgement Upright

The occurrence of Judgement tarot card from Major Arcana is a clear depiction that it is time to improve consciousness. In order to serve the ultimate good, you need to embrace your consciousness. It is a time of spiritual awakening, and you need to understand that you have the capability to attain a lot more than you can believe. The cosmological progress that you have made will help you to pay attention to the louder frequency. It is crucial that you give up on the previous belief and embrace the latest self of you.

This tarot card is a typical representation of the decision which will have a clear impact on your life. Such decisions would require you to make use of your intuition and intelligence. Unlike the Justice card, which requires having logical value, this card asks you to make use of both. There will be times when you will experience being in a situation where you are required to make a choice by paying attention to its extended effects.

So, it will then require you to focus on the inner self. You have to be aware of your inner self, have faith in the Judgements you are taking and ensure that you are proceeding in the correct direction. Making use of your experience as a reference will help you to guide in certain situations. Even when you don't have proper knowledge about the current scenario, your previous experience will be the light. This card shows up in the reading and depicts several aspects of your life, which is just about to start. This is why you have considered making the right decision after getting evaluated about your earlier Decisions.

The pieces of the puzzle are finally coming together and helping to create a complete picture. You have been allowed to forgive people, even after wrongdoings and several mistakes. You have learned to let go of misery and guilt from the past. After going through several procedures, you finally feel rejuvenated and ready to face challenges. The occurrence of this card reveals that you will get peace by discussing difficulties.

Love and Relationships (Upright)

The appearance of Judgement card from Major Arcana in the love and relationship Reading suggests that either your partner or you are constantly passing unnecessary judgment, which is unfair to each other. So, it is time that you stop blaming and accusing each other of conflicts. This will result in harming your relationship to an even greater extent than you originally have done. Rather than blaming your partner, it is better to take your sit back and discuss the way you feel. In order to move with the relationship, it is important that you give up on the past and forgive them. This will help to get the fresh vitality in order to move ahead. Make sure to honestly communicate with your partner.

Judgement card from Major Arcana is also a sign that people might be criticising the relationship and giving unfair remarks about both of you. In such a situation, the best thing is to overcome these actions. You need to understand that it is the problem of people and not you. If both of you are residing in a different nation and have a long-distance relationship, the upright Judgement tarot card from Major Arcana is a representation that you will remain distant from your loved ones. However, for people who are single, the tarot card gives a caution that You need to stop making rash decisions regarding relationships. Prior to determining the right person, it is better that you know more about them and then go ahead.

Career (Upright)

When it comes to career tarot reading, the occurrence of Judgement card upright from Major Arcana is an indication that you are constantly being assessed or evaluated. There are possibilities that you might not even be knowledgeable about it while applying for the promotion. When you get this card in terms of career, you have to keep in mind that You Are constantly being observed by someone about the way you are conducting yourself in the professional field. So, it is better to use this opportunity if you want to go ahead with your designation and earn better.

The appearance of the tarot card also reveals that there is a related awakening that you are experiencing at the current stage. You have found the purpose of your life. However, it can also mean that you might be feeling like changing your workplace or position. Even when it might seem challenging in the initial time, you will feel excited and enthusiastic about it. The upright Judgement tarot card is also an indication that you need to have knowledge about the way your activities can affect people around you. So, always make sure to take responsibility for your actions and consider assessing them before Performing. You are also required to concentrate on achieving your objective irrespective of the scenarios.

Health (Upright)

Judgement tarot card from Major Arcana Upright, in terms of health reading, depicts that it is a time to feel better and restore after you have faced a challenging health issue. This card is a representation of being able to overcome the times of difficulties, and you have learned a lot from them. This Major Arcana card tells you that you are now prepared to take the necessary steps in order to recover. Judgement tarot card upright tells you that you will get what you gave and you will receive three times what you sow. This is also an indication that you have reached a stage where you can make amazing spiritual development.

According to this tarot card from Major Arcana, you will be able to cultivate better. So, it is important that you only focus on all the positivity in your life. Rather than feeling the challenges, you need to find out what positivity is and be optimistic to improve your health. A family vacation can also be a great choice to improve your mental health. If you want to take the right steps for your mental health, it is better to take off for a few days and go on a vacation.

Finance (Upright)

The Major Arcana cards upright tell you that you need to be very cautious when it comes to finance reading. You must not make a rash Judgement in terms of finances. You have to be sure that you keep all information and make an informed decision prior to making investments. Make sure that you properly research before taking a step ahead. Therefore, it will always be better not to act responsibly in such matters. Certain reckless acts like irresponsible driving can be a major thing. This tarot card also indicates that there can be a failure of a lawsuit. You might require introspection if you would like to learn the way you feel about money. This includes examining if the financial habits have been affecting you detrimentally and whether it requires improvements.

The occurrence of this card is a depiction that you are required to consider the asset in new ways. However, you have to make the right improvements. It requires you to maintain your composure and calmness and evaluate your professional life. If you are a business owner, you need to be very conscious regarding the environment. There can be commercial relationships that can deceive you, which will become devastating. This requires you to be very careful and take informed steps.

Spirituality (Upright)

When it comes to spiritual reading, the Major Arcana card, Judgement Upright, is a depiction of spiritual empowerment. As you are well aware of the past karma and you have adopted the karmic lessons, you will have a clear understanding of what the universe wants you to do. You will be provided with enlightenment about the path that you need to choose. You are now ready to travel on this difficult journey. This tarot card means spiritual acceptance and rebirth, which will help you to understand the purpose of your life. This is something that most humans keep searching for throughout their lives, and you will be given the answers by the cosmos.


The Meaning of Judgement Reversed: 

The Major Arcana card Judgement in its reversed form is a depiction of a period of going through self-analysis and introspection. It says that you will be able to gain awareness of all the happenings in your life through meditation. Silently reflecting on yourself will improve you and help you to understand what you can achieve. You can keep it a secret as you might not have proper knowledge about how people will take it. You require paying more attention to your consciousness, liberation, release, self-acceptance and ego. These will help you to give up on the guilt and regret that you have. The reversed Judgement tarot card showcases when the universe is trying to communicate and helps you to understand the greater belief that you did not have knowledge about.

It can be because you're not ready to answer the calls, as you might be scared of the consequences, or you might not be ready to deal with bigger responsibilities. Hence, you choose to remain silent. You might be trying as you have not understood. The intuition and you're trying to act reluctant by doing your normal activities and thinking that it might not make any changes. However, you need to understand that it is something that you have to face. If you don't accept the calls, it will become louder and will compel you to notice. So, it is high time that you give up on your concerns and doubts and trust the universe, as it will protect you from all the mishaps.

The appearance of Judgement tarot card reversed in the tarot reading can also depict that the rational side of your brain is speaking loudly. You might be questioning your abilities or getting improper advice. These are some of the major reasons that are restricting you from reaching your complete potential and showcasing the best aspect in you. You need to work differently by understanding your inner critic. You need to take it as a different aspect present in you. Listen to the sings, accept all the concerns and make sure that things are going to be alright. This can abrupt the self-criticism process and offer encouraging signals which will be valuable in your life.

Love and Relationships (Reversed)

The tarot card from Major Arcana reversed is an indication that you have too much self-doubt while choosing your partner. It is necessary to understand whether a connection should end or continue. If there are several rumours around you regarding the person whom you do not really like, it is better that you try to find out more facts before you come to any conclusion. According to this started card prediction for a love reading, it also depicts false accusations. Judgement card stands for different issues that have started arising due to your inability to look at the past and learn from it. If you have a difficult time, it is better for both of you to stay together.

For the people who are single, Judgement tarot card from Major Arcana reversed can also indicate that you might not be taking the right step to come closer to the individual whom you like. This can be due to being afraid or shy. It is important to not let fear keep you back. Irrespective of the way it works, you have to give it a chance. There is no time to think, and it is better if you take the right action. You need to understand the criticism about the significant partner is true. Something is there that is making you upset, but the reversed tarot card specifies that you need to exercise your composure. You have to be conscious and make practical decisions about the relationship.

Career (Reversed)

The reversed Judgement tarot card from Major Arcana specifies that you might be in the middle of the turning point of your career. It might make or break your success. You need to make the right decisions. However, due to immense self-doubt, you are unable to take the right action. Remember that it is not the correct time to question yourself. You have to take the right advantage of all the opportunities that have been presented in front of you. If you pass them, you will only regret it later. You might have been very hard on yourself. If you have already made too many mistakes at work, your disappointment might be getting higher, and you're not finding it easy to let go of things. Instead of accepting to move on and take the responsibilities, your self-doubt has paralysed you. This can result in having a bad effect on your self-confidence.

Additionally, this tarot card can also be a representation of being unable to act responsibly in certain situations. You are not able to handle responsibility for the failures or actions that you have made in your work. The lack of self-awareness can become disturbing for your colleagues. You have to make sure that you're abiding by the ethical and legal rules with the occurrence of the tarot card, as it depicts exhaustion and corruption. This also means that you might get senior people who can undermine you at your workplace, and hence, it is important for you to ignore and keep working responsibly.

Health (Reversed)

In terms of health reading, Judgement tarot card, reversed, means that you have to get rid of your old thoughts if you have a chronic injury or illness. Especially if it is associated with a person who had a vital role to play and is the major reason for the injury needs to be replaced mentally. Holding on to grudges and negativity will become detrimental to you. It will increase the recovery time and make it even more difficult. All you need is to accept your circumstances and let go of the past. In order to keep moving ahead.

This Major Arcana tarot card reversed shows that you're excessively concerned regarding the obsession or your health. You are continuously thinking about the indications which are becoming the root of these issues. So, all you need is to relax. If there is any problem, seek medical help instead of watching too much about it and eventually getting sick. This tarot card is also a suggestion that you might be excessively abusing or eating poorly, which is resulting in wrong health. You require establishing the balance in order to live a healthy and joyful life.

Finance (Reversed)

It is important for you not to be conservative in your financial circumstances. This does not mean that you should use all your money and make the wrong use. But, it means that if you have considered buying one item for a long time, and now you can actually afford it, you must get it. Being prudent is good, but worrying about every dollar you spend might be detrimental. If you are experiencing financial setbacks, you might be very hard on yourself. It is always important to learn from the past mistakes you have made, and you need to be good to yourself to maintain motivation. Keep it easy and balanced wherever it is required.

The reversed Judgement tarot card also indicates that you will be able to discover that you are consistently making the same decisions about your finances. You have to understand the right path. Additionally, money is above everything else in your life, which can be wrong in terms of welfare and relationships. Your workaholic personality and spending time towards financial success might get you on bad terms with your relationships.

Spirituality (Reversed)

When it comes to spiritual reading, Judgement tarot card reversed means refusal or failure. It means that you are not able to learn from the karmic lessons of your past. If you're not able to understand, the universe will again return in a stronger way. So, it is important that you give yourself some time and then make wise decisions for yourself.

Judgement One Card Reading: Yes / No 

If you have chosen the “One-card pull” reading, it will help you to get a quick answer in yes or no, which can be beneficial in several circumstances.

The Upright Judgement tarot card from Major Arcana depicts Yes, whereas the Reversed is a representation of a No.


The Major Arcana Tarot Card Judgement represents the number 20. It can be represented as 20 or the number 2, which is the same as Justice and the High Priestess tarot card. This number symbolises duality. This tarot card can be considered both for success and failure.


The Major Arcana card, Judgement, is a caution card which warns you about the events. This tarot card, in terms of timing, means that you will be able to get knowledge which will help you to make the right decision. It means that something powerful is going to happen within the next few months.

So, this was everything about Judgement, a tarot card from Major Arcana. However, if you are looking forward to finding the correct prediction according to your life context, you have to make sure that you choose the correct professional who can read and depict according to your situation.

Major Arcana Tarot Card Meanings