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The Star

The Star Tarot card Meaning

The Star

Meaning of The Star Upright: Divinity, Creativity, Calm, Composure, Serenity, Inspiration, Strength, Healing, Balanced, Tranquil, Spirituality.

Meaning of The Star Reversed: Uninspired, Unengaged, Disintegrate, Pessimistic, Self-doubt, Criticise, Monotonous, Lack of inspiration, Losing creativity, Hopelessness.

The Star

The Star tarot card from the Major Arcana has a pictorial depiction where you will find a naked lady kneeling on the side of a pool. The picture also has two water bottles that she's holding on our hands. Whether it is a conscious or a subconscious effort, she has one bottle on her left and her right hand. She's found to drop the water from the bottle in an effort to replenish the soil and maintain the cycle of abundance. It can be understood by the huge foliage surrounding her. The second water bottle and the flow of water is a representation of the five senses, which are released into the ground. 

The lady can be seen with one foot on the ground, which signifies judgement and practical skill and another step on water. It is a significance of capacity to understand her inner voice, inner resource and intuition. Her naked body is a depiction of her purity and transparency in herself under the stars. The presence of seven stars on her background is a depiction of Chakras. The one large star is a representation of the major aura.

The Star tarot card from the Major Arcana is a representation of optimism and inspiration for the future. When you get this card on the tarot reading, it teaches that you will get a great sense of freedom, Drive and positivity. It is a sign of spiritual experience, and you will be able to feel calm and composure, along with understanding your inner voice. The Star is a good omen. It means the duration of calmness and equilibrium followed by the devastating situation caused by the tower tarot card. This tarot card says that you can overcome challenges and get a new perspective on the world.

This Major Arcana card is more like a suggestion that you will be able to overcome the challenges only when you have a new perspective on the world. As you are well-balanced, tranquil and calm, you will be able to get over the old ones and proceed. Whether it is spiritual, emotional, psychological, or physical problems, you will now have the ability to keep them behind and work on new perspectives in a new manner. You will be prepared for the future as a universe. Have great plans for you. So always believe in your intuition and understand what you are searching for.

The Meaning of The Star Upright

The Star tarot card from Major Arcana is a depiction that you will be able to survive after a period of destruction. As you have already faced many challenges and have overcome them, you have gotten rid of the restricting thoughts that were keeping you back. You are now more conscious regarding the basic nature and your true self. No matter what life gives you, you will always be able to connect with the divine energy. As you are aware of your true nature and you understand what you are worth, you will be able to make the right decisions for yourself.

The Star tarot card from Major Arcana Upright is more like a significance of hope, assurance and trust. The universe has blessed you with all the calm and composer you need. It is more like beginning a new era where you're more aware of yourself along with the people surrounding you. Now, you are mentally more stable and prepared to receive the blessings from the universe. It is a great time to make personal growth. The occurrence of the Star tarot card upright means that the magic is everywhere around you. So, you will be able to achieve anything.

As your heart is optimistic, you will understand that all your desires and wishes will be able to get fulfilled. Your soul has been uplifted, and you can understand your inner calling. Hence, it is time that you feel free to reach out to uplift yourself and fulfil your goals. The sense of purpose, meaning and motivation will also help you to rediscover yourself. The Star tarot card is a depiction that when you change your old thoughts, you will be able to find a new you. In order to live honestly, you have to get rid of restricting ideas, lice and masks. Understand your inner calmness, pay attention to yourself and always be open for growth.

Love and Relationships (Upright)

In terms of love and relationship reading, the Star tarot and card upright show to have a romantic association. It is an indication that you have prepared yourself to let go of the baggage that you used to carry from your previous relationship. This is especially true for people who are single. You have much brighter potential to love, and it is also the right time to date or meet people. The occurrence of this tarot card upright also represents that there can be a chance of the reappearance of the former partner in your life. It will result in re-igniting the romance. If you are in a relationship, you will be able to develop substantial association. This tarot card is an assurance that when you try to heal, you can resolve any issues and be open to a bright new future.

This card also suggests that you have a great chance of enjoying love and romance. Your optimism and hope will be the major reason why people will be attracted towards you. The charm and charisma of your personality will make everyone fall for you. This card is also a depiction that you might be healing from a break-up or regaining your strength. You will start doing well and make better life decisions. It can be represented as a healing time if you are facing difficult and challenging phases. Remember that you need to be open and truthful to your partner in order to remain close to each other.

Career (Upright)

The Star tarot card upright means that you will get several opportunities in order to get yourself in a great position that you have always desired in your workplace. If you have been working and waiting to crack an interview or go for a relocation, the occurrence of this card says that everything will go according to your preferences. You need to know that there are much better things waiting for you. It is also a suggestion that you are going to do a great job where it requires more creativity. The Star card upright is an indication that you are a person of creativity.

So, you need to have faith in your professional goals and constantly work to achieve them. However, if you are in search of another job or maybe waiting for a promotion, this tarot card upright is a reminder that everything will be according to the way you anticipated. If you are going through challenging or difficult times in your workplace, this tarot card is also a representation of recovery. You need to have a peaceful time. You must be cautious, efficient and conservative in your actions. To attain your goals, you require years of commitment and devotion. However, be mindful while You are going through the journey and develop discipline.

Health (Upright)

The Star tarot card upright in terms of health reading is a suggestion that if you have been constantly experiencing health issues, it is a time when you will start healing yourself. This is a sign that you will feel excellent in yourself. Your health will start recovering, or you can get into a better time of well-being. It might also mean that you will feel optimistic about your health condition. This tarot card upright is also a suggestion that you will start realising a great connection with the spiritual self. It indicates that you will get successful results from your medical treatments.

You will be able to find the right solution for the health issues and get more strength. This card is advice that you need to pay close attention to your health and understand the need for some fundamentals like proper exercise, having a healthy diet plan and taking adequate rest to improve your health.

Finance (Upright)

In terms of finances, the Star tarot card from Major Arcana is their encouragement to you that you will be able to find the right solution to control your finances. This is especially true when you're experiencing challenges to control them. The upright Star card is an indication that you are heading on the correct path in terms of finances and helps you to make the right decision. It is now a great opportunity to make purchases of things that you need. It is a suggestion that you need to have trust and be optimistic about reaching the financial objectives. All you need is to leverage this opportunity to express your gratitude and appreciate the opportunities that you are currently getting, and you're able to secure a great Finance. It will be a motivation for you to keep working on the right path.

The occurrence of the Star tarot card is more like a good omen that is an indication of securing your finances. You will be able to make a great effort to achieve your financial objectives. It is an elaboration that even when you like excellence and luxury, you will be able to hold yourself. However, you need to be mindful that you do not let the emotions guide you. Additionally, it is advised that you refrain from making emotional connections, as it might harm financial intelligence. Do not let your feelings have an influence on financial decisions.

Spirituality (Upright)

In terms of spiritual context, the occurrence of the Star tarot card upright is a great sign. It is a depiction that you will enjoy a great connection if you start working on spiritual development. If you are interested in such spiritual things, this tarot card will assist you in understanding your psychic potential. You will be able to enjoy a great time by remaining involved in healing and spiritual activities.

The Star

The Meaning of The Star Reversed: 

You might feel a little bit demotivated by the occurrence of the star tarot card reversed. It means that in the current time, you might be feeling overburdened with the difficulties of life and work and are looking forward to finding an answer. You are looking for the force that will help you to go through this difficult time. It is true that life is unpredictable, but you must be constantly asking yourself. Why is it happening to you? You might be pleading to the universe to guide you and be with your side. You will be able to notice it if you try to come closer. The divine energy is always present with you. All you need is to think about the larger lessons that you have learnt in your life and consider this time as an encouragement that will help you to evolve.

The Star card reversed is also a test of faith. You will get two different options in such circumstances. Either you choose to disintegrate, or you will be able to have faith in the divine power. Additionally, he will learn the way to discover the proper way to have faith in yourself and the biggest energy. You will start believing in yourself once you understand the divine energy. Additionally, the reverse card is an indication that you are unengaged and uninspired with different aspects like relationships, hobbies, etc.

It might happen that you had huge energy when you started initially, but you are not able to find an experience that is monotonous. The daily chores will constantly overwhelm you. When you get this engaged with work, it will make a change. The reversed tarot card is an encouragement that you need to reconnect with your values and find your inner self. You will be able to get the inspiration Within you to reach your objectives.

Love and Relationships (Reversed)

In terms of love and relationships, the Star tarot card reversed is a suggestion that you might not have faith in the union. It also means that you are concentrating more on the flaws and not paying attention to the positive aspects. You might be thinking that the relationship has lost its real spark and it has become boring. The connection between you and your partner might go through a test of time. The Star card inverted is more like information that these are the issues that can be fixed, but you require moving on. You have to get rid of previous ones and eliminate the wrong aspects of your relationship. However, for singles, it suggests a lack of confidence and loneliness.

You will also experience a changing outlook for love. To be precise, it is important to give up on the anxieties and all the negative energy that is keeping you back. If you have self-doubt which is surrounding your judgement, you need to prioritise yourself and look at the positives. Do not criticise yourself or feel less confident. Starting to criticise yourself will make you depressed. All you need is to start realising the best qualities in your spouse and regain the spark in the relationship.

Career (Reversed)

In terms of career reading, the Star tarot card is a symbol of dissatisfaction in your workplace, or you are feeling trapped in your position. Since there is uniformity, you don't have the same level of creativity and excitement that you had initially. So it is important that you start finding the positive aspects and change your way of looking. The situation might not be as serious as you are concluding. So you can just alter the things that you're not liking. However, the upright card also specifies that you are not utilising your talent or imagination.

It reveals that you have a pessimistic energy currently, and your viewpoint is stopping you from enjoying the excitement and inspiration. While there can be stressful moments or tension, it is definitely not as bad as you are portraying. Changing the attitude and approach can have a better influence.

Health (Reversed)

Even when things are not in their worst condition, the Star tarot card reversed is an indication that you have been pessimistic. Your fear has taken over your best aspects. Rather than seeking examination, you're overreacting to certain situations, which is becoming a problem for your health. So, it is important for you to make the right effort and look at the positive aspects. If you are worrying about your health, it is better to seek medical advice.

Energy healing is considered one of the best ways to replenish well-being along with getting rid of negative energies around you. The tarot card signifies successful resolution and wellness in the health problem. It also means that you will start feeling happy about your future.

Finance (Reversed)

The Star card reversed is more like information that you have the capability of resolving the problems in case of financial problems. If you are not able to manage it smoothly, have faith in yourself. You need to evaluate the plans and understand if it is working for you at the current time. This will be helpful in reaching the goals. If it is not relevant to the current situation, it is important that you build your own plans and follow them. Do not let your anxiety take over the steering. It is not that bad. In case of issues with finances, this tarot card is a suggestion that you must not lose hope.

You will be able to find great opportunities when you listen to your heart. You have to be open to it. To become happy, this card reveals that it is time to make better development by understanding the material world. However, you must have your roots grounded.

Spirituality (Reversed)

In the spiritual context, the Star reversed meaning is that you are losing confidence. You possibly don't have faith in the universe. You are not able to connect to your inner power, and you have started believing all the past struggles. It is important for you to realise that the universe is always by your side. Even when the time is difficult, the universe will provide you the opportunity to get through it and develop. Have faith in the universe and listen to your inner voice.

The Star One Card Reading: Yes / No 

If you have chosen the “One-card pull” tarot reading, it will help you to get immediate answers to your questions.

The Upright Star tarot card from Major Arcana depicts Yes, whereas the Reversed Star card depicts No.


The Star card denotes the number 17. It is also denoted as number 8, which is both spiritual and material. It denotes wisdom, power, self-assurance, ego, social position, peace and harmony.


The Star tarot card from Major Arcana discloses that you have come through difficult times. You must not give up, as you have great power. Your bravery and perseverance will constantly bring a great time forward.

And this is everything about the Star tarot card from Major Arcana. If you would like to get a better knowledge of this card and the depiction according to your life context, you must get in touch with knowledgeable tarot reading experts.

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