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Aquarius Monthly Horoscope

June, 2024

In the month of June, all those born under the zodiac of Aquarius will face troubled times and hardships. It will be good to understand here that hardships will not be such that you cannot deal with. They will be day to day difficulties that one generally encounters when dealing with life. Mercury will suddenly turn into a foe and try to bring you harm. It will accentuate your difficulties though it will not bog you down completely. You will be doubly protected by Mars and Saturn, an effect that will see you through even in the most challenging times. Your confidence might be shaken but there is no need to give up on yourself. Remember to pull up your confidence so that no storm outside can shake you. Even if things do not develop as per your expectations, do not feel disheartened. This is a passing phase which will get over. You have lot of strength inside to withstand hardships. Rely on that strength and wisdom.

At your work place, negativity will grow and you are bound to be affected by it. There will be some very strong reactions to what you do. But as already warned if you keep quiet and maintain your cool you will not be affected by anything that happens in your environment. Do not react to any negative provocation for this will only come to disturb you and to take away your peace of mind. At the same time do not ignore all that happens around you. This is a signal to you of what might happen in future in case you do not take care. Learn from this situation so that you do not make mistakes in future.

Your love life will make you peaceful and will bring you good tidings. Relationships will bring you comfort and solace. Do not be over ridden by passion or emotions. Do not argue or show anger. Refrain from getting into arguments with your loved ones. Care for them and accommodate them. Listen to the point of view that others have and be for them sincerely. Follow your heart for it will never let you down!


AQUARIUS DATES January 20 - Feburary 18
SYMBOL Water Bearer/ Cup Bearer
RULER PLANET Saturn and Uranus
BASIC COLOUR Silver and Blue
LUCKY METAL Aluminum and Uranium
BEST COMPATIBILITY Sagittarius, Gemini and Libra
HOUSE Eleventh
LUCKY NUMBERS 4, 7, 11, 22 and 29
LUCKY GEM Amethyst and Amber