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Aquarius Scorpio Compatibility

Aquarius and Scorpio Compatibility

Your sun sign is Aquarius
Your partner sun sign is Scorpio
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Aquarius                 Scorpio

Match Percentage  30%

Scorpio and Aquarius as zodiac signs are fairly incompatible due to their clashing personality types. Scorpio is extremely passionate about their goals and possessive about their partner controlling them. Aquarius, however, is a free soul that doesn't like to be tied down to the earth and finds it extremely uncomfortable.

Their constant control and independence conflicts are a source of major strife in their relationship. When they are not completely fighting or are suspicious of each other's intentions, they find each other quite pleasant.

Ultimately their ability to tolerate each other between fights is not good enough for them to be together. Scorpio and Aquarius are extremely incompatible and shouldn't be together, to begin with.

Aquarius and Scorpio Love Compatibility

The relationship between Scorpio and Aquarius represents the differing philosophies around what love is? Is possessiveness love or being independent represents love? Both these zodiac couples battle it out with their differing viewpoint in these areas-

Sexually- Both of their relationships' sexual relations is more akin to a fighter than intimate partners. They will try to be the dominant energy on the bed leading to conflicts and tensions. However, this will only lead to them going all out with no taboo or sexual activity too extreme.

Emotions- In a relationship where an extremely emotional goal drives the core battle. Scorpio and Aquarius will fight for freedom and be allowed to explore their emotional selves. 

The biggest with love compatibility in their case is that they don't know what it is? When two people have a fundamental misunderstanding of love, it can become more of bondage. They both have to have a clear conversation over what they want from the other person? And what do they need? It is a compromise possible where both get to achieve their version of love.

Ultimately not every couple will ever reach the stage of understanding given the challenge ahead. Their love compatibility is low, and they will struggle, then move on with their lives from each other.

Aquarius and Scorpio Sexual Compatibility

The sexual compatibility between Scorpio and Aquarius is one of enthral and incredible euphoria. They are less of a lover and more like fighters in a cage battling with one another for supremacy lovingly. The freedom they will feel in the bed will be nothing like they have experienced before and powerful.  

There is no limitation, no taboos or restrictions in the matter of love between these two. The relationship of Scorpio and Aquarius will have other zodiac signs, bothered by their passions. It is bound to create some mix of jealousy, disgust, attraction and sensual feelings among everyone looking at them.

The biggest struggle for their sexual compatibility is that they are almost too hot for each other. The opposite reaction is fairly strong when someone is that deeply and passionately driven to the other one. 

Scorpio is incredibly hungry, emotional and almost possessive of their partner, while Aquarius wants to be free. These two will enjoy every moment until their relationship is over, and immediately all those memories will be despised. They both have a fixed sign; subsequently, they struggle to connect with any other personality. 

The sexual compatibility between the Scorpio and Aquarius is incredibly high, and they will be extremely attracted to one another. However, they might almost be too close and passionate for their sexual relation to last long.

Aquarius and Scorpio Frienship Compatibility

Aquarius and Scorpio Trust and Communication Compatibility

When one looks at the personalities of a Scorpio and Aquarius, any trust issues seem bizarre and highly unlikely. However, problems start to arise when these two become intimate with each other and create a relationship. They start to become extremely fictitious with each other and start to attack their partner. 

The extremely defensive and attack attitudes hurt everyone around them, raising suspicions of foul play. Furthermore, the partner will easily catch any sort of deceit, lies, and manipulation in their hearts. The Trust aspect will take time to build between them, but it will be broken very easily.

Their communication with each other tends to be fairly bizarre compared to an average couple. Both of them like to enjoy talking about unconventional topics and are stimulated by them. However, when it comes to discussing day to day things that matter to their lives, both will avoid them. Scorpio likes to dominate every aspect of their lives, and Aquarius finds any form of productive communication futile in nature. The couple will still enjoy their communication due to the novelty factor of saying anything.

The Trust and Communication of Scorpio and Aquarius are fairly low. The couple's communication is fairly strong; however, they don't talk about anything productive. Trust is extremely weak, and they are not true to their partner, tormenting them.

Aquarius and Scorpio Emotions Compatibility

In terms of values, Scorpio and Aquarius both are significantly different from one another as people. Scorpio sees commitment to their partner and relationship as an absolute must for them to co-exist with one another. They are extremely emotionally driven and hence love sexual connection with deep intimacy. The zodiac sign also expects their partner to be equally committed and exert control. 

Aquarius personality is driven by the ideals of personal freedoms and having the independence to grow as a person. For them, a relationship is about having each other back to fly while supporting their partner. 

There's a strong value clash between them, which will be a point of constant fights and conflicts for the couple.

Emotionally, the couple is in a strong conflict, and they will not be satisfied. Scorpios often tend to get too emotionally attached to the Aquarius, while they tend to be quite distant. To win the heart of an Aquarius, Scorpio would have to adopt given up control, which is not possible.

Another issue is that Aquarius will not accept a partner or personality that stops them from being free. There is a severe fear in them, further creating more problems leading to more clashes.

The Value and Emotional compatibility of Scorpio and Aquarius are extremely low. They might never see eye to eye with one another and never accept the other to their fullest extent.

Aquarius and Scorpio Relationship Compatibility

Zodiac Signs Compatibility

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As they say, opposites attract. The manic energy of fire-like Scorpions is doused by Aquarians' cool, calm yet assertive energy. It means that the aggressive nature of Scorpions is offset or handled incredibly well by the Aquarians. This binds them, although there are bound to be sparks and skirmishes of fighting and tiffs. 

To be honest, it is difficult to see Aquarians with Scorpions in the first place. Aquarians are free-spirited thinkers and liberals in their thoughts and actions, while Scorpions are rigid and dominating in their values. The pairing could be skeptical, but with the right dosage of passive-aggressive energy and 'meet-in-the-middle' stance, both the parties could very well live together happily ever after. 

The must-have points are as follows:
1. Respect each other's thoughts and values
2. Always end a fight before sleeping together - never let it simmer or continue till the next day - sort it out.
3. Always be aware and careful presenting one's personality before the other partner - understand the past mistakes and learn from them before committing another act of angry outbursts.

Scorpions are just like their animal counterparts, are known to sting or bite the emotional chords of their partners (i.e. play or mess up someone's feelings). There needs to be a constant understanding to be mindful and aware of marking it as a special relationship, more so with Aquarians who are delicate and sensitive and always want love and affection from the stronger partner. 

Aquarians are casual, flirtatious and not strongly attached to their partners - they want a reliable, protective companion and fulfill their needs.