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Aquarius Leo Compatibility

Aquarius and Leo Compatibility

Your sun sign is Aquarius
Your partner sun sign is Leo
aquarius match leo
Aquarius                 Leo

Match Percentage  75%

Leo and Aquarius' compatibility with each other is strong and forms a happy relationship. 

The process of getting to that perfect union might be bumpy and filled with roadblocks. 

Leo initially might find Aquarius to be quite timid and cold for their open-heartedness. Aquarius might find Leo to be quite pompous and overly extroverted for their taste. 

Once they get to know each other and look at one another beyond the surface level. They will realize the inner emotional depth the other one possesses, and that is what connects them. 

Leo and Aquarius are perfect for one another, but they need a little bit of push. 

To Notice that special life partner in front of them.   

Aquarius and Leo Love Compatibility

A strong sense of wanting to be loved is ever-present in both Leo and Aquarius. They can be selfish in their needs but there's never an absence of love in the relationship. 

Emotionally these two are incredibly connected, and that is the biggest strength of their relationship. A transformative sexual connection further enhances strong emotional compatibility. It further binds their love for each other and makes for a long-lasting relationship.

The one aspect which could potentially be an issue in their love is weak trust and communication compatibility. Their value system is similar but also quite fragile and unmovable. Each of them demands extremely high standards and will constantly test each other over the matter. If they fail, it could become a big issue that is hard to recover from. 

Both of them need to be at each other's level and have to make compromises with one another. However, it is critical to communicate with each other, and love doesn't get dampened.

Ultimately a Leo and Aquarius couple has a high chance of a fulfilling love life. Love is something they are both attracted to and which ensures it will flow between them smoothly. 

Aquarius and Leo Sexual Compatibility

It is said that love blossoms and attraction happens when opposites interact with each other. This saying couldn't be more true in regards to the sexual compatibility of Leo and Aquarius. One likes to live on top of the world, while the other likes to pull them down. Both are vying for each other's attention, and they are constantly struggling for independence.

Leos tend to be extremely rough and aggressive in the bed. Their dominating personality as a sexual personality can make them seem like selfish lovers. They, however, have a sensitive side to them that can be brought out by Aquarius.

Aquarius is much more sensual and sensitive. They like to caress and seek an emotional connection to peek in the bed. Foreplay and being imaginative are as important as the act itself. They tend to get attracted by Leo's magnetic personality and find a caring side to them. 

All these pent-up energies collide into the matter of under the sheets and sexually active love life. Both embrace each other and find a strong intimacy to share their naked selves both physically, emotionally. They want to improve the other one and grow as people through the sexual process. 

Their sexual compatibility is quite high and positive for their self-image.

Aquarius and Leo Frienship Compatibility

Aquarius and Leo Trust and Communication Compatibility

Both Leo and Aquarius look for trust, communication in their respective partners and are challenging each other. 

Aquarius might struggle to build their trust in a Leo partner because they need to hog the spotlight. A Leo may enjoy worldly pleasures and seek attention, but they are loyal at the end of the day. At the same time, if the partner passes the test, they can give each other freedom to explore.

If the trust is broken between the two, it won't be easy to reconnect. This might lead to the end of the relationship between Leo and Aquarius.

In terms of communication, they can be a bit all over the place and might struggle with each other. Leos and Aquarius are constantly fighting to be dominant in the relationship. While the struggle is what fuels the relationship, it can fracture things between them. They need to be in tune with each other and bring their energies to the same level. 

If they are not able to do so, strong communication is not possible with one another.    

Their trust and communication skills need improvement, but both can form strong bonds once they have sorted the differences.  

Aquarius and Leo Emotions Compatibility

Both personalities have a strong value system and strive for individualism in their goals. 

Leo and Aquarius both like to be heard and acknowledged for their core beliefs. If anyone doesn't give them the necessary attention they deserve, it becomes a sticking point for them. Most Leo and Aquarius individuals will connect on this aspect, forging their relationship stronger.

Even though it is not apparent immediately, both Leo and Aquarius are made for each other emotionally. 

The emotions of an Aquarius are hidden, which makes them quite elusive and mysterious. Ultimately they, like everyone, want to be showered with love and be the center of attention. Luckily Leo is exactly what they are looking for and much more.

When Leo is in love with someone, they are filled with vitality and warmth. They are passionate to the core and will put the other person at the center of attention. The honeymoon phase of the relationship is so fulfilling that an Aquarius would like it never to end.

When the union of Leo and Aquarius happens, it feels like a missing piece of themselves is now found. They are possessed by this feeling and are deeply in love with each other.

The value and emotional compatibility between these two are extremely strong and powerful. 

Aquarius and Leo Relationship Compatibility

Zodiac Signs Compatibility

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Having a crush on Leo can be a daunting task because people surround them. It can be difficult to tell whether they like you or are just being their casual selves. 

The best way to gain their attention is to be confident and comfortable in your skin. With high compatibility between the Zodiac signs there's a good chance they will find you. The only thing we recommend against is being in the corner and not talking to Leo.

An Aquarius might have the appearance of a cold personality, but they are just introverted. It's easy to confuse the two things, so please talk to them and learn more about them. 

Slowly you'll see them opening up to you and see the beautiful, emotionally rich mind. It can be quite enriching for you, and you'll get to learn a lot from them.

Being attention seeking is often directed to the idea of neediness, but that is not Leo. They are just naturally attracted to positions of leadership, and that can be misconstrued.

People who are born leaders are quite opinionated, and they like to share their thoughts. When enjoying life, they enjoy every moment to such an extent that it attracts everyone around them.

As a Leo, you have to be careful when approaching an Aquarius for sexual prospects. 

For them, Sex is much more of an emotional experience than aggressive action. You have to set the right tone and expectations for both parties. 

Let them be the dominant personality in the beginning and be the submissive. Once they are out of the shell, you can now be the dominant one and see how it goes. 

This question is much more of a close race than you might expect it to be. 

Leos are the obvious choice when you need to get everyone fired up and motivated. However, some leadership positions require more careful thought and consideration. 

Here you'll see the benefits of Aquarius and their incredible insights into leadership positions. They are both equally capable, just in their ways. You have to know where their personality types fit into the larger scheme of things.