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Aquarius Monthly Horoscope

September, 2023

This month you shall not have any astronomical leader to lift you or to keep you in its protection. But then there is nothing to feel disappointed because the situation will be positive more or less. Saturn and Mercury together will reinforce many positive situations in your life. Whatever you have been thinking till now will begin to take shape. So take everything in your stride. Your ventures that you had started months back will now begin to bear fruit and you will reap benefits of your hardwork. Your efforts will not be lost in vain. But be cautious and do not feel over confident. Your over confidence can mar your efforts. Feel free to interact with people and seek their suggestions. You will be able to gel with others and they shall support you.

At your work place you will have to struggle to get results. But you will surely be rewarded for all your hard work. Be vigilant and keep your eyes and ears opened. Trust your intuition and do not be misled by others. Though people will be very supportive and come out with great ideas yet it would be best if you use your discretion and wisdom to go ahead. When you achieve success do not make a pedantic show. Keep it to yourself and display at the right time.  If you are an employee, watch out for your superiors. They will question you on every move and every decision that you take. Feel confident in whatever you do. You are bound to take the right decision. You have prepared well for all this time to reveal whatever you have been working on. Have faith in your own abilities and allow no one to put you down.

In your love life too, you are advised to follow your intuition rather than focusing on your environment. Do as your heart says for many times you will face dilemmas and stand at crossroads. Your loved ones will question you many times and ask you for your opinions. Be flexible in your opinions for any arguments now would lead to failures later. It is good to lose few battles in order to win war! Remain cool and follow your heart when it comes to choose your partner. Do not take a hasty step now for you might have to repent later!


AQUARIUS DATES January 20 - Feburary 18
SYMBOL Water Bearer/ Cup Bearer
RULER PLANET Saturn and Uranus
BASIC COLOUR Silver and Blue
LUCKY METAL Aluminum and Uranium
BEST COMPATIBILITY Sagittarius, Gemini and Libra
HOUSE Eleventh
LUCKY NUMBERS 4, 7, 11, 22 and 29
LUCKY GEM Amethyst and Amber