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Aquarius Personality

Aquarius Personality

Aquarius -The Water Gatherer
( January 20 to February 18 )

Aquarius is an Air Sign
Saturn and Uranus rule Aquarius; Saturn was considered as the father by innumerable Greek Gods. Uranus was ‘discovered’ much later, known to be very powerful – and added as a ruling planet of this sign. The unique combination of both these planets causes them to behave the way they do and also results in the quality of dominant leadership. They are called the humanitarian sign because innumerable people espousing great and worthwhile causes and serving humanity stand under the umbrella of many persons born under Aquarius. Saturn, which happens to be the planet that governs, makes them naturally reticent and reserved. This becomes an asset inachieving. The memory becomes even more sharp as a result of a studious influence. Basically Aquarians are modest and self-effacing. It is their amicability and openness that makes them popular. Sometimes the desire for solitude is only to mull over some facts and then take important decisions and work gets done better and faster when they are alone. Aquarians who can focus on the qualities of kindliness and honesty can easily scale the peak of success.

Details :
The Water Bearer is the symbol of this sign of the zodiac and the eleventh sign of the zodiac. The new millennium which needs a certain social awareness is perfectly heralded in by this sign. They are extremely charitable, altruistic and genuinely care about bettering the world population. If they are to better the world, a lot of energy must focus on social organizations and their mode of efficiency or inefficiency. Aquarians can well be called seers whose thoughts constantly remain focussed on betterment of the world populationand due to their ability to attract people towards their cause, they become extremely popular. Just as water is an essential element Aquarians also bestow on the world novel ideas and musings. Most all Aquarians can be put into the category of near geniuses are not copied in any way and are extremely creative at the same time. No particular demands are made – agreement with their thoughts is compensation enough. Disagreement does not suit the Aquarian Naysayers will quickly find out that Aquarians can be edgy and even volatile with anybody who does not concur. In tune with their sign, which is fixed, they can be rather adamant in their opinions. Their tendency to give has to at par with their brand of comfort level and further, it has to be on their own terms and conditions. This particular zodiac sign is uniquely distinctive - particularly in terms of needing a lot of space. Travelling is an activity they thoroughly enjoy and have an urge and need to amble wherever they want. Though Aquarians are sensitive and understanding- however they definitely like it when things go their own quirky way. Some might call them odd balls but their innate goodness allows them those quirks. In a way uniquely their own, Aquarians prize their friends and evenassociates and generallyto give back as much as is feasible. They have a marked desire to be right all the time! Uranus instilsin Aquarians theiridealistic spirit. This particular sun sign is attracted to radical and novel ideas. This taking of a different path is actually an asset for them. This is further revealed in their love for technology as it continues to evolve. Aquarians more often than not are creators of revolutionary ideas that can give the world a thorough jolting. Air is the element associated with them and Aquarians this aura of intellectualism surrounding them. It is possible to achieve a lot thanks majorly due to their broad and logical pattern of thinking. – and this is always for the upliftment of everybody. Aquarians are firmly convinced that it is their novel manner of dealing with any issue at hand that can bring about the necessary changes in the world. A determination to make a difference characterize this zodiac and they are compassionate and giving. They also prefer to have friends and acquaintances around them – even while just playing around. Some of their preferred sports are basket ball, tennis and even water polo. However, a word of caution –weak ankles can be a hindrance. Among the colours that naturally appeal to them are aqua blue or shiny silver i.e watery colours. Where love affairs are concerned they like flirting and can be very playful. Its watery colours which Aquarians favour, a shiny silver or an aqua blue. When it comes to love, Aquarians will also be playful, even flirtatious. Though ‘Finders are keepers’ so far as they are concerned, jealousy is not in them. They are trailblazers and their genuine concern is upliftment and betterment of society and the world at large.

Profile :
There is an astounding ability to communicate and intellectual capability in them. A Higher Consciousness and Social awareness is very typical of this sign. For a fixed sign, Aquarius is very adaptable. A craving,for life, things that are fresh, propel the Aquarius in every direction! The one fall-out is – without having some kind of anchor and a desire to listen, they tend to become scatty and disorganized. They are quite happy to try novel activities, but unfortunately usually never master anyone. That results in throttling all prospective success. Their positive and electrical energy can be stabilized by slowing down every once in a while. . It is by being receptive that their rebellious nature can be curbed by all concerned. As a forerunner into the 25th century the future-oriented energies of the Aquariusgive all members of this sign a distinct advantage.


The Positive Side of Aquarius:
Those under this sign are blunt and speak their mind, with no hypocrisy. These are his two greatest qualities. Very high standards are set and others can always depend on him. Aquarians are regarded as the most tolerant and accepts willingly that everyone is entitled to his own opinion and approach to whatever situation. There is never any tendency to cruelty and people in need can always be sure of help from him. Though individualistic, there is a sense of bonding with others, but his natural tendency is to remain individualistic. The Aquarian is futuristic in his mode of thinking. The members of this zodiac are broad minded. To summarize, the positive sign of the Zodiac is service and unconditional giving. Thus they usually have no problem in getting along with others.

The Negative Side of Aquarius:
Being far too dreamy is a besetting sin of the Aquarian. Unrealistically made plans never get carried out. A runway imagination can lead him into lots of trouble. Unconventional behaviour incurs the disapproval of others many a time. Being enmeshed in his own world, reality often escapes him. Aquarians do not accept their own faults and assume that they are the best. This could even lead to being fanatical. However, they are sometimes so critical that it turns negative and negative.