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Aquarius Facts

Aquarius Facts

Must-Knowing Facts About Aquarius
According to astrology, people born between January 20 and February 18 come under the Aquarius zodiac sign. In general, Aquarius people are widely known for their quirky nature. They can not make ready their mind to follow any instructions from others. Aquarius men and women carry a rebellious, independent, and humanitarian spirit.
Element By Origin:
According to the origin, Aquarius individuals are ruled by the Air elements. The influence of the Air sign turns the characters of Aquarius people cognitively. According to the air element's characteristics, Aquarius men and women have multi-dimensional personalities, representing solid emotions when they experience unconventional challenges in life.
Ruling Planet:
Regarding planetary influences, Aquarius men & women are dominated by two - the ancient ruling planet, Saturn, which makes them disciplined, and another ruling planet, Uranus, which turns the Aquarius character forward-thinker, rebellious, and unpredictable. 

Significant Personality Traits of Aquarius People:

What Are The Positive Characteristics of Aquarius People?
Open-minded Character:
Aquarians often have a high level of curiosity to follow the trends that can make their life beautiful. Their independent attitude drives their mindset to try new things beyond traditional hesitations and societal terms. So, they welcome any progressive system with intellectual thoughts to acquire their objectives.
The unconventional approaches of Aquarius people make them highly creative in their thoughts and activities. They are always prone to resolve their curiosity by involving themselves in the modern, unique, and evolving system. The artistic sense and utmost level of integrity are combined in the characters of the Aquarius people.
Out-of-the-Box Thoughts:
Aquarius men and women always find authenticity and excitement. So, they can be bored with a conventional lifestyle. So, they prefer to follow their enchanting ideas and do not depart from the surrounding environment to spend time alone for internal refreshment.

What Are The Negative Characteristics of Aquarius People?
Emotionally Challenged:
Aquarians always carry a solid independent nature, pushing them to build walls and disconnect themselves from closed ones. This nature challenges Aquarius people as they can not share their feelings in any relationship for their ego. Moreover, they experience emotional vulnerability when opening up with family and friends. They often try to find understanding members in family and friend circles as they can healthily express their emotions.
As Aquarius men & women prioritize their independent views and choices, they unknowingly create little distance from surrounding people. So, though they try their best to fit in with surrounding people, a feeling of stigma makes them awkward in the social arena,
Aquarius people tend to adopt spontaneous changes in life. They prefer to follow consistent changes if it leads to new positivity and opportunity. The surrounding people often feel irritated as they can never assume the next steps of Aquarius people.
Dark Sense of Humour:
Aquarians can not feel the effects of their sarcastic comments, which can hurt the feelings of others. Though Aquarians have no bad intentions to hurt their surrounding people, their sharp and eccentric sense of humor may hit the self-respect of others.

Behavior Patterns of Aquarius People:
Fluctuations of Temper:
In personal circles, Aquarius people often represent their emotionless behavior in adverse situations. When they go through mental pressure or struggles, they can not control quick and sudden expressions of emotions. But, at the same time, Aquarius men and women do not want to expose their emotional vulnerability in front of others. And sensitive matters hurt the Aquarius people a lot.
Aquarius men and women carry a future-oriented mentality, which drives their characters to acquire their ambitions. They tend to adopt positive changes to ensure progress in their life and their surrounding environments. For example, they become interested in solving climate change or global hunger crises.
Their thoughts are highly compassionate, and their inner-self carry an intense sense of justice. So, Aquarius people never step back to dive into social campaigns.
Extremely Idealistic:
The visionary sense of justice & empathy makes the Aquarius men and women obsessed with idealism. They always look for the perfect system, ways, or places. This mentality often pushes them towards frustration, depression, and dissatisfaction.

Typical Traits of Aquarius Men:
What Are The Common Characteristics of Aquarius Men?
In general, the rebellious attitude makes the Aquarius men different from others. They have an extraordinary zeal to bring positive changes in their surrounding environments. They are highly energetic, and you always find fun and closeness with Aquarius men. Aquarius men are smart enough to manage social circumstances with their innovative & creative power.
Are Aquarius Men Perfect Husbands?
Aquarius men carry truthful behavior towards their wives. You can face painful circumstances several times as they take a dark sense of humor. But Aquarius men do not have any intentions to hurt anyone. If their wives allow freedom and personal space, Aquarius men show respect and love to their wives.
What Qualities in Women Attract Aquarius Men?
Women, who can coordinate with men, are the best choices for Aquarius men. Aquarius men always want someone who supports their plans and endeavors for the best objectives in life. Women who do not hesitate to prioritize their self-confidence can easily attract Aquarius men.
How Aquarius Men Treat Their Life-partner?
Aquarius men have such a personality, which drives them to be flexible with their life partner. If the wife emotionally stimulates them, the Aquarius man also expresses his ideas and feelings to her. Aquarius men are open-minded and affectionate to their wives.

Typical Traits of Aquarius Women?
What Are The Common Characteristics of Aquarius Women?
Aquarius women are spontaneous in behavior, mysterious in personality, and honest in social relationships. As they prefer to stick to their eccentric decisions, the people surrounding Aquarius women feel distant due to unpredictability. Aquarius women love to represent themselves uniquely in the latest or weird clothes. Moreover, they prefer to carry their idealism in the crowd. 
Aquarius ladies tend to analyze any things or matter to the end. So, sometimes, they behave in a cold & insensitive manner. 
Are Aquarius Women Perfect Wives?
Aquarius women are simultaneously empathetic and practical. They love to fascinate the freedom of decisions and views in their relationships with their husbands. Aquarius women prefer to be the best friend of their husbands. They like to be engaged in social rituals.
What Qualities in Men Attract Aquarius Women?
Aquarius women want men who are highly confident about their objectives and do not force them to change their views, opinions, or decisions. Aquarius women want their husbands should do something which makes them cheerful.
Aquarius ladies prefer to be competent in relationships, so they want to get a transparent image of their would-be husbands.
How Aquarius Women Treat Aquarius Men?
Aquarius women generally are faithful in relationships and prefer to understand their life partners. Aquarius women treat their husbands in a contemporary manner. With a strong appetite for progressive life, Aquarius women keep their focus, making the bonding of marital relationships unconventional.

Relationship Compatibility: Aquarius Men Vs. Aquarius Women:
How Aquarius Men Manage Marital Relationships?
The intense love and loyalty of Aquarius men help them to maintain long-term marital life. As Aquarius men prioritize the concepts of development in life, they expect their spouse will carry enough endeavor to support them in their tasks. Aquarius men give importance to the individuality of their partners.
How Aquarius Women Manage Marital Relationships?
Due to having unpredictable intuitions, Aquarius women make the task of understanding complex for their husbands. Aquarius women expect their husbands to treat them with intense maturity to make the home environment safe and cozy. An Aquarius woman uses her eccentric and spontaneous choices to approach their husband diplomatically.