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Aquarius Female

Aquarius Female

The Aquarius female is an out and out non-conformist and does not follow the conventional norms of society. ‘Whimsical’ is what a lot of people think about her. The Aquarius female will undoubtedly question what most female take for granted. Education to her is something that she has taught herself – high falutin do not make all that much of a difference. School to her is just an institution – not necessarily a place where she actually learns. The job or jobs that she is designated will be done well, but it will be executed in her own inimitable style. A disguised go-getter is the name of the game. The Aquarius female will not allow herself to be bored by sitting idle – and will find some work or the done which is both interesting and necessary. It would be foolish to expect the Aquarius female proceed in accordance with tradition. Independence is another very marked trait of her character. A joint account is not for her – it must be sole. The Aquarius female requires space for herself -- even in a marriage. There will be no happiness for this personality if her existence is just being part of a couple – she has to have her own separate identity. Her importance to her partner has to be for herself – and not merely because she is what she is when she is with him. When the time comes for the Aquarius female to be a mother, these characteristics will most probably be passed on to her children and will try very hard to make her kids aware of the fact that she is special.

The basic and fundamental reason behind an Aquarius female feeling all stressed out is the absence of emotional involvement to a very large degree. There is an abiding feeling of being disconnected with others and not really being able to reach out to them. Something always seems to be missing. This is a problem that can be resolved by ensuring that the bondings are more substantial and far more developed. If more reaction is from the emotions rather than cerebrally, there will be a marked improvement. An Aquarian will try out everything in her power to remain positive when she is feeling the most overwhelmed. At such times they do need to remain , but quite often find that impossible to explain to others. They have the habit of shutting out people when they are feeling particularly stressed. Neither do they even attempt to give any explanation for this strange and abrupt manner of behaviour. No matter how stressed out an Aquarius female is, it is very important that the partner have the confidence to believe that she still loves him as intensely. During this period she might not want to be with anybody (even her partner) ; but he is most likely on her mind all the time.

It is practically an impossibility to understand the Aquarian female – even when she is at peace, with all her defences down. There is an acute dislike of being typecast and the lady is more than likely to change her mind at the last minute – just to ensure that she is not taken for granted. However, if an Aquarius female is at peace and actually allows a probable partner to break through all the partners, it is more than well the wait – simply because she is unique. She is totally different from everybody else and very difficult to pin down. It does not really make much of a difference to her what anyone else think when she has peacefully decided on any particular course of action. The Aquarius female can be larger than life, with grand gestures to boot; at the same time she can also present a far more coy picture. There are certain people in her life whom she cares deeply about and for them there is practically nothing that she will not do. Appearances might make it seem that the Aquarius female is the epitome of being self-centred – but this is directly in contrary to what is the truth. A humanitarian to the core, she will by a natural instinct come to the rescue of others. The idealistic and creative part of her being probably would lead her to choosing psychology, travel, education or social work as career options. Of course there is also always the probability that she might choose to go into some business of her own. There , she can be her own mistress and not have to answer to anybody. No matter what the circumstance, her work will definitely be aimed at betterment of society.

Risk taking is part and parcel g in the amorous adventures in bed is p art and parcel of the amorous proclivity of the sexual preferences of an Aquarian female. However, much as she might enjoy a good romp in bed, sex is not all that important to her and neither is it the focal point of her life. According to her way of thinking sex and co-habiting are just natural processes of the body and there is no need for any sentiment about it. It satisfies certain cravings and urges of the body and does not necessarily enhance or bolster a relation. The Aquarius female is more than happy with the fact that her partner is deriving pleasure from the physical act and will go a long way to make sure that he is fully satiated and satisfied. In turn though, she expects the same from him – and no holding back either. A point to always keep in mind is that a male who is looking for some kind of relationship with an Aquarius female should keep it firmly in mind that she is not the kind of female to look at life through rose tinted glasses and live on love and fresh air.For her sex is something that is sometimes a need and she likes it hard and fast without any frills and fancies. She does not consider it necessary to pay any attention to what the world at large thinks; if something feels good, there is absolutely no reason to stop. There is no fright in trying out something novel. Experimenting and exploring are two things she thoroughly enjoys. There should be vast amounts of flexibility. To put it in a nutshell , the Aquarius female is a real fun lover to have.

The Aquarius female is always replete with ideas of every sort and kind. She is in the habit of questioning almost any and everything and as a result comes up with the newest of ideas and thoughts and beliefs. What is strange is that she does not nurture any secret desire to be the one to put it altogether. As a leader she can be good and inspiring provided that she exerts some sort of control over her assertiveness and inflexible manner with employees. If she is an employee, the Aquarius female can be regarded as hardworking and likeable. Among the professions that would suit her are scientist, athlete,travel industry,social work, the art and politics. A run of the mill routine job is not one that will appeal to the Aquarius female. She is not only independent, but innovative too. Her people's skills compel her towards jobs where she will be able to put these skills to use. An Aquarian female should not be micro-managed. A lack of big daddy keep an eye on her works best.

The financial stability and well-being of the Aquarius female is entirely and absolutely her own responsibility. It is her own fierce independence that ensures that. The female of this genre is forward thinking and really does not mind taking a few risks, but she will also be canny enough to think about the possible the possible future ramifications. There is however no idea of saving or spending with fervour – her feelings about money remain just that. The Aquarius female is not particularly attached to money and are perfectly content to give it away to someone who has a greater need for it. It is advisable that an Aquarian female hires an accountant for managing financial matters, if the amount of money is on the larger side. There is of course a segment of Aquarian female who are extremely attached to this filthy lucre and they can be quite canny and shrewd with it. But, those financial advisers who believe that she can be taken for a ride very easily ought to keep in mind that it is their very nature of being unemotional and detached that make them very tough people to negotiate with.

Ankles are the part of the body that Aquarius rules and it would be a wise female who pays heed to this. There is a general tendency of Aquarians to sprain their ankles – it is not because of any weakness, but because they are probably thinking of something else and manage to trip and take a fall. The Aquarius female generally does not care too much for physical exercise - unless of course there is some social cause involved. She is certainly not seen at the gym very often.

Though an Aquarian female is a very loving parent, she will still need some time completely to herself in which no one can be permitted to intrude. The children ultimately appreciate this as they too learn to be independent. An Aquarian mother takes the bother of understanding their children and giving them respect as well a lot of care. They never talk down to their children , but neither do they go down to their level. Games the Aquarian mother plays with her children will be exciting. An Aquarian female takes a lot of pride in her family.