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Aquarius Male

Aquarius Male

The Aquarius is well known for his geniality and bonhomie and there is virtually nobody that he takes an active dislike to. Thanks to his outgoing nature, there is a virtual plethora of friends. For him a very good way to pass the time is to delve as deep as possible into the mind of a person and find out all that is possible about him. It might not seem very fair, but this is absolutey in contrast to how he reacts for his own self personally. There is a deliberate attempt at covering up one’s feelings and of course deceiving others by giving a different impression altogether. For the Aquarius, love is nothing more than a passing pleasant experience – till of course the marriage ceremony actually takes place. An Aquarius tends to believe that everyone in the universe is special – and that could include even the people he has not met. Selfishness is certainly not amogst his faults and he does not like people who are petty minded. Though Aquarius is idealistic, he tends to change his mind pretty often.o the background. Once realization dawns on him that a female is actually special to him, he focuses all on her and tends to relegate the world. It will take him a world to bring him down to earth again. The Aquarian tends to get restless easily and starts moving on to the next unsolved mystery that is not an open book. Another facet of the Aquarian is that he can turn scating and nasty with a very sharp manner of talking. Loyalty is an asset that you can take fir granted with him and he does not take it lightly. Marriage might not be at the top of his agenda and it will take him a long time to admit his need.

If the general outlook of the Aquarius is understood, it becomes that much easier to understand him when he is at peace. There are a lot of unique qualities of the Aquarius male personality, which generally allows them to remain at peace – no matter what situation they find themselves in. Especially when an Aquarius male is at peace he is even more of an extrovert and more than willing to reach out to others and have peace and cheer around him. It is a very unlikely situation to have an Aquarius male without seeing him surrounded by a bunch of friends. They are usually at peace because no matter who the person is or persons are, they are willing to help any different category of people and are not selective in any way. When Aquarians are at peace, they can be amongst the most creative of all zodiac signs. Ideas which are bound to have something new about them. Whether it is a romantic date, a business project or even a simple birthday celebration, - they will come up with a whole barrage of Being at peace makes an Aquarius a lot of fun. Another very important facet of being at peace is for the Aquarius to feel that there is complete freedom around him. It acts like oxygen for him, without which he cannot survive. So, too many constraints will compel them to break free from whatever restraint. A lack of jealousy and over possessiveness makes them at peace with themselves.

Quite a large part of the time an Aquarius male feels so stressed out that he is almost worried about stopping being tense! If there is silence, there is a tendency to consider that as an ominous sign and the male will want to break it at any cost. When the Aquarius male strives very hard to take his mind off all the problems and dichotomies, he finds himself quickly getting exhausted. What the Aquarius needs to realize is that he is not really making an effort to take time off for relaxing. It is very likely that he has become a male so enmeshed in habits that it is practically impossible to drag himself out of the mire. Instead of trying to cure that insomnia or headache through pills and tablets, , it is not getting to the root of the problem. The only remedy to that is getting rid of all the clutter in life and pulling out of obligations that are becoming painful and burdensome. An Aquarius male would perform much better if he can manage to eke out some time in which he can just be himself without constantly feeling the need to play some kind of role or the other. Perhaps it would do good to even think about a complete change in life style. What a stressed out Capricorn needs to learn is that relaxing does not necessarily mean doing nothing – there is always the option of reading a book that you enjoy, immersing yourself in some movie. An Aquarius must become aware of the side of his personality that is pushing him on so much that one fine day it might work out to be all too much to handle. There is definitely a reluctance to admit to the growing tiredness as also to the fact that some changes are very badly needed. Aquarius has to admit to himself that he deserves some freedom from responsibilities – no matter what demands the whole world and his wife seem to be making on him. Though Aquarians might be very sociable, they also need to learn a lesson or two about making time for themselves.

To come straight to the point, the Aquarius male needs mental stimulation or mind games that in turn will serve to ignite the red hot physical intimacy that both partners carve. However, what makes it easy is that the Aquarius is easily stimulated by words and will be quite happy to make the first move when it comes to sex and matters in the bedroom. Superficial beauty does not make much of a difference to him. He is erotic in the extreme and foreplay is a thoroughly enjoyable past time- of course followed by deep and intimate sex, with the addition of various games. Sex is an entirely different ball game altogether for this male. Just as he is eager to see that his female is totally and absolutely satiated, there is also the same expectation from his female. There is a perfect eagerness and willingness to try out various postures and in different places too. So far as the Aquarius male is concerned, sex and emotions are two different concepts altogether and it is totally against his nature to mingle the two. Threesomes are also not a very strange concept to him. There is absolutely nothing that he regards as offensive – because everything to him is a new and thrilling discovery. What adds spice to all this is an untrammelled wild imagination. There is a constant search to add something a little different to his sex life. This said he has no problem at all about going to bed with experienced female , who can share all that they know with him.

The scientific and logical mind that an Aquarius male possesses is an absolute sure entry qualification into a great number of high tech industries. These kinds of jobs are not only well paid, but at the same time logical and secure. The Aquarius male succeeds in practically every aspect in this kind of ambience. The other great aptitude that Aquarians have is for social work that will help stabilize the financial standing of others in need. There are a lot of Aquarians who earn through teaching, being activists or politicians – but they are not as souls satisfying. So far as money is concerned, reaching the pinnacles of financial success is not the main aim of the Aquarian. Any activity that indefinable and vague is not satisfying in any way to the Aquarian. What the Aquarian male truly needs is something down to earth and absolutely pragmatic like the sturdiness of machines or truth that is able to wrought some positive changes to the welfare of human life in general and the nobility of it.

A major impediment in the structure of the Aquarian male is having a weak structure. The fall out of this is even a minor fall or accident can cause major broken bones that need surgery. Their backbone,heart, throat nervous system and bladder can also be an arena full of problems and worries. A great plus factor however is the fact the digestive system of the Aquarius male is extremely adaptable and almost any kind of cuisine is easily digested. As Aquarian men tend to worry about almost anything and everything, there is a lot of pressure on the brain. This in the long run can be the reason for epilepsy or brain tumour. A balanced diet will usually do a great deal in contributing towards better health for the Aquarian male. Sugar levels would be kept down and the circulatory system would definitely work better with a reasonable intake of tuna, clams,walnuts ,apples, oysters, radishes, corn, lettuce, and grapefruit. Aquarians tend to gulp down a lot of junk food and sodas and other aerated drinks. There is a need to have plenty ofseeds, fruits, nuts and vegetables.Caffeine does not do the much good and so they should think about consuming herbal tea instead.