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Aquarius Birthstone

Aquarius Birthstone

Aquarius birthstone:
An Aquarius is someone who was born from the date of 21st January to 18th February. Those people possess calm and quiet qualities that have healing properties to the soul. Usually, the birthstone is allocated to people who do not have happiness, fame, and good health. The gemstone is all about bringing prosperity and luck to people's lives and making them cheerful. An Aquarius birthstone is a stone that can stimulate energy and enhance the personality. It is worn to gain popularity and to strengthen the ability to take risks. The Aquarius birthstone always tries to strengthen mental weakness and provide stability in life. If the individual is facing continuous failure in life,  then they must wear the Aquarius birthstone.

Aquarius birthstone and its origin with history :
The Aquarius birthstone is regarded as a calm gemstone with features that relate to the water. Sometimes, they are calm and quiet and if there are disturbances, they may turn violent. The Aquarius birthstone is considered to be the Garnet. Garnet is a pile of silicate minerals. It is considered to be a lucky gemstone for the Aquarius people. Garnet is a gemstone that has various varieties which are also considered to be the Aquarius gemstone. The Aquarius birthstones are Almandine, pyrope, Spessartine, Grossular, Andradite, Mozambique, and Uvarovite Garnet. The Garnet can be found in different colors. But most commonly it is found in the color red. But the secondary colors that can be found will be orange, yellow, brown, and pink. The astrologer advises to wear the specific color of the Aquarius birthstone for the specific vibrations in the Aquarius birthstone. Before buying any Aquarius gemstone, people should choose the color of the Gemstone because of the positive vibrations which will be beneficial for the individual. The origin of the Aquarius birthstone name was derived from the Latin word which means a fruit called Pomegranate. From the fruit, the garnet name was discovered. This stone was used during ancient Egyptian times. Earlier it was used as an abrasive. It was also used as a stamp in ancient times to seal important documents.  It was also considered as the representative of the sun. The Garnet is found in some countries such as Namibia, Myanmar, Brazil, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka. 

Auspicious gemstones for the Aquarius Men:
The Auspicious gemstone for the Aquarius Men is considered to be the Neelam. After wearing the Aquarius gemstone, a lot of changes will be seen in the Aquarius destiny. Besides that, there will be a lot of professional positive changes. The Aquarius birthstone will bring more calmness to the Individual life. A positive aura will be formed around the Aquarius individual.  It will keep the connections to the soul more in an optimistic way. In Aquarius Men, there are a lot more chances of having bone-related issues such as knee problems, and arthritis. All the health issues will be eliminated by wearing the Aquarius birthstone.  It will also detoxify the toxic elements from the body and make the body healthy.

Auspicious gemstone for the Aquarius Women:
The Auspicious stone for the Aquarius women is Garnet. After wearing the Aquarius Gemstone, wealth as well as fortune will follow them. Wearing gemstones will not only add to their wealth, but it can also help them to be creative. It will also reduce the stress in their life by making their life more joyful. Their artistic skills will be upgraded and flourish. The advantages of wearing the Aquarius birthstone will be more on their health side. All the problems such as bone issues, arthritis, paralysis, and knee problems will be solved. The Birthstone will make them more disciplined and help them to focus on their dreams. 

How to use the Aquarius Birthstone?
The Aquarius Birthstone should be used by the Aquarius individual. The proper way to use the Aquarius birthstone is that it should be studded on a gold ring or a Silver ring. The ring should be worn on the middle finger of the hand. The day which is considered to be worn is Saturday of the Sukla paksha month. By maintaining these rules they can bring happiness and fortune to themselves. 

Benefits of the Aquarius Birthstone:
The benefits of the Aquarius birthstone are wide and strong and have a positive ambiance around them which transfers to the individual who carries it. It also carries healing properties that can heal the scrape that has been done. Wearing the Aquarius birthstone Garnet will bring more luck to their respective lives. Bringing love into the life which blossoms at the perfect time. Helps to eliminate the stress level from life by creating an excellent imagination. Help the individual to stay away from negative energies. The Aquarius birthstone helps to re-energize the chakra of the body by re-utilizing the positivity in the body. In the health section, it will help purify the blood in the body, besides that it will help the lungs to perform better. Increasing the metabolism in the body will be an additional feature of the Aquarius birthstone. Any inflammatory disease can be cured after having the Aquarius birthstone.  In an individual, the truth will be the pillar of their life after taking up the Aquarius birthstone. The willpower becomes strong and will boost up. The energy level of the individual will be maintained after having the Aquarius birthstone. 

Every birthstone has some quality that will be beneficial to the person. The benefits will only be applicable if it is used in a proper or disciplined way. Positivity will help to eliminate the problem which haunts the individual.