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Aquarius Sign

Aquarius Sign

Aquarius is an Air Sign (January 20 to February 18)

Introduction and History of Zodiac Sign Aquarius:
Aquarius stands as the most unique Zodiac sign, and its incumbents experience wisdom and uniqueness. This makes them appear unusual and energetic to the people. It is defined by their fight for freedom, or remaining shy and quiet at various times. No matter what the case is, they are considered deep thinkers and very intellectual people. Though they can adapt themselves to other people around them, the Zodiac sign Aquarius prefers to have alone time as well to restore their energy. They trust their mind always and might lose interest in things that had excited them initially. These people are spontaneous and love to live in the moment. But, this does not mean that they do not think about a secure future. 

As per the introduction and history of the Zodiac sign Aquarius, the Aquarius constellation represents the young shepherd boy named Ganymede. He was kidnapped by the Greek god Zeus, who brought him to Olympus. There he was supposed to assist as a cup bearer to the gods. His main job required him to keep pouring the wine into the cups of the gods so that they never get empty. Indeed, it is difficult to find the Aquarius constellation because none of the stars are bright. In terms of identifying it, Aquarius can be located beneath the Great Square of Pegasus.

Basic Personality of the Zodiac Sign Aquarius:
Considering the basic personality of the Zodiac sign Aquarius, they are very upfront and would speak their mind. In fact, they do not involve them in shady business and always keep the point right. These people will tell you about how they feel without sugar-coating their words. There are chances that some people may find them to be cold. But, it is their way of controlling their emotions and ensuring a deeper thinking process. Besides this, Aquarians are creative and have an intellectual bent of mind. 
The Zodiac sign Aquarius is known for preferring mental peace over anything else. They have people in their life to guide them through enlightenment to develop deeper thinking. One thing to note about them is that they like to have authority over things. If not allowed to do so, the Aquarians may aloof them from the people to retreat and think wisely. They make sure to have intellectual conversations and would not like to deal with excessive issues cropping up. 

Aquarius Zodiac Sign Traits:
The Zodiac sign Aquarius are smart person with the habit of putting their thoughts upfront. They are not fake people, who will sugar-coat their words to make anyone feel happy. These incumbents will say what is there in their hearts and what they truly feel about. Besides this, they do not like to get into fights which may seclude them from people doing so. Some of the Aquarius Zodiac sign traits are:
Analytical mindset
Highly assertive
Innovative and creative
Liberal and fair
Follow their rules
These traits are intended to bring out the best of the Zodiac sign Aquarius as they are nice people to interact. They will make sure to help you with true intentions and never back off. Indeed, they will not always praise you; but will point out your mistakes and empower you to overcome your faults. 

Love and Relationship of Zodiac Sign Aquarius:
Intellectual motivation is the highest requirement for the Zodiac sign Aquarius. Certainly, they get turned on by getting involved in a highly interesting conversation. Honesty, communication, ideation, and inclination to take risks are the great qualities that can be seen in high-spirited Aquarians. Along with this, they tend to expect integrity from the people willing to stay in their lives. in fact, they cannot withstand betrayals and will not entertain any person backstabbing them in life. In this matter, they will seclude themselves from such people for mental peace. 

The Aquarians give freedom to their partner because they perceive them to be equally powerful as them. Despite having all the freedom, they need, the Aquarians can find trouble in daily interactions with the most important people in their lives. As a matter of freedom and privacy, the Zodiac sign Aquarius can turn out to be difficult with people not willing to understand their vibes. Aquarians also love to enjoy travel, adventure, and outdoor activities. This means that they would like their partner to have some sort of similar mindset as it would strengthen their bond. 

Aquarius Man:
Aquarius man is an impulsive, intellectual, independent, social, and an excellent communicator. They can also be variable and stubborn. But, with the companionship of the right person, they can develop flexibility to some extent. An Aquarius man will keep thinking and talking in his mind. It is the companionship to discuss their advanced thoughts and ideas. When it comes to developing a bond with Aquarians, you should become their friend in the first go, and other things will follow. As everything starts falling into place, the Zodiac sign Aquarius may start trusting you. Along with this, they will set their boundaries and will not like anyone to cross them because they get offended. They want their partner to respect his requirement for freedom, his eccentricity, and, the need to make a difference in the world.

Aquarius Woman:
An Aquarius woman is always seen as independent, secretive, free-spirited, and peculiar. In fact, they have a very great sense of humor and an impeccable ability to stay consistent. She might pretend to be cold-natured. But, in actuality, an Aquarius woman needs someone to be romantic with them and share excellent conversations. Such a woman makes an outstanding partner in emotional and mental peace matters. But one thing is sure, she may not hold long in a relationship if experiences any kind of disrespect. She gets attracted to people willing to be different from the crowd. Also, the Zodiac sign Aquarius needs someone to trust her and lift her into better conditions. An Aquarius woman is a highly creative partner, mostly in who is willing to try new things to maintain the charm of a relationship. Moreover, she wants to get her due share of respect and love without any demands from her partner in return. In this situation, she might walk away from a relationship where her partner turns out to be excessively demanding. 

Aquarius Friend and Family:
Despite their skill to communicate efficiently, the Zodiac sign Aquarius requires time to develop closeness with a friend. In this wake, they may not show emotions or become vulnerable to such things. They are keen to self-sacrifice. But, this situation may arise only if the Aquarians feel utmost necessary. Besides this, the Aquarians are always on the lookout for creative friends who show integrity towards them and have a strong intellect to communicate effectively. Obviously, they do not wish their friends to bind them in anything because their freedom to them is essential. 

The Zodiac sign Aquarius has a lot of expectations from their family members. They will always seek solutions or assistance from their family, even if things are not falling into place. The Aquarians will make sure to impose their will on the family and get things done their way. But, this does not mean that they are not responsible towards their family. Another matter with the Aquarians is that they cannot be brought down with emotional blackmail as such things do not work on them. 

How to Recognize Aquarius?
When it comes to recognizing Aquarians, there are certain characteristics that can be identified by others. Though the Zodiac sign Aquarius is much known for valuing their freedom over anything, they make sure to help people in need too. But, the problem with them is that they cannot live in boundaries and people trying to do so will see them getting secluded. 
Always helping people
Living in their own world
Intelligent communicators
Exhibiting creativity in every sphere of life
Gets aggressive quickly
Does not get moved by emotions
So, identifying an Aquarius becomes quite possible when you see the above-mentioned traits. The Zodiac sign Aquarius makes sure that everyone is taken care of without others forcing them to do anything without their will. 

Aquarius Strengths:
Considering the Aquarius strengths, they are independent people who do not need anyone to support them on the emotional front. Along with this, they are helpful people willing to self-sacrifice in need. They make sure that everything and everyone around them is taken care of. Indeed, they are creative people with an innovative bent of mind. With this, they are capable of giving great ideas to other people. The Aquarians are always focused on their goal and cannot be distracted in any way. 

Aquarius Weakness:
Despite having strengths, Aquarius weaknesses can take them down too. In the wake of being independent, they tend to feel alone. As the Zodiac sign Aquarius does not like to stay within boundaries or any sort of compulsion, they get angry or frustrated. They do not like people stopping or instructing them what to do and what not. Moreover, the Aquarians have a habit of not compromising in any situation or with any person as they value their mindset and freedom above all. 

Aquarius in Career and Money:
The Zodiac sign Aquarius brings passion, enthusiasm, and modernization to the workplace. These people have an extraordinary ability to utilize their creativity for growth in the business. Their intellectual mindset combined with an inclination to share knowledge tends to inspire many people. They are futurists willing to engage in generous activities and prefer to work in an office space supporting excellent circumstances. 
In terms of finances, the Aquarians like to spend on different things as they like a lavish lifestyle. But, this does not mean that they cannot save for the future. Indeed, creating a saving zone for them is a priority. They prefer to live their life in their own way and do not shun away to show it. This is the reason that their preferred colors can change as per the existing mood. In fact, the Aquarians like to show their personality without any restrictions imposed on them. 

Aquarius in Health:
The incumbents born under the Zodiac Sign Aquarius may have issues with their nervous system. Besides this, the Aquarians might experience health issues with the throat, backbone, and bladder. Another health problem that Aquarians might come across is anxiety because of worrying too much. All this could lead to brain disorders or even tumors. Apart from this, the Aquarius in health should be careful about getting a nutritious diet and proper sleep. Taking note of their fitness regime, they always seek motivation to do so. 

Aquarius Compatibility with Other Signs:
Taking note of the Aquarius compatibility with other signs, the most ideal ones are Libra, Aquarius, and Gemini because all of them give the same vibes in friendship and romantic relationships. Besides this, the fire signs like Leo Sagittarius, and Aries tend to depict the same intellectual side of the Aquarians. On the contrary, the Zodiac sign Aquarius is highly incompatible with water signs such as Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces on one side and Taurus, Capricorn, or Virgo on the other side. With the incompatible signs, Aquarians might develop very short-lived companionship. 

Aquarius Symbol:
The Aquarius symbol is represented by the water carrier having two wavy lines, which means that it tends to contain water that flows out without restriction. This states that the Aquarians are free-spirited people and will not like to live in boundaries. They tend to display creativity without any restrictions imposed on them. Of course, these people like to live their lives on their own terms and not be forced by any other person. If they are forced or restricted, the Aquarians can get really angry. 

Aquarius Ruling Planet:
The Zodiac sign Aquarius is ruled by the planet Uranus, which represents creativity and innovation. It tends to have the same vibes as Aquarians in terms of distinctive attitude, visionary mode, and thinking capability. Indeed, the Aquarius ruling planet Uranus represents surprising events as well, which means the Aquarians can be unpredictable in different faces of life. 

Aquarius Ruling House:
The Aquarius ruling house is 11th in the moon chart, which represents a high social lifestyle, communicating well with friends, working with large teams, and dealing with humanity. This is well-connected with the Zodiac sign Aquarius in terms of its willingness to dream for a better future and vouch for justice. For this, they may get into acts of doing justice too. 

Aquarius Element:
The Aquarius element is represented by fixed air, which means that the incumbents are very stubborn and will always like to live life on their own terms. Indeed, the Zodiac sign Aquarius is represented by the water bearer too. This means that they are always active in imparting knowledge to the world and getting involved in humanitarian acts. 

Aquarius Quality:
Talking of Aquarius quality, they are fearless and stubborn which makes them do things as per their choice. These people do not like any sort of interference in their lives and value freedom to the utmost. Anyone trying to interfere in their life might have to experience their anger. 

Aquarius Gemstone:
Considering the lucky Aquarius gemstone, it is the Blue Sapphire that takes the first place. This is a powerful stone, which has been known for providing abundance, wealth, and prosperity to suit the wearer. Besides this, Amethyst can also be one of the luckiest gemstones for the Zodiac sign Aquarius. It is known to clear negative energy and channelize the positive one in the wearer.  

Aquarius Color:
The lucky Aquarius color ranges from grey, blue, Aquamarine, purple, white, and Turquoise. These colors tend to reflect the personality of the Zodiac sign Aquarius. By wearing these colors, the natives can feel more confident and extremely powerful in handling a great lifestyle.