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Hindu Baby Boy Names Starting With U

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Hindu Boy Names Starting From U

Udayachal horizon of eastern direction
Udayan a king of Avanti, rising
Udayasooriyan rising of Sun
Udaybhan the Sun rising
Udayraj ruler of stars
Udbal strong, might
Udbav beginning, origin
Uddhar freedom, liberty
Uddhav friend of Lord Krishna
Uddip gifting light, inundation
Uddipta light from rising Sun
Uddiran Lord Vishnu's name
Uddiyan speed of flying
Uddyam giving effort, start
Udeep bestow light,give radiance
Udhav to ascend
Udey Sun rise
Udit matured, awakening, to shine
Udup shining like sun
Ugam ascending upwards
Ugra awesome, strong
Ugal to radiate and shine
Ujan river's upstream
Ujay winner
Ujit ever winning
Ukta told , spoken
Ukti usage, vocal sound
Umit Hope, wish
Umma cheerfulness, happy
Unav ancient city
Unni one who is modest
Upal a gemstone
Upam first in order, greatest
Upen younger brother of Indra
Urav active, excitement
Urja strength, energy
Urva belonging to thig
Usha early morning, light
Utam highest, best in quality
Uagar title of Lord
Ubaid sincere, faithful
Ubayy highly confident
Uchit correctness, right
Ucita pleasing
Udaar humility
Udbal powerful, great
Udank depth
Udant right message
Udapi sucessful, like God
Udara highness, greatness
Udari person with kind heart
Udarsh brimful, full
Udath gentleman, princely
Udaya ascending sun
Udbal powerful, great
Uddam effort
Uddav friend of Lord Krishna
Uddin radiance, light
Uddunath ruler of stars
Udeep inundate, flood
Udell from tree valley of Yew
Udesh ambition, world conquerer
Udgam ascending star
Udgat one who has ascended, leader
Udhai a variety of worms
Udham trails and efforts
Udhar freedom
Udhav friend of Lord Krishna
Udhay Lotus of blue color
Udipi mountain
Udita to rise
Uditi ascending sun
Udrek superior, thought blossoming
Udupati god of stars
Uduraj emerging king, ruler of stars
Udvansh of royal descent
Udyami tireless, hardworking
Udvah offspring, best
Udyam try, make effort
Udyat furthest sun, star
Udyot shining star
Ugrah causing fear, terrible
Ugrak King of serpents
Ugyen develop, prosper
Ujaas ray of bright light
Ujala bright with light
Ujasa specific light before dawn
Ujesh light thrower, who shines
Ujjal bright with shinning light
Ujjan city of old times
Ujjay one who gets victory
Ujjes winner
Ulagan related to world
Ulaganathan ruler of world
Ulagappan world's inventor
Ulagarasan worlds emperor
Ulamaaran one who has courage
Umaiappan name of Lord Shiva
Umaiyavan Lord Shiva's name
Umakant Lord Shiva's name
Ulhas joyful, happiness
Ujval shinning, splendid
Ujwal brightness of light
Ukesh a gift from God
Uksit energetic, grown fully
Ulagu whole world
Ulasa joyous, cheerful
Umapati Uma's consort
Umanand Lord Shiva
Umanath another name of Lord Shiva
Umang enthusiastic, desire
Umasi philanthropic, generous
Umber of sky, sky
Umedh hope, wish
Umeed desire, hope
Umeko one who is kind hearted
Umesh name of Lord Shiva
Umprasad Goddess Parvati's blessing
Umrao Nobleness, ruler
Unkar name of God
Unmaj ascending, developing
Unmesh Unending joy
Unmil to appear, visible
Unnabh greatest, of highest order
Unnat powered, given energy
Unnit develop, get riches
Unwin little friend
Upagupta a Buddhist monk's name
Upamanyu a sincere pupil
Upala a gemstone
Upali gemstone, diamond
Upasi one who observes fast
Upavi to wish, making happy
Updes preach, counsel, advice
Updev highest, chief
Upesh one who preaches
Upkar merciful, beneficence
Uppal a stone
Uppas a precious stone
Upraj ruler of proximity
Upvam a little garden
Upwan jungle
Uqbah end of all things
Uraaj arson, fire
Uresh kind hearted
Urjit one who has powers
Urvaksh full of happiness
Urmay cheerful, happy
Urmik contended, happiness
Urmil that which floats
Urnik different from others
Uruja thig born
Urvil fearless, brave
Urvir brave souls of earth
Usama ruler of jungle, lion
Ushma enthusiastic, passion
Utbah threshold
Utanka follower of sage Veda
Uteaj full of action, a sword
Utesh superior, best
Utham having good quality, virtuous
Utkal beautiful
Utpal lotus flower, water lily
Utpat powerful
Utsah anxious, sad
Utsav ceremony, celebration
Utkarsh of great quality, development
Uttar king Virata's son