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Hindu Baby Girl Names Starting With T

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Hindu Girl Names Starting From T

Taalika Palm, Calm ,Easy, Comfort, Key
Taamasi Night , rest, relax, The river
Taanaya Girl, Daughter , Born of the body
Tamali A tree with very dark bark
Tamasa drakness, night ,A river
Tamasi Night, Darkness, Faded
Tania Daughter , Born of the Body
Taarini The girl who frees someone, Another name of the goddess durga
Takshii The girlw who has her like the pigeon
Takshikha Bliss, paradise, comfort, relax
Tamasa Night, Darkness, Faded
Tanaymee Very calm , soft , in Deep concentration
Taniya of the family
Tanishi Another name of the goddess Durga
Taniksha Goddess of Gold, Girl , Daughter
Taru Tree , Myth , Legend
Tina River, War like, Holy, Pure, Little one, An instrument
Tiya A Bird, Parrot , Beautiful , Prosperity
Tyra Untamed, God of Battle , Thor's struugle , Light, Deity , Warrior
Talya Dew of heaven , Reach bearer
Tamsi Moonlight
Tannistha Loyal, Sincere, Dedicated and Devoted
Tansi Charming , Beautiful , Adorable , Princess
Tanuja daughter , girl
Tanupa Hunger , need
Tamera A spice or the palm tree
Tanushri Beautiful, pretty , charming
Tanvisree Adorable, Elegant
Tapani River, the holy river Godavari
Tajagna Excellent, intillegent,Brilliant
Tanmaya Inheriting, Asorbing , to adopt something
Thapsaya Meditation, Concentration , Goal oriented
Tharani The planet Earth
Tharisha Wish , Desire, Hope
Tamanna Aim of achieving something, reaching the goal,
Tharunki Goddess Lakshmi, Symbol of Wealth
Thenmoli Pleasant, polite, charm , speak sweet like Honey
Thenral Encouraging , Cool Breeze, Wind
Thia Gift of God
Tholakshi Spiritual, Goddess Parvati , Wife of Lord Shiva
Thresha Star, Humble, Noble
Tilaka A kind of necklace, Auspicious sign or symbol
Timita Qualified, Calm, Steady , Confident
Tapanga Sweet, Cute, Unpredictable
Tabita Talent, skills , Gift
Triya Young girl , Cheerfull;
Tanavi Delicate , Decent, Beautiful
Tarjini Index Finger
Tashvi Composed , Charming , Lucky
Tiraya Search of something , Finding the appropriate option
Trapti Part of Life ,Satisfaction
Tvesha Brilliant, Excellent , Intelligent
Trisha Fever of God
Tripta Satisfied , Pleased , Satisfaction
Triti Instant , A moment in the Time
Turvi Superior, Advance, Popularity
Tushitha Satisfied , Pleased , Happy
Twinkle Shinning , Glimpse
Twetty Singing Bird ,Name of a Little baby
Twarita Frequent , Fast , Rapid
Tuni Shower of Happiness
Tarla Nectar, Star
Teena Clay, Anointed, Strong , Healthy , An instrument
Teejal Water, lustrous , Brightness
Tonya Praise worthy , Inavlueable, Priceless
Tsaru That gives some meaning to other, Meaningful
Tamara Spice , Gift Of God
Tamojita Conquer of Darkness
Trashini Donating , Giving something that is yours
Tejavati Lustrous , Shinny
Tanurikia Blossom , Flower ,Fragnance
Tarunikha Silent, Quiet , Calm
Twisha Brright, shine , Brilliance
Teekshita Clever, Sharp , Cunning
Thushitha Goddess Saraswati
Therojashi Effulgence
Tapi Nme of the river
Tarana A musical composition
Tarangini The river
Tarani Boat, ship, Travel
Tarla Honeybee, Nectar
Tarpini Offering the obilation
Tanjila Sweet, Beautiful, Charming
Tavisha Heaven, sky, Desire
Taruna Young girl , Cheerfull, Young Woman
Thirumagal Goddess Lakshmi
Thikshitha Beauty in the world,
Tanmeet Trustworthy, Royal, Reliable , Loyal
Tarali A group of stars shining in the sky
Tarinya Goodness , Perfectness
Tejasee Brilliant, Excellent , Intellegent
Tayshya Aliveness
Thanima Courage , Motive , Ambition
Thridha Name of goddess Durga
Thannaya Daughter , The Girl child
Trishla Desire, Wish , Aspiration
Tharini Enabling to cross over
Tithi Date, Appointment
Taanusiya A great Devotee
Tabreesha Free as a Bird
Talya Reach Bearer
Tanirika Flower , Rope
Taanu Slim, slight, lean
Tansi Beautiful Princess , Angel
Tanzil Beautification or Paradise
Tanika Rope , Cord , Cable
Taja Crown , proud , Achievements
Tamas Night , Twins
Trinita Problem Solver ,eternity, perpetuity
Thiyasha Thirsty, silver ,Eager
Tanisi Goddess Durga
Tuhina Refers to the Dew Drop
Triveni Confluences of Three rivers
Thumri Classical Melody Songs
Tischa Joy, Happpy , Paradise,Pride
Toral A folk heroine
Tejaswita Brightness, Light , Brilliant
Tejeswari Lalithamba's Other Name
Tashvi Charming , Composed
Triambika Goddess Parvati
Trayi Intellect
Triguna Meya , Illusion, Goddess Durga
Triguni The Three Dimension
Triyima Darkness, Night
Tulsilata Sacred plants
Taan Energy, Ability , radiance
Tarsh Genuine , Ruler , Leader
Tersem Pure Warrior
Tanmit Devoted, Faithful, Comitted
Trivani Goddess Durga
Tansi Beautiful Princess , Angel
Tapi A River
Tulya Equal, Similar , Analogy
Taanis Fairy Queen
Tasida Horse Rider, courageous
Toshala Satisfaction , Confidence , Comfort
Tridhara The River Ganga
Trikaya Three dimension
Thrivarna Three Colours and Three Goddesses Parvati, Saraswathi and Lakshmi
Thrilaksha Three Eyed Durga
Trijagrati Goddess Parvati
Teta Innocent Beauty , Perfection b
Tvishi Ray of light, Energy , Brilliance
Tapi Name of river in India
Tajsa Princess
Taipa Spreading the wings
Talasi Corn-Taseel flower
Tapanga Unpredictable, sweet
Temina Pure heart, Honest, Kind
Tarshu jolly nature, naughty
Turanya Swifting
Tula Zodiac sign , Balance
Trupti Satiatedness
Tista Tributary of Ganga river in North India
Teji Radiant , Filled with Lights
Tywla Woven with the Double Thread
Tarli Star, Humble, Noble
Tadi Wind, Air blow
Tilda powerful and mighty in the battle
Tilaka From the valley
Timila An instrrument
Tanmayee Reicarnated, moderate
Thanessha Ambition, Goal Oriented
Tarulata A creeper
Tanzil Beautification of paradise
Tapasi The Female ascetic
Tashi Born, Birth
Tirrana Running water
Tirzaah pleasant, happy , kind
Trishna Another name of Devi , thirst
Trusha loveable, Deep thinking
Tapni Godavari river at Andhra
Tarika Flower shaped ear ring
Tarala Honey Bee, to Accomplish
Tejomayi Bright, Radiant
Tamira Change, Magic, Miracle
Tapati God sun daughter
Triparna leaf of the sacred Bael
Tanulata Slim , soft ,creeper like body
Turyi Spiritual power, strong
Tadita The running one, Hard worker
Tabitha Like a gazelle
Takisha Healty and alive
Talin Confusion , Unclear , Not specific
Trilochana Demanding,Three eyed ,Targeted toward the goal
Talisha Fortunate Woman , calm, Success
Tamaya In the middle , Centrailised
Tatenda I am grateful,Obliged
Tereza Summer harvest , time to boost up for the new things
Terry Powerful ruler of the people
Tiffany Seeing God , Describing the consequences
Trina Pure,chaste, Satsifaction
Trupti Saturated , Stiltedness, imbued ,sopped
Teertha Holy water , Blessing of the God Thahiya
Trishulini Sacred, Goddess Durga , Humble, Modest
Tusti Peace, Happiness, a for of the Devi