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Hindu Baby Girl Names Starting With J

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Hindu Girl Names Starting From J

Jalpa discussion, discourse, debate
Jovita joy, liveliness, merriment
Jesmitha smile, smirk
Jabeen forehead
Jaina surpassingly good character
Jaladhi treasure trove of water
Jalajaa lotus
Jalajaakshi one who is lotus-eyed
Jalini one whose residence is in water
Jatilaa a lioness
Jeeval full of life, vivacious
Jhankaarani whisper, murmer
Jheel a lake
Jyotika a type of flower
Jyotirmoyee lustruous. glowing, sparkling
Jowaki firefly, nocturnal luminescent beetle
Jyeshtlaa eldest sister
Jyotsanaalataa creeper of moonlight
Jeevanlataa creeper of life
Jetashri a raga
Jigishaa one who desires to conquer or triumph
Jaabili full moon
Jailekha record of victory, a testimony of success or triumph
Jaimathi victorious or triumphant mind
Jaisudha ambrosia or nectar of victory
Jalanhili as blue as water
Jalela deity or goddess of water
Jamini night, twilight
Janishaa dispeller of ignorance or philistinism
Jarul female progeny or offspring
Jasum hibiscus flower
Jeevika water
Jeevitha life
Jehannaz pride of the universe, one who brings laurels to the universe
Jenya true, genuine, authentic
Jithya inquisitive, curiosity to know
Joshita pleased, contented
Janessa the lord of gracious
Januja daughter, female child
Jameela beautiful, gracious, stunning
Jameerah beautiful one
Jayani one who brings victory or laurels
Jayantika goddess Parvati
Jeevankalaa art of life, manner of leading life gracefully
Jhinuk an oyster
Jyotibaala splendour, gorgeousness
Jyotsna moonlit night
Jyotishmati lustrous, brilliant, sparkling
Jyotika light, flame, illuminance
Jagriti vigilant, aware
Jheel a lake
Jharna waterfall, cascade, spring
Jaimaala a garland of victory or success
Janitha angel, holy being
Jhalak a glimpse or sudden glance
Jaanvi the holy Ganges river
Jaanki Goddess Sita, better-half of lord Ram
Janvika one who gathers knowledge
Jasmeet fame, recognition, glory, popularity
Jasmin a sweet-smelling or fragrant flower, Praise or accolade of distinction
Jasweer victorious or triumphant
Jeeva immortal, eternal
Jeevani an autobiography
Jeeteshi goddess of victory
Jenisha superior person
Jesal proof, evidence, authentication
Jenu well-born
Jetal winner, champion
Jia heart, a sweetheart, lively or bubbly female
Jigna intellectual, inquisitive, curious
Jilpa life-giving
Jisha a person having highest feeling for living
Jinkal sweet and melodious voice
Jinsha possessive
Jitisha winning girl
Jivinta life
Jiyanshi goddesse
Joshika young maiden
Joya rejoicing, happiness, elation
Juhi a lovely flower
Joshnika cupid, cherub
Jaimol a beloved girl
Jannat heaven, paradise
Japeen spiritual, mystical
Jasgun famous, renowned, good quality
Jashvi one who is credited
Jashar love with god or almighty
Jasika warrior, foresighted, affluent
Jeenal lord Vishnu
Jnatri successful life
Jonina dove, messenger of peace
Jotvir sunshine
Jivantika one who gives life
Jaladhija goddess Lakshmi
Jatalika female with twisted, wavy or curly hair
Jaswanti famous, renowned
Jarsheni goddess of beauty
Jhilmil sparkling, scintillating, brilliant
Jasmika fragrance
Jaitali happy, gay, beautiful
Jagravi Alert, Awake, Watchful
Jaagritha Alert, Careful, Circumspect
Jahnvi River Ganga, Moon Light
Jaiti a very good or of high quality, winner
Jaimithi Victorious mind, triumphant Intellegence
Jaisvi Victory, Triumph, Success
Jalja Lotus, Flower,
Jalpoorna Full of water, plenty of water, Over flooded with water
Janhita A person who thinks about the wellfare of mankind
Janika Mother, procreator, child bearer
Jansi Rising Sun, Life, Liveliness
Jasbir A victorious person, Powerful personality, A Dynamic Soul
Jashmitha Smiley, Pleasing Smiles, Smirk
Jasmina Beautiful, Charming, Facinating
Jasleena Abode of Fame, Domicile of Dignity, In the Name of God; Successful; Lost in Gods Name
Jasu One who is brainy, Brilliant, Intellectual
Jaya Goddess Durga, Symbol of power,
Jayasudha Nactor of Victory
Jyoti Light, Flame, Illuminous
Jeevana Life, One of 108 names of the Sun God,
Jitika one who wins, winner, who gets victory
Jayitri Victorious, triumphant, Undefeated
Jeiya A sweet heart, to live,
Jheelakshi One who is bestowed with deep eyes as lake
Jhumki Precious ornament, a piece of jwelery
Jigyasa Academic curiosity,
Jishitha Protector, One who saves life , A gaurdian Angel
Jishna Is associated to LordVishnu, Ganesh
Jithi Victory, Triumph, Success
Jodha Name of a princess, Akber's wife
Joshini Enthuziastic, Full of Zeal
Jyotima Light, bright flame, luminous
Jyotirmayi Lustrous, Shimmering, Luminous
Jyotsnika The Moon
Jitya winner, champion, successful
Jamuna A holly river
Jagati bestowed with speed
Jagjot light of the world
Jaimala Garrland of victory,Glory with the Union of God
Jaimani A Gem, A precious Stone
Janani Mother, child bearer,Tenderness; Goddess Lakshmi, the earth
Jasgun fame, recognition, glory, popularity
Jhelam A holy River
Jhanak Melody, Rhythem, Beats of songs
Jhumpa intellectual, inquisitive and beautiful
Jaamini Darkness, Midnight, Duskiness
Jaavali A song, type of dance
Jaimika Happiness, prosperity, enjoyment
Janusri Loved, adored, cherished
Japneet Daily praise of God
Jasdeep Brave, Light of God,
Jasmeer One who is Fragrantly Praiseworthy
Jayasmi Victory, winning, Success
Jayanti Goddess Parvati; Victorious
Jayesha Stars, luminary, starlet
Jeetesha goddess of victory
Jeeviya Lovable, admirable, adorable
Jemisha Queen of night
Jhoomer Sparkling, shimmering , Gleaming
Jivanta To give life, making alive
Jivisha Wish to life
Josrima Her Highness
Jyotisha Light, luminous, Bright
Jasvita Decent; Benevolent; Loud; Lucky
Jaskirat Brilliant; One who Sings Praises of the Lord
Jeswitha The mother of godess Laxmi
Jhillika Brilliance, excellence, intellegence
Jyoshana Enjoy, Fun, Relish
Jaasritha Name of Godess Laxmi
Jaishwari God Winner, One who wins the God's Heart
Jaitashri Name of a Music Raaga
Jaladhija Water; Goddess Laxmi
Janapriya One who Loved by the Whole World
Janeshtha Desired by Men
Jayshri Godess Durga
Jayanisha Gold
Jaganmayee Name of Godess Laxmi
Jalajakshi Lotus eyed
Jivepreeya One who Loves the Life
Jyothirmai Light in Life, Life full of Brightness
Jayalaxmi Goddess of Victory
Jyotishmati Luminous; Bright; Glowing; Lustrous
Janaknandini Daughter of King Janak; Goddess Sita
Jayavardhini Goddess who Increases Victory
Jishnu-Priya Decent, standard, Immaculate
Jagmohini Godess Durga
Javaali An ancient philosipher
Jala Clarity, Elucidation
Jasminder Lord's glory
Jasnaam Chanting God
Jeevat Soul, spirit, conscience.
Jasmeer Person who is worthy of praising
Jasroop Embodiment of Glory
Jalnidhi Treasure of ocean
Jaitika A Born winner, success full Conqueror
Jaiditya A girl who rises as Sun of victory
Jinai Name of Lord Vishu
Jagatjanni Mother of the Universe
Jaspreet Loved by the whole world
Jasmeet A bestfriend, The Closest companion