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Hindu Baby Girl Names Starting With L

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Hindu Girl Names Starting From L

Labha Gain
Laasya Dance performance by Goddess Parvati
Laboni Graceful
Labuki Musical instrument
Ladli Loving
Laghima Goddess Parvati
Laghuvi Tender
Laharika Ocean waves
Lakhi Goddess Lakshmi
Laksha Goal
Lakshaki Goddess Sita
Lakshana Having auspicious signs on her
Lakshanya An achiever
Lakshita Distinguished
Lakshmi Goddess of wealth
Lakshya destination
Lalasa Love
Lali Blush
Lalima Beauty
Lalita Goegeous lady
Lalitmohana beautiful, graceful
Laranya attractive
Lasaki made with lac
Lata Creeper
Latangi slim girl
Latika small creepy animals
Lavali Clove
Lavangi Seraph
Lavani elegance
Lavanya Grace
Lavenia Pure
Leena Dedicated, women of magdala, to be exist in latent
Lekha To write something
Lekisha Life
Leora Light
Libni Scripts of God
Lillian lily
Lilly Flower
Lipi God's manuscripts
Lipika alphabets
Lochna eye
Lohini red skinned
Lolakshi Power of Lord Ganesha
Lona Pretty
Lopa Divine
Lopamudra Saint Agastya's wife
Loukya Wordly wise
Lucia Light
Lumbika Musical instrument
Lunasha Brightness and beauty of flowers
Lajita Modest
Lakshitha Distinguished
Lakshimika Lakshmi Devi
Larisa Light-hearted and cheerful
Lauhitya Powerful
Lavangi Clove plant, name of apsara
Lavina Women of rome, purity
Lavy Love
Lavya Person who is devoted to his Guru
Laya Rhytm of Music
Layana Lives by the lane, sun-ray
Leenata Humility
Leesha Pure sort
Leeza Dedicated to God, Joy
Lehak A very bright light that even close your eyes you can see it
Lehar Waves
Leisha Noble soul, angle
Leivina dragnet
Lenisha Charming
Levinika power
Likita to write
Linnet a singing bird
Lipi manuscript
Lipshika cute and perfect
Lira Goddess kali devotees
Lisha Pure type
Lithika Perfect and cute
Litika Perfect
Livnoor divine
Liya I am with God
Liyana Softness, art
Liza Dedicated to God, Joy
Laksha White rose
Latikara Group of creepers
Likitha Studious
Lorena Studded with laurels
Laaj Honour, Shyness
Ladu Sweet
Lani Angel from above
Lasa Saffron, birthmark
Lavi Lovable
Lavo Love
Laxy Achievement
Lema The beauty of an eye
Lena Moonlight, types of Helen, moonlight and sun-ray, torch, palm tree
Ligu Picture, writing
Lija innocent and sweet
Lima Goddess of threshold, valued and cultural
Liya Intellignt, beautiful and ambitious
Lolo Wealth
Lopa weaver, wife of sage, another name of goddess durga
Luba lover, loving peace
Luni Salty
Lyna Womanly and little, types of helen, light
Lyra Poem, song, way to express the emotion
Laher Flow, wave
Laiba Extremely gorgeous angel of paradise, female of the paradise
Laina Roadway, route, path, something bright and shiny
Lajja Modesty
Lakha writer
Lakya Person who born on Thursday
Laleh person who born at night, a kind of plant, tulip
Lamya Dark lipped, sweet lips, girl having dark and beautiful lips
Lasik Pure hearted
Lasya Happy, garceful, it is a form of dance performed by Goddess Parvati
Latha Enemy, sweet just like flower and divine wine
Lhamu Devi or Goddess
Likhi To write
Lilac bush of flowers, mauve flower
Limna Someone special, beautiful, a knowledgable person
Lincy Garden, a place of Linden, a lake
Linda Eternal Beauty, vaarieties of Linda lime tree, pretty and gorgeous
Linet Image,
Lipsa Any desire or craving for any specific thing
Lithi Gorgeous and charming
Livya Person who is with God
Lydia Person who is noble and kind, woman from
Laayra Beauty
Labdhi Great power
Labhya Obtainable, accessible
Labuki Musical tool
Lahita Smooth
Lairya Famous God of hindu religion
Lajaka Best and modest
Lalini fragile and smooth
Lamees A soft touch
Lamika fortune, lucky and another name of Goddess Lakshmi
Lapaya Diamond
Larika Intelligent and beautiful
Larina protection, sea gull, affection and soul
Larisa cute, cheerful
Lavani Graceful
Lavena Mother of Romans, The Vine, joy and purity
Lavika Grace
Lavyaa God
Lawnya beautiful, graceful
Laxsha beautiful caring memory, Devi Lakshmi
Ledari sweet
Leisha beautiful angel and happiness
Lekhyaa Mathematician
Lenina Beautiful
Leshya Devi Luxmi
Liksha To take
Litvya An angel
Lochni eye
Logika wife of lord Rama
Logita Famous
Lohita Red, Ruby, Lili and Sunlight
Lolika love
Lokini Person who cares all
Lonika Laxmi
Lopika Sweetness
Laahini Preety and graceful
Labanya Beauty and beautiful
Labhika Profit
Ladhima Siddhi
Laghhuvi tender
Lakesha happy, joyful, lakesiha and its forms are rhyming sorts of leticia
Lakhanaa writer
Lakisha women who lives, Lakeisha and its forms are somewhat like rhyming forms of leticia
Lakshan symptom
Lamiyah lustrous
Lanesha powerful women
Laqshya target, aiming
Larikha happy and contended
Larmika another name of devi lakshmi
Laveena beautiful
Linisha intelligent
Lipshara the immense darkness before midnight
Liswini charming
Lobhana Not so greedy
Logithya Beauty
Lokitha The bright one
Lovleen Infused, imbued and absorbed
Lubania Flowers
Lovisha Love
Loshana Blend of anna and rose
Lubaina the deepest essence
Lubania flowers
Luvleen Illuminated absorbtion
Luvnoor Light of love
Labthika gain
Laaranya Believe or faith
Lityati dedicated
Logitha Beauty
Lokesha Water, lord of king
Loretta small sage one, sweet bay tree, pure and sacred
Lumbini The place where Mahatma Buddha was born,grove
Luckyta being lucky
Luptika Star, person who can hide easily