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Hindu Baby Boy Names Starting With O

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Hindu Boy Names Starting From O

Obalesh Lord Shiva's name
Obuli a name of a Hindu God
Oma Creator, life giver
Om Sacred sound representing Lord Shiva
Oha real knowledge, state of meditation
Ohas praiseworthy
Ohm promordial sound, cosmic sound
Oja strength and vitality
Oisin sacred or divinity
Oli one who is brave and courageous
Oma life sustainer, one who gives life
Omi Sound of cosmos, universal sound
Omu Godly, like God
Omsari divine
Oktai famous, elite, well known
Oni cover, sheilding place, shelter
Ori King who is philanthropic, charitable
Ovi A Marathi saint's sacred massege
Odan cloud over sky, grain cooked with milk
Ogan Wave of tide or water
Ogha deep like see, one with knowledge
Ohas worth praise, praise
Ohit brilliant and sharp minded
Ojal bright light
Ojan wave, spirit of union
Ojas name of Lord Ganesha, bright light
Ojjayit person with courage
Ojes a person who sits on chariot
Okal to pass through, to cross
Okas abode or shelter, a place of rest
Okya a brave person, free like air
Omav follower of God, pious, reincarination of Om
Omid a sense of hope or desire or wish
Omio rock or rock like solidness
Omit affection, admiration, love
Omja originating from cosmic union
Omna pious and sacred , pure
Omol controller or lord of time
Omor Awesome, attractive
Omya giver of strength and life
Onil related to wind, wind
Onir something that is shinning
Oogy young looking, bubbly
Oren tree of pine, ash tree
Orit Lord of time
Orma a free person, liberated
Orun brilliance of light
Orup one who is handsome, beautuful
Osha a gift to universe, thankfulness
Osho one who is dear, beloved
Ovil Gods preferrence, loved by God
Ovin beauty and handsomensess
Odika son who is born first
Ogaan togetherness, united
Ogana unitedness and brotherhood
Oisin little one , one who has freckles
Ojadh One who energizes, strengthener
Ojesh bright like light, shinning light
Okhil brilliant
Okmar one who is born first
Okoth one who is born during rainfall
Omesh fortunate one, Lord of Om
Omjaa omnipresent, everything
Omkar sound of pious or sacred syllable
Omran Life long solidness
Omrao ruler or king
Omsri devotional, related to prayers
Onain vision of eyes
Onish name of Lord Krishna
Onkar Lord Shiva's name
Oogan one who is extraordinary
Oojam interest, enthusiasm
Opasa a kind of drink
Opesh strength and support, like pillar
Opkar magnificiant, benefactor
Orang wise, Crown, throne , knowledge
Oresh one who is thankful
Orman one who carries spear
Ornob deep like ocean, sea
Oyesh water god, lord of water
Occhar brave one, hero like qualities
Oochav affection, admiration, love
Ochaar accent, sound of words
Oistin one who held sacred, revered
Ojasin energetic, powerful
Ojasvi brave hearted, fearless
Ojaswa brightly shinning
Ojaswi Lord Shiva's name
Ojasya having strenth and power
Ojayit full of courage , daring
okpati cleverness, shrewdness of mind
Ollepu who ruler forest, lion
Omansh a part of God
Omaran a era of time
Omdutt another name of Lord Shiva
Omkaar Lord Shiva's name
omkara one of created om
Ompati One who is master of Om
Oodaye To born again, to rise
Oomjam gift things to people
Oorjit one who is strong and powerful
Oopraj Kingdom of the Lord
Opurbo good looking , beautiful
Oruvun special one, one person
Oviyan one who has a gift of art, artistic
Obalesh Lord Shiva's name
Obihas belonging to Creater
Ochchav a ceremony, a festival, celebration
Odaniya emperor, lion like
Odendhi shap minded
Odhavji another name of Lord Krishna
Ogan A wave of something
Ojapati Lord or master of strength
Ojasvee one who is fearless
Ojaswin having radiance, strong
Ojaayit who has courage
Ojaswit Radiant and powerful
Ojishth powerful one
Omaansh symbol of Om
Omanand joy and happiness from Om
Omaswat favouring and friendliness
Omendra Name of God
Omkrish name of Lord Krishna
Ompreet Love of Lord Shiva
Onindo bestower of happiness
Onindro giver of happiness
Onnesha truthful, honest
Oopajai to live in, to dwell
Oordhava of highest pedigree
Opinder nearness to God
Oppilan precious jewel, peerless gem
Oangaran name of Lord Murugan
Ohas an ode, praise
Ojaspati Master of strength and radiance
Ojjaswin strength of body
Omeswar Lord Shiva's name
Om sagar river that is divine
Omananda having the peace of soul
Omandand magnificiant, benevolent
Omarjeet the winner of Om
Omeshwar the lord of Om
Omganesh Lord Ganesha's name
Omitabho source of radiance or light
Omswarup looking like Om
Onkarjot Light from God's name
Oogarth offspring of Oagahavand
Oppparili imagination
Oopilan peerless, who has no comparison
Oudichya who hears
Oudumber Lord Vishnu's name
Ovishkar Dark
Ojal light or vision of eyes
Ojaswinee Brilliance, brightness
Ojas full of light,brilliance
Omdearoop Lord Vishnu's name
Omeir one who is long living
Omidvar wishing, hopeful
Omkarnath Lord Vishnu's another name
Omprakash brightness of light
Omswaroop divinity
Onays a nice friend
Onkarjeet to win by Lord's name
Onsi One who brings happiness to heart
Orjun a Palm tree
Oogarath offspring or son of Oagahavand
Opilmani purest gem stone
Ovaghavanth Emperor, king among people
Obaleshwar Lord Shiva's name
Ohileshwar Lord Shiva
Omkareshwar another name of Lord Shiva
Opilliapan interest, having great enthusiasm
Otakoothan a poet, one who makes poems
Ongivalarthan pious or sacred light
Onir shinning brightly
Ori a king who is philanthropic
Oushig offspring of evening
Omna pure and pious
Omav reincarination of God
Omesa Lord or creator of Om