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Hindu Baby Boy Names Starting With K

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Hindu Boy Names Starting From K

Kakila adorned around neck
Kalari Lord Krishna's name, enemy of death
Kalash a pot that is sacred
Kalesh Lord Shiva's name
Kalika one who has overcome death, long living
Kalind a mountain, strong like hills
Kahn Lord Krishna's name
Kale one who is affectionate, loving
Kapil a thought, thoughtful
Kala talented, good at fine arts
Kailas Lord Shiva's abode, name of Himalayan peak
Kailashchandra Another name of Lord Shiva
Kaina Inteligent, clever
Kaiyaath Famous, give praise, to eulogize
Kalaba Ruler, surname of Karnataka rulers
Kalanjiyam wealthy, rich, prosperous
Kalash A pot that holds water
Kalicharan Goddess Kalicharan's feet, devot of Kalicharan
Kalidas A poet's name, black in color
Kalimohan One who is steadfastly devoted to Goddess Kali
Kaliranjan worshipper of Goddess Kali
Kalipada Feet of Goddess Kali, devotee of Goddess Kali
Kaliyugavardhan Another name of Lord Vishnu
Kaila Lord Jaggarnath
Kaith one who is godly
Kalyan Welfare giver, lucky, fortunate
Kamdev Apostle of Love, Love God
Kamal Good performance, Lotus flower, excellent
Kamik one who is desired, loved
Kamo one who fulfils wishes
Kampu one who is sweet, good
Kamalkant Lord Vishnu's another name
Kamalkar Another name of Lord Vishnu
Kamalapati Lord Vishnu's another name
Kamalesh The protector, preserver, Lord Kamala
Kamaljeet One who achives perfection, superb
Kamalnayan eyes like lotus flower
Kamesh god of desire, name of Lord Shiva
Kamod a varient of raga
Kamraj angel of love, cupid
Kanad Olden times, an ancient
Kanak precious metal Gold
Kanaka of Gold
Kandan Lord Shanmukha's another name
kandarpa love angel, cupid like
Kanhaiya Lord Krishna's another name
Kanhaiya Lal Lord Krishna's name
Kannan Another form of Krishna
Kansbar Owner or master of treasure
Kanshin One who is open hearted, open minded
Kanta Radiant light
Kantilal Radiance of precious stone
Kantimoy which gives radiance, lustrous thing
Kanvar Boy prince, prince who is young
Kanwaljeet victorious like lotus flower
Kanwalkishore young like lotus flower
Kapil name of a Rihsi, saint
Kapish name of Lord Hanuman
Karan a fighter in a war, a warrior
Karna One who was first born of Kunti
karthik first month in Hindu calendar, courage giver
Kartikeya name of Lord Shanmukha
Karun One who is kind hearted, good hearted
Karunakar kind hearted and merciful
Karunamay one who is caring and kind hearted
Karunanidhi whoes heart is full of kindness
Karunashankar Generous, Philanthropic
Karuppan A person who is dark
Kashi Sacred place, famous Hindu holy city
Kashinath Lord Shiva's another name
Kashif Adventurer, one who explores
Kashiprasad A gift from Lord Shiva
Kashyap name of a saint of Vedic times
Kasi glare of light, illuminate, wise
Kasinathan Another name of Lord Shiva
Katha Perumal Lord Venkateshwara's name
Katran One who has deep knowledge
Kaushal One who is perfect, cleverness
Kaushik One who has knowledge about hidden treasure
Kaustav a famous gem worn by Lord Vishnu
Kaveh A legendry hero who lived in ancient times
Kavi who writes or makes poems
Kavin who has attractive looks, beautiful, handsome
Kaviraj a king of poets, a king who is also a poet
Kayan a star in the sky
Kayilai Another name of Lord Shiva
Kedar a varient of raga
Kedarnath Lord Shiva's name
Keerthinath One who is a Champion, Victor
Keisho One who increases wisdom of mankind
Kesavan name of Lord Venkateswara
Keshav name of Lord Krishna
Ketan flag , abode, home
Kevilkishore perfect, absolute, complete
Keyur ornament worn over arm
Keyvan universe or related to world
Khemchand Welfare, Wellness
Khemprakash Light of goodness
Khushal clever, happy
Kian Kingly, who is like a king
Kinshuk a kind of flower
Kiran A ray of illumination or light
Kranmay that which gives full light,
Kirit crown worn by kings
Kirpal one who has kind heart
Kirti famous, popular
Kirtikumar one who will become famous
Kirtinath popular or famous person
Kirubha one who is humane and kind hearted
Kirubhacharya name of a knowledgeable Pandit
Kishore Youthful, youngone
Knud kind hearted person
Khilan a happy one, cheerful
Khilji open, frank
Khirod who lives in milk of ocean, special
Khiroush happy one, cheerful one
Khyata one who overlords sky, powerful
Kiansh name of Lord Shiva
Kiearan dark snikked one
Khaga that which moves on
Khama precious like Gold
Khara pure an solid
Khian extremely fortunate
Khyat popular and famous one
Kiyaan God's grace
Khodi one who is merciful, benefactor
Kokan reflection or light from the ancient
Koge pleant smelling flower
Komagan Prince
Koodal Alagar another name of Lord Venkateshwara
Koormadhi Brilliant, brilliance
Kothandapani Lord Vishnu's name
Kothandaraman Another name of Lord Rama
Koushik one who is friendly, full of friendliness
Kovalan a hero depicted in Silappathikaram
Kovendan King of kings, Emperor
Krit one who is handsome and beautiful
Krpa tenderness, beauty
Krsa a sage having divine powers
Krta an accomplished, a perfect
krvi free like a cloud
Kuja who is born from the earth
Kuku name of Koyal, a bird
Kuma Nightinagle
Kumi everlasting beauty
Kuna Lord Krishna
Kripal One who is merciful, benefactor
Krish nickname of Lord Krishna
Krishan Lord Krishna name
Krishanu like fire or any thing related to fire
Krishanchandra Lord Krishna
Kiumars Pishdadi dynasty's first king
Krishnakanta Light of Lord Krishna
Krishnala Lord Krishna name
krishnamurari Another name of Lord Krishna
Krishnaroop appearance like Lord Krishna
krithikesh Lord Shanmukha's another name
Kshaunish Ruler or King
Kuber Weath God, God who gives prosperity
Kuberchand God of riches
Kulandai Sami Lord of infants,infant God
Kularajan Luck or star of family
Kulbhushan pride or ornament of a family
Kuldeep Light or family's lamp
Kumar young prince , a boy
Kuna good habits, having good character
Kunal made of Gold, name of emperor Ashoka's son
Kundan which free of impurity, pure
Kundana that which is pure
Kunran Lord Shanmukha's another name
Kurumuni person who has many good qualities, pure
Kush Lord Rama's son
Kushal one who is clever and perfect
Kusumakar water body like a spring
Kadak One who is forceful and tough
Kadal deep like ocean
Kagni a small fire
Kahol name of a saint or sage
Kaifi one who is joyful
Kutraalan Lord Shiva, name of waterfall
Kuyilan a bird's name, sweet song bird like a Chuckoo
Kyle voctorious, one who is crowned with laurels
Kunj a sweet voiced
Kuru a leader, a daring person
Kusa sacred grass
Kaavy lines of poetry
Kabra beautiful and pleasnt tree
Kadam first step of action
Karma one who works very hard, industrious
Karna the first born of Kunti
Karni anything that is unique
Karta an actor, encompass
Karti Godly, or God
Karun one who has compassion
Kasar brave, lion
Kashu lustrous
Kohi flying bird, falcon