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Hindu Baby Boy Names Starting With T

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Hindu Boy Names Starting From T

Tej Brigh, Astrong ray of sun
Tez Fast,Rapid
Tanu Slender, Delicate, Body
Tegh Holy place, sacred Water
Taru Little plant , Small plant
Tiku Sweet, Pleasant
Takul Strong, Good nature
Tanuj Son, Boy
Tapas Heat, Saint
Tanuu The Wind, Glow
Tanoj Son, Boy
Taral Liquid, Honeybee
Tarak Star, Protector
Tapur Gold, Gilt
Tapoj Born from maditation
Tapit Refined gold
Tapti warm,Temprate
Tansu Long life, Great life
Taal Music, Solu
Taaj Crown, Culmination
Tab Brillent, Lightning
Tanu Slender, Delicate, Body
Tajh Crown, Culmination
Taru Little plant, Small Plant
Tegh Holy place, sacred Water
Thri Lord Shiva
Teju Pleasant, Pleased
Tenu Good, Excellent,Great, Satisfied
Tyag Lord Indra
Tinu Spot of vermillion, sandle wood paste on Forehead
Tamal A kind of Tree, A tree with very dark bark
Tarik One who crosses the river of life
Tanay Son of wind, Vibration of wind
Tanju Younger, Newborn
Tajh Crown, Jewel
Taksheel someone with an strong character, Great Personality
Takshak A cobra
Talal Nice, Adorable, Attractive
Talank Lord Shiva
Tanak Prize, Outstanding
Tanay Of the family
Tanav Flute, Corrugation
Tapan Summer, The Sun
Taranga Wave, Stream
Tareef Rare, Uncommon
Taresh God of Sun
Trun Youth, Young
Tejas Lustre, Brilliance, Talent
Tilak Ornament, Ornament mark on Fore-head
Trilok Earth, Heaven, The three world
Trinabh Lord Vishnu
Tushar Mist, Fine drops of water
Trimurti The Holy Trinity
Tushaar Frost, Blight
Trinath Ruler of the three world, worshipped in three world
Tanoj Son, Boy
Tanul To expand, Progress
Trinaam Worshipped in three worlds
Tapij A gem, Stone
Trilokesh Lord Vishnu
Trishar Pearl Necklace
Trishul Lord Shiva Trident
Tufan Storm, Blash
Tanuu Diamond,Jewel
Trivid One who know the three Vedas
Taran Raft, Heaven
Tarok Shooting star, Lord Shiva
Taren Childlike, Immature
Tuhin Snow, Blizzard
Tarak Star, Protector, Pupil of eye
Tarun Sun, Young, Tender, Love
Tilok Tip, Auspicious
Tarus Light, Sunny
Tohan Thanks, Glatitude
Tusar Water drops, Smart, Ice
Tohit Beautiful, Cute
Tunav A fluit
Toshi Mirror Reflection, Alert
Tusya Diamond, Jewel
Trang Dawn, Decorated
Tosia Inestimable
Taarank Part of Star
Tubal The Earth, The World, Thou Shall be brought
Taj Crown, Jewel
Tanoj Son, Boy
Tanish Ambition
Tanmay Concentrate, Reincarnated
Tanuj Son , Boy
Tapan Summer, The Sun
Tapesh The Holy Trinity
Taporaj Moon
Tapendra Lord of Heat
Tarakesh Stary Hair
Tarkesh Gog of star, God of Moon
Tejendra The Lord Sun
Tejomay Glorious, Beautiful
Tejeshwar Lord of Brightness
Trishaanth King of Surya Dynasty
Tridev Hindu Trinity, The Creator
Tarendra King of Star
Tavan Firm, Solid
Trigun The three dimension
Tejal Bright, Glowing, Lustrous
Tayak Moonlight, Radiance
Trimaan Worshipped in three worlds, Ruler of three world
Takshak King of Serpents
tesav Humble, Bashful
Tejul Sunshine, Daylight
Theja Lightning, Bolt
Triman Ruler of the three world, worshipped in three world
Teknam One who take support of lord's name
Tapish Strong Warmth of Sun
Trilokesh Lord Vishnu
Tarukh Introduction, Debut
Tejsvi Pure, Clean
Trinath Lord Shiva
Tikoo Splinter, Sliver
Tanith Love of God
Tagore Educated, Intellegent, Trained
Tanush Lord Ganesh, Lord Shiva
Tarank Saviour
Toshal One who walks with every one
Toshan Satisfied, Fulfilled
Trikay Lord Buddha
Tranav Sun, Shine
Toyesh Lord of water
Toshit Happiness, Happy
Trikey A Buddha
Tripat Fulfill, The Holy Trinity
Tusher Snow, Blizzard
Trijat Lord Shiva
Tamohar The Sun, Who Dispels Darkness
Taaresh Gentle, Soft
Tushil Protector, Shield
Taarush Conqueror
Tanavir Strong, Robust
Tapasvi An Ascetic
Tansukh Hapiness of body
Taneesh Ambition, Desire
Taraksh Mountain, Peak
Tejaswi Radiant Personality, Glowing
Tanmaya Engrossed, Peace of heart, Absorbed
Tapomay Full of moral virtue
Tanumay A beautiful mind
Tabresh Love, Emotion
Tabhjot Good, Excellent
Tarunak Youthful, Childlike
Tvesin Impetuous
Takshit Sculptured
Taroosh Heaven, small boat
Tejbhan Sun of splendour
Tathvik Philosphy
Tejnaam Glory of Lord being
Tejveer Fast, Brave
Tejisth Bright, Very sharp
Tejmaan Great glory, Honor
Thalbir Heroic Figure
Tejwant Full ofsplendour
Toshith Happy
Trishab Request, Success
Tanshuman Heart touching, Body touching
Tapinder God of devotion
Tekjeet One who wins Lord's support
Tapanjit Victory ofWrmth
Tapendra Sun , Lord of heat
Tekdeep Lamp which give support
Tapasvat Ascetic, Pious
Taranvir Waeeior of Redemption
Tapanjot Light ofWarmth
Tarshyak King of bird, Garuda
Tapankar Sunbeam, Sunlight
Tej-Deep Powerful Man
Tapasvat Pious, Ascetic
Tejapaal Splendour, Protector of Vigour
Tejindar God of Grandeur
Tejpreet Glory of love
Trigyesh Lord Buddha
Trishanu Thristy
Tejinder God of Grandeur
Tyagaraj Lord Rama, A Deity
Talwinder Desire for the love for Lord
Taranveer Brother of heaven
Tejindra Glorious Chief
Tekpreet Supporting Love, Care
Tarunjeet Victory of the Youthfulness
Thivyesh Satisfaction, Lord of happiness
Trishanth Peace in three world, Lord Shiva
Tirlochan Three-eyed
Turang A thought, Reflection
Tanmayi Ecstasy
Tushit Cool, Chilly
Tandeep Divine Spirit
Tekdev Help of Almighty
Tejbir Bold, Glorious
Tejwant Loaded with Radiance
Tatras Close to truth, Facts
Tanmohit Close to heart, Love
Tanweel Provide, Contribute
Tejasvar Radiance, SHINE
Tashvik Brave, Gallant