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Hindu Baby Boy Names Starting With S

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Hindu Boy Names Starting From S

Saaj One who worships God, Beauteous tranquility
Saket Another name for Ayodhya, City
Saaksh TRUE
Saaransh Summary, Brief
Sathvik Calm, Virtuous, Another name of Lord Shiva
Sabal One who has Strength
Sabarish Lord Ayyappa, Lord of Sabari Hills
Sabhrant Rich
Sabhya Refined
Sachchit Lord Brahma
Sachet One who is Conscious, Joyful
Sachetan Rational
Sachh The Truth
Sachin Another Name of Lord Indra
Sachiv Friend
Sachish Another Name of Lord Indra
Sada Shiva One who is eternally Pure
Sadanand One who is Ever Joyous
Sadar Attachment, Respectful, Thoughtful
Sadavir One who is ever Courageous
Sadhan Work, Acheivement, The Shelter, Fulfilment
Sadhil Who is perfect
Sadish One with a direction
Sadiva Eternal
Sagnik One who wins the fire, passionate, Fiery
Sahadev Youngest of the panchpandavas
Saharsh One who is Joyful
Sahishnu Another name of Lord Vishnu
Sai Deep A name of Sai Baba
Sailendra Another name of Lord Siva
Sailesh Lord of the Mountain
Sainit Created by Vilas
Saish Son Sai Baba. With the Blessing of Sai Baba
Sajit Another name of Lord Ganesh, Victorious Superior
Sajiv Who is Lively
Sakar One who is the Manifestation of God
Sakash One with a light shone upon him, illumination
Saksham One who is Capable of doing anything, Skilful
Sakti Power
Salaj Water which flows from the melted ice from mountain, Water born
Salokh Friendship
Saman Soothing, Purifying, Home or Welfare
Samanvey Coordination
Samir Early morning fragrance, entertaining companion
Samarjit Winner of the battle, another name of Lord Vishnu
Sanat Accompanied by a protector, Lord Brahma
Sanj Creator of the Universe, Another name for Lord Shiva
Sanjit One who is always victorious, Winner from 4 directions
Seemanta Parting line of hair
Seenu One with positive energy, Horseless
Selvam Enjoyable Person
Sendhil Another name of Lord Murugan
Senthil Red and formidable one
Seshadri The King of serpents and Adri- hill
Shaan One who is Powerful, Pride
Shaarvin Victory
Shabarish Another name of Lord Ayyappa
Shadual Someone who has happiness
Shahant Slayer of Aksha
Shail Mountain
Shailen King of the Mountains
Shailesh God of the Mountains, Himalaya
Shaiv A worshipper of Lord Shiva
Shaji King of noble men, Courageous, Bold
Shalang Emperor
Shamak One who makes Peace
Shamakarn Another name of Lord Shiva
Shaman One who is ful of Joy
Shameek An ancient Sage
Shameer Rock that can penetrate metal, A message or tidings
Shami Name of a tree, Fire
Shanay Power of Lord Shani
Shankarshan Lord Krishna's borther
Shankhin Another name of Lord Vishnu
Shanmukha Lord of Subramaniam, Son of Lord Shiva
Shant One who is always peace and calm
Shantanu Great grandfather of the Pandavas and Kauravas, Father of Bhishma
Sharad Autumn Season
Sharan Shelter
Sharath A Season
Sharav One who is Pure and innocent
Sharmad One who confers happiness
Sharu Anothre name of Lord Vishnu
Sharun Sweet, Fragrance, Honey
Sharunan Who is a naughty Boy
Sharva Name of Lord Shiva, Earth
Sharvas Another name of Lord Vishnu
Sharvil Another name of Lord Krishna
Shashank The Moon
Shashish Lord Shiva
Shashmith One who always Smile
Shashrvat Name of Lord Sun
Shashvata A name of Lord Rama, Eternal
Shashwat Ever lasting, Continuous
Shasti Royal Authority, lord Murugan
Shatadru Name of river
Shatayu Hundred years old
Shatjit Who is the Conquerer of hundreds
Sheehan One who is a peaceful child
Shekhar Peak of the Mountain. Lord Shiva
Sheshdhar one who holds snake
Shaimak Silver flame
Shighra Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu
Shimul Name of a flower
Shinjan Music of Payal
Shinoy One who makes Peace
Shirish A flower, rain tree
Shirom A jewel worn on the head
Shishir Name of a season, Cold
Shishupal Son of subhadra
Shiva Lord Shiva, Lucky, whose bow was lifted by Rama
Shivadev Lord of prosperity
Shivaji Shivaji raje
Shivam Auspicious, Lord Shiva
Shivang A portion of Lord Shiv
Shivank Mark of Lord Shiva
Shivanshu Part of Lord Shiva
Shuvasunu Another name of Lord Ganesh
Shivel Lord Shiva's name
Shiven One who maintains balance between life and death
Shivendra Lord Shiva and Lord Indra
Shivenk Lord Shiva and Venkateshwara
Shiveshwar God of welfare
Shivram Lord Shiva and Lord Ram
Shlesh Physical Bonding
Shlok Hymns of Lord, Verse
Shobhit Ornamented, Another name of Lord Krishna
Shorya One who is brave, fearless
Shravan Name of a Hindu month, Name of a star
Shray Marvelous, Credit
Shreerang Another name of Lord Vishnu
Shreesay Another name of Lord Ganesh
Shreeyas One who is Superior
Shresht Best of all, Ultimate, Perfection
Shri Gopal Another name of Lord Krishna
Shri Krishna Lord Krishna
Shri Kumar One who is beautiful
Shridhar Husband of Laxmi, Lord Vishnu
Shrida Giver of beauty, Lord Kuber
Shrimohan Lord Krishna
Shrivardhan Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva
Shubham Good
Shuban Name of Lord Ganesh, Auspicious
Shubendra Lord of Virtue
Shubhankar Auspicious
Shubhashis One who is blessed
Shubhendu Luckily Moon
Shukra Resplendent, The venus planet, Bright
Shulin One who has a trident, Lord Shiva
Shushant One who is very silent
Shvetank One who has a white mark
Shyam A name of Lord Krishna, Dark blue
Sian One who is very intelligent and loves Horses
Siddesh Lord of the Blessed
Siddhan Another name of Lord Murugan
Siddhant Rule, Principals
Siddharth One who has accomplished goal, Achieved all wishes
Siddhesh Lord of Blessed
Siimit Confined
Sinjan Sound of Nupur
Smaran Remembrance
Sohan One who is Good looking, Smart
Soham The presence of diivinity of each soul, God is within
Somaiah it is one of Lord Shiva's name
Somanshu Moonbeam
Somil One who loves to meet different persons
Somit Someone who has got everything
Somvir Blessings of God
Sourabh Fragrance
Sourav Divine, Celetial, Beautifulness
Sreenikesh Sri Maha Vishnu
Subandhu A good friend
Subeer Courageous, A brave warrior
Subhag Fortunate
Suchendra Lord of piousness
Sudama Another name of Kuchela, Friend of Krishna, Meek
Sudarsan Lord Perumal, Vishnus Weapon, Lion
Sudeep One who is very bright, Happiness
Sudesh Country
Sudeva Name of Lord Shiva, Good Deva
Sudhan One who is very Rich
Sudhindra Lord of Knowledge
Sudhir Symbol of smile, Resolute,
Sudip Very bright, Happiness
Sugata A name of Buddha
Sughosh One with melodious voice
Sugreev One with graceful neck, Weapon
Suharta One who is a good seizer
Suhas One who smiles beautifully
Sujat Belonging to good clan, Good birth
Sukant One who is very Handsome
Sukarma One whi does good deeds
Sukarman Reciter of 1000 samhitas
Suketu A Yaksh King, Lord Vishnu
Sukhesh Lord of Happiness, with beautiflu hair
Sumit One who has beautiful body, A good friend
Sunay person who is very wise and gentle
Suneet A kind hearted person, love