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Hindu Baby Girl Names Starting With P

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Hindu Girl Names Starting From P

Pankhudi Soft leaf of a flower
pavna Pure; holy
Payal Anklet; Type of jewellery
Pavitra Purity
Pallavi First stanza of a poem or new leaves
Pihu Sound; chrip; A voice of peacock
Puja Idol worship; prayer; Celebration of worship
Poonam Full moon
Paavni To make pure something
Palkshi White; one with eyes like leaf
Pakhi Bird or Gorgeous flower
Prerna Encouragement
Pari Angel; Charitable princess or fairy
Parul Name of a flower; Graceful; flow of water
Prachi East
Puji Gentle
Princy like princess
Prexa Beholding; viewing; A form of the name preksha
Pushpa Derived from puspa; Flower
Purvi grom the east
Priya Beloved one; Loving to everything; Loved one
Priti Love; bonding
Prahi Wellness
Punya Virtuous
Purnima Full Moon night
Pujitha Worshipped
Pushpita Decorated with flower
Palak Blinking; Eye lid or Eyelashes
Palakshi White
Pamela Honey
Panchi different types of birds
Padma Goddess Lakshmi; Lotus
Padmaja born from lotus
Purva Nmae of a Nakshatra
Parnita Auspicious Apsara
Priyal Beloved
Pratishtha Preeminence
Pareet The one who loevs the Lord
Pareena Fairy like
Parija Pleasant smell or name of a flower
Parini Fairy's daughter
Parita In each detection
Parnaa A prize
Pihika Sweet as always
Pihuna Bird voice; very sweet
Phalak Sky
Pinaaj Happiness
Peyali Bowl
Pher phase; time of a day
Panchali one with five husband
Pertibha Splendor, Brightness
Prateeksha Expectation, hope or waiting
Prakhya Appearance
Pranjal Honest and soft
Pachima Coming from the west
Pehel Start or initialization
Poortika Complete or finished
Pragti development
Prakruti Goddess parvati devi
Pranya Has Vedic Origin: Force bedind the Universe
Priyanjali Cute or innocent
Pakshila On the right path
Pali Name of a language or eyes
Palita Protected or guarded
Panita Admired
Panjri Prasad
Pankti Line of words; A line of poem; phrase or sentence
Padmakshi One with lotus like eyes
Prakriti Nature or Natural beauty
Pragya Wisdom
Prabha Light
Putul Doll
Parinita Complete
Preshtha Dearest
Panna Emerald
Prerana Inspiration
Pratima Image or Idol
Pratigya Pledge
Prasana Rising
Prapti Gain
Piyali Name of a river of west bengal and a village; a tree
Parali Dry grass
Paravi type of a bird
Pakija Divine
Priyamvada Sweet spoken
Parni Leafy
Parveen The pleiades or star
Pashmina Shawl; a kind of a cloth
Parnika A small leaf
Pariyat Flower
Pareesima Fairy faced
Parina Fairy
Paridhi Realm
Pratyusha Bright morning Sun
Pratibha Quality
Prtishtha Preeminence or fame
Preeti loved one
Prema Love
Purvika from the east
Priyanka dear one or darling
Paul Little, small, biblical apostle to early christians involve several new testament books
Pavi lord hauman , lighting
Piar affction; love
Prem bonding, love and compassion
Punj five
Pahal beginning, starting
Pahil warm, wild
Palam Fruit
Palin safeguarding
Panav prince
Panvi lord shiva
Parag sweet smell, pollen grains
Paran glory, beauty an ornament
Parin Another name for lord ganesha
Parth bright, king, silver, ruler of the world, another name of arjuna
Pasha snare, a name, honor, something small
Pashi shine
Parya a bird
Pasak brave, robust and sky
Pashv god of jainism
Patri a kind name, a patrician
Pavak pure, fine
Pavas wind
Pavel small, little, type of paul
Pavit pious, pure
Payam message
Payod cloud
Palki blink of eyes
Palky doly
Palvi Leaf
Paman light and wind
Panbu character
Panya excellent, glorious and admired
Paral lord krishna's eye liner
Parhi dependent on others
Parna wings, leaf and feather
Paroo another name of goddess Parvati
Pavai young girl
Pearl Pure by heart, the precious stone, gem, diamond, gem in white color
Peehu a bird
Pehal start
Petal petal of flower
Piali river, tree and container
Pinal god of children
Pinki just like a rose
Pinga goddess durga
Piyal loving
Plava a sort of tree
Posha nurture
Prada glow, shine and light
Prama knowledge of truth
Preet love
Proma truth
Pujya respectble
Pummy beautiful, innocent, sharp and intelligent
Punam full moon night
Purab east
Purti complete, to satisfy, purification
Pyaari lovely
Paakhi bird, pure
Paavani beautiful girl
Pajika lotus pond
Pakshi bird
Palini those who follow order
Palkin sweet eyes
Pallab a leaf
Paloma white dove
Palvir who face critical situations with bravery
Panavi happy
Panika the hand
Panini talented, master of knowldege
Panshu a sort of fruit
Parama incredible
Parisi just like an angel
Pariha land of fairy
Patasi so sweet
Patava awesome
Pasang those who born on friday
Pathya appropriate
Patika symbol
Paulmi ray of sun
Pavani goddess of education
Pavina voice of air
Pavaki devi saraswati
Pehila first
Phuman tasel
Pelava fine, soft, delicate
Pinkur pink hearted
Pleeha eternal beauty
Poojit worship
Poorbi eastern
Poorvi a classical melody
Poshya good, gospel love
Pradha competely distinguished
Pradhi Great intellectual
Praful giver
Pragati improvement, progres and development
Pragna thinking, intelligent and knowledge
Pradavi Goddess Durga