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Cancer Man

Cancer Man

Cancer Man

Cancer Man - Love, Sex, Trust, Traits and Life

Personality overview of a Cancer Man :

A cancer man is one of the most challenging people to know. He is a kind, caring, and loving person with a calm and composed attitude. But his mind is quite curious, sensitive and full of Imaginations. He has a hard exterior but is way deeper and layered than he looks. He feels almost everything that is going around him. He likes to have his personal space and doesn’t want anyone to enter that space. He is deeply rooted in the lives of his family members, which helps him to be a household person just the way he likes. He feels relaxed, safe, and calm in his serenity zone, which in his case, is home. He is always sensitive and interested to know what to expect and tries to be analytic about things by using his vigilance.

A Cancer man is calm, poised, and sympathetic. But, when somebody troubles or backstab him, he can get seriously hurt or heartbroken. This is because of their over-sensitive, easily trusting, and emotional nature. He is moody most of the time. Like every other cancer man, he will also be fearful of rejections and failures. When his fear takes a front seat, his manipulative attitude kicks in by default. Sometimes, he tends to get bossy and dominating around people. Cancer man can also be overly possessive regarding his loved ones. He wants to be the first on their priority list.

Cancerian man is guided by his emotions most of the time and can be very emotional, sensitive, and deeply caring for his loved ones. He is truly attached by his heart and can be quite sympathetic and loyal. He never wants to hurt or let down anyone in any possible way. So, he burdens himself with the problems and sorrows of his loved ones. He never shies away from extending a helping hand to the people in need and expects to be reciprocated by the same. Sometimes, it is quite difficult for him to blend in with the world around him. He is afraid to show his vulnerable side to the people, as they can use his weaknesses against him. A cancer man hides his pain and emotions from society. His insecurities and fearful sides make him terrified to open up in front of anybody. A cancer man can hold on to his grudges for a long time, whenever hurt or disappointed by someone.

Relationship of a Cancer Man with friends :

A cancer man enjoys interacting with his friends and communicating with ease and freedom. But, he is often criticized for being unbelievably cruel to the friends who hurt them, intentionally or not. He can punish, retaliate, and delay forgiveness for an unexpected period. He can be described as a stubborn friend. He holds on to his grudges and pain, but that doesn’t mean he will hurt a friend. He should forget the mistakes which are no way near being important as their relationship with their friend. He only gets fussy or angry when a friend tries to invade his personal space, without his permission.

A cancer man desperately wants to heal his wounds. He tries to bury them and often gets haunted by the sorrows of the past. He can be seen burdening up with guilt and regret of hurting a friend. It would be a lot easier if he learns how to forgive a friend. He is usually filled with a great deal of respect, love, and compassion for his friends.

Relationships of a Cancer Man with Family :

The Cancerian men are well rooted in their families. They consider family grounds as their serene place. They are emotional and sensitive towards their families and can be highly vigilant for them. They cherish their families and all the memories that are associated with them. This helps them to stay strong and mentally peaceful.

Cancer man can be a wonderful and caring father, who knows every minute detail about his kids. He can have the most perfect family life but, he needs to remember that life is all about Letting go of the small things and moving on with life.

Relationship of a Cancer Man with Love interest :

Cancer men are usually looking for a soul-mate, the one relation, that is meant only for them. They may try to find a woman just for a fling or a casual date, but it won’t be of any use. These men are most likely to fall for the same woman because of their core personality traits. They are sensitive, completely aware of their feelings, and have an imaginary picture of their perfect partner in their minds.

A Cancer man is filled with love, care, and compassion and wants a partner who can reciprocate him with a bucket full of love. He always knows how to take care of his woman and “sweep her up from the ground”. He understands that love is not just about physical attachment but way more than that. He can prioritize his woman and make sure to cherish her.

He can be a little shy at first, but once you gather courage and initiate things, he can make you feel like the most important woman on the face of the earth. Love is about giving your partner space and freedom. This may be an issue, as a Cancer man will start to get over-possessive in no time. If you can press all the right buttons, this man can rejuvenate your experience of love and walk the journey of life with you till the very end. These men like to spend some alone time with their women and express their love with sweet romantic gestures of love. A woman should understand that they may need their personal space from time to time to keep the relation long-lasting. They love to cuddle and women shouldn’t shy away from cuddling their “cancer man” to express their feelings of love through sweet and romantic gestures.

Sexual Relationships of a Cancer Man :

Cancer man is a generous lover in bed. He can be there for her at the time of physical intimacy. He believes in giving more than receiving. He likes to take his time before jumping on to her women. Foreplay is of utmost importance for these men. They like to take it slow and enjoy every single moment with their woman. Being a woman, you should always remember they are not the sort of guys who will make you jump out of excitement. Although the bond he will share at that time will be priceless for both of them.

Ways to Attract a Cancer Man :

Cancer men are all about sentiments and will do everything to make their partners happy. They will not do anything to hurt the feelings of his woman. Little gestures of love can make a big difference for these men. They think highly of relationships and if you want a cancer man in your life, learn to value and respect the most important relationships in your life as well as in his life. This will act as a charm spell for these men. Another big work would be to gather up your courage and be bold enough to make the first move. They are shy, and probably waiting for you to make the first move. Being emotional, they like people who can open up to them and aren’t afraid to show their vulnerable side to these men.

Cancer Man At work :

If you want a Cancer co-worker to be your friend then develop a strong work ethic like them. They take their work seriously and completely get involved in whatever they do. The emotions and sentiments of a cancer man, also play an equally important part in his work-life. He will get attached to his work environment very easily and starts building healthy relations at work. If his family or love life will get rough it will affect his work life too. Whenever he faces a confrontation at work, his friends and colleagues will know about that too. A small disagreement or an insult will be taken very seriously by him. Whenever talking to a cancer colleague, be cautious as he can get affected by minute things.

A cancer man can fulfill his responsibilities well. He will believe more in a reward than an award. So, limit your appreciation and talk money with them. The only reason he is hearing an earful of you is just because of money.

Financial Management of a Cancer Man :

For a cancer man, money and security matter a lot. He gives great importance to his financial management. He can work hard to earn money and not care about spending it all at once. He is mature enough to save money for a bad day and invest it for a better future. A cancer man can take hold of all the money and manage it wisely in his work life. He can even help others to manage finances. A cancer man can easily be the head of the family in the money matters. He is always well aware of the earnings and how to make every penny count.

Positives and Negatives of a Cancer man :

Positives of a Cancer Man :

Cancer man is a sensitive guy full of love and compassion.

He is kind enough to feel for others and always tries to sympathize with them.

He never shies away to raising a helping hand for those in need.

He is in touch with his deepest emotions and can express them swiftly.

He will always be on a constant lookout for his family and loved ones, due to their vigilant nature.

With a curious and imaginative mind, they are always ready to explore new dimensions of their personal as well as professional life.

Negatives of a Cancer Man :

Being sensitive, he can easily get affected by small things which are not even serious to think about.

He always deals with his day-to-day problems through their emotional side.

Cancer man is extremely moody and their day depends on their mood. His mood will decide his behavior towards others.

They are fearful of rejections and failures and this shuts them completely from trying out new things in life.

He can get over possessive for his loved ones, which can intimidate them sometimes.

When things don’t do by their plans, they start manipulating people to get the desired things. This may be because of their insecurities.

Likes and dislikes of a Cancer Man :

Likes of a Cancer Man :

They like to stay calm and composed in their day-to-day life, without getting affected by people around them.

They like their personal space and want no one to intrude on that space.

They like to relax and read novels, listen to soothing music, and help needy people.

As they are kind and communicate with ease, they like to spend their time with elderly people and collect their “gems of wisdom.”

Cancer man is always in a state of deep thinking. So, they like to do stuff that can relax their mind, like meditating, etc.

Dislikes of a Cancer Man : :

Cancer man hates it when people try to enter their personal space, without their permission.

He cannot stand constant criticism, especially by the people who matter to him the most.

He doesn’t like to show his vulnerable side to anyone. He thinks that it can burden them with his issues and problems.

He never adores a person who is always judgemental of his actions, thoughts, and ideas.

Gift Guide for a Cancer Man :

A cancer man highly appreciates art and his love for art opens up a wide range of gifts to select from. A canvas painting, modern art, or your handmade art will highly be appreciated by a cancer man. Your sweet gesture of love and care that says,” I am there for you” or “yes, I do care”, will blow their brains out with happiness. A simple tool kit, that he can be used by him to explore their creative side, will also be a nice gift for them.

Cancer men also love to cook. They especially make time to cook their food as a hobby. So anything related to cooking like, a cooking dish, or a cookbook will be another good option for a gift to a cancer man. These men love their zodiac sign and its symbol. You will be surprised to see how happy he can get on receiving a nice t-shirt, or an engraved artifact with his symbol on it.