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Cancer Male

Cancer Male


Cancer can easily be called the most emotional of all the zodiac signs. So, even when he is savouring the most peaceful period of his life he is bound to be moody and one never be quite sure of what frame of mind he will be in. However, when he basically at peace with the world around him, he is an extremely charming character. Intricacy and an aura mystery and the unknown are very important elements for him. The male might be at his funny best and at the next moment turn quiet and reticent – mind you, this does not in any way mean that he is unhappy or not at peace. There are always elements of astonishment and the unexpected – especially when he is in a good mood and happy.

It is the Moon that rules cancer and along with the waxing and waning of the moon, the mood fluctuations in a Cancerian are clearly visible. It might seem a contradiction in terms, but it is this changeability that makes him charming in a completely different manner.

Almost all the time and especially when he is at peace, the Cancer male is thoughtful, considerate and gives a lot of credence to the feelings of others. The innate passion in him comes to the fore at such times. There is an emotional strength – which can have quite a magnetic appeal for female.

The Cancer male is very evolved and thanks to a superior intelligence is quite capable and happy to think out of the box. There is a great creative force in him and it makes him very happy to express himself creatively.

A happy Cancer Male is one whose sensitivities have been taken care of and who is please the way matters have taken their course. Peace times or turbulent times – rejection is not something that they can handle very well. It totally destroys their sense of peace. Though he is quietly social, it is the home which makes the Cancer the happiest. He is most at peace with his loved ones in close proximity or friends he regards as understanding him.

The Cancer male has a very sharp sense of humour and has groups of people around him in splits with what he says with an absolutely straight face. A happy Cancer male is very tender hearted and makes it a point not to ever deliberately hurt anybody. There are strong intuitive powers which give him an additional perspective --- and these powers are further heightened when he is happy. Gut feelings to him plays an important part in taking a decision. A contented Cancer male very naturally looks for majesty and splendour in practically everything he comes across.

When the Cancer male is under stress, it really is extremely difficult for him to handle matters without going crazy. So, what is the safety valve for him? He simply retreats into a shell that he has carefully built around himself. It is only when he has thought matters out and done the sorting out internally that he begins to communicate once again with the outside world. This makes it very difficult for those who genuinely care about his well-being. The logic to the Cancer male is very simple – if he is not in a frame of mind to take up a challenge, he just will not.

A Cancer male who is under some sort of stress tends to have recurrent mood swings. One dominant trait of tense Cancer is a rapidly falling energy level. Stumbling blocks and disappointments tend to have this effect on him. Alongside there is also a strong leaning towards pessimism. Of course it must also be admitted that should circumstances be somewhat uncertain – worrying comes to him very very naturally. If a proper balance is not maintained, then a male member of this zodiac sign might just be overwhelmed by it all. That is something to be seriously considered.

When he is worrying about something, a Cancer male he gives the impression that he is cold and uncaring – simply because he keeps a tight lid on what he is truly feeling or thinking. Rejection is anathema to him and though he might show that he does not care, actually the opinion others have of him does make a world of difference. An innate suspicion makes him assume people are just waiting with bated breath to see him take a fall. This is the prime reason that any harsh word can inflict a deep wound. Another fallout of this situation is that this male can hold on to a grudge – whether imagined or true.

THE CANCER MALE – Love Life and Human Relationships
So far as life style and human relationships are concerned, security is the key word for a Cancer. Only when he has that assurance about his safety will he begin thinking about seeking out the right female and starting a happy family. Though the Cancer male needs the security that money gives him – he is generous about him. However, Cancer remains very possessive about anything he feels that belongs to him.

If you are a female in love with a Cancer male, make absolutely sure that there is not too much intimate conversation going on with any other handsome guy – in his presence. As he is not very self-assured suspicion tends to grow from insecurity. One thing is for sure – if he truly believes that you are the female for him, then, even if you try to disappear – you can take it for granted that he will come in search of you. He is reserved – but definitely knows how to chase after what he truly desires. Compliment him every once in a while, but don’t lay it on too thick. There is a very special bonding with his mother – so being friends with her might be a good idea.

So far as professional relationships are concerned, having a proper structure is very important – as is knowing where he is headed. The job he chooses is usually one where he feels that he has something valuable to contribute. Most Cancerians are truly interested in what people are thinking and their powers of analysis are good. Thus they make very popular journalists. So far as relationships are concerned, Cancerians are sociable -- but, to a limited extent. They prefer activities that involve the ‘do it yourself’ variety. A cancer male would love to be an antiques dealer too. He can interact with people and yet remain surrounded by beautiful artefacts. There is a happy mingling of both desires. Some more professions that would suit them are journalism or even real estate broker, sailor or gardener.