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Cancer Facts

Cancer Facts

Must-Knowing Facts About Cancer
The fourth zodiac sign in Western astrology is - Cancer. The individuals born between 21 June And 22 July come under the Zodiac sign -cancer. Cancerians carry a complex character, which is difficult to understand.

Ruling Element:
As a sole element of cancer, water intensifies the sensitive attitude in cancer people's character. Besides, the influence of the water element sign pushes cancer individuals to go ahead with their life with a flow of emotions. 

Influence of Ruling Planet:
The planetary influence defines the character of Cancerians. The ruling planet, Moon, figures out the traits of the Cencerian people. In Vedic astrology, Moon represents the values of the subconscious mind, such as calmness, intuitions & emotions. So, the strong influence of the Moon generates a high level of conflict between ego versus emotions in Cancerian people. Above all, the rulership of the Moon on Cancer people influences interpersonal relationships of Cancer people. 

Personality Traits of Cancer:
Highly Intuitive:
Cancer individuals can be connected easily or instantly with the surrounding environment. They are highly sensitive to the gestures of their surrounding people or groups. So, based on their strong intuition, they can set their perception quickly. Above all, having a highly intuitive mind, cancer people can sense other's nature or behavior.
Unquestionable Loyalty
The willingness to protect their loved ones makes cancer individuals loyal to their parents, friends, and relatives. The values such as - empathy, emotion, protection, and sensitivity make cancer people devoted to their roles along with real feelings. So, in terms of unquestionable loyalty, you can trust Cancerians.
As human beings, Cancerians are always warm-hearted and can be sympathetic to others' miseries. For these reasons, if you feel helpless, the cancer people are the best to express your depression. In general, like in-born caregivers, Cancers always become attentive to understanding other people's needs.
Cancer individuals love to cherish their relationships with family & friends, along with a protective attitude. They can go up to any level or pay any cost to protect they are loved ones. From the perspective of protective nature, cancer people prefer their homes as the safest place for them.
Cancer individuals try to protect their loved ones and conceal their deep feelings or intense emotions under an armor-like personality to avoid their inner sentimental turmoil.
Cancerians are such persons, who seek emotional security consistently, so they love to cling to all their happy times. Later, all their good memories make them happy as they satisfy their intense sentimental attitudes. So, cancers love to look back for positive & happiest feelings. 
Mysterious Personality
Being highly intuitive, cancer individuals can easily understand the intentions of the surrounding people or what will happen around them. As they also carry a protective nature, they can make quick decisions according to situations and conceal their true personality at a moment if they can sense anything out of their comfort zone.
So, the overall appearance of cancer people seems mysterious to others.

Behavior Patterns of Cancer:
The ruling planet, the Moon, regulates the moods of cancer people. They tend to switch their mood instantly. For example, in one-moment cancer, people can be engaged in laughing & joking, but within a few minutes, you can find them in an upset mood. The uncontrollable waves of emotions make Cancer people extremely dazzled with happiness & at the same time, they can suddenly seek shelter in their shells. In the everyday life of cancer people, their mood switches like a rollercoaster ride. 
Shy In Front of Others
Cancerians take time to come out from their shell personality. They prefer to conceal their deep sentiments and thoughts at the first meeting. But, once they have judged the personality of others, they can easily develop bonding with them. In simple terms, Cancerians go through lots of sentimental turmoil before they share their feelings with others. 
Above all, they prefer to stick to their familiar space rather than go to a party with less-known people.
Fear of Loneliness 
Cancer individuals never prefer to be alone without family & friends. Family, friends, and relationships are the topmost priority for cancer people. They do not crave to be the center of attraction but love spending quality time with close ones.
The negative trait in cancer people's behavior is the power of manipulation. Being introverted, they can hide their feelings & opinions easily. On the other hand, the power of intuition makes them able to read others' minds. So, they can easily control others' minds using the flow of circumstances. In simple terms, cancer people can be manipulative according to their needs.

Cancer As Men:
The Major Characteristics of Cancer Men:
Cancer men never expose their soft side to everyone. Instead, they choose to struggle with their emotional conflicts under the shell of their personality. Cancer men allow no one to guess their thoughts or mentality. Carrying a mysterious personality is one of the best choices for them. Cancer men keep their families, friends & relatives at the top priority level. 
Above all, cancer men feel comfortable maintaining old-school manners in their social arena and protecting the family-values.
Are Cancer Men Ideal Husband Material?
Respecting traditional manners, having protective nature & genuine personality make cancer men responsible to their women. As Cancerians are highly sensitive to emotions, cancer men can manage their relationship with all of their passion for love.
How Cancer Men Treat Their Women?
The women who get the companionship of cancer men are the luckiest ones. The rulership of the Moon sign on cancer men allows them to express their feelings through calm expressions. Moreover, cancer men offer their ladylove the whole package of a balanced relationship, which includes support, affection, sweet romance, patience, tranquility, and so much more.

Cancer As Women:
Major Characteristics of Cancer Women
Cancer women reflect a high level of resilience in their character. They never hesitate to confront any problems or take any responsibility. The extreme sturdiness pushes the cancer women to go ahead towards the hardships without any fear. Cancer women are always ready to pick up the positive energy from surrounding environments to bring better changes in life.
Cancer women rapidly change their perceptions as their sentiment forces them to make appropriate decisions. Moreover, environment-wise specific sensations can influence cancer women easily.
Cancer women are crazy about fitness routines and wellness-centric recipes. Moreover, they also love to convince their close ones about fitness freakiness. 
Are Cancer Women Ideal Life-partner?
Cancer women have specific traits in their character which push them to offer intense love to their partners. If their life partner is supportive enough to appreciate her initiatives, she overlooks everything to cherish her man's efforts. Her family-oriented mentality often makes her a responsible life partner for her essential duties.
What Qualities in Men Attract Cancer Women?
Cancer women always prefer to mingle with such men, who are understanding enough and never hesitate to leave space to make feel comfortable his women. Generally, guys, who are familiar with open-minded love, can easily attract cancer women. Moreover, with sincere compliments, you can quickly attract any cancer woman. 

Relationship Compatibility:
How Cancer Men Manage Their Marital Life?
As cancer men prefer the home-centric lifestyle, they do not face the challenges of caring for their life partners. The sentimental values of cancer men push them to maintain the basics of marital life. As a sensitive life partner, the cancer men expect his woman to express her feelings passionately to him. He likes his woman is sharing every profound feeling like fear, romance, and respect with him.
How Cancer Women Manage Their Marital Life?
Cancer wives are simultaneously caring and sensitive. The intensity of the character of a cancer woman pushes her to go to any extent for a partner. From the outside, cancer women hold a stiff shell of a strong personality, but under their bold character, a sentimental soul is always ready to spread a sense of comfort to loving ones.