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Cancer Personality

Cancer Personality

Cancer -The Crab
( June 21 to July 22 )

Cancer is a Water Sign
People belonging to this sun sign are staunch and stead fast - clinging like limpets to tradition. However, their moods can vary as well as their intentions, just like the moon which is their ruling planet, The apparent contradiction is comprehensible when the innate nature of the individual is scanned. Domestic peace holds is extremely appealing, as this sign are more than usually home loving. At the same time this is couple by a love of adventure. An attachment to the by gone - almost becoming submerged in it, is the basic reason why they are on the look-out for the novel, but always return to the old. Though it might not always be very apparent, these people are ultra-sensitive. What is most debilitating to them is arguments and criticism. This has the effect of making them crawl into an emotional cave. Despite a strong conservative streak, they like to lead an active social life and enjoy a variety of amusements as well. A vivacious lot, people under this zodiac sign are humanitarians too and are known to frequently known to devote themselves to worthy causes.

Details :
The fourth Sign of the Zodiac Cancer, primarily focuses on the home. These people are deeply rooted in the family and all that it entails. A predominant feature is an all pervasive desire to nurture everybody around them and they are quite likely to have large families. More than likely, their family will be large, too -- the more, the merrier! A harmonious ambience at home will find an cheerful and chirpy Cancer. An important factor in a Cancer household is adherence to tradition. There is also a strong tendency to patriotism and waving the national flag whenever there is an opportunity. A Cancer tends to wear his heart on his sleeve and falling back on a good memory telling stories is quite the norm. Cancerians have the Crab as their talisman, and also have a resemblance to this shelled being. Cancerians lose no time in withdrawing completely if their mood so demands. Crabby describes them to a ‘t’! ! Unfortunately as a result of retreating at the drop of a hat Crabs are often quite moody. Further, because they are so reclusive, prying a Crab into the open can be truly a Herculean task. If the Crab is given a sufficient amount of time, eventually the Crab returns to being merry and cheerful. Since Crabs take a leading role in either crying or laughing, they will definitely get the message across. It is not merely the outer shell of the Crab that is tough, this genre of people remain strong-willed and tenacious and doing all they can to get their own way. Emotional manipulation is part of their repertoire if kindness and a soft approach doesn’t allow them to get their way. If all else fails, they resort to sulking. The other option is that a strong desire to get even will make them seek options of vengeance. However the innate motive is to protect their family and loved ones. While the Moon plays its role in the heavens, on Earth, there is a manifestation of the Crab's maternal instincts and desire to protect home and hearth. While appearing over powering at times, that is unfortunately the innate nature of the Crab. The Moon is associated with fertility, too, a quality which is most pleasing to Cancerians. As the ruler of moods, Cancerians can be extremely moody. Tears come very easily to them. . Cancerians have a tendency to brood and are naturally over sensitive and easily hurt. Alongside Crabs easily sympathetic to others and unhesitatingly display their affections. During periods of stress a strong sense of intuition becomes a great asset. Cancer is associated with the element of water. Their emotions can make quite a splash. A characteristic of this sign is they focus on certain factors – resulting in excessive sentimentality and possessiveness. It is advisable that Crabs avoid a tendency towards selfishness or indulging in self-pity since these negative emotions will not help in the least. A sense of security more often than not pushes a Cancer towards being thrifty and they are good with money. Helping others is a swift and natural reaction, but Cancerians tend to avoid confrontation at any cost. These people are usually endowed with super culinary skills. Frequently, avigorous workout is the tonic when they are feeling touchy. Team sports are appealing, since they since there is an atmosphere of community; aquatic Crabs naturally tend towards water polo.What are their team colours? The Moon is silver and white. Since Cancerians tend to be lazy, they could need someone to push them out the door. However, where the game of love is concerned, eager Crabs are romantically devoted and able to get things going all by themselves. This sign rules over the stomach and this fact must be kept in mind. Their boundless strength is the tenacity with which they protect their loved ones. There are not too many demands that the people belonging to these signs have - a comfortable home and sense of peace is just about it. People enjoy a Cancerians company because of their strong maternal instinct.

Profile :
Water is the element of Cancer and is symbolic of the need to receive and give. An exchange of feeling allows them to grow. A sense of security and love and being wrapped in an environment of love and comfort is absolutely essential to them. A perfect example of Yin receptivity, Cancer seems to imbibe memories, feelings and psychic messages. Of course, as a response they radiate their own good vibes too. Cancerians are hard workers and tenacious to boot. Should the balance of Yang assertiveness go missing, the Cancer's confidence could become a little shaky. There is extreme sensitivity in the Crab the Moon – the ruler of this zodiac goes through different phases, Cancers often experience mood-swings. Sometimes members of this zodiac sign over give through a compulsion to love. This could result in the Crab becoming over-protective or too-dependent. If there is a balance, the Cancer makes an addition of personal independence to his or her priorities.


The Positive Side of Cancer:
The first point is the inherent understanding nature , which makes him a loving and sympathetic person There is no question of deliberately hurting. Kindness and tenderness are characteristics of the Cancer man or woman. They hate seeing another suffer and will do whatever is in their power to help another. A deep sense of brotherhood and respect for the humanitarian values is yet another characteristic. The Cancerians means what he says and normally is honest about his feelings. They know what patience is all about. The Cancer personality is willing to wait till the situation causing problems is manageable once again. There is recognition of the utility of biding time. Focussing on one thing at a time is a lesson well learnt by the Cancerian. Tenacity ensures that the Cancerian sees to the end of any project. He enjoys his home and savours familiarity and the presence of people he loves. Cancer is the most maternal of the twelve zodiac signs. The male sex too has the feminine tenderness and some sort of motherly quality about them. Another outstanding quality of Cancerians is their loyalty and faithfulness mean a lot to them. A Cancer man or woman lays a lot of importance on. Parents and in-laws are respected and family ties are strictly adhered to. A strong sense of tradition also characterizes the Cancerian. He is very sensitive to the moods of others.

The Negative Side of Cancer:
Facing life is sometimes a tough job for the Cancerian and becomes too much for him. There is a sense of timidity and weakness. A besetting fault of Cancerians can be a tendency towards fatalism. Unfortunately a Cancerian who is uncultivated can be somewhat lazy and lacking ambition. What is tough is happily delegated to someone else. There could be a lack of initiative. Being ultra-sensitive, he could crawl into a self-dug hole to nurse even an imaginary injury. The Cancer woman is prone to bursting into tears when the smallest thing goes wrong. Some Cancerians have a tough job enjoying themselves in an outside environment outside their homes. Sometimes unjustified demands are made on others, and there is a constant need to be reassured that they are loved.