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Cancer Sagittarius Compatibility

Cancer and Sagittarius Compatibility

Your sun sign is Cancer
Your partner sun sign is Sagittarius
cancer match sagittarius
Cancer                 Sagittarius

Match Percentage  29%

When Cancers and Sagittarius come together for a romantic relationship, the first thing that they need to remember is that Cancers are susceptible, and they can easily create a fake identity in front of their partners once they are not content with the relationship. In the beginning, this might not be an issue as they don't expect much from their partners, but as time goes up, they hope for an understanding and loving partner who can make them feel secure in their relationship. 

Cancers can be overly moody and sensitive, and they must have an intuitive partner who can understand their complex nature. Sagittarius are incredibly blunt, and emotions are not their biggest strengths. They generally don't have a nurturing and empathetic nature which becomes a huge drawback in the relationship. 

On the face of it Cancers appear stern and unapproachable. However, if one in a bothers to delve into the depths, then it is abundantly clear that Cancers are who subtle and yet intelligent; they are conscious of their superiority and yet are humble in their use of it. Cancers are quietly determined and by sheer dint of determination almost always succeed in achieving their goals under the toughest of conditions. Another characteristic of Cancers is a pronounced sense of humour and leadership acumen. Of course a deep and abiding love of the people they care about sometimes makes them change their minds – and of course if the cause if worthwhile. A love for the music and arts is yet another facet of their personality along with tradition and values. Family and parents occupy a special place in their hearts and protectiveness comes to the fore in such instances.

The outlook in life of Sagittarius and Cancer are widely divergent. Feelings and convention is the guideline of the Cancer, while it is more likely that the Sagittarius will restlessly move about from place to place. It could be a very difficult proposition for Sagittarius to take in the Cancer mood swings. In turn Cancer could find it tough going to accept the roving feet of the Sagittarian. What the Cancer can offer is a home, comfortable and secure, where the Sagittarius can safely find a refuge for his dreams, hopes and desires. The free spirit of the Sagittarian can lend the more sedate Cancer some excitement that can be very enlivening.

Sagittarians are optimistic social beings whose thoughts are skyrocketing and making them keen observers. They always have a plethora of friends around them and it is on rare occasions that they are found in solitude. By nature this sign is extremely blunt and do not even understand the meaning of tact. For a Sagittarian diplomacy is the equivalent of hypocrisy. There is no doubt that they are extremely chirpy by nature, but at the same time a vein of scepticism always runs through them. Sagittarians are full of contradictions - they are intellectual, philosophical and optimistic; at the same time they are erratic, dogged and patternless. Sagittarians are honest to the point of being excessively blunt; once they decide that truth has to be out, there is nobody that can stop them from speaking their mind.

Jupiter (Philosopher) is the overlord of Sagittarius and Cancer is ruled by the Moon (Emotions) which is its overlord. The main focus of Jupiter is movement from place to place, good luck and expansion. A mingling of expansion and feminine and masculine energy helps in sustaining both. If both are labouring towards a common goal, then their combined energy is very effective.

Thanks to the genuineness and compassion of Sagittarius and Cancer, both are thoroughly conversant with each other’s emotions. As time goes by it usually dawns on Cancer that Sagittarius can more easily multiply money and in a shorter period of time. If the times are turbulent, Cancer still needs dollops of reassurance and love. It is the innate curiosity of Sagittarian that curiously makes the bonds between these two signs stronger. The Sagittarian jokes might seem a little outré. But, with time and when the Cancer understands they have no issues at all. Though Cancer does try to teach the Sagittarian how to be even a tad more sensitive, they realize that this is a pipe dream and just not possible.

Sagittarius and Cancer are Fire and Water signs respectively. For Sagittarius liberty is all important, while being grounded and having an emotional haven is far more important for Cancer. Their needs are reflected in their attitude to life and relationships. As single entities it might not be possible for them to achieve very much, but as a couple they can really make things happen. Any conflict that might arise can very easily be sorted out if the value of their connection is realised and the values of the other respected.

The main reason behind any discord between Cancer and Sagittarius is more often than not related to finances. Cancer has a decided preference for saving for the future, while Sagittarian like to go on expansive present binges. They can always come to a mutual decision about this glitch. Cancer could express their unhappiness about the situation by weeping helplessly or making biting remarks. The sight of the weeping Cancer wakes Sagittarius to the fact that some grave mistake has been made and thus they are forced to find means to console them. When some time has gone by, even Cancer realizes that they have been too harsh and they try to re-create a peaceful ambience. Since Sagittarians place immense value on their freedom, Cancers must learn how to balance protectiveness and possessiveness. This will prevent the Sagittarius from feeling claustrophobic.

When Sagittarius and Cancer fall in love, both must ensure patience and time to let the relationship grow and expand of its own accord. As this develops both find they have ever so much to give to each other. Initially it appears that Sagittarius is just in for the thrills, while Cancer is just looking for emotional security. In the early stages of the relationship Cancer might demand more of a commitment than is feasible for the Sagittarian. However, with the passing of time, the sturdy emotional support of the Cancer is greatly appreciated by the Sagittarian.

No matter what the genre, Sagittarians have a very amiable and joyous relationship with each other. There is never any spirit of competition and both make conscious efforts to uplift the other and bring about some positive change in them. However, it is also a fact that as professional business partners, it might not be a very favourable relationship. Any business needs a slag period when there has to be routine hard labour, without any obvious reward. Sagittarius tends to get tired of doing the same thing for any length of time. In this instance it is the Cancer who has to play the primary role. The love angle between the two has many different shades – all depending on the type and quality of their interaction. There is an unique bonding between parents and children. A Sagittarian parent is the best possible friend the children can have and there could be no more protective parent than Cancer.

Sagittarian and Cancer are Mutable and Cardinal signs respectively. Cancer is good at instigating new plans, while Sagittarius moves from idea to idea and plan to plan as and how the spirit moves them. Outside the purview of the relationship they share, Cancer must allow the Sagittarian lover plenty of freedom to wander wherever they please. This will make a world of difference to their relationship. The ideas that Sagittarius has become bored with and moved on to fresher pastures can be developed and given a fresh lease of life by Cancer. In turn Sagittarius teaches the Cancer how much good it does to be broadminded instead of having a rigid and fixed determination.

After moving along seamlessly for some time, Sagittarius and Cancer could find some glitches developing. Neither can stand the thought of being dominated by the other. Though the Sagittarian might not exactly to be the leader, what is positive anathema to him is the thought off following any kind of orders given by another. They are fully capable of either following or totally ignoring any order given by Cancer – it has to be according to their will. With the passing of time Cancer realizes that while the initial stages of the relationship with a Sagittarian might be difficult, ultimately they too learn not to be excessively sensitive. When this happens they strike just the right note with Sagittarius and there is an abundance of good will and bonhomie all around. The Cancer will be able to be a lot more mature when they do not allow their sensitivity to be overwhelmed by the blunt remarks of the Sagittarius. The association of a Sagittarius and Cancer is confusing and stimulating at the same time. Sagittarians are all for the unexpected and astonishment; but Cancer feels more at ease where everything is known and predictable. However, given a little bit of time there will be growth and a very strong relationship.

If Cancer can permit the Sagittarian to offer his kind of security, that is the most positive factor in this relationship. There is a very special kind of security that both can offer each other once both learn to accept their differences with an open heart. If there are no blockages so far as communication is concerned and the differences are taken as positive values, the relationship between a Sagittarius and Cancer will be grounded and joyous.

Cancer and Sagittarius Love Compatibility

Cancers and Sagittarius make an extremely incompatible couple. While crabs are extremely sensitive and love staying in their comfort zones, Sagittarius loves to be spontaneous and adventurer. So when the archer comes together with the crab, it is sure to create a sense of tension, and even if their relationship works, it can never be void of ups and downs. 

Sagittarius and Cancer tend to form a tough love match. Cancer is all about emotions and domestic security. So it is tough for them to get along with the Sagittarians, who are impulsive and flirtatious. They also tend to choose thrilling adventures over having a static lifestyle, unlike their crab partners. 

These two zodiacs are poles apart, and their differences are easily spotted at the very first glance. The quincunx nature of their relationship also makes it hard for them to keep up a healthy relationship as they are aliens to one another. Cancers tend to be nurturing, and they love to stay at home with their family and they can be extremely demanding when it comes to a relationship. These personality traits make it hard for their Sagittarius partners to cope up with them as they find them restricting and are always thirsty for some independence in their lives. 

Cancer and Sagittarius Sexual Compatibility

In maximum cases, Cancers and Sagittarius are not attracted to one another. Even though they try to find common grounds and find a common language of love, they find it impossible to do so. Sagittarius have a very dynamic nature which is hard for the Cancers to anticipate as they are always in need of emotional security.

But if they find a way to connect and trust each other, they can share genuine emotions, and Sagittarius's adventure-seeking nature will help to spice up their sex life rather than destroy it. Their relationship is built on the foundation of emotional security, and if they have enough of it, they can have an incredibly joyous sex life. 

Cancer extols Jupiter and thus helps to make their partners feel special, whereas Sagittarians always look for a more fun and light aspect. Unfortunately, this can be a turn-off point for cancers as their partners lack depth and warmth. 

The only way these pairs can have a successful sexual relationship is if Cancers stop being judgemental and allow themselves to come out of the strict sex zone. 

This might be challenging for Cancers as they always shy away from things that make them feel shameful and insecure. The Sagittarius also needs to play their part and lower their expectations on how dynamic and creative their partners can be. This can help them have a satisfying love making experience rather than an unfulfilling sexual adventure. 

Cancer and Sagittarius Frienship Compatibility

<p>Even the friendship bond between these two individual native people of cancer and Sagittarius individualities is not recommendable at all. All of the people who are influenced by cancer and the Sagittarius zodiac sign together share only a 16% friendship compatibility level. In friendship, both of the friends may have to face a lot of hard situations and problems. It will be quite a challenging matter for both of the partners to maintain a very solid and strong friendship together. Even the partners will not be able to trust each other completely. They will not be able to be best friends or close friends of each other.</p><p>The Cancer Sagittarius Compatibility for friendship compatibility level is not recommendable at all. We all know the native people of Cancer want to have an emotional bond and Secure relationship with the other person in a relationship or friendship. But the native people of Sagittarius always want to have Independence and freedom full of adventure and excitement. Even the native person will not be able to compromise or adjust with each other. Therefore, they will never even enjoy a very happy and joyful friendship together. The native people of Cancer may find the native people of Sagittarius unreliable. And the native people of Sagittarius can find out the native people of Cancer as sensitive.</p>

Cancer and Sagittarius Trust and Communication Compatibility

Jupiter rules Sagittarius, and thus they are known to be great lovers. They tend to chase various women and tend to be flirtatious. They also need to show off their seductive skills to everyone at most times as Zeus rules them. Even though Cancer tends to be attracted to Sagittarius, their emotions make it very hard for them to understand the flirtatious nature of their partners. 

This leads to creating a bridge between the two. It hampers Cancer's trust, leading to various conflicts and misunderstandings that can bring them to a point where the relationship loses any true essence. 

Cancers and Sagittarius tend to have specific common characteristics, and both are knowledgeable and simple. Their mutual love for these qualities allows them to have clear deep conversations and have specific similar values. In addition, this mutual love for Jupiter helps them have a similar thinking process on certain occasions. 

Cancers tend to be slow in Sagittarius perspective, whereas Cancers feel that Sagittarius are superficial and philosophical. But if they find true love in each other and the passion for moving forward together, they can quickly get over these hurdles. They are generally suited for each other as professional partners and have a lot of discussions, but there is a significant intellectual difference between them. 

Cancer and Sagittarius Emotions Compatibility

These two zodiac signs generally don't have much in common when it comes to values and emotions. One is a fire sign, whereas the other is a water sign, and thus it is tough for them to find synchronization in what they believe and value. 

Sagittarius are mutual fire signs, and they tend to fall in and out of love quickly. If they want a long-lasting relationship, they need to go ahead and surprise and impress their partners to make sure that the connection remains exciting. 

On the other hand, the Cancers are cardinal water signs, and they tend to have a more static lifestyle. Cancers enjoy security in their relationships and are also highly emotional. When these two zodiac signs come together, Sagittarius feels it first, and they tend to stay in and out of the relationship. On the other hand, Cancer can't handle the idea of not having a true sense of security in their relationship. 

If they want to create a relationship that sticks, the Sagittarius partners must slow down and wait until they can feel for them. But, on the other hand, it is also necessary that the Cancer partner take a chance and trust their Sagittarius partners so that they can have enough love and trust and stay together. 

Even though these pairs value entirely different things, they have the same passion for knowledge. In addition, cancers generally value Sagittarius's honesty and ability to act on their emotional impulse, whereas Sagittarius values Cancer's dedication to love and compassion. 

Cancer and Sagittarius Relationship Compatibility

<p>The relationship compatibility level between all of the native people of cancer and Sagittarius is not again outstanding and recommendable. Together, all of the native persons of cancer and Sagittarius share only 10% of the relationship compatibility level. Again, both the individual native people have totally different types of behaviors and approaches, which can hamper the harmony of married life. The partners in married life may face a lot of problems and complications. The personality differences of each one of the individual native people may also increase the clashes between them. Arguments and miscommunications will always be there, and both of the partners will have to deal with it.</p><p>The Cancer Sagittarius Compatibility for relationship compatibility level is not outstanding and observable for both of the individual native people. Even the partners will not be able to increase the strong partnership together, and they will not even be able to enjoy partnership together. Even there will be a lack of trust, and the partners will not be able to sustain married life for a longer period of time. Due to the different behaviors and approaches, they will also have to go through a lot of ups and downs. The ups and downs can also hamper the harmony of a balanced married life, and it can also affect their marriage.</p><h4><b><span style="font-family: Arial;">Conclusion</span></b></h4><p>Therefore, we have shared the maximum number of details for all of the native people who are born with cancer and the Sagittarius zodiac sign. Besides that, we have also discussed the whole information on the Cancer Sagittarius Compatibility. If you have any one of these Zodiac signs, then you must get the details for yourself.</p>
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Cancers and Sagittarius are intelligent and witty, and they can have great laughs together. But when it comes to a love relationship, they generally have a lot of hurdles in their way. They have entirely different values and ideals in life, and their difference in emotions and commitment levels make them incompatible with one another. 

Sagittarius and Cancers don't generally make up a happy relationship. They require space when they come together, and they value entirely different things. Whereas one can easily fall in and out of love, the other looks for security in their love lives. 

Cancers and Sagittarius are poles apart, and even though they can be great professional partners and friends, they are not compatible as romantic partners. They value entirely different things in their lives, and they find it very hard to find common ground. 

Sagittarius tend to have a dynamic and flirtatious nature. However, even if they don't mean it, they tend to be somewhat disloyal in their relationship and flirt around with various women at the same time. This is entirely unacceptable for Cancers that tends to create a lot of tension between them. 

Once Cancers start to trust their partners and feel safe with them, they can open up to them and have an intimate relationship. And when Sagittarians feel attracted to their partners, they can slow down and stay in pace with their partners so that they can experiment more in bed as, after all, the fire and water symbols can make a very steamy relationship.