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Cancer Characteristics

Cancer Characteristics

As the 4th zodiac sign, Cancer defines exquisite insights in the character of Cancer natives, which make them restrained & cold from the outside and protective & empathetic from the inside. Most of the time, the surrounding cancer natives can not understand them quickly, as they look insensitive & uncertain from the outside but persistent & sensitive from the inside. Cancer natives carry fragile heart, which is complete or supple. Ruling planet - Moon defines the self-care attitude, as well as maternal energies, in the character of Cancer natives.

Above all, Cancer natives are somewhat dashing, sensitive, highly thoughtful, sincere and aggressive.

The following chart presents the fundamental astrological characteristics of Cancer natives.

Zodiac Sign : Cancer
Benefic Planets : Moon & Mars
Malefic Planets : Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu & Ketu
Favourable Day : Monday

General Traits of Cancer:

What Are The Strength of Cancer People?
The outstanding commanding ability drives the Cancer natives to raise their sense of defence. To ensure security for their loved ones, cancer natives do not step back to give their best efforts. The natural aptitude for demonstration makes Cancer people's character so strong that they lead the team professionally or socially with iron determination. 
What Are The Weaknesses of Cancer Natives?
Firstly, cancer natives are very prone to mood fluctuations. For example, cancer people can laugh loudly in a moment for silly jokes, and in the next moment, maybe they can wipe their eyes on a sad tune. So, emotional tuning of Cancer people can swing at any moment. Due to high emotional intelligence, cancer natives often prefer to hide their worries & miseries even from their close ones. Being open about their feelings seems vulnerable to them. And this kind of tendency turns the Cancer people partially passive-aggressive. So, instead of confrontation, Cancer people often opt for excuses to manage things delicately. 
What Makes Cancer People Happy?
A sense of hyper sentiment turns Cancer natives homesick. So, Cancer people often consider their home as a blissful place. Cancer natives find their comfort zone in such ambiences, where they experience domestic orientations. While the close ones express their affection, emotions & sense of responsibility for Cancer natives, they feel secure & happy. Moreover, the surrounding people's appreciation always makes Cancer natives overjoyed.
Above all, cancer natives enjoy a sense of honour in their surrounding crowd.
What Makes Cancer People Angry?
Often, emotional awareness makes Cancer natives introvert about their deepest worries & unpleasant events. In simple words, Cancer people tend to be passive-aggressive, pushing them to hide the reasons behind discomforts to represent that everything is okay while everything is not. In the end, when things or matters reach the worst condition, Cancer people can not control their impulsive decisions & finally burst into anger. The most important thing about the wrath of Cancer natives is they must be annoyed before they become angry. 
How Much Cancer Is Favored By Luck?
Regarding social acceptance, mood fluctuations and introverted attitudes make Cancer natives unlucky in love. October is the lucky month for cancer natives. As per astrological recommendations, Cancer natives should focus on rejuvenating their emotions to boost their social appearance, as they can receive the blessings of fortune.

Compatibility: Career & Profession:

Do Cancer People Very Good in Studies?
The ability to grasp knowledge on any topic help Cancer natives acquire good score in higher studies. Cancer natives often search for calm & quiet places for studies as they can concentrate on their studies intensely while they face lots of pressure in higher studies. Cancer students can quickly memorize the facts & definitions of different topics, so they do not face trouble preparing for exams or tests. Emotional stability helps the Cancer students to concentrate more & more.
Do Cancer People Achieve Success in Careers?
The intellectual mindset & creative thinking help Cancer natives succeed in their desired careers. The solid & intuitive character of Cancer natives drives them towards reality as they can make the right decisions to enhance their performances. Cancer people tend to fix their schedule & agenda so they can do their best in their duties.
Do Cancer Natives Have Specific Talents?
Cancer natives follow realistic intuitions to ensure financial security & stability. They often update their interpersonal skills so they can confidently play their roles in any organization. Cancer natives have an attitude to utilize their full potential to get their desired results in any job. Moreover, Cancer individuals are experts in navigating the emotional strength of their surrounding people. This particular thought turns Cancer natives into responsible leaders.

Compatibility: Love, Sex & Relationship
Cancer natives do not hesitate to express their real feelings for their partners. And they also expect the same level of action from their partners. While Cancer natives go ahead in a serious relationship, they prefer to plan their future life & also enjoy the togetherness with their partners. Moon-ruled cancer natives always prioritize their intuitions & and emotions while they make decisions about their partners. The empathetic mindset of Cancer natives brings luck to their love life. Cancer natives are supportive and often understand the priority of emotional bonding in a love relationship.
What Makes Cancer People Fall in Love?
Such a partner, who can make Cancer natives familiar with different situations, often wins their hearts. In general, Cancer individuals usually like the intuitive nature of their partners, who can match their emotional intelligence level. Besides, Cancer people try to understand the attitude of their partners if they are interested in nurturing the relationship with responsibility, understanding & empathy. Above all. Cancer natives expect a melodrama-free, long-lasting love relationship with a mature partner who can easily reciprocate their feelings.
Do Cancer People Reciprocate Love Fast?
For having a sensitive mindset, Cancer natives do not hesitate to shower care and affection on their crushes. Cancer natives tend to rush their emotions & feelings when they like someone. As Cancer natives can easily reciprocate the feelings of surrounding people, they do not take much time to commit to their love relationship. Cancer natives often have an intense desire to find security in relationships. This particular nature drives Cancer natives to be attached emotionally to their special ones easily & quickly.
Do Cancer Natives Seriously Go Ahead With Love?
Unlike other members of the zodiac family, Cancer natives try everything as their relationship works out. Regarding a serious love relationship, Cancer natives do not exit from emotional attachments while matters go through rough twists. The most important thing about cancer partners is they feel motivated to care for their loved ones anyway. Astrology claims that cancer natives carry a tender attitude like in-born mothers. So, having any cancer natives as partners, you must be happy.  
Are Cancer Partners Loyal in Marriage?
When the matter comes to marriage, Cancer natives try their best level to be trustworthy & sensitive. The determination level of Cancer natives to make their relationship the prettiest journey of life turns them into loyal partners. In general, the enduring attitude of Cancer natives makes them reliable to their partners in marital relationships.
How Do You Realize Your Cancer Partners Love You Truly?
When cancer partners become engaged in a serious relationship, they try to make their partners their centre of attraction. Cancer natives often appreciate the passionate decisions of their loved ones while they love their partners by heart. Besides, Cancer people become extremely caring to make their partners feel safe & relaxed anyway. So, there is no doubt that while any Cancer natives fall in love, they must give hints that they can not imagine their future without their loving partners. 
What Is The Speciality of Cancer Love?
Cancer men & women never tire of making their loved ones feel special while finding suitable matches. Cancer individuals do not hesitate to skip daily routines to spend time with their partners. So, there is no doubt that Cancer natives can go to any extent to bring a smile to their partner’s face. Sometimes, Cancer natives also ignore their own needs to make their partners happy.
Are Cancer Natives Good in Sex?
The emotional intelligence level makes Cancer partners intensely connected to the sense of romance. Cancer people sync their passions, thoughts & feelings for the sexual gratification of their partners. In general, Cancer natives feel overjoyed with prolonged sexual pleasures. Cancer people have good imagination power and often reap emotional benefits through physical intimacy.
How To Approach Cancer Natives For Sex?
Regarding romantic relationships, Cancer natives find comfort & pleasure in the positions from back to front. Cancer partners explore full excitement through physical intimacy. So, if you become expressive about intense affection & love, you can convince the Cancer partners easily.
Compatibility: Friends & Family
Cancer natives are extremely close to their best friends, who are genuine to help them in their tough times. The most crucial fact about Cancer natives is they feel compatible with one-to-one interactions in terms of close friendship instead of a wide range of social circles. Cancer natives quickly make friends as they are always ready to give their best care & affection to others. Cancer people expect emotional bonding from their close friends while they are devoted to their friendship. 
Are Cancer Natives Interactive Enough in Friend Circles?
A caring attitude is one of the best things in the character of Cancer's friends. They never hesitate to pour their heart out with complete devotion, while they want to create a meaningful relationship with close friends. Cancer natives are always ready to offer mutual support in friendship. There is no doubt that cancer friends always defend their besties in any situation.
How Cancer Natives Communicate in Their Friend Circles?
Cancer people do not consider any boundaries to help their friends anyway. Cancer natives become highly concerned when they notice their friends are in challenging situations. The protective nature of Cancer natives defines the bonding with their friends. Above all, you can cry on the shoulders of your Cancer friends as they have perfect caregiver personalities.
Do Cancer Natives Believe in Long-term Friendship?
Cancer friends have an exceptional quality in their behaviour. They love to treat their close friends like a part of their family. Loyalty & affection in friendship make Cancer natives highly acceptable to their new friends. With the old friends, Cancer natives have intense emotional bonding, which turns their friendship into long-term attachment.
The intense emotions turn Cancer natives into family-oriented individuals. Cancer people often manifest the most profound sympathy in their actions when matters come to the family. Cancer natives carry the domestic sense of behaviour, which keeps them attached to their families. Cancer natives often reflect unquestionable compassion to their parents in both good and bad situations in life.
Do Cancer People Value Their Family?
Though the Cancer natives are stubborn enough, they always deal with their family members with solid devotion & sense of protection. As mothers, Cancer natives follow the inner instinct to maintain their family. While Cancer natives become a mother, she gives her best efforts to serve her family at the best level as a backbone of the family.
Is Family Important For Cancer Natives?
Cancer natives are the most sensitive parents who often want to ensure the comfort and security of their family. The intense love for family turns the Cancer natives highly responsible to their family members. Having a concerned heart for family, Cancer people always feel a passionate attachment to their parents & siblings.
Do Cancer People Love Their Family?
As parents, Cancer people play the role of the best caregivers. In childhood, cancer natives always prioritize the emotional bonding with family members. Cancer natives become very close to their mothers, and they share their deepest worries & happiness with their moms. On the other hand, Cancer natives feel hesitant to share their concerns with their fathers. Overall, Cancer natives behave with family members with unquestionable emotions.

The entire discussion unfolds the core characteristics of Cancer natives. The information about the career, family, and love life of Cancer natives presents the natural character of Cancer natives.