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Cancer Sign

Cancer Sign

Cancer is a Water Sign (June 21 – July 22)

Introduction and History of the Zodiac Sign Cancer:

As a cardinal sign, Cancer is the fourth Zodiac sign represented by a Crab. This is why people born in the Zodiac sign Cancer can handle their nature's materialistic and emotional sides. The best part of their character is that they are extremely intuitive and are quick in picking up the existing energy in a room. Besides this, they are slightly self-protective and keep away from people who might take advantage. Initially, Cancerians might sound hard or cold-hearted. But, when you spend more time with them, they also start revealing their gentle and compassionate nature. 

Taking note of the history of the Zodiac sign Cancer, the legends state that a crab was crushed under the feet of the Greek god Heracles. He was the son of a mortal woman Alcmene and the Supreme Greek God Zeus. Indeed, Zeus disguised himself as the husband of Alcmene named Amphitryon to seduce her. Later, Heracles felt guilty when the crab was crushed and placed the crab pieces in the sky to formulate the Cancer constellation. Indeed, the Cancerians are represented by comfort and make sure to relax more. But, the problem with them Is that they may get overprotective of their partner sometimes creating issues in a relationship. 

Basic Personality of Zodiac Sign Cancer:
Taking note of their personality, Cancerians are very sensitive and self-protective. In fact, they create a safe environment around them to avoid any hassles. They are great people to take care of their loved ones and have a heart of gold. Also, the Zodiac sign Cancerisan animal lover and loves to keep pets. Besides this, they are jovial-natured and love to laugh a lot. Indeed, the best thing about Cancerians is that they have a great sense of humor that makes them famous among their friends. In fact, they are warm-hearted and care for the feelings of others. With them, you can share your thoughts too. 

Cancer Zodiac Sign Traits:
The Cancer zodiac sign traits state these people as natural caregivers, which means that they love to take care of their near and dear ones. Indeed, they make sure that everyone around them stays safe. Some of the typical personality traits of Cancer are:
The helping nature of Cancerians will always enable others to take benefit of them. But, this does not mean that they are not conscious players. Indeed, they will always be alert to who is taking advantage of them and who is a genuine person. The Zodiac sign Cancer has the ability to think out-of-the-box and give a distinctive touch to their tasks. In fact, they do not rest and are always ready to take on challenges. 

Love and Relationship of Zodiac Sign Cancer:
Being a water sign, Cancerians have a deep sense of emotions and they like to express their feelings to maintain a healthier love relationship. The best part of the Cancerians is that they go ahead in a relationship on sensing a level of security from the other half. Of course, they are very romantic at heart and wish to pamper their partner with gifts. As the Zodiac sign Cancer has a creative bent of mind, they will find different ways to make their better half feel special. At first, they do not enter into a relationship. But, when they find the required security in a love relationship, they give their heart to it. 

Taking note of the love and relationship of the Zodiac sign Cancer partner, the Cancerians will always go for loyalty. They like to be in a steady relationship where their partner should have a combination of toughness and sympathetic nature. The Cancerians will always seek a loyal partner and show unconditional compassion. Their love is pure that they can sense the problems of their partner without much communication. Being emotional, they invest their feelings in a relationship and make sure to last it ever. This does not mean that the Zodiac sign cancer will not get offended. The matter is that they expect the same kind of emotions as given by them. If the other partner is not able to respond in a similar manner, it may hurt Cancerians. 

Cancer Man:
The Cancer Man is soft-hearted, very loving, and caring for the important people in their life. Being emotional in nature, the Cancerians love to show feelings of love to their partner. Indeed, they turn out to be very good fathers and know the art of parenting. You are brave on one side and very sensitive on the other end. If the Cancerians are hurt, they do not forgive the person and prefer not to give a second chance to the betrayals. It is your good memory power that does not let you forget events in life that have touched your heart. In fact, the Zodiac sign Cancer is very loyal to its partners and expects the same from them. This is the reason that they need reassurance and like to have communication with their loved ones. 

Cancer Woman:
A Cancer woman is very emotional and has an intuitive power that helps them to sense things in a better way. They will always expect loyalty from their partner because commitment in a relationship is important to them. As the Cancerian women are ruled by the Moon, the others can expect quick mood swings from them. In fact, these women can be stubborn, emotional, and fierce at the same time. One thing to be noted from these women is that they prefer to be in their comfort zone if getting angry. Besides this, a Cancerian woman likes to spend more time at home than partying outside. Not to forget that they have great money-making skills. But, the main factor is that they expect commitment from their partner and may not give a second chance of getting betrayed. 

Cancer Friend and Family:
Taking note of the Cancer friend and family connection, they always seek comfort and assurance from their friends and family. In fact, the Zodiac sign Cancer will always be ready to protect their near and dear ones. They make sure their friends and family members live in a safe environment. For this, they can be slightly over-protective which might irritate their close ones. But, to them, security and commitment in a relationship are highly important. As they are governed by the moon, mood swings might put friends or family members in a problem. Those who understand Cancerians well will always be supportive of their nature. Of course, the Cancerians can go to any extent to help their friend and family members in times of need. 

How to Recognize Cancer?
Every star sign has its own distinctive traits that help others to recognize them in the crowd and so does the Zodiac sign Cancer. In fact, they are comfort seekers which enables them to prefer sitting at home to running around in the market. Some of the traits that make Cancerians recognizable are:
Always moody
Assurance seekers
Committed to the partner
Manipulating others
Very protective 
Creative thinkers
Extremely professionals
Highly organized 
When it comes to making money, the Cancerians are very intelligent in doing so. They know what steps to take and how to manage funds without getting troubled. In fact, anyone will be able to recognize a Cancerian from their money-minded nature. 

Cancer Strengths:
Considering the Cancer strengths, they are very loyal and caring-natured. In fact, they would do anything for their near ones because the Zodiac sign Cancer cherishes relationships. Besides this, they are adept at creating a safe environment for their family and friends. Not just this, the Cancerians are intuitive and would rely more on their intuitions than practical modes of judgment. In fact, their strength lies in loyalty and commitment for sure. 

Cancer Weaknesses:
The problem with the Cancerians is that they are overly emotional and get hurt easily. In fact, this could lead to tremendous mood swings which tend to be one of the main Cancer weaknesses. They prefer to live in their comfort zone and would show self-pity for seeking attention. Besides this, their constant mood changes can be very disturbing for their social circle. The moment Cancerians will feel uncomfortable, they would leave the place and seek comfort in their home. 

Cancer in Career and Money:
As Cancerians give more importance to comfort, becoming rich or tunning in the rat race is not their cup of tea. Once their money requirements are provided enough, they can retreat to their family if their time is needed. In fact, they are great at money-making and can easily plan finances. But, they like to spend on expensive things as they want well-manufactured products. This makes them shop with heart and not mind. 

Taking note of their career, the Zodiac sign Cancer will always be very organized. But, they can turn out to be a moody boss or team leader. They want their work to be done properly and on time. So, the slightest delays can trouble them. They have very successful careers because of their intelligence and ability to tackle problems. In fact, the Cancerians will always prefer to give a new approach to the old-school way of working for better productivity. 

Cancer in Health:
Considering Cancer in health, they are vulnerable to weight gain problems at a later stage in their life. As they have exceptional mood swings and are emotional-natured, stress and anxiety turn out to be the principal causes of illness. TheZodiac sign Cancer will have a gentle stomach leading to digestive issues. This can make them susceptible to ulcers, gallbladder problems, and gastritis.

Cancer Compatibility with Other Signs:
When it comes to compatibility, the Zodiac sign Cancer is highly compatible with fellow water signs like Scorpio and Pisces. In fact, they are able to develop great vibes with them because of their similar personality traits. Apart from these fellow water signs, the Cancerians are compatible with Earth signs such as Taurus, Capricorn, and Virgo. The reason behind this is that they have similar energy. Besides this, the Cancerians are least compatible with all the fire signs like Leo, Sagittarius, and Aries on one side and Air signs like Libra, Gemini, or Aquarius on the other side. 

Cancer Symbol:
The Zodiac sign Cancer is represented by a Crab, which symbolizes self-protective nature. A Cancerian will always find refuge in their home or a comfortable zone on experiencing problematic situations. Moreover, the sign also symbolized nurturing qualities of a person and ensures a protective environment. 

Cancer Ruling Planet:
The ruling planet of Cancerians is Moon, which means they have mood swings very often. They can be emotional, and angry at the same time. Moreover, they tend to leave the place where it is uncomfortable for them to survive. 

Cancer Ruling House:
The Zodiac sign Cancer is ruled by the fourth house, which means family, home, and relationships. In fact, the Cancerians seek assurance and commitment in a relationship. They would do anything to protect their near and dear ones from their enemies. 

Cancer Element:
The Cancer element is water, which signifies their deep emotional side. Indeed, they are very sensitive people and can take small things to heart that hurts them. Just like water, the Cancerians have two sides which means that they can either be very supportive or take you down with their anger. 

Cancer Quality:
The Cancer quality explains more of their moody nature, which means that they can be happy at one time and angry at the other side if hurt. Though they are very protective of their friends or family; the Cancerians would need multiple assurances from another side to initiate commitment. 

Cancer Gemstone:
As a passionate sign, the Cancer gemstone for luck is Ruby because of the red color defining passion. In fact, wearing Ruby can bring perfection to their personality and help them get tremendous success in life. Another gemstone good for the Cancerians is the pearl because it is embodied by Moon as the sign is represented by the same element. 

Cancer Color:
The Cancer color for luck is silver, white, green, and blue which means that you can wear clothes with these shades for success. Apart from this, the Cancerians should avoid wearing black and red as these can aggravate their anger or pose a hurdle in living a successful life