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Cancer Female

Cancer Female

The Cancer Female – What Do Peaceful Periods In Their Life Means :
Very much in keeping with its ruler the Moon, Cancerian female are as moody and as temperamental. At one moment you will see her full in the throes of passion and perhaps the very next moment she will be calm and dispassionate. This genre of female is so fluid that it is an extremely difficult task to pinpoint her in a crowd.

The Cancer female is one who has a very developed sense of intuition and it makes very good sense to pay heed to her feelings or forebodings. She might not always be able to explain her feelings and nor is she prone to being judgemental – its just a strong gut feeling , which more often than not proves to be correct.

A very positive element and in peace times is the take of the Cancer female on sex. She positively revels in this slow sensual feeling. Still waters run deep and you will be amazed by the heat that she can generate. The well camaflouged flamboyance comes to the fore. She is content and hence thoroughly enjoys giving in to her feelings.

When matters are moving smoothly even in the work place, the Cancer female still keeps a low profile. This is not a sign of any discontentment, but a symbol of being a very good business female, she remains quiet but competent. When a Cancer female is at peace and calm, money matters are handled very wisely. People react to her very positively.

A content Cancer is very happy ensconced in her household and loves being around children and animals.

How Does The Cancer Female Handle Stress And Strain In Life :
Let us assume that there is a situation and it so happens that the Cancer female comes under a great deal of stress. What is her reaction at such times? Though there might not be any apparent show for it – there could be a marked tendency to stomach problems. This is not really a health issue, but a manifestation of stress and strain. Mood swings – that’s yet another manifestation that the Cancer female is under a great deal of pressure. One moment you will find a happy and jovial Cancel and the next she is brooding and melancholic. This engenders in them negativity and pessimism.

Unwittingly or deliberately if a cancer female is hurt, she will withdraw from almost anything and become almost impossible to reach. They will retreat into a shell and immerse themselves in sadness and misery. But, one thing they will almost never do is hurt the people or person who has caused them harm.

The pace of falling in love and forming a romantic bond comes very slowly to the Cancer female. They take for granted flowers, love notes and gifts as part and parcel of the entire process. However, there is no rush and pressure about – they savour the beauty of the entire relationship. As a female in love she is very protective about her lover and devoted to him. Being ultra-sensitive, she is easily hurt – a partner who truly understands her nature will also bring about the best in the Cancer female.

For a Cancer to trust takes a very long time and generally the Cancerian is somewhat reserved. If they are truly in love they will remain adamant in the face of any obstacle. As partners they are exceptional because they love truly and deeply. If the person is truly the one she has been looking for, then the whole process of bonding becomes a wondrous adventure. Trust takes somewhat a longer time to come and there is an innate shyness even as the relationship develops.

As regards other relationships, Cancer knows only too well what is best suited to her. There is hardly anything she likes more than snuggling together cosily on the sofa. By and large they are sober and calm but there are periodic bouts of moodiness. Fidelity and feelings or a sanctuary and refuge matter a great deal to her. Crying and laughing at the drop of a hat – both come very easily to the Cancer. There is a crazy sense of humour that can be very appealing.

The home is the focal point of everything in her life. Though friends and family are undoubtedly important elements, a healthy home ambience is all important. In any kind of bonding, it is generally the Cancer who is the carer and the one who nurtures. Being pampered by a loved partner makes the world of difference to her – possibly because she spends a majority of her time tending to the world at large.

Cancers have a very strong mothering instinct and assume the form of very caring and sensitive friends. They are the ones who remember when you are in any spot of trouble and ensure turning up to extend whatever help they can. If you happen to be in the company of a Cancer female, you can rest assured that when and if you need any assistance, she will be right there by your side. However, even a careless and very casual remark can cause emotional scars that last a very long time. So, people who are by nature tactless and rude will not find themselves in her close circle for very long.

The Cancer Female - Love Life And Human Relationships :
For a Cancer female, the family and home are all important. The general ambience in her home will have some kind of association or the other with pictures or memorabilia of the people she cares about a lot. The home for her is a shelter to retreat within, when the trials and tribulations of the outside world become too much to handle. Change is not something that she appreciates very much.Cancer is just as protective about the people she cares about. One very attractive way of her expressing love is exercising her culinary skills in the kitchen and bringing forth tasty, yummy dishes.