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Introduction to Lucky Numbers

Through the power of the number one can find a lot of things about his personality. Lucky numbers in numerology are going to be very helpful to find out your hidden needs and desires. Lucky numbers can have a significant impact on your life and you should try to know about the various aspects of the lucky number that you have. Most individuals are usually curious to know about the lucky number they have in life. Well, many such users might get curious at a certain point of time in their life about their lucky number.

How to find a lucky number?

Every lucky number is defined to bring good luck to the native. In the end, they will be able to find out the lucky number using a very simple method. If you are still trying to figure out how you will calculate your lucky number then you should consider using the lucky number calculator.

Now you must be thinking about the method of finding the lucky number. For this, you should consider checking your date of birth and name. This is the information that you will require to calculate your lucky number using the lucky number calculator. In the lucky number calculator, you will find two boxes where you can give your details and it will show you lucky numbers.

How to calculate lucky number?

Always remember that you are lucky numbers are calculated based on your date of birth and name. It will also let you know about the planet which is having a significant impact on your life and your relationship with it. The lucky number will help you to find out the positive and negative aspects of your life. Always remember that you will be able to choose the related stones and crystals to reduce the bad impact. So don't wait anymore, always find out what is your lucky number is to achieve success in your life.

Lucky number a key to your inner consciousness

You may be thinking now what the lucky number is all about. Always remember that lucky numbers are going to explain the characteristics and elements of your unique number in that contact. You will find it very promising and astrology lucky numbers will be present throughout life to help you to move forward. You can also get your plans and dreams based on the lucky number. It will explain your character and temperament which is the best to get anything done. It will also explain the real purpose of your life so that you can make the best choices at a particular moment.

Connection with your life

Always remember that in this world everything we have around us is somehow connected to the numbers. Therefore numbers are going to be very closely associated with every phase of your life. You will also note that lucky numbers for you will also carry positive energy and vibration. When you use those numbers you will be able to field positive energy and vibration clearly without any doubt.

Numerology facts with lucky number

Most people have found them very Fortune and they have used it in different sectors of their lives. We are going to make you successful and a positive person. However, in numerology, there can be different ways of calculating the lucky numbers. But the most common method that you will find is using the date of birth and name of a person. There are some particular rules and regulations for the calculations of lucky numbers that you should never forget.

Impact of your numerology

Numerology is always into the meaning of every number and they will also try to find out the impact on your life and personality. When you give the data in numerology you will find the correct impact of the numerology on your life. You will also notice that numbers are going to have a significant impact in every area of life. A numerologist is the right person who can also interpret every type of meaning for a lucky number which is based on the logical calculation of the information that you have provided to them.

Astrology and numerology connection

Astrology and numbers are the two things that are the most common methods of finding the lucky number. However, most individuals always think about the relationship between numbers and astrology. You should know that lucky numbers are very important for calculations in numerology. However, there can be many individuals who may be finding some Random numbers very lucky for them at a particular time. For example, you can find that 7 are auspicious as per numerologist.

Numerology is always going to do the complete study of the deep meanings with the number contained. On the other hand, astrologers are going to look at the position of celestial bodies and their movements to know about the significant incidents. They are going to study deeply and interpret the influence of the heavenly body in the context of human affairs.

This is the major reason why people started deciding about their relationships based on astrology productions. There is a deep connection between numerology and astrology which you can use every day. Birthday dates and names are taken to calculate the lucky numbers and numerology will help you to find out many things about human behavior. You will be able to understand anything that you have not realized before the numerology calculations. On the other hand, astrology will only tell you about the position of different planets and stars and their impact on your life.

One common thing that you will be amazed to find in numerology and astrology is that everything has a vibration in the universe. It means that it is going to create some sort of energy that will be interacting with the others. Astrology and numerology also has a common belief that when we understand the hidden meaning behind the numbers it is going to be very beneficial for our life.

A person who is well aware of the different aspects of the numbers and their meaning can certainly have multiple benefits. It means that you can also look at the astrology chart or use the numerology calculator to know about the future, you are going to use the same ancient wisdom. Through this, you can always ensure that our universe is going to help you and support that you always need.

Calculation of lucky number using the date of birth

Calculation of the lucky number can be done in two ways. The two ways are using the number date of birth and name of the users. To obtain the lucky number using the date of birth you have to keep on adding all the numbers of dates until you get a single digit.

However, you should note that if the sum of the digit is 11 or 22 or master numbers you don't have to add them further. It is so because the master numbers have their characteristics and you have to work according to that. The best part is that you can always use the Lucky number calculator to learn about the lucky number without any mistakes.

Calculation of lucky number using your name

Many experts prefer to include the name in the calculator of the lucky number. It helps them to obtain the best results and gain the correct information about the users. The method of calculation of the lucky number is using the letter of the name.

Using the table you can find out the number attached to each letter. In this way, you will be able to convert every letter into a digit. Now you have to add all the numbers until you obtain a single-digit number. In this way, you will be able to know about the lucky number using the spellings of your name.

Every number is unique as per the numerology and every lucky number has its interpretation that you should always check.

Numerology of Lucky Number 1

In numerology, the lucky number one is going to express freedom, independence, individuality, and originality. The number one always presents that something new is going to start. It indicates some positive life changes. This particular number is also going to show the leadership qualities of the users. They preferred to remain self-reliant in life.

Staying in freedom is the top not requirement of these users. Individuals who are born on 1, 10, 19, and 28 will usually fall under this particular number. The planet sun is going to rule it. Therefore, most of the users who belong to this particular number will prefer to gain something in life using their hard work.

Numerology of Lucky Number 2

The numerology of the lucky number 2 says that it belongs to patience and compassion in life. It also reveals that individuals will have health connections. People with the lucky number 2 should slow down in life and prefer to focus on a particular task or thing in life to gain success.

The decision-making should be done carefully and one should ensure that every aspect is well analyzed before making a decision. The planet moon belongs to this particular number which is going to present the intuition and emotional imbalance. However, you will find them having strong mental powers rather than being physically strong. Individuals who were born on dates like 2,7,16, and 25 are considered to come under this particular category.

Numerology of Lucky Number 3

The lucky number 3 is going to have a significant impact on your emotions and communication skills. It will also represent your ability to deal with other people. However, individuals with this particular number will certainly be able to prioritize themselves and their needs.

Number 3 in numerology belongs to high creativity skills and self-expression. It is also associated with achievements. Individuals with this particular number will surely have some sort of artistic talent and they will prefer to connect with other people with it.

They are also going to live in harmony. They will also have a deep desire for pleasure in life. They should use their creativity to get the highest potential in life. This number is associated with the planet Jupiter which makes the native understanding and spiritual.

Numerology of Lucky Number 4

Number 4 in numerology is going to represent planning and orientation. Individuals should pay considerable attention to their life goals. They should also try to understand the different terms about their actions in life. And they should know how to change their life to get improvements. The number 4 is associated with the planet Rahu. It indicates energy and knowledge.

It is also associated with being clever and confident. The person may have many leadership skills as well and they are also very good at keeping secrets. They are blessed with sharp memories and have a love for creativity. People who are born on dates 4, 13, 22, and 31 will fall into this category.

Numerology of Lucky Number 5

The lucky number 5 will bring good luck in life and make the natives effective planners and thinkers. They are also very good at making decisions because of their intelligence. High communication skills are usually seen in the native with the lucky number 5. They are also going to take complete responsibility for every action. They will love to have something adventurous in life. This number belongs to the planet Mercury and the date of the birth can be 5, 14, or 23.

Numerology of Lucky Number 6

The lucky number 6 belongs to the leadership qualities of the native. They will prefer to take charge. They also have an excellent understanding to turn things in their favor. You hesitate to take action at the right time. They will also push themselves to do something better in life. In simple words, you can say that the number 6 belongs to harmony, peace, and balance in life.

The ruler of this particular number is Venus therefore natives are going to have a great interest in love and beauty. Individuals who are born on 6, 15, or 24 dates of months will have the lucky number 6. Natives with this particular number are going to be healers and protectors. They will prefer to find out the Deeper meaning of life and pay special attention to the art and spiritual side.

Numerology of Lucky Number 7

Number 7 is mysterious and lucky in many civilizations and cultures. This number will give the power of strong intuition and inner consciousness. The number will also represent a great reputation, analysis, and practicality in life. This particular number has a significant influence on planet Ketu and it is associated with creativity and intuition power. Individuals who are blessed with this lucky number can be great healers and teachers. They can also become spiritual mentors. The date of birth of such a native can be 7, 16, or 25. Depth and spiritual connection will always be present in the life of the native.

Numerology of Lucky Number 8

Strong financial understanding is always there in the natives who are blessed with the lucky number 8. They will also have an excellent understanding of money-related matters. Therefore, natives can have excellent performance when they work in the sector of Management and leadership. They will suddenly like to process great powers. Saturn is the ruler of number 8 and individuals who are born on 8, 17, or 26 dates will have these lucky numbers.

Numerology of Lucky Number 9

Hindi Numerology's lucky number 9 is going to represent the ending or something and motivate me to start something new. Therefore this number will certainly demand from you to check the things that you are doing in your life. You have to analyze everything in life and make a decision to discontinue or continue it for the betterment of your life. You should only make decisions based on the proper analysis and bring the necessary changes when you think that nothing is happening. To gain a fruitful life you have to let go of anything. Planet Mars belongs to the number 9.

Numerology of Lucky Number 0

This number is going to show the huge potential of the native which is hidden. This number also represents the power of wholeness and being full in life. It is also a symbol of completeness in life and this number gives the power to the native to handle things excellently.


You should always understand that your zodiac sign can also have a significant impact on the lucky number. Your rolling planet according to the zodiac sign can also have a significant impact on your personality and rates. The impact of the lucky number will also be highly influenced by the zodiac sign. Further, there is a white range of numbers that one should include in lucky numbers like life number and soul number.