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Feng Shui Color Calculator

Feng shui is a well-known Chinese art of making arrangements perfect to obtain harmony and balance in life. Mostly it uses specific rules to make the changes in the buildings, objects, and space management. Colors are part of the Feng shui which releases a particular type of vibration in the environment. You can also call it the art of placing things. The impact of the environment on human life is the major area of study in Feng shui that you should always consider.

There are some principles which are established in the Feng Shui and you should always perfectly check them before making the selection of colors for any object like a car or a building like your home or office. The elements of water and wind are considered the top-notch priority to study in the art of Feng shui. It is directly related to the well-being of a person. Through Feng Shui, one can ensure that human beings can maintain the perfect balance with the environment.

Chi is known as the energy from the Chinese Feng Shui art. As per the Chinese philosophy, the animation of life energy is Chi and it is going to impact every living and nonliving thing in the universe. However, they also think that this particular energy can be good or bad which is present everywhere in the entire universe. Through the Feng shui, we can always make the perfect balance so that we can get positive energy. Free flow of the positive Chi is necessary as per the Feng Shui.

In Feng Shui, one must be able to measure the flow of good or bad energy in the surroundings. It is one of the most basic concepts that everyone prefers to follow. As per Feng Shui, the dark, feminine, and receptive principle is the Yin type of energy. On the other hand, Yang is a light, masculine type of energy. As per the perfect balance, Yin energy should flow to Yang endlessly and vice versa. Through interior design, this can be possible to make the environment perfect balance.

Feng shui works on the state of consciousness and ensures that it should be converted to positivity from negativity. For this, it will be working on the energy and components. It will always ensure that a perfect balance is established for them to gain the desired results. Feng shui principles never discriminate between the poor and the rich. All the principle of Feng shui is equally applicable to every segment. It is designed to make the perfect balance between the cosmos and manufactured structures. With the help of Feng shui, one can transform their life and unlock the complete potential.

What is the Feng Shui color Calculator?

The Feng Shui color calculator is a perfect online tool that is designed to help users find suitable colors. It is based on the Feng Shui and Chinese numerology. It will be finding the Kua number before proceeding further and this particular concept is taken from the Chinese numerology. Based on the Kua number, the color selection will be done for a particular person. Always remember that color selection is going to make a big difference for a person because every color has its attributes on a person. Individual characteristics are taken into the account before selection of a particular color.

The colors can develop some sort of emotions in a person and they can also express some sort of emotions through the energy stored in them. The suitable color for a person will depend on the Kua number. There can be different types of aspects that are responsible for everything. Based on these aspects the selection of the correct paint is done. This Feng shui color calculator can play a major role in this context. Therefore, selecting the correct color using the proper category can always play a major role. The kua number is the base for the selection of the correct color.

This Feng shui color calculator is designed based on the principles of numerology so that one can find it helpful for the selection of colors for various purposes. There are two major parts of the information that you will need to fill in this particular calculator. The first information is date of birth and the second information is gender. The Chinese Zodiac signs are also taken into consideration at the time of the calculator so that results can be achieved with great accuracy.

The preciseness of the predictions will depend on the accuracy of the information which is supplied to the calculator. The best part is that using the calculator one can choose the information without any delay. There is no complication at the time of filling in the information for the calculations. If you are planning something important in your life, you must try this Feng shui color calculator.

What is the working method of the Feng shui Calculator?

There can be multiple ways of finding out the suitable color for various purposes like for your car, home, office, etc. The calculator will work based on numerology and it will calculate you’re lucky color as well based on the date of birth of the native. However, you will find that the dating method is considered one of the most trusted methods to find out the accurate color number for the native. There are some easy steps that you should accomplish to find out the most suitable number.

  • Some particular details will be required to make the perfect calculations for the suitable color. You need to provide the date, month, and year of birth to proceed further.
  • After you enter the required information, you should click on the submit button. You will find the results quickly as it will not take much time for the calculation.
  • The calculator will also calculate the lucky color using the principles of the traditional methods of Feng shui and numerology.

Why it is important to find the Feng shui colors?

Always remember that five elements are presented through the colors which are everywhere in the entire universe. These five elements are known as fire, water, earth, sky, and air. They are going to control the complete flow of the positive and negative energy in the entire universe. Therefore, it is necessary to select the appropriate color to establish the perfect balance among all the elements and environment using the suitable color.

You should know that Feng Shui is going to work on the colors with a perception that every color is a kind of successful color. The gender and date of birth of a particular person can always help to find out the most suitable color for the person. Using the Kua number one can find the multiple color combinations. In such combinations of colors, one can find the suitable hue for success, relationship goals with the second shade, and good health or personal development with the third.

The different type of colors is going to both positive impacts on the owner. The selection of the correct hue can always properly complement them. The owner is going to get excellent recommendations from the Feng Shui calculator for the color selection. This selection of color can be used for various purposes. It is highly useful when you select the family color when you’re buying something for the home. Always consider the Kua number as your base for the selection of the correct colors.

As per Feng shui energy of a person can be deeply impacted by the colors. The clarity and capacity of action can also be influenced by the selection of the right colors. When you select the right color for the material that you purchase, you can always balance the energy that is deeply connected with the things. Apart from the Kua number one should always use the basic principles which are connected with the utilization of five elements. One should also check the Chinese Zodiac Sign to improve the Chi. It will certainly bring good fortune for the person when the selection of the colors is done as per the Chinese Zodiac Sign. The most crucial element that you should always check is the Chi which is responsible for making the perfect balance.

Principles of feng shui and their true meaning

Always remember that every color in Feng Shui is associated with the five elements of Mother Nature. There is a deep relationship between the colors and Feng Shui which can be studied.

Fire element
Colors that are inspired by the Fire are very closely related to the energy of the environment. Therefore, they are going to express the warmness and passion in the life. The shades that are associated with the fire element are orange, red, pink, and vivid yellow.

The next important element in this context is water which can reduce the stress from the entire day. One should make the perfect balance with this element to ensure relaxation and unwinding in life. Black and blue colors are closely connected with wealth and prosperity as per Feng Shui.

Gray and white colors are appreciated for their ability to create a sense of fresh cleanliness and lightness in the space. Further, they can also increase productivity and help in the management of stress.

The element of the earth is related to the solid foundation for the relationship so that we can develop good health and stability in life. Earth color tones can be yellow and sandy. One can also apply the beige shade.

Wood element
The element of wood belongs to earth-like tones which are going to express and promote growth and prosperity. Brown and green tones are highly appreciated and you want to apply this particular element.

Unique trade is always present in the colors which also represent their true meanings. Therefore it is important to study every original color and its personality traits.

Red color
Red is the color shade that is going to be highly influential in the entire Feng shui. The red color is considered one of the most auspicious colors in Feng shui and it is frequently used. The use of the red colors is done to the safeguard purity of energy. Therefore, it is applied for a person to purify and safeguard. The red color is closely associated with the Fire element which again presents clarity, inspiration, and visibility.

Orange color
In Feng shui, the orange color is considered as the Social color. It is going to bring several sorts of improvements in a person. For the improvement of communication, creativity, and connections one can consider the use of orange color. The orange shade can also be a good source of inspiration in the life of the individual who is trying to recover from any sort of mental trauma, despair, or abuse. It is going to be very beneficial for them. It will bring joy and is considered the most vibrant color. It is also associated with the positive vibrations that bring happiness to life.

Gold or yellow color
Good health can be achieved easily when you prefer to use the yellow color. It is so because this color is considered full of positive energy. For good concentration power and excitement in life, one should prefer to use the yellow color as much as possible. It is going to improve the health, patience, and knowledge of a particular person. It is also going to be a perfect symbol of the power in the universe. It can make a significant contribution to the creation of a pleasant environment and Feng shui color is going to express a lot of things about happiness and optimism in life. Yellow color is going to be very useful when someone wants to gain positive mental energy. However, one should eliminate the excessive use of it because it can make one anxious or angry.

The green color is a lively and happy color which always represents happiness in life. This color can always bring optimism to life. As per the expert in Feng Shui, the green color can always bring good luck and fortune to life. It can also bring a fresh start with positive energy. For most of the things, you will find that green color is going to be excellent. There are multiple advantages of having the green color. The shade of green is always considered relaxing and has been used for various therapies. It can also balance different types of properties. Many consider the green color as a symbol of expansion and abundance in every phase of life. It can always provide a sense of newness and beginnings which is highly auspicious.

Blue color
The blue color is closely associated with honesty and communication. It is also going to represent wisdom and understanding. In many parts of the world, it is also associated with spirituality and knowledge. It can reflect youth and fresh starts. For the self-assurance, this color can also be used. One can also use the blue color for reflection and discernment. To lead a peaceful and transparent life when should prefer to buy blue objects.

Purple color
The purple color can represent the effluence and Grandeur. Purple color can also create a feeling of respect. It can also be used for the presentation of authority and wealth. In many parts of the world, it is used to reflect the plenty of something. When you want to Foster adventure and spiritual power you can also use purple color. The deep Prince and fear of the purple color are going to show prosperity and power. It is made up of fiery and cool blue. Therefore, it can easily be applied for balance and harmony.

When you combine all the colors the total is going to be the black color. The yin side of the yin yang symbol is presented with the black color as well. The black color is going to express the gloomy things in many parts of the world. However, different cultures can also use it for different situations. In the Feng shui, this particular color has close associations with depth and introspection. This particular color is going to express serenity, knowledge, and peaceful reflection. Professional elements like law are also associated with this particular color.

When there is no color present it is considered white color. It is also the part of in yin-yang symbol of Chinese numerology. This color is going to present the yang side of the symbol. In many human capitalizations white is always used to express the winter. It means that this color is used to express that Mother Earth is resting and a dormant season is about to come. This color is used to express the goodness and hope in life. Therefore, youngsters or creative endeavors are going to use this particular color often.

Grey is considered the perfect blend of the black and white color. The gray color is going to express different types of meanings. The gray color is going to make a particular area calm and peaceful. It can give you the feeling of relaxation in life. Many shades of grey are available and they can be deeply used to express the calmness of the mind. The overuse of the color can also be sedating in some situations.

Brown color
The brown color often has a dull reflection and appearance. The brown color is considered highly auspicious as per the Feng shui because it is going to give us many benefits. The brown color is also the color of the root and nature. Therefore, one can obtain a calming and centering impact with the help of this particular color. For the improvement of honesty and making a deep connection with the heart, this color is very effective. You can also consider this particular color as a stable color. Further, it can also inspire thoughts of safety when used as per the guidance.

The next Feng shui color is the pink color which always expresses love and partnership. This color is going to inspire self-acceptance, tenderness, and relationship attraction for someone. The pink color is always used when it comes to giving relaxation to someone. It can make the perfect balance in the energy. Indeed, it can be useful more than red because it also has the white of metal which works like a temper for the fire of the red color in the atmosphere.

As per the Feng shi, the success and family color are closely attached to the Kua number. Through the Kua number, you can find the complete family for the highly beneficial colors.

Kua number 1
Kua number one is going to be associated with Green and purple for success. The family colors that you should consider for the various things are red, purple, and Burgundy.

Kua number 2
Kua number two is going to be attached with the yellow, brown, and beige for success. The family colors that are associated with the Kua number two are silver, gold, and white.

Kua number 3
Kua number three has three colors for success which are Red, Pink, and Burgundy. The family color that you can use with the Kua number three is green.

Kua number 4
The kua number four has a combination of three colors for success which are Blue, Black, and purple. However, the family colors that you should with kua number four are dark green and brown.

Kua number 5
The success colors for the kua number five are yellow, brown, and Beige. However, you should use the gray, silver, gold, and white family colors with Kua number five.

Kua number 6
For success, one should use the Gray, silver, and white colors with the Kua number six. However, family colors that are advised with the Kua number six are yellow, brown, and beige.

Kua number 7
The kua number seven is going to provide you success with colors like gold, silver, and white. However, you should prefer to choose the family colors like yellow, brown and beige.

Kua number 8
With Kua number eight, you should prefer to use yellow, brown, and beige colors for success. However, the family colors for the kua number eight can be gold, silver, gray, and white.

Kua number 9
The success colors for the kua number nine are dark green and brown. However, you should use the blue, black, and purple color family with Kua number nine.


You should use the Feng shui color calculator to find out the lucky color that can bring success to your life. The only information that you need to provide is your gender and date of birth to find the most suitable color and color family as per Feng Shui.