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Meaning of the cornerstone number

You will be amazed to know that letters can also have their own story. Well, as per numerology letters can have a very special story which is hidden behind the cosmic numbers. This particular concept is related to the name that humans get at the time of birth. Many traditional mystical books also mention this. As per these books, the first name of the human being is very important because it is going to provide useful information about the character formation of that person.

Numerology behind cornerstone number

Many numerological values are attached to it therefore, it is called a cornerstone letter and it is denoted by a number in numerology. The numerological value of this particular number is known as the cornerstone number. It is going to make the foundation for the general ap=proach that a person takes towards life. The best part is that you can always use the cornerstone number calculator and gain the right results. It will teach you many interesting factors that are related to your personality.

Finding cornerstone number

The cornerstone number is the first letter in numerology that is going to tell you a lot of things about your strengths, weaknesses, likes, dislikes, and many other factors. You can come to know about your attitude and behavior using this particular form of numerology.

A cornerstone numerology calculator is going to calculate your cornerstone score or a number that is going to showcase many of your attributes. In this process, the alphabetical ranking of the cornerstone letter is completely checked. The next step is reducing the ranking to obtain a single-digit number.

For example, your name starts with the letter S. Then it means that the letter S is going to be your cornerstone letter. Now you have to check the ranking of the letter S which is the 19th letter. Again it is a two-digit number therefore; you have to reduce it to a single-digit number which will give you the answer 1. It means that your cornerstone number is going to be 1. You can check the personality traits that are related to this particular cornerstone number as per the numerology.

Feature of each cornerstone letter

Now you must be thinking about the real meaning that is hidden behind every number. To find out more about the same, you should always know your cornerstone number. For this, you can have a look at what every cornerstone letter means. You can always see that personality traits behind the letters can also become the characteristics of a person when their name starts with a particular letter.

Cornerstone letter A
Individuals with this particular letter are considered very brave by nature. It is so because they always have a strong determination so that they can achieve their goals in life. They prefer to be independent in life and have excellent leadership skills. It will also help them to deal with any situation in the world. They also have fantastic logical abilities and analytical powers.

Cornerstone letter B
The cornerstone letter B makes people team-oriented and they are always ready to take actions that bring fruitful results. One interesting thing is that they are always ready to cooperate and collaborate. They are also quite sensitive towards the near and dear ones. Further, they can go to any extent to protect and care for them. Further, they are going to take their work personality and can become very greedy after tasting the success.

Cornerstone letter C
Individuals with the cornerstone letter C are considered inspiration for others. They have a practical and realistic approach towards life by which they can always win the hearts of others and get lots of appreciation. They also know how to maintain the perfect balance in their work and life. A creative mind is always there to help them and they will always have something new in their mind spontaneously.

Cornerstone letter D
Individuals with the cornerstone letter D will prefer to take the multiple challenges in their lives, particularly in the professional sector. They will also have the hunger to win in all the tasks which are assigned to them. Further, they are quite hard working and have excellent skills to make the correct decisions. They are good team leaders and their team will always gain multiple benefits from them.

Cornerstone letter E
Individuals with the cornerstone letter E are blessed with excellent minds and they prefer to study a lot. They are very good with imagination and can think about a problem statement. Based on their imagination power of the problem they can give the proper solution. However, they will face a lot of problems when it comes to handling a particular problem and can be confused many times. They will also have doubts about the suggestions. Therefore, most of the time people will have trust issues with them.

Cornerstone letter F
The cornerstone letter F makes the native responsible towards the working area, family, and friends. They are naturally blessed with highly productive instincts and prefer to provide complete care to their loved ones. They can be very serious and prefer to take revenge when they get angry. But they don’t have so much courage to take the starting steps to do something. Doing something new is also a challenge for them.

Cornerstone letter G
Individuals with the cornerstone letter G are also sensible and they can handle things in the right sense with maturity. Further, they are always encouraged towards the new ideas in life and prefer to keep on learning the new things in life. They are also full of analytical minds and they always find the solution based on the proper research for something.

Cornerstone letter H
Individuals with the cornerstone letter H are said to have the perfect business and they wish to afford the things that they usually get in touch with. They are quite business-minded people and everything in life is also done with a business mentality. They usually have a very practical approach to life. They prefer to stay in touch with nature and put special emphasis on the cleanliness of everything.

Cornerstone letter I
The cornerstone letter I make the individual complete with an idealistic approach in life. They will prefer to carry compassion for everything deep in their heart. They are also influenced to do something for the society. They are very good people with a pure heart and mind. They prefer to think about something with deep meaning and the same will also apply to various events in their life. They are quite modern-minded and prefer to carry the latest fashion.

Cornerstone letter J
The cornerstone letter J makes people goal-oriented in life. They are also influenced to do hard work and be dedicated to their work life. The best thing about them is staying very active in physical activities. They also have a very strong focus on life. They are self-dependent and they are also known as self-made people. They always put special emphasis on preparing themselves and it can also cause unnecessary delays.

Cornerstone letter K
Individuals with the cornerstone letter K are blessed with the knowledge of making the perfect balance in their personal and professional lives. They will depend on their intuition to prefer to have a high level of spirituality. They will prefer to keep their aims and aspirations secret from others to gain success in life. They would like to surprise others with their sudden success.

Cornerstone letter L
The cornerstone letter L can make the individual a bit of a thinker in life. It is so because they have very low self-esteem. Therefore, they must respect themselves to gain the self-confidence to handle things with perfection. Individuals with the cornerstone letter L are also blessed with a good sense of humor. It means that they have the art of cracking good jokes and making others comfortable with their healthy sense of humor. They can easily make others laugh.

Cornerstone letter M
The cornerstone letter M is known for the people who always take their work seriously. They will prefer to become very aggressive and they also tend to get the perfect output. Further, the native will also prefer to focus on the work. They are overindulged with the work and you can also find them workaholics most of the time. They are always loyal to their loved ones and they are full of emotions when it comes to handling their personal life.

Cornerstone letter N
If you have the cornerstone letter N it means that you have a creative mindset which is also blessed with strong intuitions. The next quality that natives will enjoy is having exceptionally good communication skills. They are also going to work on their financial freedom in the early stage of their life. Further, they will also wish to make others comfortable particularly when it comes to their family members.

Cornerstone letter O
Individuals with the cornerstone letter O are said to be much more focused and they will be working regularly to achieve the pre-defined goals in their life. Further, they will also have strong moral values. For others, they are going to be very kind-hearted people. However, in most matters, you will find them very emotional. It means that their work-related decisions can also be influenced by their heart.

Cornerstone letter P
The cornerstone letter P makes the native talkative. They are also funny and have a strong wit and humor. You will find a good spiritual side of them and they will prefer to be philosophical. You can always win their trust and they are always ready to do anything for their partner. They are going to remain focused and they are also sensitive.

Cornerstone letter Q
Individuals with the cornerstone letter Q are lovers of freedom and prefer to enjoy life at their terms and conditions. You can also find them sitting in the corner most often. They are also lovers of mystical books and prefer to incline towards spirituality. They are also blessed with good imaginative power. You will find them using their institutional power in their professional matters as well.

Cornerstone letter R
Individuals with the cornerstone letter R are said to be workaholics by nature and they prefer to gain everything from their hard work. They usually face issues when it comes to managing their anger. Anger can ruin their world. Anger management is the weakest point of their personality and they should start learning to manage it. After anger management things will start getting better in their lives.

Cornerstone letter S
Folks with the cornerstone letter are very genuine. Therefore, most of the time, others are going to like them a lot. They will never show off to be something that they are not. Further, they will get a lot of respect in society because they always remain original. They will prefer to be independent in life and prefer to enjoy their love and freedom. They would like to become ambitious.

Cornerstone letter T
Individuals with the cornerstone letter T are considered very strong people because of their mental abilities. They can also uplift any sort of project work and they are expert at handling any sort of ups and downs. They also tend to take a systematic approach to handle the entire task without any conflict. They are comfortable in peace making and they have a peaceful nature as well. They prefer to remain well organized.

Cornerstone letter U
Individuals who are under the cornerstone letter U are considered to be disorganized in most of the matters. Further, they can also be notorious and they tend to find the shortcuts and short tricks to achieve what they want. For success in a very short time, they will never be afraid to try the short tricks. This habit indeed can hurt their success process. However, they will never be afraid of working hard.

Cornerstone letter V
Individuals with the cornerstone letter V are considered very genuine people and everyone prefers to love them for something good. They are known to have strong mental power and sharp memory. Overall you can call them sharp-minded people. They have excellent abilities of manipulating others and they can play with words. These the unmatched qualities of the natives make them very strong and they can achieve whatever they want in their life

Cornerstone letter W
People with the cornerstone letter W can be very impulsive by nature. They will be considering their institution to make most of their decisions. Further, they can be very charming and have excellent life partners. Further, they have an egoistic nature, and despite this most of their peers are going to enjoy their company. It is so because they know how to present themselves in a good way in front of others.

Cornerstone letter X
Individuals with the cornerstone letter X are considered to be very hardworking people but they are not disciplined in most matters. It is also the potential reason they are going to remain in the average state. They are also greedy and prefer to go to dangerous extents once they decide to achieve something in life. The natives will also prefer to do anything and everything when they have the power to achieve something. They will be able to achieve what they desire by hook or crook.

Cornerstone letter Y
Individuals with the cornerstone letter Y are considered very rich and classy. You will find them often involved in some sort of good business. They love to enjoy complete freedom in life and tend to keep on making good money through business. They will also have excellent taste in life and they will prefer to enjoy the great taste in luxurious items.

Cornerstone letter Z
Natives with the cornerstone letter Z are going to be very kind-hearted people and they will prefer to remain friendly. They have strong determination. Further, they will remain positive whenever it comes to achieving their goals. You can consider them as goal-oriented people. Further, they will often keep on pushing their limits so that they can achieve something. After making a target they will constantly work for it.


Cornerstone numbers can be very good when it comes to gaining useful information about someone. Further, they can also tell you a lot of things about personality and you can also gain wonderful ideas about the characteristics of an individual. Achievement number numerology can also help you in this context and you can have a clear insight about the life of someone using it. Further, through the cornerstone numerology, you can find the details just by using the name which is again a great tool. There is a wide range of calculators available if you are looking forward to exploring more information.


It can tell you a lot about the personality traits and characteristics of a person just by the name. You can also find out the overall behavior of someone using this particular calculator.