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Significance of Lo Shu grid in numerology
Lo Shu grid can help you a lot to complete the most important decision in your life. You will be able to get everything in life that you have always dreamed of. The only thing that you need to enter in the Lo Shu grid calculator is your date of birth.

Functions of Lo Shu Grid Calculator

Numerology and astrology go hand in hand when it comes to telling the impact of numbers on the life of someone. Lo Shu grid has its origin in China and it is also called the magic or sacred square. It is a kind of grid that has three rows and three columns. There are nine spaces for each number that you should take into account.

It is going to make up the best birth chart gird that you should never forget to take into account for important predictions. The complete date of birth is taken into account for the calculation. Chinese numerologists always prefer to use the three-by-three magic square as Lo Shut Grid. You will find that the addition of this square is going to be 15 when done from any direction.

Definition and meaning of Lo Shu grid
A complete set of numbers is taken into consideration when working on the Lo Shu grid. These are completely based on the Chinese beliefs of Feng Shui Numerology. There are three rows and three columns for the arrangements of the Lo shu grid and the number can be arranged from number 1 to number 9. The arrangements of the numbers are done in a way that the total of everything will only result in 15.

There are two types of planes in the Lo Shu grid and these can be horizontal and vertical. Every plane has a particular type of symbol on which it is going to work.

Horizontal planes

Mind plane The mind plane is taken into consideration to know about the inborn thought capabilities of a particular person. It will also define the memories, intelligence, and analytical skills of a particular person with mental processes as well.

Practical or physical plane
The next plane in this context can be said the practical or physical plane. It is also considered as the birth chart's bottom horizontal line. This plane will reflect the linguistic expression of a particular person. It can also reveal the materialist aptitude of a person. One can also use it to know the practical attitude, organization skills, and ability to handle manual labor work.

Vertical planes

The first row
It will tell us about the thought plane of a particular person. It is going to demonstrate the capacity of a particular person who is coming up with a wide range of ideas. It will also find out the capabilities of a person to convert ideas into action and complete them at the right time.

The middle row
The next plane is going to tell us about willpower and perseverance for achievements.

The lowest row
The action plan is going to tell us about the ability of a person who can take action on the ideas.

Origin of the Lo Shu grid

This grid is nearly four thousand years old. It is said that China used to have the river Hwang Ho that was usually flooded. The disaster of the flood created a lot of problems for the residents. It was believed that it was happening because of the curse of god. However, the famous king then decided to do the intervention and the name of the king was Wu of Hsia. He was completed dedicated to stopping the problem.

He noticed a tortoise shell, one day when he was walking near the river bank. The shawl was floating on the water. The 3x3 grid was engraved on the shell. The ideal 3x3 square then came into existence and it became the Lo Shu grid. The calculator is fully capable of handling any sort of Lo Shu grid calculation.

Use of the Lo Shu grid

The magic square numbers are easy to work with and one can put the day, month, and year of the birth to the Lo Shu grid. Without a corresponding number, it is not going to give the appropriate details and will indicate the elemental imbalance. There should not be any zero because the Lo Shu grid does not have any zero number to calculate or indicate something for it.

Different types of squares will hold a very special meaning and associations for the Lo Shu grid. Some many colors and elements present in this context that you should take into account.

Colors and elements

The northern square belongs to the water element in the Lo Shu grid. In the same way, the color pink is the southwest square color. It presents the earth element. East direction is said to be connected with the wood element and is also associated with the green color. The next color is purple which is associated with the southeast direction and represents the wood.

The next element is the earth which is always there in the middle. As per the history, the pictures of the mountains are dedicated to the water element which should be utilized. The metal element is going to present the northwest direction. It is highly recommended to improve the chi with the help of metal elements in some or any other manner. The gold color metals are highly useful in this context when it comes to improving the Chi.

The metal in the western section is connected with the silver tones. In the same manner blue hue color is thee to presents the earth element which is always there on the northeast side. Fire element is going to be there in the south direction and fire element is closely associated with the red color.


There is a wide range of benefits that you should take into account.

  • The users can always find out a lot of things and other relevant information that are related to marriage. The calculator for the marriage can also tell about the married life experience. The childbirth calculator can also tell us about a wide range of things about family life.
  • If someone is trying hard to get a government job or become a government officer then Lo Shu Grid can also tell you the chances of it. You can also find out the chances of succeeding in getting a government job with the same.
  • The next thing is getting the chances of success in abroad for the settlement. Living in a better country is always the dream of everyone at least one in a lifetime. Through this particular calculator, you will be able to know about the probability of getting success in this context.
  • The calculator is going to tell you about the money and wealth in your life. It will tell about the correct chances of earning the money in your life. You will also come to know about the money prosperity and fortunes in life. The calculator will analyze the Lo Shu grid for you and you will be able to get the relevant information.
  • A lo shu grid will give you a clear direction so that you can make the changes in your life and avoid unwanted adverse effects.

Lo Shu grid - methods to do the calculation

The numbers that are considered for the calculation of the Lo Shu grid are taken from the birth date of the native. These numbers are considered highly appropriate for the personality traits and development of the native. A calculator is always taken into consideration for the accuracy in the prediction of the gird. There can be differences in the calculations when you do it but you should always give preference to the Lo Shu Grid Calculator.

Lo Shu Grid Calculator contains a total of nine numbers at various places which represent a unique value.

The first
  • The number which is placed on the first space in the grid is going to present the career and employment. It will also tell the power to communicate.
  • The sun is also presented by it which is considered as the governing lord. It will stand for the northern side and has the water element. The dark blue and black colors belong to this and it can control the ear and kids.
The second
  • The second number in the Lo Shu Grid is going to express a lot of things about your love and relationship. The planet Moon is going to be the lord of the number.
  • The direction of this particular number will be southwest and it will have the earth element. The color of this particular place is pink, red, and white.
  • This number is related to the abdominal health of the native.
The third
  • The third number belongs to understanding and planning. It also indicates the knowledge and planning with the memory power of the native.
  • Planet Jupiter is going to be the ruler of this particular planet.
  • The number is related to the blue and green color and it governs the east direction.
  • Native can find out about the knees, ankles, and feet which are connected with this particular number.
The fourth
  • There is a misconception that the number four is not auspicious. However, this number is going to be related to success, prosperity, and money in life.
  • Rah and Uranus are going to be the planet of this particular number.
  • The southeast direction in the compass is going to belong to this particular direction and it has the softwood element. There are some particular colors like red, green, blue, gold, and purple that belong to this particular number.
  • Natives can find out about the health of their liver, and thigh with this particular number.
The fifth
  • The number fifth in the Lo Shu Grid is going to express the emotional and mental stability of the native.
  • The planet Mercury is considered the lord of this particular number.
  • Brown color and central direction are associated with this particular number.
  • Earthy colors like yellow and orange belong to this particular number.
  • Individuals can find out about the health of their internal organs with this particular number.
The sixth
  • The number six is considered highly lucky in the matters of relationship and security. It also indicates the stability and family of a particular person.
  • Planet Venus is the lord of this particular number.
  • All the challenging metal elements belong to this particular number.
  • The most auspicious direction of the northeast is going to represent this particular number and it has the colors like black and white.
  • The number six represents the head of a person in the body parts through which one can find out the overall health.
The seventh
  • The number seven is closely related to the progeny and inner peace of someone. It also expresses the original thoughts of a particular person.
  • The number seven is related to Neptune or Ketu. These plants are considered the masters of this particular number.
  • The number seven is associated with the soft metal element and it belongs to the west direction in the compass.
  • White, silver, copper, and gray colors are related to this particular number.
  • The condition of the mouth and lungs is always represented by this particular number.
The eighth

Number 8 is always considered the lucky number and it provides many indications about the education and knowledge of a person. It can also reveal the memory power.

  • The Lord of this particular number is said to be Saturn.
  • The northeast direction is represented by the number 8 in the compass. The element of this number is earth and the color is blue, green, and black.
  • The body figure which is presented by this particular number is the body weight and hand health of a particular person.

The ninth

The ninth is also considered as the lucky number and it is closely associated with the success, money, reputation, and social standing of a person.

  • The planet which belongs to this particular number is Mars.
  • This particular number belongs to the south direction in the compass and it is closely associated with the red color and fire element.
  • The individuals can find out about the condition of blood, eyes, and heart with the help of this particular number.

Missing number and their resolution as per Lo Shu Grid

Missing number 1 in Lo Shu Grid

  • If the number one is missing in your Lo Shu Grid means that you will have problems related to the expression of your identity. You have to focus more on supporting and fostering others. To move ahead in life you will need to take the help and counseling of others.
  • The lack of communication is a very common issue they might be facing. They will always need the help of some artistic hobbies or something through which they can positively express their deeper feelings.
  • The will power of these natives will be very weak and they always need to work hard. Through hard work, they will be able to gain bravery and self-assurance.
  • Health problems related to the heart can be seen in them.
  • They need to work towards having self-respect and they never have an ego.

They should install the aquarium in the northeast direction of the house. On the right hand, they should always tie a red ribbon which is going to provide them multiple benefits. The next remedy related to their issues is doing prayers to Surya through Surya mantra.

Missing number 2 in Lo Shu Grid

  • When the number 2 is missing the native will lack empathy and patience in life. They will also face trouble related to self-assurance. They will not have any sort of intuitional strength which can also create troubles in life. They will open and make lots of errors when they ignore the voice of their inner concise.
  • They have a common tendency to be irritable and tardy. They will never acknowledge their mistakes.
  • They may also have these losses and family issues. They might face some troubles related to family and relationships. They will also struggle with the finances. They may also face some sort of difficulties in life during their union. Marriage-related issues can also happen with them.
  • Individuals may face trouble because not being able to diplomatic sometimes.
  • Cardiovascular diseases are very commonly seen in the natives who are missing number 2.

Pearl or crystal mala are very beneficial for the native.

  • They should also keep a pair of silver swan toys in the house to resolve the marriage-related issues.
  • Donation of rice or sugar is considered auspicious for them.
  • To deal with the other problems of life, it is good to offer water on Shiva linga.

Missing number 3 in Lo Shu Grid

Natives who are missing the number three in their Lo Shu Grid will face problems related to confidence and expression of feelings. They will also feel distracted and have to struggle hard to have a clear thought process.

They will always have a low opinion of themselves. They will always have little value for creativity, original thoughts, and self-assurance in life. The propensity to be extreme in life is also a very common mistake they often make. They will always underestimate their abilities in life.


Growing green plants in the east direction of the house is highly recommended. They can also use the portraits if growing plants in that particular direction is not possible for them.

  • They can also wear the Tulsi mala which should be made of five Mukhi Rudraksha.
  • Giving respect to elders is necessary for them and they should also follow their instructors.
  • Wooden-made items are considered highly auspicious for them. Therefore, it is recommended to use the maximum number of wooden items in life.

Missing number 4 in Lo Shu Grid

Individuals who are missing number 4 in their Lo Shu Grid chart will be lost in their thoughts. They will fail to perform the task at the right time as per the schedule. They may use all the Census of directions. They love to chaotically keep the things. Lack of bravery and tolerance is also seen. They also don't have common sense.

They need to work hard to attain wealth and they also have to struggle very hard between the ages of 42 to 48 years of the age. Their life is always full of ups and downs and they notice that some sudden accidents will be happening in their life often. Stomach-related health issues are very common in them.

Remedies to deal with problems
  • It is highly recommended that they should wear the Tulsi mala which is going to provide the best benefits to them. The Tulsi mala must contain five Mukhi Rudraksha. It is better to perform the donations of coconut because this particular number belongs to wood elements.
  • You should work towards the cleanliness of the home and neighborhood.
  • The natives should also use wooden goods like tables, glasses, and bamboo grafts.
  • You should ensure that the southeast direction is lush with vegetation to gain the best benefits.

Missing number 5 in Lo Shu Grid

Financial losses are very commonly seen in the natives who were missing number 5. The most common reason will be the failure to communicate properly with others. Until the age of 34, the native will have problems like bankruptcy, loans, and poor luck.

They have to face lots of challenges in life and they will not be able to do any sort of business properly. They will also have a lack of curiosity and courage. They will face problems like having no reputation. It is also a potential reason that they will avoid social gatherings. They will also require ongoing encouragement to advance in life.

They will find a lot of problems when it comes to a house. It will never provide them happiness. Lack of motivation and varieties very common with the people were missing number 5. Setting up the proper objectives will be typical work for them.

Remedies to deal with the problem There are multiple remedies available through which they can deal with daily life problems. They should always surround themselves which comes from the ground. They should avoid using metallic things. The use of quartz crystal is also considered highly auspicious for them and it is going to provide them the best benefits. The center space of the house should be kept free from any sort of electric appliances.

Missing number 6 in Lo Shu Grid

Individuals who are missing number 6 in their Lo Shu Grid are going to face multiple problems related to money, marriage, and family in life. When they don't pay attention to the family the entire joy of the family will be gone. Nothing comes too easy in their life and they have to work hard for almost everything in life.

They will also face issues in their relationship because of the habit of keeping things secret in life. They should learn about being open in the relationship and be available whenever someone needs them.

Accumulating the wealth is a serious problem and they will often run out of cash in life. They are going to face a lot of problems related to wealth and finance. There can be some law-related problems in their life and they will also lack the good things in life.

The chances of succeeding in the foreign-related matter will be very low and they have to face trouble when involved in the export-import-related business.


Metal coins can provide them excellent cure for any issue related to number six.

  • The next amazing remedy is wearing a bracelet with a golden chain.
  • One should also install the golden wind chimes with 11 long rods in six quantities to gain the best benefits. Choosing the northwest direction is considered highly auspicious in this context.

Missing number 7 in Lo Shu Grid

The most common issue the native with face in life is living a chaotic life when he is missing the number seven. Confusion and fear will be there in every phase of life and they will also create problems.

The native will also not have any interest in spirituality. The next problem is not respecting the emotions of others.

They will face a serious problem in life when it comes to having a male child in the life. They can also face having children and most commonly seen that natives will only have female children.


Wear a watch with a golden chain or bracelet is considered highly auspicious. They can also wear a silver chain. Always remember that the number seven belongs to the metal element and you should never forget to take these remedies in life.

Feeding the dog will be very helpful for you to eliminate the malefic effects of missing the number seven.

Wearing bright colors is going to provide excellent benefits to the natives. They should prefer to wear white, light blue, and light green colors to stay positive during every phase. It will also help you to eliminate the negative mindset.

Missing number 8 in Lo Shu Grid

If you are missing the number eight in life you can face trouble related to wealth. The wealth will be in the declining phase and you may also miss the decision-making authority in life.

The native will face a serious problem related to the management of financial matters in life. They also have an extreme nature when it comes to trusting someone or being reckless. It can also be a potential reason for losing money.

There will be lots of ups and downs in life and it will make the native unmotivated. Due to a lack of motivation, they will abandon the projects half-finished which will again cost them a lot in terms of money.

There will be hardly something good in life and they will be facing a lot of issues with society in general. They can also have serious household and financial problems in life.

Heart-related health issues are commonly seen in the natives who are missing the number eight in the Lo Shu Grid.


Natives should always respect the people who are from the lower class. They should also try their best to make the best relations with the labor class.

They should make donations of salty meals to the needy and poor people in life. It is going to resolve many work-related problems for them and give them good growth opportunities.

To resolve the financial issues and losses in life they should keep the Kalash of the water facing the northeast direction. It represents the wealth accumulation in life and gives the right results.

On Saturday they should avoid eating the non-vegetarian. It will be great if they can keep fast on this day of the week.

Keeping the crystals to the northeast is going to provide them excellent benefits.

Missing number 9 in Lo Shu Grid

Natives who are missing the number nine in Lo Shu Grid will face problems related to popularity in life. Life will be very challenging for them. The next challenge that they will face is related to money and finance. Managing the financial affairs in life can be very typical for them.

They also have extreme tendencies when it comes to dealing with others. Either they will be overly trusting or highly reckless with others. In both situations, the native will be facing financial problems.

They will often disregard the needs of others and become very insensitive towards them. They will hardly show any concern for the feelings of others.

Lack of motivation will be a problem with them and due to this; they will not complete the work taken into their hands.

They will also act without thinking about the consequences and have impulsive behavior.


Fire is the element of the number nine in the Lo Shu Grid. Therefore, one should use the fire-related images. It is also recommended to use the red blub in the south which will make the perfect balance of every element.

They should often visit the Hanuman temple. To reduce the malefic effects of the fire element in the south direction, they should wear the red thread or a wristband.


The Chinese king Wu of Hsia invented the Lo Shu Grid system when he was trying to solve the problem of flooded rivers to protect the village. After that, it became very popular and is still being used by a wide range of individuals to resolve the day to day life issues. It is also a reason that it is being called a magical square by many. Three-by-three magical squares represent everything and every phase of life. The total of each row should be fifteen and it must also be calculated in every way viz. horizontally vertically and diagonally.