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Kabbalah numerology: Calculation method using energy and vibrations

Kabbalah numerology started with Judaism and became popular for its wonderful results for mysticism. The next reason people start working on this particular numerology is because of its wonderful results and ease of application. Anyone with simple knowledge can understand and use the Kabbalah numerology whenever they want.

This particular form of numerology strongly believes in the fact that everything in the universe has its vibrations and frequencies. Things can also provide their kind of vibes and energies based on various factors. Therefore, each individual is going to add some form of energy to the universe regularly.

Kabbalah numerology importance

As per the Kabbalah numerology, the name of a person can also play a crucial role and the numbers are also equally important to the name of a person. The initiation of the letter is taken from the Hebrew alphabet. For further calculation date of birth is taken into consideration. Based on the calculation many types of predictions can be made which can help the users to solve the various problems of life.

It can also help the users to prepare for the various challenges in life. Based on the resolutions, natives can convert their negative energy to positive to gain outstanding results in life. The remedies that are done according to Kabbalah numerology will ensure that users can get in sync with the universe.

Kabbalah numerology calculations

As per the belief of the Kabbalah numerology vibration and energies are there at the root of every element in the entire universe. Every native may have different impacts of these vibrations. They have divided the energies into different categories and given the names to every sort of energy in the entire universe.

  • Kether
  • Chokhmah
  • Binah
  • Chesed
  • Geburah
  • Tiphareth
  • Netzach
  • Hod
  • Yesod
  • Makuth

Kabbalah numerology working

There are a total of 22 vibrations which are attached to these energies which are mentioned in the list. The variation in the vibrations can go up from one to four hundred. As per the belief of numerology, every vibration highlights a particular type of wisdom and knowledge in a person.

A person will gain wisdom and knowledge in the natural way which is going to produce the vibrations. However, one should know that these vibrations will not be tangible and physical world and one has to feel them because they non non-physical.

Kabbalah numerology meaning

Kabbalah numerology believes that energies are strong enough to cross the limits of the physical world and they don't have any sort of boundaries. Therefore, when it comes to understanding a person there will be no boundaries or limitations in the energies.

One can easily understand the personality and other traits of a person using the power of energy. However, you have to find a strong connection between the letter and the number to understand the calculations of the Kabbalah numerology clearly. The predictions will also be similar to the calculations which are done as per the given chart.

Kabbalah numerology chart and reading


One has to decode everyone to find out the real meaning and importance which is hidden behind every number in the given chart. However, one should know that every name and number has its importance and traits which will be mentioned. At the time of prediction, all the personalities and traits of the number will be taken into consideration.

Meaning attached with the Kabbalah numbers

One should know that every number has its meaning and to move further deeply in the understanding of each number, it is important to know their meaning. Every alphabet is going to present a particular number and that particular number is going to help us find out the important things about the future.

Meaning of numerology Number 1

Number has the meaning attached to growth, progress, leadership, and development in life.

Meaning of numerology Number 2

Number two is considered important for harmony in life. It is also meaningful for magnification, cooperation, and connection.

Meaning of numerology Number 3

The number presents the creativity of a person. It also has the deep meaning of being optimistic and expressive in life.

Meaning of numerology Number 4

Number four is the close connection between logistical and practical segments of the personality. It also means being fruitless, stagnation, and limitations.

Meaning of numerology Number 5

The number five has a meaning which is associated with the creation. It represents the genesis, fertility, change, and freedom of the native.

Meaning of numerology Number 6

The number has the meaning of family in numerology and it also represents execution, fulfillment, caring, and friendship.

Meaning of numerology Number 7

Number seven is the most mystical in numerology and it is going to present the magic, mysticism, enlightenment, and mystery in life.

Meaning of numerology Number 8

The number eight belongs to abundance in life. It is also associated with being impulsive, success, luck, and charisma.

Meaning of numerology Number 9

The meaning of the number nine is the completion of something. It is also going to be attached to fortune, service, and selflessness in life.

At the time of making the predictions in the Kabbalah, you don't have to consider the date of birth in your consideration. The name factor is taken into account for the proper calculations which is going to have a significant impact on the life of the individuals.

Numerology Number 1 in Kabbalah

Number one in Kabbalah is going to offer a lot of creativity and knowledge to the natives. The best part is that native is going to use this particular creativity and knowledge for the benefit of everyone in the society. Due to their kind personality, they stand a good chance of gaining a good position and power in the universe. The next excellent quality that you will find in them is their inventiveness and innovation.

Numerology Number 2 in Kabbalah

Native with number two are considered excellent performers when it comes to partnership. Apart from that, you will find them as lovers of peace in the community. They are also good at following the rules and regulations that are set by society.

You can also find them in the excellent role of mediators because they know how to live in harmony with others. However, they know the society and its rules and regulations. They can be very diplomatic sometimes.

Numerology Number 3 in Kabbalah

Individuals with the number 3 of kabbalah numerology prefer to achieve their goals in life and they will be working hard for the same. They have a great love for being successful in life. They are also going to love art and creativity very much.

You can expect them to have excellent communication skills which they are going to use to get in touch with the maximum number of people. Most of the time, they will prefer to be in the company of the people who are sharing similar kinds of thoughts.

Numerology Number 4 in Kabbalah

The number four in Kabbalah belong to individuals who are quite responsible in their life and prefer to take initiative in any task. They are quite practical about every aspect of life and work accordingly. You can also consider them as the most productive individuals who are going to work hard in life to gain results based on their true efforts.

They like to stay productive most of the time in life. They are quite practical about every aspect of life which makes them deeply rooted and attached to reality. They are going to find excellent opportunities which can give them good results. They always look forward to taking the initiative so that no important opportunities slip from their hands.

Numerology Number 5 in Kabbalah

Individuals with number 5 in Kabbalah think that nothing is more important than being successful in life. They prefer to live with complete freedom in life and have wild experiences with all the thrilling activities in life. They prefer to be involved in adventure activities which can give them a rush. The best part is that these people are also very good from the bottom of their hearts and have beautiful feelings. We are always passionate about the things that attract them.

Numerology Number 6 in Kabbalah

Persons with number 6 in Kabbalah are considered very strong psychics. Due to there being strong psychology, they will prefer to be involved in tasks in which they can help others in healing. Individuals with the number six are also considered quite sensitive. They have good power to understand the needs of others and prefer to help them whenever possible.

Indeed, you will find them ready to help others whenever it is possible for them. They are full of empathy and have great compassion and passion in life for good activities. They will love to perform activities that give them quite an interest and match their aura.

Numerology Number 7 in Kabbalah

Individuals who come with number seven in Kabbalah are very interested in the spiritual aspects of life. They are always a good lover of the spiritual aspect and you can also consider them introverts and sensitive. They are completely independent and going to enjoy their solitude in the journey of their life. You can often find them working alone.

Due to their love of being independent in life, you can find them staying alone as well. Whenever they meet someone, they are going to admire the talent and abilities of others. The next thing is appreciating others is a common habit for them. Whenever they feel great about you, they are going to say words of appreciation.

Numerology Number 8 in Kabbalah

Some individuals have a great love for achievement and success in life. You will find that most of them belong to the number eight in Kabbalah. They strongly believe in the karma of life and think that what goes around comes around in life. You can find great values like being loyal and leadership. They prefer to behave with all the qualities of a public figure like a political leader.

Therefore, they are going to put all their effort into ensuring that they can do the hard work to achieve the things in life. They are also going to ensure that they are putting all the effort into making things work in the right direction. Their sense of achievement in life can be very high and they are going to put all their genuine efforts to achieve the set goals in life. Sometimes they can focus on materialistic things in life.

Numerology Number 9 in Kabbalah

Kabbalah numerology Natives with the number nine in kabbalah are going to show great commitment at the time of dealing with the public. Indeed, you will find that they are in love with the commitments that they make in public.

They are going to set high goals in life and work for them. They also think that everything that you have taken into your hands must be completed at the right time. They are also ready to make sacrifices for others and they will never fall behind. They love to help others whenever possible.

But you can also find a little bit of an ego problem in them. On the other hand, they don't get too involved or attached to a particular thing situation, or person in their life. They will never hesitate when it comes to making the detachment in life. They prefer happiness when it comes to choosing between happiness and generosity.

Conclusion of Kabbalah Numerology

Kabbalah numerology is also popular with another name Hebrew Numerology. It is consider one of the most mystical number system that is used by numerologist. Numbers work in a combination here and each letter is associated with a particular number. The values of the numbers are dedicated and used in the prediction.