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Chaldean Numerology: Meaning and personality traits

Numerology is the vast area in which many things are taken into consideration. Many factors are important in the Chaldean numerology like birth dates, sounds, music events, letters, numbers, and many other things. The only thing that one should do is find a suitable connection so that these elements can be studied deeply in every context. Through the proper study and deep connection findings, one can reveal many things. You will find that thousands of ways are available for the predictions of future using the numerology and the only difference that you will find is the way of calculations.

Origin and predictions of Chaldean Numerology

Chaldean Numerology is considered one of the initial forms of numerology that were originally invented for predictions based on Indian numerology or Vedic numerology. In this segment of numerology, you will find that there is a great concept that puts special emphasis on the composition of vibrations in everything.

How Chaldean Numerology works?

According to the Chaldean, every segment has a different kind of frequency which is produced after the vibration. According to a believer of this particular metrology, every particle is going to attract the frequency that is related to it.

Therefore vibrations that are matching with each other and are compatible will certainly make a perfect balance by attracting well-balanced vibrations from every particle of the universe. On the other hand, unbalanced vibrations are not considered good because they are going to attract negative frequencies.

Chaldean Also has a strong belief in the fact that everything which has a life also has a Destiny which is already a return in the universe. It also works on the factor that when destiny is already written nobody can avoid or change it.

According to this form of numerology your name and date of birth produce vibrations that are going to decide your fortune. It is also seen that some people get negative vibrations and prefer to make changes in their name to get auspicious results in life. By changing the name they can alter the energy which will be attracted towards them and it can make a big difference.

Chaldean Numerology Chart


To calculate the results every alphabet is divided according to the numbers which are dedicated to it from 129. This is going to work significantly in Chaldean numerology. According to the vibration related to every alphabet is going to produce a positive or negative impact on the person. This is the major reason why individuals prefer to calculate Chaldean numerology.

It has the core mathematics on which one can easily find out the negative and positive aspects of the name and date of birth. Since we cannot make the changes in the date of birth the legal name is going to make a huge difference. One can make slight changes in the name and gain a lot of benefits using the power of the ancient trick of attracting positivity in life from Chaldean numerology. Finding the conclusion is very nice and comfortable with this form of numerology and people can easily understand and feel the difference in their life about the alphabetical changes in their life.

Doing the calculation for your name makes it very easy to find out the Chaldean numerology. The numbers are given to every alphabet from one to nine. You have to calculate the total of the numbers which are assigned to every letter.

Different numbers and meanings attached to them.

Chaldean numerology Number 1

When the calculation shows showing number 1 in Chaldean numerology it means that you should pay attention to the actual skills and potential. There is a great possibility that you have not acquired the skills that are necessary to unlock your true potential in life. The number one will bring the self awareness, independency in the native. The native will be able to come up with many new ideas. The next factor is creativity which necessary part of bringing the new ideas on the regular basis. The number is also considering highly auspicious because it is also rich in the energy and provide the excellent results. Most of the users with this particular number will find that they have the strong personality and will be able show a distinctive personality with the strong will power. You can also consider them as straightforward and undiplomatic personality.

Chaldean numerology Number 2

As per the readings of Chaldean numerology, the number two represents peace-making in life. The person with the number 2 will have the empathetic qualities in the life. However, you will find such a person is sensitive and overprotective in life. They can fall behind when it comes to showing the front feelings to someone because of their Shy nature.

However, you will find them graceful and confident in life whenever they need it. They would prefer to meet positive people and avoid people who force them to use negative traits of their personality. When they become positive about a person they will provide complete care. For example, you can expect them to have excellent partners and friends. Therefore, you can always work with them because it is natural for them to work as duo. They have the natural will to work with others. The best part is that they can always bring the two different things together in the life. They can be very successful because of their power to adapt the things and situation easily.

Chaldean numerology Number 3

As per the Chaldean numerology, the number 3 is going to present optimism and creativity in life. Individuals with this particular number in life prefer to enjoy the completely free and they love life which has its terms. People who belong to number 3 are also famous for their charismatic aura in life.

They are full of positive qualities and attributes which they are going to use in their routine life. Most of the time, you will find them mindful and extremely generous with others. However many people can also when you play them easily for their benefit. Therefore people from this particular number should always stay alert. The best part is that they can have excellent way of giving the different expression. Vivid imagination is also a plus point of their personality.

Chaldean numerology Number 4

The next number is four which belongs to the individuals who are highly organized in life. Apart from that people with this number are said to be very hardworking in life and they have great determination about their goals in life as per Chaldean numerology.

They prefer to live a life with practical aspects. They have excellent strength to deal with the different phases of life. They can remain full of confidence and put all their efforts into overcoming the challenges of real life. However, due to some negative traits of their personality, they can lack self-confidence and may have a fearful nature.

Chaldean numerology number 5

People from this particular number refer to stay and live with great freedom in life. Freedom is the most valuable thing in their life for them.

Use this particular freedom to accomplish the dream of living an adventurous life full of activities. Adventure is a necessary part of their personality because it makes them feel alive all the time. Individuals with this particular number prefer to gain mastery in the work that they are responsible for doing according to Chaldean numerology. The next thing that you will find is that they love to explain things in the right terms. They prefer to complete every task in their method. The other side of their personality is being sensitive and they can get irritated very soon in any situation.

Chaldean numerology number 6

Individuals with the number 6 are quite famous for their power to understand others in a good manner.

In addition, reliability is the next thing that you will find in the individuals with the number six. They prefer to make the life of others full of comfort and you can always make them accountable. The next thing is that you can find them highly professional in life.

The only thing that you will find about them strange is that they prefer to live life for others and give them complete focus to them. Individuals from this particular number will never hesitate to provide care and they are always ready to give something. Individuals from the number 6 can be great parents because of their focus on families as per the predictions of Chaldean numerology.

You can call them a family person because they love to provide caring and nursing to the family. They are also good at parenting because of their understanding of nature and accountability.

Chaldean numerology number 7

The number seven is considered a highly reputable number as it is going to make the native wise and knowledgeable. Individuals with this particular number also prefer to complete everything with great perfection.

They are also a seeker of knowledge and prefer to gain the maximum knowledge in every aspect of life. Most of the time, they are going to stay quiet and prefer to be introverted. They might be lagging when it comes to expressing things in the right way in life as the calculations of Chaldean numerology.

People who belong to Numerology number 7 will behave like a philosopher in life. They have excellent analytical skills. They can also think critically when it comes to giving some valuable advice.

Chaldean numerology number 8

Numbers in Chaldean numerology belong to great leaders who are keen to handle things in a good way. They will take the initiative to take the responsibility into their own hands.

They also have the great power to motivate others and they will prefer to stay in touch with the people around them through the power of motivation. They have excellent organizational skills which also make them good team leaders. You can also find that people with this number also have a broad vision of the different perspectives of life.

You will find that people from this particular number are going to remain practical in every aspect of their lives. They will prefer to achieve their goals in their life by working hard. It is the Main reason they are going to remain focused on every segment of their life. Due to this reason, they can also be workaholics many times in their lives. Some people can find them very mean and full of attitude because of their work nature and being too focused on their goals in life.

Chaldean numerology number 9

The number nine represents the ambitions and determination in life. You will find that such people can be money-minded when it comes to dealing with various things in life. This number has some mystical powers as per the numerology and it is also associated with the ending of something and the starting of something new in life. Individuals who belong to this particular number are said to be very nice according to Chaldean numerology.

They prefer to keep their outlook at the global level and they are also very compassionate about life. Natives will prefer to do something extraordinary in life because of their super skills. However, you will find that individuals with this particular number prefer to be logical in life. They are also considered as selfless. Most of the time, you will find them thoughtful and they will never make any haste when it comes to making the correct decisions.

People around them will love their company because of their helping nature. Native will also have the nature to provide a helping hand to friends whenever they are in need and he will have a caring nature as well. However, this can create a serious problem of deep attachment which can be harmful sometimes. They can also be thinkers and attached to the people around them which can be a problem for them many times.

Conclusion Chaldean numerology

Chaldean numerology is the perfect system of numbers when it comes to calculation of vibration and energy of something or someone. It is the potential reason that after origin in Babylon is spread everywhere in the world. It will tell important details like fate of person, life path, purpose and soul urge. It is also consider one of the most accurate methods of numerology.